Letras / letra Z / Zamak

  1. 1. Dead Caress - It's my death And death caress is here Yes it's my tears And my hate sprouts Such a spring in the soil Feeding the flame of the life Yes it's my death Pleased, walking Caress by
  2. 2. Deception Roar - Where the sepulcher drinks all When the stars attack me The ride of the hope Suffering the deception of the past In own corrosion Carving about the solitude And the pleasure of pain
  3. 3. Dreams of Nothing - The wind with the sadness of my being Burning the earth of the future crimson With the seventh gate of the seventh zone of the battles Riding through the on this earth Where reigns dreams of
  4. 4. Empty Bloody Gates - It's the end of hope in my heart To enter a cosmic terror Falling at the gates of empire Decide between the power and the hate In sacrifice and ancestral lords' deceptions Battles of cos
  5. 5. End of Innocence - He comes burning the deception of innocence Sad and blind when the demons bleed on you Your tears will fall on the answer of the pain Where a long time there was a heart Wild arms embracin
  6. 6. Ever Fall - One more time feel lost in the hands of the pain walking with sorrow my being blessed with crimson tears oh pleas lady give me the liquid and kill forever ever felling the fall in
  7. 7. Silence of a Heroe - Black in a heroe when the nightwing Hold the spirit, brain of spell keep the souls, keep the pain cold in gate send our madness under forest behind black mirror with the heart bleeding
  8. 8. Skeptic - There is that man Looking in my interior Traveling in the spaced running through my blood jumping for my veins alone I want to walk without cease toward that cosmos that he gets exci
  9. 9. Whiplash (metallica Cover) - Late at night all systems go You have come to see the show We do our best you're the rest You make it real you know There is a feeling deep inside That drives you fuckin' mad A feeling of a hamm

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