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  1. 1. A Long Time Ago (feat. Ebony Burke) - [U-God] My mother said my father was a real livewire Hustled on the avenue of Lennox That he was a don, shot dope in his arm Paid visits to the methodon clinic A straight womanizer, no religion
  2. 2. Bizarre - * Sampled '70's soul singer singing "so bizarre" all throughout song * [U-God] Feel the heat from the streets, I got to eat Talk what I walk, I stalk with bronze feet Ancient spells, yell
  3. 3. Blow Yo Mind - [Intro: crowd] Start the fuckin' show! (G-O-D, baby!) Yeah, G-O-D, U-G-O-D Uey!! Yeah U-G-O-D! [U-God] Who the bad mother brother with the super sperm That's waiting in the corner, for his retu
  4. 4. Booty Drop - [Intro: Letha Face] Yeah, come on, yup, rock the spot Yup, yup, come on, yo If the clubs on fire, let the panic room, burn baby burn If the clubs on fire, let the panic room, burn baby burn [Let
  5. 5. Bump - [Chorus: U-God] She get down right crunk, ahh She love an east coast thug, right She got a down south bump, ahh She looking nice iced up, now [U-God] All that I know is I rock and roll Do you
  6. 6. Chippin' & Chop It - U-God - Chippin' & Chop It [Intro: U-God] Let's spark it, eh.. Yo.. [U-God] It be the Wu-Gambino, flurry don't stop You the ice cream, I'm the cherry on top Scary are cops, cuz I carry the glock Lo
  7. 7. Coke - [Raekwon:] Fix your face, when we rhyming, we been crazy Throw mad bullets at you, jumping in new spacely All my goons is frustrated, groan at they P.O.'s It's obvious, we do this, we bust haters
  8. 8. Dat's Gangsta - [U-God] Brand new magnetic Killah Hill scorches Monster talk bosses, spank 'em, step into my office Crunch time steroid big boy itches Eyes that lay for blood money riches Switches thug men
  9. 9. Don't Love The Drugs - [U-God] I don't know where to begin, or where to start All I know is I broke my mother heart It started way back with a little weed Then it grew into acid, coke and speed I became that monster w
  10. 10. Dopium - [Intro: U-God] By the time I'm finished, you gon' be a fan, muthafucka Trust me when I tell you [U-God:] I kick back, retire mics, take rap to higher heights Big back, fiend rap, blow it up, dyn
  11. 11. Drama - [Chorus: Letha Face] If you don't want the drama, bust your gun You don't want the drama, here I come You don't want the drama [Letha Face] Top chrome spin, whirlwinds, microphone's bend Some g
  12. 12. Enter U-god - [U-God] AW SHIT! Now I got you tremble'n for the battle to begin I'm not gonna leave this place with no sad face Cuz I'm gonna win The battle everybody in the world just came to see Golde
  13. 13. Gang Of Gangstas - [Chorus: Black Ice] The gang'll feel, we a gang of gangstas A gang of gangstas.. what up I might bang this steel, we a gang of gangstas A gang of gangstas.. up The gang'll feel, we a gang of gan
  14. 14. Get Down - [Hook: U-God (MC Eiht)] I'm a bonified g, g, g, g, g, g (Chea, chea, chea, chea) I'm a bonified g, g, g, g, g (Chea, chea, chea, chea, come on) I'm a bonified g, g, g, g (Where ya at? East coast,
  15. 15. Get Down (Feat. Boo Kapone, Mc Eiht, Squeak Ru) - [Hook: U-God (Mc Eiht)] i'm A Bonified G, G, G, G, G, G (Chea, Chea, Chea, Chea) i'm A Bonified G, G, G, G, G (Chea, Chea, Chea, Chea, Come On) i'm A Bonified G, G, G, G (Where Ya At? East Coast,
  16. 16. Ghetto Gutter - [Chorus: U-God (w/ Autumn Rue)] I tear the roof right off this mother (I give them ghetto gutter) That venom, I put it (on you, I'll give them ghetto gutter) [U-God] In the big black Cadil
  17. 17. Glide - [U-God] Yo, Inspectah Deck track break your back Yo A message of a wreckage 50 shell hot track leaking out the Lexus Eyes hot, Cyclops, cyborg boulders Call shop of horrors, Lyric just
  18. 18. Go Get Pretty Like Me - [Intro: U-God] Yeah, this one right here Is for those fly motherfuckers All those motherfuckers get money All those money makers When you look in the mirror And you confident, your cologne is o
  19. 19. God Is Love - [Intro: Cappadonna] Stay ya'll, atonement, this one is for you, yessir, aiyo [Cappadonna:] Aiyo, I grab flows and throw 'em with a twist of the wrist I throw one inside your house like a Christma
  20. 20. Heart Of Stone - [Chorus: U-God] I got a heart of stone, flesh and bone Red skin tone, rap syndrome [U-God] I'm that street sweeper, dope beat finder Forty four piece, keep on pushing with a meat grinder Heat m
  21. 21. Here We Come - [Intro: INF-Black] Gangster this and gangster that Half of ya'll ain't gangstas, so hold that *gun shot* Blaow! [U-God] I got a deathwish, my playlist is wreckless Almost famous but the
  22. 22. Hips - [U-God:] Yo, Yo, the average man couldn't last that long She like to work out, run marathons She wear tight skirts with no panties on She's a six foot one bronze Amazon Say it, complaining all t
  23. 23. Hit 'em Up, Roll Out - [Leathafase] What's the outcome when your testing mines? Snatch spies when the weapon reclies The headlines read the man of steel made him bleed Shooting a trigger, super nigga called Christopher
  24. 24. Hungry - (Chorus) ruff out here im out here fightin cold and hungry fish ain't bittin Life's so frightening i'm damn near thumpin cold and crumbling nothin's hatching now im back in stu
  25. 25. I'm Talkin' To You - [U-God] I'm that warlord that's out for the gold Let your scandal leak out, now your cover gets blowned Shit ain't sweet, son, my mind stays grown The thirst alone, makes me, burst my chrome It
  26. 26. It's A Wrap (feat. Leatha Face) - [Intro: Leatha Face] Roll up, (pop them motherfuckers) (It's a wrap), yeah, (it's a wrap) Short story, (actual actual) For y'all faggots, (homo niggaz) Get in line, (stand up) Throw your hands up (fir
  27. 27. Jenny - Chorus: U-God] I'm sorry, Jenny, I made you cry, I tried I'm sorry, Jenny, all the pain inside, I lied I'm sorry, Jenny, I made you cry, I tried I'm sorry, Jenny, for all the pain inside... [U-G
  28. 28. Kick Azz - [U-God] Driving down the strip, and you see my spokes And I rip off my shirt, like he's the Hulk And I squeeze off volts, just to please your folks And hip hop, yeah, needs a jolt Then you fall
  29. 29. Killa Beez - Mommy... Daddy... It's the Killa Beez.... [Hook: Suga Bang Bang] You're no warrior, ya can't bang like us You're no warrior, ya not so devious [U-God] Yo yo I was born with this magnet, warned
  30. 30. Kj Rhyme - [Intro: King Just] Yo! This is K.J., all day, every day Around your way, in your hallway Puffin' ganje, Hillside Scrambled eggs.. Let's go... let's go... let's go.. K.J. rhyme, all day, every da
  31. 31. Knockin' At Your Door - (Verse 1: U-God) Thanks for the rap action pack satisfaction Snatch over match kiss the grand dragon I'm tramplin the mass riddin head champion Back draft crash landin Last man standing A
  32. 32. Lay Down - (verse one: U-God/Golden Arms) It be the Wu-Tang, Wu-Tang I got control drop a load Time to rip shit Time to rock and roll I play the block and stroll Stop and go, cop an old up town chop
  33. 33. Lean Like Me - [U-God] It's your time, baby, when it comes, it comes I come down crashin' like a hundred tons Run sound through you, if you want it grunge Soak up the lyric like a human sponge Slow down b
  34. 34. Lipton - [U-God:] Yo, yo, magnificent high score, master plan, the crowd roar Throw up daily dosage, get ready for the down pour Human cannonball, matador, standing next to door Battle ya'll, sound more,
  35. 35. Magnum Force - [Intro: Jim Jones] Uh-huh, Jones, one-two, one-two G's up, you know who I am, Jones, the struggle New York's mine [Jim Jones:] Can it be it was all so simple Imagine me in the Porsche, when I s
  36. 36. New Classic - [Intro: Large Professor sample (U-God)] Classic, classic, classic, classic (yo) Classic, classic, classic (yo, yo) [U-God:] I got book rhymes, Crook lines, Built like tankers Look Ma they took m
  37. 37. Night The City Cried - *police radio* (humming) (U-God) Night falling, red dawn, without warning or beef Late night city life, in the dark Manhattan fog, creep wit' cats and dogs become meat All that is sac
  38. 38. Pain Inside - [Intro: U-God] Let me bug out, let me bug out for a second (fucka!) That's why... (oh! Muthafuckas!) Mmm-mmm-mmm, it's gangsta, nigga It's potent (Uh, Six Mill) East coastin', try to hide..
  39. 39. Pleasure And Pain - [U-God] Once again... Through the storms... I gotta stay strong Take deep breaths, hold on long, bring the harm with no regrets, on my chest, let me knowledge be born on levels, wild, de
  40. 40. Prayer - [Intro: U-God] Forgive me.. For all that shit I did in my past.. You know what I'm sayin'... [U-God] Is anyone out there? Does anyone care? This is my testament, my bedtime prayer I
  41. 41. Put It On Me - [Intro: U-God] I'm tellin' you, tellin' you, tellin' you Ain't ready, Mark, Mark, they ain't ready, man They ain't ready, they ain't ready, they ain't ready for me They ain't ready for me, they a
  42. 42. Rims Pokin' Out - [Intro: U-God] Good God, ugh! [U-God:] I got air suspension, hydraulics, in the cockpit Thumpin' heavy watters, my stereo's bionic Soul sonic force, wood grain, dual exhaust pipes Fuel is lost,
  43. 43. Rumble - [U-God] Countdown... Are you ready? Are you mad inside? Got you strapped down to your seats Outta the doorway, bullets ripped, full clip God speed, approach follow my lead Firewinds gust,
  44. 44. Shell Shock - [Leatha Face] To my hard rocks, locked in cell blocks, never shell shock Melt the ox in your face, displaced in the penalty box My enemies heart pumps poisonous blood, your choice, the slugs
  45. 45. Soul Dazzle - (U-God) On the mat head to toe Intacked on the track Big hat's on the go Let them hoe's no we on the stro We on the track The shit we started we comin back In the market of rap Wal
  46. 46. Spit Game - [Intro: Autumn Rue] Spit game.. Spit game.. Game.. Game.. [U-God] I do the damn thing, toast the champagne It's the Lord of the Rings, move in full swing Nigga, fan the flames, expand my wing
  47. 47. Stay In Your Lane - (Verse 1: U-God) Yeah Tired of all this shit god Channel you wanna come out? Niggas betta respect this shit I see, I see the same ol' rap cats gettin real lame Same ol' funny cats Radio
  48. 48. Stick Up - f/ INF-Black [Intro: INF-Black] Put your hands up, it's a stick up, you heard? Uh-huh, all my live niggaz, friday.. Put your hands up, it's a stick up, you heard? [INF-Black] I'm the hood like
  49. 49. Stomp Da Roach - [Intro: Scotty Wotty] It's the sasquath, Jackpot The roach killer, that's what we do You know what it is, you little crawly creepy bastards [Scotty Wotty:] We ain't tripping, read the sentence
  50. 50. Stop (Carry On) - [Intro: Ebony Burke] I know you think you struggling And everything looks bad Over the hug, you can't get And that just makes you mad Can't trust the man beside you And got no real true friends
  51. 51. Struggle Ain't Got No Color - [Intro: U-God w/ Hook] Color ain't got no struggle...color.. [Hook 2X: U-God] Move, grind, move, grind Move, grind, move, grind [U-God] Yo, yo, it's hard to smile, cuz life's so for
  52. 52. Supa Freak (wildstyle) - U-God - Supa Freak (Wildstyle) [Intro: Leatha Face] Get 'em... Supa freak, freak, freak, freak, freak Freak, freak, freak, freak [Leatha Face] So you wanna be the man with the gun in your hand The
  53. 53. Supa Nigga - [Chorus: U-God] You won't, you won't, you won't slick Fly shit, let a supa nigga rip You want, you want, the music Them hits, let a supa nigga rip Can I, can I, can I live Can I live, let a sup
  54. 54. Take It To The Top - [Intro: U-God] Time to strongarm this shit This how we gon' do, dead arm this man, knowhatimsayin? From the root to the fruit, twenty-one gun salute this shit Uptown, Downtown, New York, down
  55. 55. Tell Me - [Intro: Desert Eagle] (Tell me... tell me...) What would you do? Hillside Scramblers Loose links, what would you? Uh, check it, yo, yo, yo [Desert Eagle] I'm down for the get down, down wanna s
  56. 56. To Teh Rescue (feat. Leatha Face) - [u-god] Yo, yo, yo, yo Vendetta inside, swiftly start stabbin One second to meltdown, feel the twin cannons Burn, handgun herns, standin firm Return from mega-death, i'll tell you what's left D
  57. 57. To The Rescue - [U-God] Yo, yo, yo, yo Vendetta inside, swiftly start stabbin One second to meltdown, feel the twin cannons Burn, handgun herns, standin firm Return from mega-death, I'll tell you what's le
  58. 58. Train Trussle - [Mike Tyson sample:] I'm the best ever, I'm the most brutal and vicious And most ruthless champion there's ever been There's no one can stop me, there's never been nobody who could - I'm Sonny Li
  59. 59. Turbo Charge - Rocket on...to the break of dawn...elevation yo... (Verse) Elevation smell the vibration mystique beneath the beat cave in Super freak meaty bone tones discreet goncha leave is a sweet sensa
  60. 60. Turbulence - Verse One: Boldly go only to sew the block up,lock shit down, Mama told me you's the giant Pump out the nose cold,crimewave,host em, baratone throne So defiant, they stole the science fr
  61. 61. Winter Warz - It's on.. [Cappa] Where your sparkle at kid? Ryzarector.. [Break: Raekwon the Chef] Yes the shit is raw, comin at your door Start to scream out loud, Wu-Tang's back for more Yes the hour's four
  62. 62. Wu-Tang - [Chorus: U-God] You ain't heard us in a minute, you heard us in a minute, man (Wu-Tang!) I keep banging on you niggas, finger on my trigger, man (Wu-Tang!) [U-God:] I love bankrolls, stank hoes
  63. 63. You Don't Want To Dance - [Intro: U-God] Motherfucker, you don't know me, motherfucker I be gettin' down for a long time, bitch I be gettin' money since '88 My gun been going off, I been doing mad shit in the streets My

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