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  1. 1. Function - You can meet me at the function all night long And I ain't gone leave till the lights come on Dj go turn the loud round me and Everytime I dance it's a crowd round me Screamin AYYEE I got the c
  2. 2. Go Hard - Go go go go go Go go go go Go go go go Go go go go Go go go go go go go go go go go Fisrt off It's The Rangers baby See us some girls go crazy Langston, Spotlight, Day Day, Corey What else
  3. 3. Hot Like Me - Hot like me Hot, hot like me Hot like me Hot, hot like me That boy jerkin over there Hot like me That girl's walkin over there's Hot like me Little like a tea kettle, look at how they whistle
  4. 4. Kissing Song - [Intro] Yeah Uh It's The Rangers On track Uhuh You so bomb .. Yeah I wanna make you mine Langston on the track yeah (Damn Shawty) DayDay on the track yeah (Damn Shawty) Spotligh on the track
  5. 5. Number 1 Dime - I'm feinin for this shawty if you seen her you would Cause shawty so bomb and she know I look good And um She bad yea she on fire But I got her drippin like a scooper ha! Yea I'm addicted to her
  6. 6. She Likes Me - Shawty say she like, sha-sha shawty saw she like me (x2) Awwww awww awww awwwwww awwwawwwwawwwwwww (Its tha rangers baby, ha lets get it) {chorus}: She say she want the fame status, money and the
  7. 7. She Likes Me (feat. Yong 3rd) - [Spotlight:] She say she wants the fame, status Money and the cars Baby say she want a superstar So I'm thinkin that she likes me She likes me, she likes me, yeah She say she wanna win, don't k
  8. 8. Tag Em In Lyrics - Jerk So Fresh We in the party with the dance flow When we dance all the girls like whoa Hit it with a circle Beat it like a pro Now that I'm done who else wanna go Tag em in aye Tag em in he

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