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  1. 1. Breaking Down - I'm failing now Starving for the answers I'm slowing down and losing ground So how can i go on When you're breaking down When you're breaking down It's tearing me apart So keep me st
  2. 2. Closer - I'm closer to say but I'm too afraid I'll shine on the surface So leave me alone And keep me in the shadow I'm lost but I'm closer Take what you want just to feel This pain is
  3. 3. Crossing The Line - Somewhere tonight. Inside of me. A smile so distant... memory. Covering up my face. Landed on my knees. So you can never see The darkest part of me Shutting my eyes, I'm dying insi
  4. 4. Deeper Into You - I feel it eating in me, while you still drown me. And cross the line over and over again. It's all around me, now I'm here cause of you. Now I'm falling, I'm falling out cause of you. N
  5. 5. Downfall - fear in me so deep it gets the best of me in the fear i fall here it comes face to face with me here i stand hold back so no one can see i feel these wounds step down... step down... st
  6. 6. Downfall-chorus - can I break away push me away, make me fall just to see another side of me push me away you can see what I see the other side of me. no one can see anything on the other side of me
  7. 7. Drop To Zero - Trust Company Drop To Zero Começando do zero Drop to Zero, Drop its happening again começando do zero, começando, isto está acontecendo outra vez I feel boxed in, its happening again Me sinto enca
  8. 8. Erased - I feel i'm falling behind The same way again Still tracing the same line But looking for the end I'm fading Gone away I almost feel erased I'm fading Gone away And now i feel era
  9. 9. Falling Apart - i slipped away further from you trying to find what is real your somebody else that i never know and someone that i can feel i show you away i keep it reall is this wahat it takes to
  10. 10. Fear - Standing here I'm cold inside my fear And I can feel my soul Take me in I'm yours again for awhile Just like the last time lead me from the fear and I won't leave you here ther
  11. 11. Figure 8 - See that face from across the room And I can feel you're nothing Show your face it's not hard to see Intention's pale it's blinding Stop (stop) from the place I've been No good for the s
  12. 12. Finally - So it's over now, Finally I'm beneath and crawling out on my knees I can hear what you said echoing in my head and I'm losing myself Now I'm cold on the floor and I don't care anymore '
  13. 13. Fold - Ill break you and defy you Ill buy the way inside you Ill be the word to try you Im scared to deny you Ill find a way to keep you out Ill be the one to face you down When theres a way
  14. 14. Hover - To see you leave again. It's over. It kills me to watch you descend. To the end. Can't think straight. Shutting me out. Closing me out. (Are you trying, hurting) Taking me out. Leav
  15. 15. Hover [quiet Mix] - To see you leave again, it's over And it kills me to watch you descend, to the end Shutting me out again Are you trying? Closing me out again Are you hurting? You take me down Furthe
  16. 16. Retina - If I could take one more of all the worst from you and as I fell I push this all away Get up off this floor and give it back to you [chorus] I know you want it to take me...
  17. 17. Rock The Casbah - ROCK THE CASBAH Now the king told the boogie men You have to let that raga drop The oil down the desert way Has been shakin' to the top The sheik he drove his Cadillac He went a'
  18. 18. Running From Me - Say a prayer for me Cause I can barely breathe I'm suffering and I can't take it Because of me No one will ever see This side of me If I don't make it It's like I can't wake up It's l
  19. 19. Silently - So this time I am the one to blame The last time I Almost drown It did not feel the same And Now I am Withholding all the pain and I Still remember how i hurt myself when i shut th
  20. 20. Slave - It always feels like a craving is unfolding in me It's just as bad as it seems So I'm looking around cuz I'm lost when I'm down I was blind but now I'm starting to see The slave in me An
  21. 21. Slipping Away - You said hold on But I feel like I'm slipping away You said hold on But it feels like I'm slipping away I won't let you down The words you said to me It's echoing the sound Of what w
  22. 22. Someone Like You - The voice is real for me to hear but I cannot say that im ok so im laying down infront of you to work this through I needed someone just like you I needed you I needed someone just lik
  23. 23. Stronger - Can you save me Will you fail me now It's almost over cause you've faded out, again Will you break me When you're holding me down I will escape you and I'll I'll push you closer to the
  24. 24. Surfacing - It's building in me I feel it surfacing (surfacing) Am I becoming my impurities? You turned to see And look at me Im turning into what you see Im changing inside Im changing inside I
  25. 25. Take It All - Looking up from underneath, as low as we are, Nothing looks the same to me, am I deceived? I stand and watch myself from somewhere else, Something I don't want to receive. Take it all,
  26. 26. The Downfall - Fear in me so deep it gets the best of me, In the fear I fall, here it comes face to face with me, Here I stand hold back so no one can see, I feel these wounds, step down, step down, step do
  27. 27. The Fear - Standing here I'm cold inside my fear And I can feel my soul Take me in I'm yours again for awhile Just like the last time leave me from the fear and I will leave you here it's
  28. 28. The Reflection - I feel it suffocating from the last time before but I can't see his face reaching forward as I rise off the floor cause I'm lost in this place I can feel it surround me It's breaking the
  29. 29. The War Is Over - The hours devour me My life's wasted waiting here for you There's nothing left of me Lost in a void I don't see There's nothing left to believe The end is now I surrender The war is
  30. 30. Today - stay with me stay with me stay with me i can feel you all the time inside and your here every day just a wwisper away i can feel you when i breath theres a place inside me where
  31. 31. Without a Trace - Another Day Some Other Way I Fall along the wayside Drifting away And What I need Inside of me I'll find a way to say And push it all away I'm holding on to anything I'm floting he

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