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  1. 1. Don't Even Try It - Don't try stress me You don't impress me Cause absolutely It's obvious you see. I know you cut your rib But you startin to drip You're movin closer boy take a step back I'm no
  2. 2. Get Real - People say you gotta be fake to make it to the top (to the top, whoa oh oh) And we're never gonna have what it takes so we might as well stop (But we're not, whoa oh oh) 'Cause I know you know I
  3. 3. If You Wanna Rock - Every time you feel you can't find a reason Every time you don't know what to believe in Every time you feel like you're too far gone All you gotta do is turn your radio on [Hook:] If
  4. 4. Nothing's Wrong With Me - You may find me just a little strange I like dancin' barefoot in the pourin' rain My mind is racin' at the speed of light I'll dance around you like a satellite I'm reckless You're speec
  5. 5. Notice Me - Here's the story of a girl Living in a lonely world A hidden note a secret crush Alittle boy who talks too much Well I'm standing in the crowd And when you smile I check you out But you d
  6. 6. Perfectly - I like who I am, but I guess you don't I think that I can, but you think I won't Amount to anything at all If you love me, you sure show it strange Is there anything that you wouldn't change? I
  7. 7. When The Rain Falls - Ha, ooh I don't understand, this should be so easy To just reach out my hand, I know the world is real But nothing's as it seems, oh I can tell you freely Touching's not the only way to feel

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