Letras / letra U / U.S. Crush

  1. 1. Bleed - BLEED I'm just a sidebar I'm just an after thought They all just wrote me off So you and me we gotta live in a world of make believe It's hard to hold on to nothing but we can't give in Cause everyth
  2. 2. Debutante - DEBUTANTE She was a pillar of society, destined to live a life of ignominy on a plane going nowhere in a soap opera world, what we gonna do with this girl? She keeps me waiting, debutante She keeps
  3. 3. Destroy - DESTROY I wanna destroy the false leaders Transparent, spineless and afraid I wanna destroy suggestive selling Stop shoving all that product down my throat Now I wanna destroy multitudes of mindless
  4. 4. Get Off My Back Mother F*Cker - Get off My back Motherfucker I'm a punk at heart and a rebel by trade, indignation is my middle name Won't put up gotta fight when you try to hold me down It's been 14 years and a million tears, time
  5. 5. Jimmy Crack Rock - JIMMIE CRACK ROCK Jimmie Crack Rock, baby I don't care Jimmie Crack Rock, baby I don't care Jimmie Crack Rock, baby I don't care Jimmie Crack Rock, baby I don't care Hey man, are you looking for rede
  6. 6. Loser - LOSER I can't deal with your reality You can't deal with what's become of me We don't get along I wonder why I didn't fit your mold I didn't make the grade Just couldn't cut it Some days it seemed li
  7. 7. Problem - PROBLEM I don't wanna talk about it, if I talk then I'll get mad you don't want to see that I don't wanna think about it, cause that makes me want to drink, that's what got me here I think Come on, co
  8. 8. Same Old Story - Spotlight bright she's a diamond shining like a shooting star from in the sky Sighs every night at the same time Got to take a picture just to see her smile It's the same old story, could write a no
  9. 9. So I Thought - SO I THOUGHT So I thought we could be lovers and friends and still we'd get along So I thought that we could find a cloud that we could ride upon So I thought we could, So I thought we could, so I tho
  10. 10. You Don't Know - YOU DON'T KNOW So many questions, we need some answers restless and aimless on our way Where are we going, what are we knowing It holds us together separately You don't know what you're looking for co

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