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The Legion

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Too loud, too loud is the silence
Engulfed in desolation

The weak are reaching for a lying sky
Paralysed and misled by the magic lantern

Futile deeds from above soon to be avenged
Retribution is writte in dragon's blood
The legend has been called upon
Foretold are the acts of decapitation

Henchmen carved from the mountains
Fragrance of stone approaching
Inviolable risen from the haunted dungeons
Monolithic giants joining the unholy horde

Sent as the first born of the dead
In order to extinct the betraying breed
The spectres will impale the womb
The unborn shalt be feasted upon

Titans of the night wind
Demanding human sacrifice
Caressed by fire, breathing burnt flesh
Untamed purity strengthened by the true belief
Raising ancient steel, screaming for war

Unbreakable shileds reflecting
The horizon of vexation

Cries of devastation
Pain the dying followers.
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