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  1. 1. 16 Days (Hidden Track) - Got sixteen days One for every time I've gone away One for every time I should have stayed Should have wore my wedding ring Got sixteen days Fifteen of those are nights Can't sleep when the bed
  2. 2. Beer Joints to the Opry - I don’t know how many times I’ve sat here and played this guitar And dreamt about the future of Someday being a big star And I watch the people as they listen They drink up and have a good time
  3. 3. Before You Go - Chorus: What’s there to say when we’re apart My life seems so bent out of shape My love for you will never die That’s a promise I’ll forever keep Just say you love me before you go I’ve been wa
  4. 4. Broken Reflection - Wake me from my disenchanting paper dreams Shake me from my drunken deadly sleep Take me to my healing sweet Virginia please They've broken my reflection And I am in need Take apart the smiles t
  5. 5. Crazy Enough - To fool my soul I've heard all they're alibis About being insane Being a little off the edge If you want to be successful In this world of loneliness Oh am I Am I crazy enough Is this life wh
  6. 6. Daddy And The Devil - Daddy and the devil walk side by side Me and momma, we tried to hide He couldn’t stay sober if he tried Daddy and the devil walked side by side The devil had a hold on daddy’s hand He never had
  7. 7. Doug’s Song - If you’re ever in Lubbock, Texas, be sure to look me up I’ll be the one on the barstool too damn drunk to get up I’ll be drinkin one for you Since you said we’re through Without you honey what el
  8. 8. From Bad To Good - I can’t change the way we’re talkin’, but tryin’ might do us good I can’t change the way the world’s spinning, but I sure wish I could You can’t step twice baby in the same river, you can’t ever go
  9. 9. Ghost In This Town - Why did I think that I could change you? I loved you more than my own life, its true Well I didnt wanna say goodbye to you With that last hurt I got the strength to Two years and some change
  10. 10. God Bless This Town - You just thought that you knew about rumors man But you ain't ever lived in my town Population 153 And it's still goin down What's his name's runnin' around with Mary Hell last I heard he's alre
  11. 11. Good Time Tonight - Chorus: I just want to have a good time tonight I’m so tired of all the fights All the fussing and fighting Everything we go through I just want to paint the town with the boys I don’t want to
  12. 12. Handle - Now what you gonna do Don't you dare look at me for help Cause i'm done through with you You think just cause you're good looking You can do anything that you choose You can break a heart and cr
  13. 13. I Wonder - I wonder what she’s thinking She’s got that look in her eyes I may be across the room But I think I know how she feels inside All the girls that she came with They’re all whispering in her ear
  14. 14. If We Ever Make It Home - Is anybody out there searching Has anybody lost the way Am I the only one who’s hurting Today Must have got some bad directions How’d we ever end up here All this pain and desperation And fear
  15. 15. In My Soul - I know you’re a long ways away from me I’m here in Texas you’re in Kentucky But that ain’t gonna stop me from loving you so You’re my one in a million baby You are my pot of gold Well the Lord h
  16. 16. Into The Arms Of You - Baby don’t speak, save your energy Just write down what you have to say Should I turn on the tv? Can I get you anything? I’ll be right here when you wake I thought we had a million years And I s
  17. 17. It's All Over Town - You heard that I was taking it bad All of this talk will drive you mad They say they saw the writing on the wall Before we ever even had a chance to fall There's nothing left to worry about Let
  18. 18. Just for Fun - Let’s go out for the evening Let’s see what we can do Let’s see what kind of trouble We can get into Let’s go out dancing And party all night long It’s just me and you baby From now till the b
  19. 19. Keep Hangin’ On - Well I love that girl with all my heart Yeah I love her more than anything But she told me yesterday To get the hell away I hope that was something she didn’t mean Last week I tried to kiss her
  20. 20. Lay It All On You - It’s funny how some people dream They put on a show just to be on the scene I don’t know how many times I’ve been right here and you still don’t see me It may be wrong but tonight I’m gonna to se
  21. 21. Lick the Salt - I’m tired cause these days are so long Tired of going to the same old job And grinding my fingers right down To the bone I need some time for me I need to be near The bluest of seas Watching t
  22. 22. Looking Back Now - Looking back now On how it all worked out I wouldn’t change it for the world No matter how much it hurts You couldn’t say the love wasn’t there You couldn’t say we didn’t Give all we had to sha
  23. 23. Lost Control Of My Heart - Saw her face, heard her voice She made me laugh, I had no choice Just like old friends from the start Was that the day I lost control of my heart Was it the night off river road She kissed me so
  24. 24. Lost Hotel - Put the past away Slow things down A crime’s been committed There’s sirens all over town There’s some blood on his shirt And there’s a cut on his cheek And what he’s just done will forever be h
  25. 25. Man Out of Myself - He was 18 years of age, born to a dirt-poor family In the middle of the Texas plains No matter how hard he tried He couldn’t seem to please the young man Staring back from the broken mirror So h
  26. 26. Missing You - I must admit it’s a beautiful city at night To a boy from the country with stars in his eyes Sometimes the skyline will take your breath away How can you feel so lonesome in a town this size? The
  27. 27. Mood Ring - If it turns blue, I should leave her alone If it turns green, she wants me i know She wants me I know I followed the instructions Yeah, I read them word for word And I memorized the color charts
  28. 28. Mystery of a Woman (feat West 84) - Seems I live my whole life just like every other man Trying to figure out everything I can About the way you work and all your wicked ways There's no way of winning all these games you make us
  29. 29. Nobody's Fool - Nobody’s fool anymore I do just fine out on my own You’re so cruel; it’s much easier now that I am alone And it’s too late; yeah I’m all gone, There’s nothing you can do I’m nobody’s fool Well y
  30. 30. Not Finished Yet - You had me down And I lost my way I was looking for signs Every single day Please by all means don’t call me back Should I be ashamed? Should I run back home? Should I shut my mouth? Leave th
  31. 31. One Step Closer - My windshield's cracked Just like my heart My tires are all flat Just like my brain My engine's runnin' rough Just like my soul Don't know how much further we can go Burning this much oil So
  32. 32. Perfect Silence - I often wonder in my mind If I’ve made a mistake Cause your soft spoken spirit Seems to have had all it can take Then you look at me and smile And that’s all you have to do Your eyes tell me ev
  33. 33. Please Come to Boston - Please come to Boston for the springtime I’m staying here with some friends and they’ve got lots of room You can sell your paintings on the sidewalk By a café where I hope to be working soon Plea
  34. 34. Prove it to You - Prove it to You Written by Wade Bowen and Chad Kudelka People sit and ask me sometimes What are you doing with your life? When are you gonna change your ways Stop wasting all your time Turn aro
  35. 35. Quarter In The Jukebox - Put a quarter in the jukebox, I need to hear a honky-tonk song Put a quarter in the jukebox, and I’ll see if I can sing along Put a quarter in the jukebox, let’s pretend that she’s not gone Put a
  36. 36. Resurrection - I’ve died a thousand times since you left me Stared down the barrel of a thousand loaded guns There’s a midnight ride on a fast train headed somewhere I’ll be born again with the rising of the sun
  37. 37. Somewhere Beautiful - Looking down at the strip from my hotel room, It must be a full moon, cause their all out tonight All the insecure boys in their muscle cars, Young girls in their pushup bras under neon lights, T
  38. 38. Things I Could Do - There’s a lot of things I could do tonight Call up some old friend just to see if they’re all right I could read a book Maybe something by Louis L’Amour Oh but I don’t’ feel like doing that at al
  39. 39. Tired of Being Alone - Sunday rolled around and I’m alone again I picked up the phone and I started to call I dialed your number, let it ring a couple of times And hung it up ‘cause I was just too scared Hardly a day g
  40. 40. Tonight - There’s a lonesome feeling Blowing through the trees tonight There’s a lonesome feeling You’re gonna leave me tonight I’ve got Jack Ingram on my radio I’ve got my guitar out and I’m playing it
  41. 41. Trouble - I wouldn’t say I didn’t see her coming A light that bright’s hard to miss in a place that dark She said yes to a drink while her fingers fumbled With a cross on a chain that was swinging above he
  42. 42. Try Not to Listen - Sometimes I get captured by the way a song sounds It takes me inside and lifts me up off the ground It can make you feel love like you’ve never felt before Or it can make you cry and want to hide
  43. 43. Turn On The Lights - Its not easy anymore, everything seemed to change In one blink of an eye, Im the man to lay the blame I let you slip away, tried so hard to make this right I have nothing left to do, nowhere else
  44. 44. Walkin' Along The Fenceline - I’m not as good as I advertise But then again, who really is? Judgment is thrown around so easily But nobody wants to catch it, they just want to side step it I think I’ve finally had enough Cho
  45. 45. Walking Shoes - If you keep walking in circles, you’re gonna fall through the floor And this old hardwood, can’t stand much more I can’t make you stay, and I won’t make you go Are those the same walking shoes, yo
  46. 46. Who I Am - I love to watch the sunset, as it fades behind the trees I love to talk with God, and get down upon my knees I love the times I spend with my family and friends I love to dream about all the place
  47. 47. Why Can’t You Love Me - Why Can’t You Love Me Written by Wade Bowen and Matt Miller Why can’t you love me? What can’t you just be my girl? Why’s it all got to be so complicated? If you really love someone I know you d
  48. 48. Why Makes Perfect Sense - Nineteen days straight Im lonely as hell and theres nothing I can do The emptiness comes over me as I sit here thinking about you I tear my boots off and set them on the floor next to my bed
  49. 49. You Had Me At My Best - In the corner of my living room lies the ring she threw behind I can’t bring myself to pick it up, you know she still might change her mind Every morning around 6am the sun hits it just right I’ll

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