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  1. 1. a Time For Peace - Far from a tragedy, your fire's too bold to be forsaken Or burned out and cold, nobody's too tired, scared or afraid Delusioned of your passing away It's not over the words that you shared Garden
  2. 2. All We've Lost - All we've lost is so much more I can't believe all the things I see So many people strung out on vanity A lust for something more, so much more than we're given Now it's too late, we've made our
  3. 3. Amongst Friends - Shortcut to Stretch Arm Strong Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - All We've Lost Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - Amongst Friends Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - Angels of the Silences Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - Bla
  4. 4. Angels of The Silences - Well I guess you left me with some feathers in my hand Did it make it any easier to leave me where I stand? I guess there might not be too many who would stand beside you now Where'd you come from
  5. 5. Black Clouds - Well here you are. Same story all over again. You're wondering why. You don't even know where you've been. Sitting all alone now. Those walls keep closing in. You're searching for something nev
  6. 6. Busted - Can somebody tell me why Truth is such a fuckin lie Close my heart and turn it out Im disgusted So far gone and out of reach They kick you in the fuckin teeth All I wanna know is why Youre all
  7. 7. Defect - Alienation has forced me from this place. Sorrow and disgust burned upon my face. Ashamed of my culture. Betrayed by my race. Labeled as a traitor. Let me leave this place. Defect. I stand in
  8. 8. Devil Shoots Devil - Locked in and trapped stuck here. I'm feeling helpless. I need strength to fight this fear. Becoming restless. Can't fight this feeling burning inside of me. The lights burned out. I'm running
  9. 9. Dreams Away - I had a dream last night. The best I've ever dreamed and when I woke I realized it was better than it seemed. Skin like velvet eyes of blue. My fears and dreams collided andcame true. (chorus) One
  10. 10. Every Last Minute - This world's surrounded by suffering Don't think you can't break free from it. Sometimes i feel, and you'll see, The harshness of reality. You can always break free from it To sit still and trul
  11. 11. Faceless - Shortcut to Stretch Arm Strong Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - All We've Lost Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - Amongst Friends Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - Angels of the Silences Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - Bla
  12. 12. Faces - All these faces come and go Happy places we once knew Have been lost and died I want to open my heart wide You won't feel so all alone But i'll try I'll try to take you home Watching the world
  13. 13. For Now - Don't you know you are my everything And don't you know you make my heart sing You've turned my world inside out Now I know what life is all about And it's you I can't live without You say for n
  14. 14. For The Record - I'm not exactly pround of the place I'm from but I've been here my whole life so I guess I'll call it home. In South Carolina a flag still shows the enslavement of ourminds but in South Carolina I
  15. 15. Get This Party Started - I'm coming up so you better get this party started I'm coming up so you better get this party started Get this party started, on a saturday night, everybody's waiting for me to arrive Sending ou
  16. 16. Hand in Hand - Shortcut to Stretch Arm Strong Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - All We've Lost Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - Amongst Friends Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - Angels of the Silences Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - Bla
  17. 17. Hearts On Fire - Shattered lives and broken worlds. Pieces of life scattered all around. The art of politicians spread their canvas all over town. They paint with thick lines of red. All the lies and promises, th
  18. 18. Ignition - Seeing changes in myself that i just can't believe. Experiencing my life with my heart on my sleeve. Open to this brand new world i turn my soul inside out. Complete exposure. Erasing any sense o
  19. 19. Kill The Light - As we sit around watching days go by Afraid to ask the questions because of the answers we mightfind. Comfort breeds contentment. Confrontation fosters resentment and slowly we grow cold as we wat
  20. 20. Landslide - All these years and no conclusion A bitter end to each passing day So alone now, so angry, so much confusion You lose again, things always stay the same And so you feel you're falling down Life'
  21. 21. Means To An End - Rainchecks and cancellations on all my best intentions deprived of the things I need to grow. Milestones I've overturned looking for something sure Sometimes I'm broken and burned, but I always c
  22. 22. Miles Apart - Dig deep inside your mind I know I can't forget you. Reality and rawness I find, I know this is truth. Stripped of all my pretense I feel so lost and naked. With your tenderness for love I can mak
  23. 23. Outside Looking In - Let's go...we've come a long way through the good and bad And it's so much more than what it seems Sometimes I take it for granted—I take it for granted Which way will the wind blow? I don't know
  24. 24. Parasite Complex - Take a look at this life and pick apart all that you find. Throw caution to the wind because there's no use in being kind (2x) Dissect all that you encounter. Spread the lies that you have create
  25. 25. Perception of Energy - I've betrayed myself so many times. Searching for the answers we know I'll never find. What's the one thing that can put my soul at ease? A question that we always ask ourselves. Why can't we giv
  26. 26. Positive Aspects of Negativity - Sometimes I'd like to punch you in the mouth just to keep you from talking so loud. And sometimes I'd like to wring your little neck so maybe just maybe you'd forget to be so selfish all the time
  27. 27. Pursuit Of Hapiness - surrender to your senses indulge in your desires the need to have it all is the flame that feeds your fire determined to obtain programmed to recieve yourh eart has hardened your soul has been deceive
  28. 28. Pursuit of Happiness - Surrender to your senses—Indulge in your desires The need to have it all is the flame that feeds your fire Determined to obtain—Programmed to receive Your heart has hardened—Your soul has been dec
  29. 29. Raise Your Fist - Our numbers are growing stronger. Can't ignore us any longer. Old schol to new tell your crew. We've got a long way to go before we're through. But together, we'll make them hear our voice. Rais
  30. 30. Reach Out - Reach out! Like a mountain I can't climb Like a river I can't cross I beat my head against the wall The obstacles before me are so tall I'm trying to reach you I'm trying to reach out I'm tryi
  31. 31. Reason To Care - How can you right a wrong? why does it take so long? i know i'mnot that strong. how can we carry on? justify then separate. tellmyself to communicate with my surroundings. get in touch. i think i'
  32. 32. Refuge - Locked out and pushed aside. anger and hatred it's in theireyes. left to drown in a sea of despair. nothing to believe in. no one who cares. again and again they've been slapped in theface. hope a
  33. 33. Rising Again - I'm rising. Rising again. This time on my own. Breaking away from myself. Letting it go. All that I hung on to. Gaining comfort through uncertainty. Cutting ties with reason and security. New
  34. 34. Second Chances - I guess I never thought about how I would feel when I grew up I guess I always tried to doubt it It never seemed to make much sense I try not to dwell upon it, but I guess my time is spent I try
  35. 35. Serenity - Shortcut to Stretch Arm Strong Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - All We've Lost Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - Amongst Friends Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - Angels of the Silences Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - Bla
  36. 36. Set Free - I want to liberate you I want to set you free I want to bear your burden Why won't you let me? Is it so hard to let me in? It only takes a spark for the fire to begin I will always love you I
  37. 37. Still Believe, Pt. 2 - This is for the one who never let me quit. And this is for the one who makde me stick to it. Wanting to run never to look back. You were there through it all keeping me on track. In times of depe
  38. 38. Take Back. Control - Degradation sets in her eyes. A lifeless figure full of desire. We do nothing as she expires. We do nothing as she expires. The rules are set. Curse the liar. Victimization of another. A hopef
  39. 39. The Calling - This thing of ours it's gone world wide. The kids are here they're by our side. So light the torch we're on the way. All together, let me hear you say. Everywhere around the world, every boy and
  40. 40. The Hardest Part - Wake up! Sometimes the hardest part Is finally realizing that things are falling apart And you have no control over the way things go. Where do you go and what can you do When it all comes down
  41. 41. The Sound of Names Dropping - Tonight I looked at you and you smiled. Will this feeling last forever? Will it die and fade away? Is this all that we’ll share? I’ll pour my heart out if you’ll stay And there’s a chance that y
  42. 42. The Truth About Iowa - Standing at a crossroad snow still falling down. Misery loves company and a companion could be found. What started as a conquest had ended in defeat. The way we were the things we said and all I w
  43. 43. (this May Be In Fact) As Good As It Gets - just like your time, it's gone, in a flash, in a flash a mayfly's desire for an hour of life if you want protection, you won't find it here no one makes it out alive running after illusion, spending p
  44. 44. This Time - So this is the end I will draw the line like i have one thousand times before But this time it stays firmly in place The smile no longer resides on my face Summer has passed, the streets are empt
  45. 45. Through My Actions - Ambition stifled or is it just deterred? Narrowness of scope, the new kind of hope Acceptance of impurities are few in between Losing myself, I was a compassionate being Down! I feel I'm rotting
  46. 46. To a Friend - No words can express the emptiness I felt Nothing can hide the way we felt inside Stripped of our emotions, forced to reconcile The suffering of a friend consumed us all the while The rituals of
  47. 47. To The End - I've been up three long days and we've covered a million miles Or so it seems My face is cracking from all the fears and smiles, My trials and all my dreams And i know why i live this way My ene
  48. 48. Transmission Demolition - Shortcut to Stretch Arm Strong Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - All We've Lost Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - Amongst Friends Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - Angels of the Silences Lyrics Stretch Arm Strong - Bla
  49. 49. Try To Forget - How can I do it? When I know it's just not right The images haunt me, the pictures blind my sight When we glorify, we glorify the flesh And we do it at any cost No thought given to reason for how
  50. 50. Vision - What makes me say this? i guess i know. a desire to express my feelings. a desire not to let it go. what keeps me here whenwe're so far apart. a commitment i've made. it's been planted in myheart.
  51. 51. We Bleed - Fear has taken over, transformed your eyes forced fed evil doctrine. The masses have been hypnotized. Lines have been drawn, sides have been taken. Will we ever understand the mistakes that we're
  52. 52. When All Else Fails - They took away all that i thought that i needed They made me feel like i was second best They forced me to look deep inside myself They said i would fall just like all the rest Self doubt it has
  53. 53. When Sorrow Falls - It's OK to say I love you and it's OK for you to cry The sorrow that you are feeling you should not deny So why is it so trying to express the way I feel? Just one moment you steal I still care a
  54. 54. When Sorrows Fall - it's okay for me to say i love you and it's okay for you to cry the sorrow that you are feeling you should not deny so why is it so trying to express the way i feel? just one moment you steal just one
  55. 55. When Words Escape - Thinking about the path we've been on, I know we learned a lot ofthings. Searching through the pages of our history to see what my memorybrings to me. It doesn't matter the lies we tell. Our insecu
  56. 56. Worst-case Scenario - Once again I said too much. Cannot keep my mouth shut and I let you down for the third time today and I always knew it would end up this way. Never understood the point of reflection, always just assu

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