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  1. 1. a Beif History... - We were both 18 the year that we met I was slighty older but not by much One look at you and I knew that was it Amd your voice sounded like an angel above One look at me and you thought I wa
  2. 2. Attention - I was thinking about something else I must admit I didn't hear a word that you said Remember to remind me not to forget To pay more attention now, attention now When you talk to me you can
  3. 3. Billy Jones - We grew up together in an urban town Just me and Bill Jones always hanging around A mumma's little boy he was an only child His clothes were always neat and his hair carefuly styled Of all t
  4. 4. Brain Damage - im going out to damage my brain you wont come you sya your staying at home its no shame night and day we see each other anyway weve got to move weve got to get away its a long cold night
  5. 5. Bridal Train - Telegram arrived today It's time to catch the Monterey Cause the man I wed he waits for me And the daughter that he's yet to see U.S. navy beamed its message will deliver brides on a one
  6. 6. Circles - Whats you excuse for living like you're Somebody different When you're nobody Different You're just somebody Tell me the reason behind All your frustration It's just a bad situation Bu
  7. 7. Company - Well my head Looks to the sky Will this pain ever end? You know i'm lonely, I want some understanding Someone to talk to Someone to be there and hold me, yeah I'm feeling down Running
  8. 8. Crazy Train - Crazy train, rolling down that crazy track Crazy train, rolling down that crazy track Going to New Orleans and I aint comming back Crazy train, where do you think I'm bound Crazy train, wher
  9. 9. Danger - Danger –danger ahead We missed the signs, we lost all we had of you I know you had time on your own But you couldn't ever say thast you didn't have A place to come home to But you never cam
  10. 10. Fisherman's Daughter - I don't like gold and I don't like pearls I'm just your regular West Australian fisherman's daughter I'm a middle class folk singing guitar playin' girl I ain't seen the world no I've not tr
  11. 11. Flesh And Blood - There are secrets in the soul of me Things I keep inside Places you will never see Hidden under lock and key Flesh and blood and skin and bone You're looking from the outside in All yo
  12. 12. Fourth Floor - On the fourth floor of the building In a shallow window box She's digging in the soil with a silver spoon Her hands inside rubber gloves Planting seeds pulling out weeds The cycle of life i
  13. 13. Gillan - Oh Gillan, Your'e Up With The Sun You've Done A Hundered Things Before Half Past Nine By The Time Most Folk Our Up And Gone You'll Be Starting On One Hundered And One There's Not Enough Hour
  14. 14. Here If You Want - I could hazard a guess But ill never know Why you put these walls up I cant get through Its as though you want To be lonely and blue Sometimes it feels Like nobody knows You wanna
  15. 15. Highway One - Highway 1, 12 hour drive I got a place I do call mine I got me a space where I can breathe I got my garden I got my trees And if you're ever out this way And if you still recall my name
  16. 16. I Believe - Seems like only yesterday I thought i had my Life together Aint it funny how things change For it is to day I feel uncertain about my whole world All once familar is now strange I've been dep
  17. 17. Intimate - Now we are so intimate do you think we could ever part though there's little love left in it something seems to make it hard I'd like to stand up on my own But i fear you will always be my crut
  18. 18. Jealousy - Nows the time your leaving you got to do what you got to do When you come in from the cold I'll still be warm for you But I won't be bending backwards like you never to done for me Take a look
  19. 19. Lest We Forget - Lest we forget, your dates as a younger man. like how when you were 9, you fell in love because she was the 1st girl you'd seen throw a cricket ball. You knew that you'd be together for t
  20. 20. Lies - You read the paper, watch the news and think Your well informed I've got some new for you my frienf That headline that you read, the story that broke Was a scandle and a scam, a political mas
  21. 21. Lighthouse - Lighthouse tall and grand Standing on that cold headland Shine your light across the sea For a wayward sailor girl like me Lighthouse man Guide this sailor back to land Steer my ship o
  22. 22. London Still - I wonder if you can pick up my accent on the phone When i call across the country, When i call Across the world, i can see you in my kitchen i can picture you now as you toast to your small to
  23. 23. Love Serenade - When the night-time comes you can hear My heart calling Calling out to you my one true love Thinking about you all of the while Thinking about you it's making me smile Honey I'm sitting on
  24. 24. Nothing New - I’m going to dress up tonight And I’ll look real pretty for I don’t know who I’ll find my own way around this great big city And I’m gonna sit at a bar and I’ll have a drink I’ll leave you
  25. 25. Service Fee - You broke down my door and let yourself in Helped yourself to my soul and skin You ate all you needed and then had the nerve To thank me for dinner and help yourself tp dessert You helped you
  26. 26. Shiney Apple - Shiny apple rotten on the inside, You skin is smooth but you sole is soft, Oh why do you look so appertising but, taste the truth and it will make you spit. And how long have i known you now
  27. 27. Since I've Been Around - Walking down the main street of the town where I was born Looking at these things I’ve seen so many times before I take a deep breath, smile and kick a stone along the ground Been so long, sinc
  28. 28. Sink Or Swim - Sink or swim Sink or swim Whats it going to be when you dive on in Dive on in Dive on in Whats it going to be when you dive on in Everybody knows what I'm talking about Everybody kno
  29. 29. Spotlight - Moon hangs in the night A spotlight on the world Lighting the lands, moving the seas And tonight from where I stand on this hill The spotlight's on me I am young long ago I know not a thi
  30. 30. Sunflower Man - I'll Never Forget When I Was Singing In The Street You Laid A Sunflower In The Case At My Feet Threw Me A Smile Then Rolled Right Away People Cheered On The Day That I Fell In Love My Head W
  31. 31. Sweetness - There’s nothing like a big old lie A good record and a smoke to pass time by Music gets me in the mood It all kicks in and I sit back And think about you Sweetness to me That’s all you
  32. 32. Take It In - now she's thinking of the red soil and those mango trees well in her mind she's still splashing round down on cable beach and her eyes are as rich and as far away as the sunset there but she'
  33. 33. Taken - night-time i stage my street show love for the money that's my cash flow no I don't get scared when I walk alone I have been on this beat enough to know that when shit happens it is just your
  34. 34. The Haircut - It's more than a hair cut I am wearing on my head I thought I would dye it red but I cut it off instead And maybe I could send you my long blond locks Cause you were always after something So
  35. 35. The River - I stood and watched my daddy die no one could help his plate he was trying to save our home on the day that the river rose well it came alive I heard them say there was nothing we could
  36. 36. The Waitress - I thought I'd move to Sydney to get a little piece Of the city life they talk about in the 90's. Where everyone I meet don't want to know my name They want to know what I do for a living My
  37. 37. Three Down - Three months on the road But I’ve still got four more to go There’s a full moon and it’s rising over Austin I can see a big old Texas flag flying in the wind I can’t sleep for all the brig
  38. 38. Up All Night - Watched the sun sinking low Watched the moon rising slow Watched it move across the sky Till I saw the morning light Up all night Up all night Things just don't seem right Lordy I th
  39. 39. Waif Song - We Drive An Old Beat Up Car We Play Outta Tune Guitars Mother Nature Keeps Us Safe Even When Were Off Our Face A Waif Is All I Wanna Be ts No Better For You No Worse For Me Youve Got
  40. 40. When I Die - When I die won't you burry me In the town where I was born Most of my life I've been rambiling frre When I die I want to come back home Ever since I was a baby child I knew I was born to
  41. 41. Without You - I've been looking out for number one I've been stepping out with my friends I don't have to justify what I have done I don't have to answer to anyone I put my body on the line Take a step o

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