Letras / letra T / Teddybears

  1. 1. Ahead of My Time - Gather around Listen to my champion sound Super tone, Brand new, top of the charts Gather around Listen to my champion sound Super tone, Brand new, top of the charts Ahead of my time, oh yeah
  2. 2. Automatic Lover - I got my outsides and my downsides, you got your earthquakes and your landslides You just have to thirst my button, cos I can take it like no other Cos I'm your automatic lover Cos I'm your automa
  3. 3. Cobrastyle - Mi press trigger mi nuh press people button Nuh bodda chat come face mi wid somethin Like how mi have twenty two inna mi somethin Ten haffi use so mi get di next dozen, fool Press trigger
  4. 4. Different Sound - Said, "Hey man, what's goin' on?" It's 'bout time, now it won't be long To keep on, on, on, on and on So you'll stay rude and sing a song 'Cause you move to a different sound 'Cause you
  5. 5. Hey Boy - Yo, yo, yo What's goin on? You're about to witness something you probably witnessed before When you tried some really crazy stuff You know what I'm sayin? I'm talkin bout them Jimi Hendrix stuff
  6. 6. Hey Boy (feat Swing Fly) - Who's the bum cuzzin' along in your hi fi Stackin' do hittin' the bong, it's the Swing Fly Teddybear sound is the bomb and you know why None of this ill can be wrong and the beat's thight Hey boy, ge
  7. 7. Hiphopper - You see me drivin' down the street, I'm justlook so fucking good I got both hands of the wheel, I got you runnin' I'm listening to music you can't hear I got pretty music in my ear Cause I'm a hippho
  8. 8. Little Stereo - When I was a little rude boy I run around the neighborhood And I can still remember When we set the sound on fire I want to be a big shot And I'm on to play the game And it won't be long now F
  9. 9. Punkrocker - See me drivin down the street, I'm bored with looking good. I got both hands off the wheel, The cops are coming. I'm listening to the music with no fear, You can hear it too if your si
  10. 10. Start At 11 (feat Eagle Eye Cherry) - Start of 11, bring it back to it Better hurry back home, before it get's to late Is it rain or sunshine, am I hot or cold Better hurry back home, before I get to old Hit me with that good stuff, hit
  11. 11. Trollkarlen Lurifix - Jag vet en rolig plats, ett trolleri palats, ta med din syster o din bror o alla vänner, om du vill så ska jag visa er. haha hoho hihi. ja kom så springer vi o ser på trolleri, o alla tiders tokeri s
  12. 12. Yours To Keep - Won't you call my private number? We can go away for the summer! We can drive around with the top down Stereo turned up loud with a fat sound Cause I'm yours to keep if you want to Bu

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