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  1. 1. 1 Night - [sped up sample] "Ay-aiyyyy, if only for one Nah, niiight, niiight, niiight, niiiiiight Ahh one night, if only for one... niiiiiiiiight" [Chorus One: Z-Ro] + [Trae] [Z-Ro] I wish I cou
  2. 2. 1st Time Again - [Chorus: Ashanti] You came into my world and taught me thangs And I can't lie cause boy you did yo' thangs Feel like I'm floatin when I hear yo' name I think you made me fall in love again
  3. 3. 3rd Coast - Yeah, sup Ro, sup Grace, this your boy Den Den To jump on this track with you boys, knowI'mtalkingbout It's all about the third baby, third coast, yeah I got this See I'm mentally ready, fuc
  4. 4. About Now - I See You’re Having Fun With the Dust of the Days I See You Play With Toys, Toys With Hidden Swords I Dislike to See You Feeding Unnatural Affections Leaving no Counter Poison to the Hate You S
  5. 5. Ain't Havin None Of That Bullshit - [Z-Ro] I ain't having none of that riff-raff, so act like you know that I ain't friendly Treat everybody I come across, like they wanna put something in me Like some lead, or if I'm moving weig
  6. 6. All Fall Down - [Z-Ro] It's like tears doesn't matter to you, it's like you laughed at my pain Put me in a position to pick up a pistol, and I'll blast in the game I'm going crazy, being murdered by the hands
  7. 7. All For One - There Are Times to Joke There Are Times to Be Serious Anytime You Might See You Can Die For Nothing You Could Fall Alone Anyone Would Agree With Me But There's Thing Just Like Any
  8. 8. All Night - [Chorus: Reesa & Z-Ro] Up all night, up all day Up all night up all day See some of us trying to get paid [Z-Ro] I had to keep from going under, like Stevie I Wonder Thinking hard, run
  9. 9. All Night Long - Yeah, yeah, Z-Ro, DP, Billy Cook lay it down All night long, smoked all fire, yeah yeah [Z-Ro] We can ball all day, four play in the hallway Taking trips overseas, France, England, and my
  10. 10. Anatevka - A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That. A Pot, a Pan, a Broom, a Hat. Someone Should Have Set a Match to This Place Years Ago. A Bench, a Tree. So, What's a Stove? Or a House? People
  11. 11. And 2 My G's - [Z-Ro] One of my partnas have been shot And all that's going through my mind Is he dead or alive, when I'm pacing the flo' And looking around 4-5 Thinking of the worst, but nobody would tel
  12. 12. Another Song - Hold up let me hit my Hypnotic aight you rollin? I'd just like to take a minute to apolgize to my listeners I just wanna say I'm sorry for not havin any songs about happiness or bein in peace
  13. 13. As a Boy - Fate Chose Me As a Conscript Hang the Carkeys On the Wall Pack My Bags, Change My Home Town For the Desert's Night Cold As a Boy, As a Man As a Boy and As a Man, Yeah Nothing to Los
  14. 14. Auntie & Grandma - (*talking*) Special shouts out goes to My Aunt Sandra, and my Grandma Dorothy My two favorite girls, you dig these blues [Z-Ro] Coming up as a juvenile, 1983 Had no idea, the Lord woul
  15. 15. Bad To The Bone - Walk the Streets of Rage On the Edge 'coz You're Goin' Insane Lovin' All the Pain Dragged Through the Mud, the Confusion and Daze You Can't Escape It. Bad to the Bone Don't Contemplate I
  16. 16. Baller Please - [Hook x4:] I wanna be, a baller please But the bitches and the liquor, keep on calling me [Z-Ro:] I wonder if I'm blessed, cause I'm still here And I wonder if heaven's any different, ca
  17. 17. Battlefield - Life is a battlefield... [Z-Ro:] I pledge allegiance to the soldiers, the ones who had to leave they family Overseas facing death everyday, missing they family Knowing that everybody that'
  18. 18. Believe - I Believe What Comes Around Goes Around There's a Place It Just Makes Sense To Be a Man Where There's Meaning in Life There's a Message to Learn But Everybody's Concerned About My Bizness, My
  19. 19. Bizarma - Rise and Fall Deliver Me From Nowhere Remember My Last Song, My Acting Number One For My Life Design a Portrait Is Waiting See Yourself and Trace Me See Yourself and Trace Me Fallin
  20. 20. Black Fuel - We Gotta Slow Down the Speed The Less We Have Is the More You Need We Gotta Cut Off the Speed While the Engines Bum Beneath Our Feet We're Running Out of the Fuel It's Hard to Find Like
  21. 21. Blame - I Thought I Could Hear You Echoing Words of Denial Careful Not to Feel You Near Me Clawing At What You Call Life Hold On to What You Want Hold On to What You Have Hold On to Where You
  22. 22. Block Bleeder - (*talking*) Z-Ro the Crooked, 2K motherfucking 1 This for all my motherfucking block bleeders Fuck 9 to 5, know I'm saying I'm talking to the niggas that gon survive The motherfucking nine,
  23. 23. Bud Sack - [talking:] Shit let me see that light, (huh nigga) Is there any weed, (hold up nigga damn what's wrong with you nigga) Cause nigga, mayn I'm stressing like a mo'fucker (for what), I gotta tur
  24. 24. Burbans & Lacs - [Lil' Flip] Rest in peace Big Mello, we gon miss you nigga Man I done lost so many homies, I need tissue nigga Taking million dolla pictures, me and all of my niggaz In three years, I plan to
  25. 25. Change Of Scenery - [Z-Ro] I don't know why my life ain't stable, so many up's and down's It make a nigga dizzy, trying to keep his feet on the ground Feeling this pain daily, too many times a day Just wanna liv
  26. 26. Check Ya - Once I Told You About My Secrets I Say I Trust You But That Don't Seem Right Harsh Decisions Is What Has Made Us Grow Ever Slowly Towards Other Sides Forget About the Time It's Up to Me Y
  27. 27. Circumstances - Come, and Wash Away The Sins of Two of Us They're Creeping Out Crawling Out Searching For Some Decency Sold, My Soul Away To Keep You Coming Back Calling Back They Told Me It Was Luna
  28. 28. City Of Killers - Trying to feel my inside soul, cause a angel told me its cold But ain't no way I can fold, with a pair unless this damn swoll Cause where a nigga was raised, don't nobody play games Its like yo
  29. 29. City Streets - [talking:] King of the Ghetto, Z-Ro the Crooked that's me King of the Ghetto Entertainment, Rap-A-Lot Dean's List know I'm saying, that's what I ride to When I'm rolling, through these mo'fuc
  30. 30. Collapse - Collapse Me Bed Bound Silence Is Free Among the Weight I Breathe A Change of Set Clinic Words My Inner Panic Stares At My Love Reward Beholder of My Breath Send Me, Send Me Every Hea
  31. 31. Continue 2 Roll - (feat. Tanya Herron) [Z-Ro:] My hand grabs the wheel, and foot mashes the pedal Block to block corner to corner, looking at the devil Making my brothers think, they got nine lives They w
  32. 32. Creepin - [Hook - 2x] Creeping, with the sawed off In a rage, bo'gaurd blowing niggaz balls off I'm the reaper, touching fellas on they lifeline Ain't no running to the trunk, I got my pistol right now
  33. 33. Crooked Officer - [Z-Ro] Too many times I done been hated on, by 5-0 Fuck your badge, I wish all of you bitches would die slow I'm just trying to survive hoe, and feed my family And I ain't killed nobody, but
  34. 34. Dashboard Devils - At Point Black Well You'll Know If You Got the Balls to Win the Show So Be Aware, If You Dare Cause You're Racin Towards Glory Go On We're On the Road Don't Give Up Never Slow Go On Fast
  35. 35. Dedicated 2 U - [Z-Ro] Nigga you ain't my partna, but you never been Just wanted to get in the club, free you little low yellow bitch You ain't never been real, but it's evident You be looking to get your ch
  36. 36. Dirty Work - (Z-Ro talking) All you sure ass niggas out here, got the game fucked up All this old friendly ass shit, nigga Ain't nothing friendly about the motherfucking game You understand me, if you lis
  37. 37. do You Love Me? - Tevye: Do You Love Me? Golde: Do I What? Tevye: Do You Love Me? Golde: Do I Love You? With Our Daughters Getting Married and This Trouble in the Town, You're Upset. You Want Out. Go Inside.
  38. 38. do You See? - [Hook] Do you see, what I see All I do, is wanna be Somebody, can you feel what I feel I try my best, to keep it real And pay dues [Z-Ro] Extra extra read all about it, I'm going cra
  39. 39. Don't Wanna Hurt Nobody - [Z-Ro] You already know who it is nigga, "King of Da Ghetto" It's a new day and time, but shit It ain't all good but shit it ain't all bad no mo' either doe Y'knahmsayin? I'm tryin to keep it
  40. 40. Drama Queen - Try the Game It's All the Same It's a Matter of Taste You'll Try Someday to Be With the Nation Of All the Rock Stars in My Mind I Never Thought You Battle Tech I'm Ready to Bleed From M
  41. 41. Erase - You Seem to Think That Times Have Changed It's All Around Beside Me What You Cry Endless Ever Waiting Like the Time I Felt So Jaded Don't You Ever Try? So Where's Your Alibi It Feels Like
  42. 42. Everyday - I Look Around and It's the Same Old Situation On a Different Day These Masses of Confrontation Beating Me Down I'm Picking At the Pieces to Put Them All Back Into Place A Never Ending Crossword
  43. 43. Everytime - [Chorus] Everytime I turn around my friends are turnin into foes I can't feel my days at hand please Heaven open up your doors I wanna live my life, my life but my life is coming to a close t
  44. 44. Eyes On Niggas - (*talking*) Ha, S.U.C. to the motherfucking fullest Me and my nigga Trae and Duwan Steady everyday dump bullets, on you hoe ass Bitch made niggas, I got my switchblade nigga [Hook - 2x]
  45. 45. Far From The Home I Love - How Can I Hope to Make You Understand Why I Do What I Do? Why I Must Travel to a Distant Land, Far From the Home I Love. Once, I Was Happily Content to Be As I Was, Where I Was, Close
  46. 46. Final Curtain Call - (talking) I could feel it, ain't no more thinking bout The sun gone shine [Z-Ro] Dj Screw, Fat Mafio, and Gator are gone I want to be strong but lately the pain won't leave me alone Fo
  47. 47. Fleeting Glimpse - The Bigger You Get The Harder You Fall Bringing You Closer to My Needs We Both Understand What's Happened So Far Well My Vindication Tells Me To Hold On to This Long and Winding Road Ho
  48. 48. Flower Lab. - Honey Around Her Victim’s Heart Glossy As Can Be Wraps Her Web Across His Breath With Songs From Purity Spreads the Warmth Spawn in You She Stifles With a Sound Steps Inside His Mirror Eyes
  49. 49. For My Gangsta's - [talking:] Gangstas G's, (gangstas) This for my gangstas, my gangstas For my gangstas, my G's This for my gangstas [Z-Ro:] Hell naw you can't hit my weed, cause to me smoking is like b
  50. 50. Free Style - [Hook - 4x] I done linked up, with Presidential [Lyrical 187] In H-Town where I come from, there's syrup in the cup Grill in the mouth, big wheels on the bus Where niggaz put it down, an
  51. 51. Free Without a Struggle - 40 Days, a Simple Waste of Time Count the Days When We Can Be Together Again I'm Far Away But You Are in My Head You Are All I Think About You Have All My Time You and I Should Be Together Bu
  52. 52. Friends - [Z-Ro] I thought I had a lot of partnas, but I've only got some Since I can't depend on my niggaz, I put my faith up in my shotgun Rolling around in my '78, reminiscing on the past 16 years o
  53. 53. From The South - [Hook - 4x] From the South I got the diamonds in my mouth [Z-Ro] Hold up a minute, I'm the King of the Ghetto Holding the rap game, like wood grain can't let go You niggaz'll never see
  54. 54. Fuck All Y'all - [Z-Ro] Ain't nobody, really got my back Motherfuckers just be hanging around me, because I rap It ain't no love involved, no motherfucking love at all If I had a price on my head, I bet my pa
  55. 55. Fuck Wit Y'all - [Hook] Why y'all, wanna fuck with us We don't fuck with y'all, (fuck with y'all) Run up on us, with that nothing Nigga you gon be in the ground, (in the ground) Soldiers, united for the cas
  56. 56. Gangsta - (*talking*) SK, Sha, bout time you let these niggas know What you really bout, know I'm saying It's Slow Loud And Bangin', all these mark ass niggas We bringing the real back, street shit G
  57. 57. Get It Crunk - [Hook] Oh you know I got them things-bitch you know I get it crunk Oh you know I got them things-bitch you know I get it crunk Oh you know I got them things-bitch you know I get it crunk Oh y
  58. 58. Get Throwed - [intro] Smoke somethin, bitch Ugk, hold up, talkin bout, uhh [pimp c] Pimp c p.a. trill nigga Polo fuck that hilfiger Made myself a ghetto star On the slab, sippin barre Smokin wee
  59. 59. Get Yo Paper - [Z-Ro] You got to get your paper in this game If you a hustler (if you a hustler) Niggas be playing with this thang, but you all about your change They can't touch us (they can't touch us)
  60. 60. Ghetto Crisis - (talking) Brass knuckle knife, Mafia me and my family Jail, hell or paradise, am I my brother's keeper Forever twice, what's none of the dark will Come to the street life, zero tolerance Ta
  61. 61. Go To War - (*talking*) Yeah, y'all niggaz don't really Want none of this yeah, hu-hu-hu-hu That's the sound of the battle cry [Daz] Motherfucker break yourself, I come for the fame and the wealth
  62. 62. Going Down In The South - [Z-Ro:] H-O-U-S-T-O-N, T-E-X-A-S Where you can get good weed good drank, or even get put to rest Down here we rep the Screwed Up Click, or rep the Swishahouse And we don't play games we gon t
  63. 63. Gone - Turn Away, Don't You Try If I'm Not Back in Summerland Time The Hell With Mine! Turn Away, Don't You Cry If I'm Not Back Just Sail Away And Forget the Time! I Turned Around But I Was Alre
  64. 64. Gonna Get Easier - (talking) This that boy Sinner Tone, better known to y'all And essay is cocked strong, giving you something To ride and get high to, I'm chilling in the studio With H-Town's finest a nigga th
  65. 65. Good Ol' Days - Lets Go! Watching Your Friends Grow Up Around You Really Sucks But That's Okay Cuz I'm Doing the Same The Same Old People That They Ever Were, But Now New Problems And New Times Always Seem t
  66. 66. Gorilla Till I Die - [Z-Ro] I came up around the roughest of the rough necks, on corners with a bar Shadow rocks and a Geniva real ready to go to war We don't love nothing ready to murder something on sight Put
  67. 67. Greed - [Z-Ro:] Look I knew this fella named Frank, who had bank from pulling maneuvers No discrimination for feddy, this brother would do ya His whole life he'd been broke, but he got tired of the fee
  68. 68. Gripping Grain - (*talking*) What, in this bitch fucking with Z-Ro Motherfucking Mo City Don bitch Yeah, I know y'all hate the way we stare at y'all face [Z-Ro] Rap game phenomenon, lyrically I drop bomb
  69. 69. Guerilla Till I Die - Guerilla till I die, mama don't cry When they come for me, when I blast We gon see how many of em run from me Guerilla till I die, but I never shed a tear Cause they don't love a nigga here
  70. 70. H-town - Track) H-Town, going down, ooooh Oh yeah (know we talking bout) Aaaay, ay [Hook: Track] I'm oooooooout, H-Toooooown These niggaz, need to know what I'm talking about Oooh you know, i
  71. 71. Happy Feelingz - Lately, my luck has taken a turn for the worse I used to ride in luxury now i'm headed for a hearse and if it deals that way, my day-to-days are full of sufferin' my headaches they be relieved
  72. 72. Hard Times - [Chorus] Hard times, look over your peoples cause everybody dying Osama Bin Loden is dropping bombs man, in a situation like this How can I reach calm man, calm man, my nigga This is hard tim
  73. 73. H.a.t.e. - [Z-Ro] Hey, why they hate me like I stole something to make a nigga want to roll something But I'm they closest partner if I let them hold something Good for nothing but making me hate my pee
  74. 74. Haters Song - [Z-Ro] So much struggle and pain, I'm stuck in the game Can somebody, help me please I'm so sick of motherfuckers, steady capping up in my face Cause they got, a little cheese I'ma be on my
  75. 75. Hatin' Me - (*talking*) Say Q, man feel this here, I don't know why These motherfuckers be hating us the way they do Every motherfucking day, all motherfucking day long Nigga can't get no motherfucking r
  76. 76. Heartbreak Motel - I Embrace You Alive Book You a Meeting With the Sane My Private Path For Life To Heartbreak Motel You Know I Have Been Waiting For Peace Like a Diamond Fist For An Arm Through Ever Dream
  77. 77. Help - Help Strangers Bearing Down On Me Help no One Else Can Cry For Me Help What Is Going Wrong With Me Help, Help Help Why Can no One Ever See Help That Fate Has Left a Scar On Me Hell I'm
  78. 78. Help Me Please - Help me please I'm blinded by my tears and I just cain't see So many devils tryin to recycle my soul Cause in the ghetto where I'm from ain't no flies in the groves Just niggaz and hoes Sen
  79. 79. Here We Go - (Killa Kyleon) It's boss hogg Kyleon, and I'm fuckin' wit the king we bout to drop a fo' in a twenty ounce blue cream I place the order out in cali. for the p.t. we get money while you niggas
  80. 80. Heroin - Do You Need to Feel So Empty So Full of Shit You Never Been So Far And So Damn Close You Wake Up, Stuck Ready to Fuck, Somebody Up But One Day It'll Bring You Down Ohh Set Me Free
  81. 81. Hey Lil Mama - Hey there little mama Why don't you come and take a ride with me Around the tooooo-own On the low, we could be going dooo-own baby Hey there little mama Why don't you come and take a ride w
  82. 82. Homie, Lover, Friend - [talking:] What's up lil' mama, they call me Z-Ro the Crooked King of Da Ghetto, know I'm saying You wanna be the queen, let me holla at ya [Z-Ro:] You want a nigga to touch you where it
  83. 83. Horrors - Who's to Blame If We Don't Make a Name Is It Someone We Didn't Know? And We See That's to Be Is to Be And Even That's Still a Big Unknown And If We Try to Be Real There's a Sense That I Los
  84. 84. How Does It Feel - (Chorus - 2x) How does it feel, when you can't make the pain stop Walking in the rain so your tears can blend in with the rain drops When your kin people done turned they back Every family th
  85. 85. Hustling All I Can do - [Mr. 3-2] May life be a trip, I never knew, things could ever get bad As I got no love my 17 shot glock with extra clips That's it, I'm going all out and if I die then remember me Cause in th
  86. 86. I Don't Care Anymore - Well You Can Tell Everyone I'm a Down Disgrace Drag My Name All Over the Place I Don't Care Anymore You Can Tell Ev'rybody 'bout the State I'm in You Won't Catch Me Crying 'cause I Just Can't
  87. 87. I Don't Stop - [Chorus: Z-Ro] Nigga it don't stop, so keep on flippin your Glock Whether it's drama or not Cause somebody might run up in ya spot, whether you servin or not That's how it go on the block K
  88. 88. I Found Me - Man fuck y'all.. [Z-Ro] Nigga fuck all y'all Fuck all these niggaz, and fuck all these hoes If I needed a ride, I called on niggaz If I wanted some ass, I called on hoes But not no mo'
  89. 89. I Go Through So Much - [Hook] I go through so much, so I try to stay fucked up Because, when I'm sober I can't maintain Even though I do my best, the only thing I earn is stress So I, spend most of my days chilling
  90. 90. I Hate U Bitch - (*talking*) Shit this your boy Z-Ro Fucking with Mike Dean, at www.thesenuts.net We ain't gon sweat [Hook - 2x] I hate you bitch, I hate you bitch I hate you bitch, I never thought I'd
  91. 91. I Hate You Bitch - (*talking*) Shit this your boy Z-Ro f**king with Mike Dean, at www.thesenuts.net We ain't gon sweat [Hook - 2x] I hate you bitch, I hate you bitch I hate you bitch, I never thought I'd
  92. 92. If I Were a Rich Man - "Dear God, You Made Many, Many Poor People. I Realize, of Course, That It's no Shame to Be Poor. But It's no Great Honor Either! So, What Would Have Been So Terrible If I Had a Small Fortune?"
  93. 93. Ii Many Niggaz - [Verse 1: Z-Ro] When will it ever stop all this hatin and droppin soft all I'm tryna do is live lavish with millions in my now from selling crack on the corner I'm tryna do it legal but I gue
  94. 94. I'm a Gangsta - [talking:] What it do, this one for all you hoe ass niggaz You niggaz claim to be down, we been doing this nigga We been out here sliding niggaz, we been out here doing boys Been out here wre
  95. 95. I'm a Soldier - [Z-Ro] If somebody got a problem with me, come and address it If the shoe fits it then walk in it I'm talkin to Texas See I'm from a section where we kid each other for practice So I keep gre
  96. 96. I'm Sorry - Now I Guess Those Things I Said to You the Other Day Were Pretty Nasty 'cause You Ain't Laughing and I'm Sleeping On the Couch Again And All This Arguing Goes Back and Forth and Back and Forth
  97. 97. In My City - [Hook - 2x] The things, that's on my mind When I be sliding by, in my city (in my city) It's the things, that's on my mind When I be sliding by, in my city (in my city) [Z-Ro] I bet you w
  98. 98. In My Prime - [Hook] In my prime, and its bout my time to shine Had enough of struggling, now I'm destined for dolla signs In my prime, know you hate on all my rhymes Trying to be a living legend, in my li
  99. 99. It's a Shame - (*talking*) Gotta make sure these words are understandable Cause it's a motherfucking shame, all these short Comings in the game, hoe ass niggas, hoe ass bitches Know I'm saying [Z-Ro]
  100. 100. It's Gonna Be Alright - [Chorus x2] It's gonna be alright Keep your head up to the sky [Z-Ro] Cause everything's gon' be alright [Z-Ro] Too many problems in my life I find myself unable to maintain The nigga
  101. 101. Jeer - You Talk About It Like I Haven't Got It in Me Your Wasteful Thinking Gets You Nowhere in Your Mind On Top of Nothing Just Another Passing Fancy You Let Me Down But Them You Make Me Ssssstay Y
  102. 102. Jus' a Hoe - (*talking*) Yeah man, know I mean Let's go up in this strip club mayn See what's shaking up in this mo'fucker mayn You know I mean, yo-yo-yo-yo baby Give me some tequila girl, you know I me
  103. 103. Keep On - [Z-Ro:] Say some people call me the Crooked, cause my mind ain't straight Leave niggaz leaning to the side, like they need a V8 I tried to be a changed man, but my plan ain't play Haters forc
  104. 104. Keep On Doin' It - [talking:] Uh uh what, uh uh I gotta hustle mayn, I gotta hustle mayn Uh I gotta hustle mayn, come on come on [Big Mello:] I wake up early in the morning, thank the Lord for the day Pr
  105. 105. Keep Runnin' - I pledge allegiance, to getting my cash on Either ligalo with a glock, and my mask on I gotta go get it, cause I got an appetite Down to run up in your residence, and blast on sight It's for
  106. 106. King Of The Ghetto - This is my wooooooorld Z-Ro, king of the ghettoooooo [Z-Ro] Once upon a time, not long ago There was a hustling motherfucker, with a cold ass flow Everytime he hit the studio, his beeper
  107. 107. Kings Of The South - *talking*) Oh (oh), oh (oh) this what the streets been asking fa The real Kings, Lil' Flip and Z-Ro ha-ha-ha Clover G'z and Rap-A-Lot, different labels But we both in the Screwed Up Click, le
  108. 108. Let Me Live My Life - [Z-Ro] My life is like a mercy game, ducking and dodging crooked cops On a mission fishing for feddy, ready to make a knot I'm use to having less, and I just can't deal with the stress And it
  109. 109. Let The Truth Be Told - (Chorus) I'm from tha south i got them diamonds in my mouth. Z-ro(yeah) im from tha south i got them diamonds in my mouth. Z-ro(screwed up click) im from tha south i got them diamonds in my
  110. 110. Let's Chill - (Mexican D) What's up baby, Mexican D hollering this Just getting back with you, told you we was gone chill Come through, blow something, smoke something You know how we do it, keeping it rea
  111. 111. Life - [Z-Ro] I'm sick of being lied to, giving it my all, you know I tried to Maintain in the family is a must, I would of died to Do anything for my peeps But it seems they would rather see me s
  112. 112. Life Is a Bitch - (*Billy Cook vocalizing through song*) [Z-Ro] I wonder if I'm blessed, cause I'm still here And I wonder if heaven's any different, cause in hell the blood spill hits Got a nigga fiending
  113. 113. Life Is a Struggle & Pain - [Hook - 2x] Life is a struggle and pain, I can't see the Sunny days 'fore the rain, G-O-D please Help me to maintain, because I don't Wanna die, if I'm living in vein [Cl'Che] Sometime
  114. 114. Life Story - Nobody seems to understand that my brain ain't stable They got me out on the ledge feel like I'm falling off the edge it ain't no fable It's reality, feel like I'm on the offensive, they trying
  115. 115. Like Jesus - [Z-Ro] If I could be like Jesus, I wouldn't curse so much And I would love life, not trying to leave this earth so much If I could be like Jesus, I'd have a reason to live The way I dodge bul
  116. 116. Lines - I Used to Think That We Were Just Like So Tight Wants Some Company Always Finding the Time Always Finding the Time Always Making the Time For Us And All the Time That We Spent Laughing, Lov
  117. 117. Lonely - Words On the Wall Greet Me They Make Me Feel Alive Looking At the Door and Waiting For Dinner But Eating Dogfood Is Not My Style Lonely, Lonely, Tonight, Lonely Gotta Get Away From Here,
  118. 118. Long Time - (*talking*) Here ye here ye, come one come all An nigga talking down on the Maab, bound to fall Know I'm saying, Z-Ro the Crooked Representing S.U.C., got my nigga Fred in this bitch My nig
  119. 119. Look At Me - 3rd Coast, Screwston Texas Z-Ro, Heavy Rotation, yeah [Z-Ro] I've been running the streets 24 years (look at me) I made it but I'm wanted most of my peers (look at me) I keep a heater in
  120. 120. Look What You Did To Me - They tell me put the dope down, and it won't hurt no more But the only thing I really seem to understand, is murda mo' They tell me keep my trigga finger easy, I'll open up your body Too many c
  121. 121. Looking Good - (*talking*) Dum-dum, da-da-da-da-dum, dum-dum Dum-dum dum-dum, da-da-da-da-dum, dum-dum On the latest roll with my boy Z-Ro here Z-Ro you ready ha, Rock yeah you dropping that hot shit You
  122. 122. Lord Tell Me Why - (Chorus - 2x) Lord tell me why Ooh child, things are gonna get easier Ooh boy things will get brighter (Z-Ro) After living through drive-by's got a nigga ready for war 500 push-ups eve
  123. 123. Lost - Eighteen Years Gone By, Decide, You Tried To Open Up Your Mind, But It's the Pressure This Pressure, That's Building Up Deep Inside Don't You Say, "They'll Never Listen to Me!" You Speak of T
  124. 124. Lost Another Soldier (tribute To Big Mello) - [Chorus - 2x] I really hate it that we lost another soldier Time and time, it seems this world be getting colder You never really know when your time gon be over It feel like it's forever rid
  125. 125. Love Ain't Live - [talking:] Z-Ro the Crooked, AKA King of Da Ghetto Representing Assholes By Nature [Z-Ro:] I always been a soldier, but I never did look for no wars I walk with God, but I still receive
  126. 126. Lovely Day - [talking:] Yeah uh, Lil' Flip in the building nigga We talking bout lovely days, getting paid Puffing on that haze, g'eah Screwed Up Click, top of the charts nigga holla at em [Lil' Flip
  127. 127. Lying Awake - Lying Awake, Lost in Time, With no Reason to Turn Around and Put It All Aside Yeah! Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, While Drowning in All of Their Sorrows! At Age 14 no Inhibitions, And I Sure A
  128. 128. M-16 - [Hook:] M-16, I'm reloading my magazine And I will murder, every bumper clot run Keep my hand, on my gun Whooooa [Mike D:] Don't worry, the Hogg gon get it cracking round here And I
  129. 129. Made - Ever since my early teens I've been a loc on these streets 'Gold is for 24 I go for broke on these streets My flow is a young Mike Tyson I put the hit on niggas And even when I'm countin off I
  130. 130. Maintain - [Z-Ro] I'ma maintain, all about fortune, not the fame Feddy, cold cash and a diamond ring, it's all about feddy when I rap sing I'm sick of this struggling all damn day never see the sun caus
  131. 131. Make It - [Z-Ro] Forgive me for my sins, cause I'm not perfect Just trying to get it like I live, but is it really worth it Niggas done fell to my heater, never to rise up Didn't really wanna hurt nobo
  132. 132. Man Cry - [talking:] King of Da Ghetto, what's up 'Face big homie [Z-Ro:] I greet the Father, on my knees With a bowed head and a humbled heart, my conversation is have mercy on me please I just w
  133. 133. Man On The Edge - I'm a Loser, in a Suckers World Left On the Streets Worthless and Weak Pointless Drifting Far From Home Is This the Only Thing That I Deserve They Don't Pay Attention Useless, in a Nu
  134. 134. Matchmaker, Matchmaker - Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match. Find Me a Find, Catch Me a Catch. Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Look Through Your Book And Make Me a Perfect Match. Matchmaker, Matchmaker, I'll Bring th
  135. 135. Mercy - [Verse 1] Everybody fin to die, by the hands of the dark angel adjust Snatching your breath, till it dims up your chest How much pain, can I manifest When I come to wreck, ripping through you
  136. 136. Mesa Town - I'm Going Down to Mesa Town, I'm Gonna See What the Fuck Is Going Down Don't Know All You People Here, So I'm Gonna Have Another Beer 1, 2, 3, 4 Billy's Headin' Out the Door He's Going Down t
  137. 137. Miracle Of Miracles - Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles! God Took a Daniel Once Again, Stood By His Side And, Miracle of Miracles, Walked Him Through the Lion's Den! Wonder of Wonders, Miracle of Miracles,
  138. 138. Mirror, Mirror On The Wall - [Z-Ro] Let my coedine settle and have a toast one time Multiplications on my digits come up over some time 3-57 in my spine, they can't hold me like Kobe Bryant Powered up, popping tulips and
  139. 139. Miss My Dawg - [Hook] Ain't a damn thang changed, we still up in this game And you know, I really miss my nigga Screw-U Everyday it be the same, we holding down the name If you haters guaranteed, that we go
  140. 140. Mo City Don - (*talking*) Shit, Z-Ro the Crooked, I know y'all Been waiting on this here, yeah shit R.I.P. Big Mello, Screw, Mafio, Big Boo, Gator All the fallen soldiers man, Southside Eastside, Westsid
  141. 141. Mo City Don Freestyle - (*talking*) Shit, Z-Ro the Crooked, I know y'all Been waiting on this here, yeah shit R.I.P. Big Mello, Screw, Mafio, Big Boo, Gator All the fallen soldiers man, Southside Eastside, Westsid
  142. 142. More Or Less - [Hook] A lot of niggaz, wanna see me in my grave (more or less) I be ready for the drama, anyday (more or less) Go to war, in the midst of gun play (more or less) On your street, with the swe
  143. 143. Murder'ra - [Pimp C:] Uh, the damn place made me crazy I don't care about nothing but my daddy my granny, my bitch and my babies Everything else, is expendable Find out that fake niggaz, ain't dependable
  144. 144. My Life - [Z-Ro:] Who is my friend who is my foe, I just can't tell no mo' Cause seem like everywhere I go, somebody got a problem with Ro It might be somebody from the past, or somebody I don't know B
  145. 145. My Momma - [Hook - 2x] My mama use to tell me, bout these Broke hoaching ass niggaz, in these streets So many people, wanna see me fall And then they wonder, why my attitude is fuck em all [Trae]
  146. 146. My Sermon - [Z-Ro] 24 up in this game, and I don't own a damn thang Just a bunch of bags receiving blows, trying to maintain Dealing with insanity, probably dumping demanding me Started out at a slow pac
  147. 147. My So-called Life - Make Your First Impression Brace Yourself It's Who You Are Try to Find Yourself It Takes Some Time Don't Be Alarmed A Million Questions Fill Your Mind You Feel Unsatisfied But Don't Sit Dow
  148. 148. Myself - I Started Listening to My Voice of Reason And You Know It Tells Me Every Time Just to Walk Away But Suddenly I Found Myself With My Back Against the Wall And Every Little Thing Tears Me
  149. 149. Never Take Me Alive - [Hook - 2x] They'll never take me alive, sleeping with one eye open I'm paranoid fuck sleep, and I'm drinking and I'm smoking Ain't no love in my heart, too many times it been broken So my li
  150. 150. Nigga From The Hood - [Chorus] Too many niggas, trying to take me off of my game Just a nigga from the hood, that's looks some good Now they all want to to jock my fame When I coming down in my ?born? And I'm ro
  151. 151. Nigga Like Me - [Duke:] I heard it through the grapevine, you say fuck Duke If you that strong about it, then come see Duke Find out what this glock, or left and right do We can take it there, if you wanna t
  152. 152. No Games - [Z-Ro:] I'm from Missouri City Texas, Ridgemont to be exact Where you haters come, to get your wig stomped And 9-1-1 is just a number, cause the laws ain't coming We all got glock 40's, and l
  153. 153. No More - Your Mind's An Engine That Drives a Wheel A Wheel That Burns in the Flesh Like Flesh On Hot Steel I Wanna Make You Suffer, I Wanna Make You Feel I Wanna Make You Feel So Bad You'd Even Ki
  154. 154. No More Pain - Big time... [Z-Ro:] No more pain, I'm bout to overdose on it I ain't never had no good times, I put my dogs and my locs on it Chain smoking, cigarettes back to back Unless I was pillow f
  155. 155. No Way, Jose - There Is a Smooth and Splendorous Body Waiting Wait For Me Tonight I Have a Wish Full of Cash Prize Money Sent to Efface My Crime There Are a Hundred Greedy Marching Puppets That Will Set Me Fr
  156. 156. Not You - Not You! Not You! Not You! Not You! I'm Me Not You! Who Am I to Be, and What Am I to Believe? Well, Not a Single Thing You're Saying to Me I've Had Enough My Friend, and I'm Fed Up Again We
  157. 157. Nothing Else Goes On - Ten Thousand Streams and a One Day-trial Can’t Stand the Strain Pushing Me to Plunge Look How the Tide Embraces Wings Down That River To a Sea of Walking Dreams Down That River Stop the W
  158. 158. Now I Have Everything - I Used to Tell Myself That I Had Everything, But That Was Only Half True. I Had An Aim in Life, And That Was Everything. But Now, I Even Have You. I Have Something That I Would Die For
  159. 159. On My Grind - [Z-Ro] Uhhhh oh, y'all motherfuckers done fucked up now Man Z-Ro the crooked the mothafuckin Moe-city don Yeah nigga I done hooked up with Rap-A-Lot Knahimsayin I know y'all don't like that
  160. 160. On The Dawn Of a Title - It’s All Over Over the Top I´m Still Drawing Circles That Barely Match Thoughts Caught in the Freewill As If They Could Not Meet I´m Getting the Bends On the Dawn of a Title Dial Tone My
  161. 161. One Deep - [Chorus:] Yaw niggaz,dont have to fuck wit me, cause i can do bad just bein one deep Right now, For my next selection all you bitch ass niggaz and all you bitch ass bitches this ones dedicated
  162. 162. One More Minute - I'm Going Back to Where I Came From So Far Away, But Not So Far From Home Where I Lay My Head Down By the Sea I'm Going Back to Where'd Go So Far Away, But Not So Far From Home Where I'd Re
  163. 163. One Night - [sped up sample] "Ay-aiyyyy, if only for one Nah, niiight, niiight, niiight, niiiiiight Ahh one night, if only for one... niiiiiiiiight" [Chorus One: Z-Ro] + [Trae] [Z-Ro] I wish I could
  164. 164. One Thug - (Z-Ro talking) This is dedicated to the motherfuckers That think we don't go through shit, just one thug baby [Chorus - 2x] One thug, one thug, lord showing love and mercy on one thug Ca
  165. 165. Open Eyes - Yeah You Judge Me For God Knows What Now Always Bitching, Always Moaning And Trying to Bring Me Down But, I Can't Be Bothered By All the Things You Say So Shut Your Fucking Mouth And Pa
  166. 166. Over Seasons - Over Seasons, Like So Many Times Before You Drop Drop Drop It 'til You Break Down the Walls Over Seasons, When You Come Disobey Just Keep On Droppin' 'til the Break of the Day Over Seasons, L
  167. 167. Pain - Pain, my middle name Lord please have mercy on my soul, I can't maintain Pain, my middle name Lord please have mercy on my [Z-Ro] I haven't smoked a sherm in 27 days When I'm under pre
  168. 168. Paper Game - [Chorus - 2x] All my niggas stay alive in this dirty game Niggas working 9 to 5 in this dirty game But all my niggas gone survive in this dirty game Because we pack a 45 in this dirty game
  169. 169. Party - Yo hey, yeah come here girl come on, uh.. [Hook - 2x] Who wanna party party, these hoes acting naughty They wanna get with it, or they wanna fuck somebody And so you know how I do it, you
  170. 170. Passage In Time - Here We Go Think About the Promises That Kept You Walking Wandering in Time Whoa! Don't You Know They Kept You Walking Kept You Wanting Kept You Walking Everybody! Here We Go Think About
  171. 171. Passenger Side - (Z-Ro talking) Motherfucking Z-Ro, tired of this Motherfucking passenger side man When I'ma drive (Chorus - 2x) Living in the passenger side I want to be the driver but I continue to r
  172. 172. Pimp On - [Z-Ro] Time and time again, I try to cope with being poor But I had to say just what I feel, so now I'm kicking in your door My daughter needs pampers and milk And my mind is confused on how
  173. 173. Platinum - [Z-Ro] Bout time, they opened up the do' for Z-Ro Cause I've been dropping hits, since ten years ago Trying to do it legal, and not slang yayo If I can't get it legal, to the corner I go I
  174. 174. Playa - [Z-Ro:] Playa don't hate me, hate the game Ain't got time to be out here bullshitting, I'm out here trying to make some change Please don't get it twisted, I'm a Mo City soldier I thought I tol
  175. 175. Playa Don't - Yeah, yeah, yeah Don't hate, don't hate yeah [Hook: Chad Jones] Playa don't hate me, hate the game Cause you see me coming down up on your slab, swanging thangs Playa don't hate me, hate
  176. 176. Plex - [Z-Ro] They say he was flipping out till, losing control of his mind Moving fast, in a world that ain't ready for the pace focussed on his grind Who am I to test, Z-Ro I bet everybody in Ridgem
  177. 177. R U Down - [Z-Ro] Stained all broke ass niggas in my mix, mix [Z-Ro] I heard a stranger say geurilla till I die but motherfuckers be claiming A name in vein nigga you ain't never witnessed the pain
  178. 178. Real - (Chorus - 2x) Come with me, ain't nothing changed I'm the same old g Seem like it's my to shine, like the diamond cut in my grill La da da da da I'm real (Z-Ro) You can catch me flipping
  179. 179. Real Niggaz - (*talking*) 2000, Z-Ro, Z-Ro the motherfucking Don Y'all know me, talking about this shife ass life that we live Brothers killing brothers, sisters killing sisters Fathers killing sons, god d
  180. 180. Remember Me - [talking:] Hell yeah nigga, ay yo [Z-Ro:] Remember me, when I use to write my rhymes in class At Dick Dowling Middle School, all them niggaz would laugh Telling me I would never make it,
  181. 181. Respect My Mind - [Z-Ro] Dubya-dubya-dubya-dot, fuckallayall dot com Run up if you want to nigga [Intro: Z-Ro harmonizing] Blues ain't the way that I lose How I get gray hair Take a bruisin the way I be
  182. 182. Return To Sender - I´m Buying New Reasons For Letting You Down Collecting Good Stories When Truth Is Around I´m Writing Us Letters Like If We Were Blank Some Kind of Companion Some Sort of Announcement B
  183. 183. Ride 2 Night - [Hook] How many niggaz, wanna ride tonight Fuck with me, it'll be a homicide tonight I'ma make me a motherfucker, slide tonight And put a swelling on his pimping, ride out tonight [Z-Ro]
  184. 184. Ride All Day - [Z-Ro:] Now you might catch me bobbing my head, but you will not catch me dancing You might catch me getting at a broad, but you will not catch me romancing One of the finest emcees out of Hous
  185. 185. Rip - [Z-Ro talking] Z-Ro, the motherfucking Mo City don Sending this out to Ron fuck you Like my nigga mafiosos, you feel me Fuck all of y'all man, it go down S.U.C. for life, R.I.P. Robert Davi
  186. 186. Run With The Torch - Straight Out, I'm Heading For a Miracle Pushing the Edge Making It Subliminal To Loose Or Win That's Not the Essence Teamwork Makes For Us All the Difference Although You Cannot Tell Me The
  187. 187. Run W.t.t. - Straight Out, I'm Heading For a Miracle Pushing the Edge Makin' It Subliminal To Loose Or Win That's Not the Essence Teamwork Makes For Us All the Difference Although You Cannot Tell Me The
  188. 188. Sabbath Prayer - May the Lord Protect and Defend You. May He Always Shield You From Shame. May You Come to Be In Israel a Shining Name. May You Be Like Ruth and Like Esther. May You Be Deserving of Prais
  189. 189. Sad Empire - Sad Empire Is Shaking From the Inside Picks All the Faces of Last Soldiers in Battle Says Goodnight and Sleeps, Restless Kill Switch-mode, Communicator Presets Quite Obscure, the Purpose I
  190. 190. Same Everday - (*talking*) Man, same everyday, wake up, gotta get it Trying to get it baby [Hook] It's the same everyday, everyday is the same Running up and down the block, chasing change And off a mil
  191. 191. Same Everyday - (*talking*) Man, same everyday, wake up, gotta get it Trying to get it baby [Hook] It's the same everyday, everyday is the same Running up and down the block, chasing change And off a
  192. 192. Same One - Woke up wit 50 some odd niggaz bumpin they gums God I tried to be calm But everywhere I go its like Veitnam I tried to be Joseph McVay But niggaz be bringing the killa back out in me everyday
  193. 193. Screw Did That - (*talking*) This for all the DJ A, B, C, D's, wanna be motherfuckers Whoever you is, my nigga DJ Screw created this style It's here to stay, you with the ? You gon respect my nigga Screw
  194. 194. Screwed Up - [Z-Ro] Screwed Up Click killas these niggas don't want none When I be coming down and gripping, on my gun Finger, on the trigger, every-body ducking And running, from the scene cause Z-Ro don
  195. 195. Shelter From da Storm - [Z-Ro] Of course I'm thankful for another day, my Lord I can't lie But everytime I wake up, seem like one of my people gotta die Anthrax poisoning, Hussein and them blew up the Trade Center S
  196. 196. Shelter From The Storm - [Z-Ro] Of course I'm thankful for another day, my Lord I can't lie But everytime I wake up, seem like one of my people gotta die Anthrax poisoning, Hussein and them blew up the Trade Center S
  197. 197. Shelter In The Storm - [Z-Ro] Of course I'm thankful for another day, my Lord I can't lie But everytime I wake up, seem like one of my people gotta die Anthrax poisoning, Hussein and them blew up the Trade Center S
  198. 198. Sky's The Limit - Yeah! Yeah! Every Single Day When I Get Out of Bed Well the Chances Are I'm Gonna Wind Up Dead Well, Don't You Know That It'll Be Alright? Well What I Don't Know About Is Bottoming Out On A
  199. 199. Smack - Loath, I've Been Subjected to What You've Said , You're Pissing Harder Than What You Know Is Right, A Joke Where You Stand, no Thought Overflow , Look Down On the Upside , Take, You've Taken
  200. 200. Smokers Anthem - [Interlude] I'sa root 4 like a domino and found me' cuzin froze, so ar like an eagle on the porch smokin a mule den i go sit down pon' de centa', and fill it up this swisher, time 2 lick
  201. 201. So High - [talking:] Southside, the land of milk and honey baby Real niggaz getting money baby, respect that [Hook: Z-Ro] I'm so high, (weed in my lungs Switchblades and guns, niggaz don't want no
  202. 202. So Much - [Z-Ro] Lately I've been going through more bullshit, than a bull fighter So when I say my praises to God, one verse is like a full choir My every thought is pain, strain and stressing me to dea
  203. 203. Sold Out - Well I Ain't Got Much to Show For Can You Guess the Reasons Why 'cause We Gave Responsibility To Those Who Let It Pass Us By Now Your Words Don't Mean That Much to Me Got to Get You Off My
  204. 204. Solitude - By Myself I Sit Alone I'm Wondering About a Poem I Can't Express the Way That I Feel in Words I Start to Write, When I'm All Alone. I Can't Say That I Know What I'm Talking About I Can't Sa
  205. 205. Some People - As You Go! On Your Way, Throughout It All, Without a Questioning of Consequence in Store And All the Things That You Wanted, Made For a Better Way of Everything They're Using You For That's
  206. 206. Sometimes I Ride - I'm having a hard time, getting a grasp on reality Without that weed or mad at me, for shit I did before I reached my 20's If I knew then what I'm feeling now, how much shit I go through by Liv
  207. 207. Sorry - Now I Guess Those Things I Said to You the Other Day Were Pretty Nasty Cuz You Ain't Laughin' And I'm Sleepin' On the Couch Again And All This Arguing Was Back and Forth And I Wish You Could
  208. 208. Soufside Can't Stop (feat. Lil' Keke) - [talking:] Uh-huh, Z-Ro the Crooked nigga Z-Ro the motherfucking Mo City Don And it go down [Hook:] Southside, we bomb first when we ride Swanging on elbows, chopping on choppers that'
  209. 209. Southside Can't Stop - [Hook] Southside, we bomb first, when we ride Swanging on elbows chopping on choppers that's right Cause we real, on a mission to get it can't stop Going platinum, everytime another tape drop
  210. 210. Staying Alive - [Spice 1:] We don't fuck around, we hit a nigga up with them desert eagles 187 hero Z-Ro, and Fetty Chico Blooow, I'm a jedi in these ghetto star wars Now watch your shoes when you stepping,
  211. 211. Steady Ballin - (*talking*) It's going down, straight up I'm steady balling, shot calling I'm clowning em baby [Hook] Steady balling, tonight We gon ride while we sipping and smoking Steady balling,
  212. 212. Still In My Life - [Z-Ro] Niggas be screaming Z-Ro, how does it feel to be a ceo But I don't know, cause I can't get a set of keys to the studio And I know my fanbase is probably tired of me talking about the str
  213. 213. Still In The Hood - (Chorus) Too many niggas trying to take me off of my game Cause a nigga from the hood that done looked some good Now they all want to jock my fame But when I'm coming down in my ?born? And
  214. 214. Still Livin' - One deep until I die, so your help I refuse it [x4] [Trae:] I hear some haters want me dead, but I ain't never been a stranger to drama The most hated around the world, just like my name was
  215. 215. Still My Life - [Z-Ro] Niggas be screaming Z-Ro, how does it feel to be a ceo But I don't know, cause I can't get a set of keys to the studio And I know my fanbase is probably tired of me talking about the str
  216. 216. Still Standing - [Z-Ro talking] Yes indeed, H-Town, it go down Lil' Flex, Z-Ro, Big Mello Know what I'm saying, you boys can't stop us man Unstopable, feel me, yeah They got to feel us till they kill us, this
  217. 217. Still Watchin' - [Hook - 2x] Still watching, keep peeping Still watching me yeah, keep peeping [Z-Ro] They told me, if you feel me Fuck a record label, and a negotiation they trying to deal me They wat
  218. 218. Stranger In The Midst - [Hook - 2x] I'm a stranger in the midst, a star I'm dodging death with every breath, because my world is torn You hate me now, but see me lay a pistol in my palm It's a hustling team, but sti
  219. 219. S.u.c. 4 Life - (talking) Southsive for live, aka Southside for life Z-Ro, K.T., recognize my motherfucking team [Z-Ro] Let me introduce myself, I'm Z-Ro the Crooked, Mo City block The place that you do
  220. 220. Suck My Energy - You, You Once Broke My Belief And I Know, I Was So Damn Naïve Remember the Days You Acted So Real The Things You Said Were Not a Big Deal You Could Call Me Whenever You Wanted I Was Yours,
  221. 221. Suffering - Chance, Just One More Chance At What You Pride Reasons Will Never Let You Hide That's Not Considering It's All the Same Time, Glimpsing the Moment in My Eyes Pushing Me Harder Than You Try
  222. 222. Sunrise, Sunset - Is This the Little Girl I Carried? Is This the Little Boy At Play? I Don't Remember Growing Older. When Did They? When Did She Get to Be a Beauty? When Did He Grow to Be This Tall? Wasn't
  223. 223. Sunshine - [Z-Ro] No more letters to the President, this one is to Jehovah What was born into the world as a Christian, now becomes a soldier I'm pimping a pen from living in sin, so niggaz like my song
  224. 224. Superbitch - I See You Walkin' As You're Walkin' By I Gotta Wonder, Gotta Wonder Why I'm Gonna Give It to You Just One More Time Cuz Baby When I See Your Face You Take Me Away to That Special Place Take
  225. 225. Swang On 4's - Big Moe) Swingers, and droppers, Southside We're gonna ball baby, living so lavishly And you know that I'll, grab and break Wreckshopping all night long baby Swing on 4's with me [Vers
  226. 226. Talkin' Down On Me - [Z-Ro] Since I been out by myself, I keep that bitch Nina with me If you my enemy, you don't wanna be the last nigga that seen her with me Z-Ro haters be making my attitude, rude Fuck around
  227. 227. Tall Tale Of a G - [Z-Ro] Hearing voices of the children of the corn The mother that has finally been warned Cause on a Polaroid in focus There's a picture of my first born I got a scary crimination, so I wal
  228. 228. Tha 3rd Coast - (Chorus - 2x) We third coast, all about our feddy bleed the block and get ghost Different strokes for different folks, so we choose to cutthroat We ain't riding on no horses down here We get
  229. 229. That'z Who I Am - Houston Texas is my city, Ridgemont 4 is my block I put my trust in no man, only my motherfucking glock Cause she ain't never let me down, before Fuck a gang I follow my bitch, cause she be bus
  230. 230. The Dirty 3rd - Dirty Third, Dirty Third [Z-Ro] 24/7 and around the clock, I'ma keep My fingas around the glock, when I bust I be giving no mercy for no damn body That's gonna get around the shot I'm
  231. 231. The Down Set Is Tonight - Secrecy Life On the Wire Joy in My Weakest Hour A Gas Lit Scent On the Garden of Haze The Excitement From the Dawning Is Leading the Way, Tonight I Wish to Crash, So Fire Would Give M
  232. 232. The Mule - [Z-Ro] What? King of the Ghetto what they call me cause I rule this Bitch (rule this Bitch) I'm bout business I don't participate in foolishness (foolishness) But every now and then somebody
  233. 233. The Other Side - I'm the One You're Waiting For Yes I'm the One; Yes I'm the One Who Decides When Times Aren't Right? Who's Left Out Well I', Left Out Don't Try Just Leave It It's All Bitter Change Can'
  234. 234. The Same One - (*talking*) Say Mike Dean, dig these blues [Z-Ro] Woke up with fifty some odd niggaz, bumping they gums God I tried to be calm, but everywhere I go it's like Vietnam I tried to be Joseph
  235. 235. These Niggaz - These niggaz, must of forgot That I will squeeze triggas, thinking you gon play me Nigga please nigga, get put in a G-R-A-V-E nigga At ease nigga, you don't wanna be my enemy nigga When I'm s
  236. 236. Third Coast (feat. Lil' Keke) - [Hook x2:] We third coast, all about our feddy bleed the block and get ghost Different strokes for different folks, so we choose to cutthroat We ain't riding, on no horses down here We get it
  237. 237. Thug Life - [Al Pacino in Scarface:] You're all a bunch of fucking assholes, you know why You don't have the guts, to be what you wanna be You need people like me, so you can point your fucking fingers A
  238. 238. T.h.u.g. (true Hero Under God) - [Z-Ro:] 24/7, I'm in trouble for nothing To the laws on the topic, of they daily discussion Blood pumping and rushing, I gotta struggle to survive I be rapping, but I can do with a nine to fi
  239. 239. Time And Time Again - [talking] Yeah, let me count that up right there Real shit, know I mean, you know I mean, what's up Z-Ro Yeah, this a real one, inhale that shit nigga [Hook] Time and time again I get
  240. 240. Time Of Day - This Is How You'll Bleed So You Better Like 'cause I Stuck You to the Ground No Matter What You Say It's Another Lie Changing Me, Playing Me, Taunting Me Every Day I Can't Take Any More of Yo
  241. 241. To Life - To Life, to Life, L'chaim. L'chaim, L'chaim, to Life. Here's to the Father I Tried to Be! Here's to the Bride to Be! Drink, L'chaim, to Life! To Life, to Life, L'chaim. L'chaim, L'chai
  242. 242. To Love a Thug - (talking) Look out man, quit tripping man, how you gone tell me To choose between you and the streets, don't you know If I leave the motherfucking streets alone How are we gonna get the rent
  243. 243. Tomorrow's Light - On My Quest to Find Tomorrow, Can You Catch Me to Tame the Ride? I'm Not Fair About Tomorrow, Then You Forfeit Your Own Hand.. I See the Light, I Trail the Light, I Know the Light Can You Will
  244. 244. Toxic - Please Step Up At Close Range Afraid You Wave, Unarmed Not Close Enough He Tries to Sweep She Seals His Waves and Goes It Soaks You Up, Keeps You Drained Innocence Falls Not Coming Back
  245. 245. Trace - And She Said It Was Alright/ To Recover Things, to Recover Me/ You Know It All Except the Bound of My True Embrace Trough the Words I Said/ Because I Just Want to Fall Down/ In Your Deep Blue
  246. 246. Tradition - Tradition, Tradition! Tradition! Tradition, Tradition! Tradition! Who, Day and Night, Must Scramble For a Living, Feed a Wife and Children, Say His Daily Prayers? And Who Has the Right, As
  247. 247. Trashing The Beauty - Set My Urgency In Dreams You Come to Me Jesus Was My Son Was Not For You, If Not For You Passion Frailty I See It More Romantically, Tonight What's the Body Wich You Want to Live Troug
  248. 248. Tree - It's Too Late to Say Good-bye Now I'm Drowning in Your Eyes I'm Drowning Back to You I Know the Way These Things Begin See How Flesh Presses the Skin I'm Bursting Without You Lo
  249. 249. Tryin' To Survive - [Ronnie Spencer] Ooooooh, yeeeeeeeah Yeeeeah-ay, ooooh yeah [Hook: Isis Re] I don't know, how I can survive In these streets, hard to be me I can surviiiive [Ronnie Spencer] And
  250. 250. U Gotta Let Go - (Billy Cook) Z-Ro, Keke and Billy Cook Yeah oh yeah [Z-Ro] Steady dropping album after album, song after song I should of stayed up on the corner moving stone after stone With a red do
  251. 251. Uncut - [Z-Ro] It's a bunch of niggas upset with me, cause I don't visit no mo' They think that I'm capping, but I'm just cuz I'm in a fo' do' Fully loaded Chrysler 300, sitting on grown men Plus I'm
  252. 252. Undeniable - Now That We're a Family I Can Feel It From All Sides We Live to Do Or Die We're All the Same There's Nothing You Can't Tell Us And Every Single Time You Step You're Gonna Have a Price to Pa
  253. 253. Unsafe - Living All Alone Do I Need Security, No! I Got 20 Locks Upon My Doors Do They Give Me Guarantees, No! I Bought a Gun Now ! I Have a Gun Now ! I Wear a Gun Now ! And I Always Keep It Lo
  254. 254. Up In My Face - (*Talks*)Don't these niggas know we murder niggas for real man? (*Sings*)Fucking around with Z-Ro nigga ya dead wrong (dead wrong) dead wrong (dead wrong) (*Talks*)Know I'm saying, when I walk in
  255. 255. Wake Up - (*talking*) Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up The ghetto motherfucking alarm clock Wake up nigga [Z-Ro] Lord forgive us for sinning, give us this day and our daily bread Cause if a ni
  256. 256. We Ballin - (*talking*) Young Chris, worldwide What we doing Ro [Hook: Z-Ro] Balling, when you see us in them streets We'll be crawling, sipping drank and smoking sweets Shot calling, making paper
  257. 257. What Happened To That Dude - [Hook - 2x] What happened to that dude, what happened to that dude What happened to that dude He was bumping, so I slapped a patch up out that dude [Z-Ro] Y'all fellas, know what happene
  258. 258. What's Going On? - [Intro:] If you love living your life, leave me alone I live the life, I sing about in my song They hate me unitl I'm gone, they hate They hate me until I'm gone, if you love living your life
  259. 259. What's My Name - [Z-Ro] You better tighten up on your back stroke Trying to fuck around with Z-Ro in the game It's not all about running your mouth all the time It's all about stacking your change Now I don
  260. 260. Where Is The Love - [Chorus] Where is the love - 2x [Z-Ro] Nobody loves me, but I prefer to keep it like that Cause most friends are falsified trying to steal out your stack So I keep my partnas to a minimu
  261. 261. Who Could It Be - [Hook - 2x] Who could it be (who could it be) But that M double A-B (but that M double A-B) And we're sho nuff gon shine (and we're sho nuff gon shine) Making everybody lose their mind (every
  262. 262. Whut Up Now - [talking] 1,2,there's that nigga house right there 3 you see that nigga 4-*machine gun shooting* Yeah Ohhhh! I ride on my enemies-I ride on my enemies it's time to ride on my enemies
  263. 263. Why? - (*singing*) [Hook: Tanya Herron] Why, do we live this way So many murders, where the children play And it's about, to make me lose my mind We're running out of time, too many of my peopl
  264. 264. Will I Go Crazy - [Z-Ro] My mind just goes off and wonders, cause it ain't stable See I be fantasizing, bout putting food on the table Cause in the ghetto my hood, prison is promised to us Some of us let jail
  265. 265. Wonder If I'm Blessed - (*talking*) Dear Lord, this is your boy Bam Can't nobody do what you done done God One of the ghetto graduates, three men in here Ready to deliver, number one, all they internal sins On pen
  266. 266. World Wide - (Z-Ro talking) Uh, seem like they got my life on the big screen Z-Ro versus the world, feel me round one [Z-Ro] Is it reality or just a fable The most powerful lyricists in the world was
  267. 267. Wreckshop - Ha, what, uh huh-uh huh-uh huh, what Wreckshop, Wreckshop huh Noke Deezy, D-Reezy [Hook] Weeeeeeeee-eeee-eeeeee Came to Wreckshop, uh huh Just to let you boys know that Weeeeeeeee-ee
  268. 268. You - That's you That talk about your homie behind his back, But you always with him at every location he be at. That's you That be stealin from your momma, Knowin she be the only one at your sid
  269. 269. You In Your Arms - Side Effects Will Come Still Flirting With Days Night-lights On, Streetlights Down I´m Coming Right Back I´m Coming Right Back Chance-game of the Hap Feel It Come, I´m Not Scared
  270. 270. You Owe Us Blood - Slide Burn Everybody Come to the Dance Floor Carry On to the Fire-match Come to the Chocker's Game Burn Tied Up On Comebacks to Tun Again The Future May Not Be Bleak Enough Ti
  271. 271. Z-Ro - [Z-Ro] I'm a Ridgemont soldier, state of Texas stunner King of the ghetto, even when I was a new comer 24 hours a day, I be sending fellas under If they people want revenge, I never worry or
  272. 272. Z-Ro [screwed] - [Z-Ro] I'm a Ridgemont soldier, state of Texas stunner King of the ghetto, even when I was a new comer 24 hours a day, I be sending fellas under If they people want revenge, I never worry or
  273. 273. Z-ro The Crooked - [Z-Ro] The swisher papers got me dying so I practice smoking squares And I see death around the corner so I'm quick to say a prayer Living my life on the corner with thugs selling my drugs know
  274. 274. Z.ro - [Z-Ro] I'm a Ridgemont soldier, state of Texas stunner King of the ghetto, even when I was a new comer 24 hours a day, I be sending fellas under If they people want revenge, I never worry or
  275. 275. Z.ro The Crooked - [Z-Ro] The swisher papers got me dying so I practice smoking squares And I see death around the corner so I'm quick to say a prayer Living my life on the corner with thugs selling my drugs know

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