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  1. 1. #1 Country Song - I remember the day my little brother brought you 'round. I even recall the color of your dress. Deep blue like the evening sky, I was captured, I confess. I didn't think you'd treat me like you did
  2. 2. A Shadow Underneath - Lisa heard a whisper in her computer screen And in the sad laser flicker of the Xerox machine Out the tinted windows, a car sped silently And everything was quiet, everything was clean But she felt so
  3. 3. After We Shot The Grizzly - After we shot the grizzly After the airship crashed After we lost the compass After the radio went dead We shot and ate the horses We marched through deadly swamps Inside a limestone cave I found a hu
  4. 4. All The Time In Airports - I see you all the time in airports In the windows of the shuttle trains Flashing past between the terminals Below the rising planes And as I pull my shoes off Put my coins in the plastic tray I see yo
  5. 5. Arlene - Arlene, I'm sorry for what I've done I wasn't looking for love till I saw Your red hair in the sun What we had could never be love That was easy to see But when I saw you at Red's pouring coffee Some
  6. 6. Beautiful William - one morning in May in a milk-white convertible drove slowly away Beautiful William with curling black hair gold rings on his fingers as he held to the wheel Was he given a package by a man on the tr
  7. 7. Bury Me Here - the Cathedral in Cologne looks like a spaceship like the hand of God falling from the sky a 1000 stone-carved saints hang like icicles but icicles don't take 1000 years to die and everyone who ever w
  8. 8. Cathedrals - I am not afraid when you call me down down the basement steps under the house down, down in the ground black cows are limping, the white dogs bark crickets are screaming, smoke in the barn just like
  9. 9. Down In The Ground - down in the valley of hollow logs two lovers lay in the weeds safe in the net of their sweaty arms safe from the wind in the trees my love, said the boy, you're the clear blue sky you're the air I gu
  10. 10. Down In The Valley Of Hollow Logs - there's a mountain north of Winnipeg buried under ice and as the black clouds roll above white pines crack like glass walking under those swaying trees branches bowed with ice I wanted one to fall on
  11. 11. Drunk By Noon - There once was a poodle who thought he was a cowboy, but he lived in a cage the size of his thumb. And, though his white horse was a box of toothpicks, he galloped around until hit by a car. Sometimes
  12. 12. Everything That Rises Must Converge - Some folks are like umbrellas They pass through your life with little meaning And then there's the ones who make you hang on to every word Well she was one of the latter She came into my room and told
  13. 13. Gail With The Golden Hair - Out in the red rock desert Sitting on the roof of my car Drinking cans of warm beer Watching the sky get dark Gail and I shot our empties With an old rusted rifle Her golden hair went flying Like a wi
  14. 14. I Fell - last night I went out walking out on the edge of town not going no place special only wandering around I came upon a river I thought about what you said and couldn't stop it flowing and running throu
  15. 15. If The World Should End In Fire - If the world should end in fire The oceans boiling into flame I will watch the last sunrise And think of all the sunny days When the mystery of the skies And the shifting clouds Was enough to make me
  16. 16. Last Night I Went Out Walking - my ghost drives around with a bag of dead fish falling neutrinos drift through the trees he staggers and reels, runs up credit card bills and clogs up the toilet with bottles of pills here in the bip
  17. 17. My Ghost - we came in this world together legs wrapped around each other my cheek against my sister's we were born like tangled vine we lived along the river where the black clouds never lingered the sunlight s
  18. 18. My Sisters Tiny Hands - falling snow spun above the road winding through the dark woods where my pick-up stalled falling snow hissing through the air painting my windows white till the trees disappeared even though I start
  19. 19. My Veautiful Bride - Out in the heather where the sun burns bright she swore to love me the rest of her life. But, my hands they shook as the noon bells chimed so at the last bell I showed her my knife. And I laid to rest
  20. 20. No One Fell Asleep Alone - I saw a deer limp across A supermarket parking lot Last night as I drove home from work Were old men sleeping in the dirt Abandoned buildings full of smoke Children jumping from the roof Cars in ditc
  21. 21. Our Blue Sky - Why do you dream of pearly white gates high in the air where no bird flies no tree grows beyond the sky Our blue sky Why do you dream that worms and dogs hills and clouds are not like you burning li
  22. 22. Poor, Poor Lenore - Poor, poor Lenore carried off by crows as she wandered alone where the red oaks grow. Black, black were their beaks twisted in her hair and black were their wings whipping up through the air. Fly, fly
  23. 23. Sleepy - I woke up from a sound sleep They were all around me Their black eyes shone Small polished stones I found I couldn't move They took me through the roofs But I was sleepy and it was easy To fall back t
  24. 24. So Much Wine - I had nothing to say on Christmas day when you threw all your clothes in the snow. When you burnt your hair, knocked over chairs, I just tried to stay out of your way. But when you fell asleep with b
  25. 25. Somewhere Else To Be - I didn't wrap my head in roses. I didn't run screaming down the street. I didn't drive off jagged cliffs or dive in roaring seas. I broke no cage door open. I set no horses free. The day the girl at
  26. 26. Stalled - the giant of Illinois died from a blister on his toe after walking all day throughthe first winter's snow throwing bits of stale breadto the last speckled doves he never even felt his shoe full of bl
  27. 27. The Dutch Boy - My heart it goes out to that poor little Dutch boy who stopped a great flood with the tip of his thumb. Through parades and medals he felt no joy and took to his bed with a bottle of rum. The queen s
  28. 28. The Forgotten Lake - Come with me to the forgotten lake Where covered wagons and the wings of missing planes Float between black fish underneath the velvet waves Strange lights fly across the rocky beach Girls in white ni
  29. 29. The Giant Of Illinois - Chicago is where the woman downstairs starved herself to death last summer her boyfriend Ted ate hot dogs and wept with the gray rats out on the fire escape in a thrift store chair I drank cases of b
  30. 30. The Song Of A Hundred Toads - On my way out to the gold mines Crossing the western hills Me and my little dog, Clyde And a horse named Prancing Bill I slept under the stars I heard the coyotes sing And the sun was a golden coin Sh
  31. 31. The Woman Downstairs - we stopped for coffee in the Redwood forest giant dripping leaves, spoons of powdered cream I wanted to kiss you but I wasn't sure how like those indians, lost in the rainforest forced to drag burning
  32. 32. These Golden Jewels - I left a black shoe hanging from a telephone wire I threw hubcaps in the bushes filled the creek with burning tires I drove circles in the meadow threw tvs off a cliff I scattered dirty needles in a
  33. 33. Tin Foil - Late New Year's Eve, paper hat on your head, it's hard to believe you'll ever be dead. But that dream where you're falling you've had since you're five is a bird on your shoulder who whispers goodbye.
  34. 34. Weightless Again - now that there are green sproutspushing through dead leaves and fat yellow jackets float on the breeze the waves kiss the shore and the air is warm but birch trees are falling now that you're gone on
  35. 35. When The Helicopter Comes - It's gonna rain champagne and the hills are gonna dance. There will be power in the blood when that helicopter comes. The sky will swim in lightning fire and the trees will shake and scream. Rocks go
  36. 36. Where The Birch Trees Lean - Copyright Controlled Airmata di Kuala Lumpur Jatuh berkecai hancur berderai Aku menangis tidak terhingga Putus kasih yang tak ku duga Dikau pergi tak tinggal pesan Hancur musnah impian mulia Istana ku
  37. 37. Your Great Journey - like four million tons of hydrogen exploding on the sun like the whisper of the termites building castles in the dust you're no longer leaving foot prints you left your wallet on the bus Your great j

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