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  1. 1. 2nd Ave, 11 A.m - Out of your personal scripture, philomel, she comes You sing songs to everyone about love and law and guns But paint a dirtier picture And I think you know the one: you're not saving anyone You're not
  2. 2. A Bottle Of Buckie - Nine years down the road and I remember it still Standing on the corner back in Govanhill Nine days out from home, feeling no pain That northern city sun breaking through the rain That warmthless sun
  3. 3. Abner Louima V. Gov. Pete Wilson - Get down, turn around, Skinny Boy is on his knees; and I can't figure out what I need to do to please you. There's a man in Brooklyn who police are messing up 'til dawn, while The Man in California g
  4. 4. Annunciation Day / Born On Christmas Day - Picture me at 12 - annunciation day, To be sent off to the Falklands, That's for what I prayed. And the beads moved through my fingers, As I marched around the schoolyard on parade. (And I wanted to b
  5. 5. Army Bound - Some modest dreams, they just don't pay out Some modest means don't leave much way out In every cradle there's a grave now In every owner there's a slave now Heard somewhere that there is a place now
  6. 6. Better Dead Than Lead - I had a golden ring, and I kept it with golden things In the Bank of a Million Dreams that was bursting at all the seams I had a gold ring. It was such an important thing That I kept it beneath my bed
  7. 7. Biomusicology - Have you never come across the vastness of pavement, the banish of winds and the grayness of the sea? Never lost or never been misguided, we'd have never seen so shining. I've come from out of a hands
  8. 8. Bleeding Powers - All the time you were keeping me straight I was bleeding powers In my mind it was never too late, and the days were hours And sure the waves still make spray at the old sea wall... And the road leads
  9. 9. Bridges, Squares - As I walked to Kendall Square And crossed the river basin there The Charles was black, the sky was blue The view was old, the bridge was new And past the flow's constricted mouth Commercial lines flow
  10. 10. Building Skyscrapers In The Basement - Is there a place to go where a little girl might never have to know And is there time of night when she'll ever feel it's safe to dim the light I know some things I'd rather not Like the time ahead is
  11. 11. Call Off The Invasion /flydocious Invasion - Get ready for (x10) Get ready for the invasion, Self-satisfied smug-rock nation. Cheers for the Young Idea! So glad you're all here.
  12. 12. C.i.a - Sometimes the rain upon the sea Can make the gray look green to me. And when I'm into all that gray, I'll make the morning last all day. And when I've been down to New South Wales And both my brother
  13. 13. Colleen - Colleen – never to be crowned queen, never an evergreen Floating above the scene as still as a figurine Expressionless, so serene, but I know what makes you scream So don't you run out of steam – I kn
  14. 14. Come Baby Come - Come baby come, it's so easy when you're used to it. Come baby come, it's so easy when you're used to it. Dum baby dum, if it's on your tongue then you're chewin it. Toes baby toes, it had baby toes w
  15. 15. Congressional - But I can't feel the rain (listen and beware. the offending hand inserts itself. changes everything. re-contextualizes everything. take your troubles to your representatives: The Congress of Children
  16. 16. Counting Down The Hours - Innocence, it don't come easy - in a sense it never will Accidents mean no one's guilty, ignorance means someone's killed So I asked our Mr. Mellor how one gets to where one's going And he points to h
  17. 17. Criminal Piece - There's no more bad weather underground It's time to settle down For all of the kiddies' sakes Yeah, you'll want to be around And who could have seen Where everyone would go And what did it mean? Not
  18. 18. Dead Voices - Long live our dying friend! In the birth of his hand was the dirge of his end Cold now in a warming world Still cold as the moment we're hanging frozen in Writer of words, channel of fear lover of lif
  19. 19. Dirty Old Town - I found my love by the gasworks croft Dreamed a dream by the old canal Kissed my girl by the factory wall Dirty old town, dirty old town. Clouds a-driftin' across the moon Cats and dogs prowlin' in t
  20. 20. First To Finish, Last To Start - Rain falls, you know it's got to rain The sky lifts it up and lets it down again And it's alright you must accept your part Being the first to finish and the last to start And when you meet me on the
  21. 21. Friends And Bands - We've gone the wrong way 'round. It was our first mistake. Turn the Beagle around. Shank shipped and shoppers suck it down -- Mama's first mistake, but I'm turning it down! Was it what you ate? Is it
  22. 22. Ghosts - Why are you frightened - can't you see that it's you That ain't no ghost - it's a reflection of you Why do you turn away keep it out of sight Or don't live up to your given role There's more inside y
  23. 23. Head In The Freezer - We're caught in a wedge between "we" and what you want out of me. I'm freezing my head, just to see what the freezer can show me. Been pulling my share -- even more than what my share should have be
  24. 24. Heart Problems - You got a problem with your heart Follow the line down your left arm If there's no money in your left hand You could be pulled apart You think it's more than just a cold? Don't make a problem for you
  25. 25. Hearts Of Oak - I was walking along some downtown avenue I was whistling a new song to myself And it went, it went something like this one But I just couldn't get it to end But I was talking about this song to this f
  26. 26. I Need A Roof - I need a roof over my head, I need a roof over my head, And bread on my table, And bread on my table, oh-oh-oh. I need a roof over my head, I need a roof over my head, And bread on my table, And brea
  27. 27. I'm A Ghost - I'm a ghost, and I wanted you to know That it's taking all my strength to make this toast I'm a ghost - I'm no one of any note Sure, your mind was made up long before I spoke But I'm a ghost - one of
  28. 28. La Costa Brava - I've been seeing the same old things, And I've been hearing you saying some things that you don't mean. Everyone needs a sunday some days, everyone needs to take some time away. So come on home from t
  29. 29. Little Dawn - Well Little Dawn walks on, and she thinks she don't belong under the starry heights So take a sigh as long as the war's been going on in your heart tonight And if you want to make that light, go on an
  30. 30. Little Girl In Bloom - Little girl in bloom With happy heart you wipe aside Any sadness, sorrow or gloom Tomorrow you'll be a blushing bride That loves her blushing groom Little girl in bloom You watch the men play cricket
  31. 31. Lost On The Way To Load-in - Lost on the way to load in. And ooh how blank stares from your peers can hurt. And it's hot enough in New Orleans. Called me a car to Logan. Got picked up by another at PDX. And it's hard enough whe
  32. 32. Loyal To My Sorrowful Country - No more shall I be, loyal to my sorrowful country No more shall I be, loyal to my sorrowful country And I've walked from coast to coast, And I've seen, yes I've seen... No one's business but my own,
  33. 33. Me And Mia - As I was walking through a life one morning the sun was out, the air was warm, but Oh, I was cold And though I must have looked half a person, to tell the tale, in my own version, It was only then th
  34. 34. My Vien Ilin - And when I was seventeen I made myself a DMZ But they continued bombing me Hot and steadily. They divided me at seventeen I declared myself a DMZ But they continued bombing me Incessantly. Dig in Vi
  35. 35. Parallel Or Together? - We're caught in a landslide. -- The minutes come tumbling down, and into an hour's time, within which a day's worth of work must be planned out and pan out for every week to be worth the weekends of d
  36. 36. Set You Free - When you came to me, when I was on top, well your songs blew through me -- sounds like wind that just crushes then lifts you back up. Well I made a decision, and we suffered the costs, and a year
  37. 37. Shake The Sheets - I said, "I wonder how it is I'm standing here, while war is raging everywhere under the sky? I feel defeated here by everything, cheated here by everyone on every side. I want to take you to a quiet p
  38. 38. Sm 11:11/the Trumpet Of The Martians - From the liner notes: (How to free our surging locomotive from the baggage cars of the old? We have broken the doors down and found they carry nothing but gravestones for youth.)
  39. 39. Squeaky Fingers - Fey - Appearing touched or crazy, as if under a spell Bazaar - A fair or sale at which miscellaneous articles are sold, often for charitable purposes Like it's a dream - and there's a moon and a tun
  40. 40. St. John The Divine - And when the world will stay the same but your place in relation to it has changed. And when the word begins to loose its power to restore and soothe. And when the blackness starts its spread from beh
  41. 41. Stove By A Whale - Sailin' on the sea it's teal your meal was alright but not the captain's voice it made me shake and squirm Not in what you hear but feel surrealy thrust between what accents mean and what you think th
  42. 42. Suspect Device - Inflammable material planted in my head It's a suspect device that's left 2000 dead Their solution is our problem They put up a wall On each side time and prime us And make sure we get fuck all They p
  43. 43. Tell Balgeary, Balgury Is Dead - It's been a hard road, and there's no turning back And there's no end in sight to this darkening night And that's a sad fact But I hear you come down to the graves at inchigeela For to walk through th
  44. 44. The 11th - Where will you live, love, and who with; from town to town without complications? It should be easy enough to do, but it's not easier for you. Crossing the Bar, get in the car, effectuate your o
  45. 45. The Angels' Share - Oh, lonely day, oh, led astray, oh, burden on the land Oh always same, oh, nothing changed, oh, urge to bite the hand Withholding on your promise to the air Will only lead to something bad, I swear Yo
  46. 46. The Anointed One - The annointed one - fathers favorite son Now we see, long before the race, you'd already won Oh beautified, with the softest eyes These days I can't escape your face, do you remember mind? Oh, it haun
  47. 47. The Ballad Of The Sin Eater - When you run, digger, runner Listener, thief, you carry it all with you Today I woke up uncertain And you know that gives me the fits So I left this land of fungible convictions Because it seemed like
  48. 48. The Crane Takes Flight - Oceans lay between us and the things we think we need, but I've known many who would gladly swim to get to where you are. Always more together than the ones you think are better off, but Darling, no o
  49. 49. The Gold Finch And The Red Oak - as i did walk through cities one saturday, a golden finch came winging my way, and sang to me a song of my country, and words of life from city and sea. golden finch, your song is your love, and you
  50. 50. The Great Communicator - My own intent's not easy to see. I'm not the great communicator I used to be, apparently; But I know what it means when i hear screams, And it's the sonics not the phonics and it's all in the delivery
  51. 51. The High Party - I'm looking at another day to find that I've got nothing to say Or I'm looking for another way to process what happened on that birthday And either way, if you're gonna call it art Then there's a cup
  52. 52. The King Of Time - As I was flowing on St. Ide's, my tongue got tied up ooh-seven times, and every signified took on seventy signs, like everyone has ooh-several lives. And all the wonderful words you speak! And t
  53. 53. The Latest Dart - To all of our complacent friends: here is the latest dart And we're aiming it straight for your heart.
  54. 54. The Lost Brigade - Welcome to the lost brigade - lost, but pursuing. Fragments to protect the day from badness and ruin And this one's for the makers who have made, only to be made By the takers who delayed, later to de
  55. 55. The 'nice People' Argument - All through the South, I had trouble at crossing the street. Cut out the cradle, still rocking, but aimless and endlessly missing the beat. And I can't shake this cold, as boredom turns into sleep.
  56. 56. The Northeast Corridor - You can stretch your arm out, and you can keep your people at that length for as long as they'll stay. And you can't tell everyone everything, and not everyone needs or wants to hear everything any
  57. 57. The One Who Got Us Out - I know I like doing a lot of talking. Time goes on, I'm talking still While soldier girls are dodging grenades and rockets, and moms and dads are paying the bill And they say, it's the only way Ooh, i
  58. 58. The Sons Of Cain - Old, lonely, and endless light. Cold morning rises from the night. No smile smiles back through the glare. No Voice calls back from the stairs. Oh, those wounds on your blistered feet? That march you
  59. 59. The Sword In The Stone - So here we are, another star with out a car - you're gonna make it Each bit of rot to its own slot, the cheapest shot was saying I faked it And if that's all you make of your time Then I'm not wasting
  60. 60. The Unwanted Things - Crying for the hungry friends, And you're crying for the struggling friends, And I'm crying over you. Crying over a mother's debt, And you're crying over some other's head, While I'm crying over you.
  61. 61. The Vain Parade - Another holy hell was born today to have another laugh on Heaven's sake to arm yourself and get on in harm's way but after all it's all a vain parade after all it's just a vain parade Thanks to the p
  62. 62. The World Stops Turning - Let me tell you about my morning: I checked my mail and I received a warning. Ooh, nothing new. And though it held an accusation all I smelled was abnegation with ooh, not a clue, And the noise in my
  63. 63. Timorous Me - Me and Johnny sittin' in the green grass - I don't remember too much from that far back in the past, But man, oh man, was Johnathan a laugh In those days. Apparently he was my very best friend - We s
  64. 64. To Decline To Take A Shower - But take a minute to review your company. Does it take courage to refuse their money? Refuse their money! Decline-ine-ine... (cough) Decline-ine-ine... I used to know this boredom I used to yeah yeah
  65. 65. Under The Hedge - Oh I've been sometimes under your wall. Keeping it out where I'm not welcome. I've seen you one time stumble and fall but I still love you, you see? I've been five times back to the well seeking to tu
  66. 66. Walking Through - walking through a life youll find, its so easy to get hung up, these troubled times. its so hard to know whats right to do. just go on walking through... hold on to what youve been taught. now youre
  67. 67. Walking To Do - Won't you take me where my feet feel wholly in their own time And the Cathedral of Reason lets the bells chime, and the lightning is fine? I'm old enough to know that people waiting for some big sign
  68. 68. Where have all the rude boys gone? - It's times like these when a neck looks for a knife A wrist for a razor, a heart is longing for bullets Tension is high under sea and over sky Pressure drop, people are acting foolish Ooh - but it's
  69. 69. Whisper: Courage - Did you whisper "courage" when you kissed the enemy? Did it take courage to accept their money?
  70. 70. Who Do You Love? - Well, the day dawned and dried the grass on the ground Someone up and died without a sound And though we looked for you, well, you couldn't be found You were already on your way, dear And I saw them c
  71. 71. You Could Die (or This Might End) - walking it out again and you dreaming it out again about you giving your all again until you feel like you could die or this might end end taking it all again and you giving your all again until you

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