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  1. 1. Inside of Me - I know you and you know me We can be what we wanna be We can do our best all you have to do is try I know it seems like far away When you wonÂ't be livinÂ' with your parents But it comes al
  2. 2. It's So Easy - I see your sister in her Sunday dress She's out to please She pouts her best She's out to take No need to try She's ready to make It's so easy, easy When everybody's tryin' to please me
  3. 3. My World (l.m.c.) - Honey,all the time i think about you it was the best thing i can think you're so pretty,you're so sweet you are the only thing in my fuckin' heart i know it looks like i'm crazy but crazy for you now
  4. 4. Oh, Gilr - I know, I know There will be those days I wanna hide under my pillow, yeah! And I'm sure (I'm sure) That the clouds will come And try to rain on my parade, but I won't let that get me dow
  5. 5. The Fuck... - Oohhhhhhhwwwwwwww!!!!!! I'm gonna die... This song is for the motherfuckers of my lifeee!(3xs) Aaahhhwww!!! Chorus:: I'm sayin'... Ffuucckk yoouuuuuuuuu!!!... Fuck off Fuck you F
  6. 6. The True Way - I'll be right here when you need me Anytime just keep believin And I'll be right here If you ever need a friend Someone to care and understand I'll be right here All you have to do is
  7. 7. Used To Love Her - I used to love her, but i had to kill her I used to love her, but i had to kill her I had to put her, six feet under and I can still hear her complain I used to love her, (whoa yeah

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