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  1. 1. Blood King - Thousand of bloody corpses flow in a river of blood, it will drag them towards Hell. They are quartered and martyrized by themselves. Our bloody king incarnated in a ferocious slayer,
  2. 2. Ghost - Out Of The Night, They Came With Bad Intention They Had One Thing In Mind, Rape A Peaceful Nation Their Motives Were Clear, There's Death Everywhere An Insatiable Greed, Genocide, Exterminat
  3. 3. Infinity Human Suffering - All the world is conscious of the endless suffering impending on all humanity. It's vile end perseverant, it's objective is to wear the mind and the human soul, to destroy the man
  4. 4. Sickly Theatre - The train of death continue his mad run, unknown is the destination. Many questions, many doubts, immense terror. Terrible visions appear, the painful child cry Unable to underst
  5. 5. The Beginning - I can't believe… Life can impose you its path And you are alone. You can't fight its hostility. I hope you, my friend, Can understand me. I tell you all my emotions Which hardly find a
  6. 6. Zaburon - Evil sounds burst in me, I'm turning into a morbid beast crushing and smashing I escape from my cage room, I jump into the darkness, where unreal creatures all around offer me their

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