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Etched Ring
X 7ears

  • Autor: Ederson Wllian , Ederson Willian
  • Estilo: Rock
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We met some time ago
If we'd stay together
No one would ever know

Never meant to have this feeling for you
How could things get this way?
There was nothing I could do

There's a flame that burns inside of your heart
But it don't belong to me
I just close the door

Now it's time that I left you alone
Live your life in peace
We are no longer one

We had sad and wonderful nights
In you I saw a light
But they weren't enough

I have wiped away the tears
But through all of these years
I still feel your touch

I wish that etched ring was for me
(But it ain't for me)
And I know that it ain't for me
(I wish it was for me)

So I'll leave, leave you for good
I have turned the pages
And I've closed the book

There's no point in making the same mistakes
I will find my way on this rainy day

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