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  1. 1. 7th Ghost - In the dark halls of my temple Where the white cross stands tall The seventh ghost have entered Awaiting my call Spirits of the unknown Dancing with the flames Passing through the black halls
  2. 2. Beyond Is Where I Learn - I set the candles alight For I have chosen the night The powers of the unknown That sparks and shines All emotions set free The shadows can see The forces of darkness Dwells in me Pre Chorus:
  3. 3. Evermore Alone - This silent evening with its moon so bright Sitting here on the path of life, everyone is gone out of sight Went through all these dark nights (alone) With the memories of the past (so drear
  4. 4. Faceless Mistress - At the center of the graveyard In the middle of the night A woman dressed in white Is closing up in sight Demon eyes and sharpened nails Speeding through the night With deadlike eyes And the s
  5. 5. In The Darkness - Still the rain kept falling The mass passed on through the mist A procession of dark coats Held high the crucifix The darkness grew formless With secret mysteries The vast night revealed it's f
  6. 6. Kathedral - Followers heading against The fog over the cemetary Drifting through the silent night And from the light of their candles Dark shadows arise Cemetary The kathedral Six disciples guiding the sh
  7. 7. Neverending Melancholy - As forever emptiness embraces me A neverending melancholy begins How could it get so wrong? Every dream I had is gone Why did you leave me when I need you the most Even the purest ocea
  8. 8. Reverse Psychology - Rebel though you are, you're just as controlled when you do what they tell you not to, as when you do as you're told. You cannot simply be the shadow for the shadow's cast by the form. You cannot sim
  9. 9. Tears - She dances, giving herself the love others haven't been able to provide. She dances, opening up to the love she holds inside. And she, lets herself Cry
  10. 10. Temple Of The Unknown - Dark souls are breathing within these halls Black arts and sorcery Shadows reflecting upon the walls Evoken from infinity Thunder your hoves and join uor rites The ceremony has begun The sorcer
  11. 11. The Monolith - As I stared into the darkness Red eyes stared back on me Burning circles through fumes and fire Mystic symbols and ancient runes Risen high through the fog A statue green from age Spirits howli
  12. 12. Witches Sabbath - Silent is the graveyard So is the temple of god Thirteen women gathered In sisterhood of blood Build now a circle, of fire! And drink from your cups Hail high the baphomet! They discard their

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