Letras / letra S / Sizzla

  1. 1. a What Dat? - Intro: Hail to the High owner of Iration and his Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I I'm from a place where there's only love Where the sun comes home every morning Be upright black p
  2. 2. Ain't Gonna See Us Fall - (chorus) All my black people and all of my thugs, All the little children and the woman i love They ain gonna see us fall, they ain gonna see us fall. Share all my riches and sing for my fans.
  3. 3. All I Need - Oh yes babe, our love is everlasting and I'll always be there Remember I tell you that Ooh ooh Ooh ooh ahhhhhh You're all I need, you brighten up my world We'll always be, our life
  4. 4. All Is Well - Ras Tafari Ethiopia,Africa Blessed -Hah! Check it out...woo! Check it out...woo! Right now I'm living my days (hah!!!) Love with my people while the challis go ablaze Wo
  5. 5. Anytime Now - Yayayaya Selassie is the almighty I Wo yow, My meditation going like a dove Wo, stop alla keep failing To fulfill black people words, hey King Selassie I me hailing Anna dem go trou
  6. 6. As In The Beginning - Intro: Go away man cause we no love pagan Remember that, Blessed. When ever you take part in the up-rising of the black child When them see we face them a run come smile. Well red, soil the
  7. 7. As Well As - Intro: Rastafari! Ethiopia, Africa, HA!!! Check it out, woo!!! Check it out Verse 1: Right now I'm livin my days With love fi my people while di chalice gwaan blaze WOO! Gangstas and girls in t
  8. 8. Babylon - I was born in a system that doesnt give a fuck About you nor me nor the life… of our kids Keep my guns load you never know, just in case things get frig Thats just the way I live, yeah! that
  9. 9. Babylon a Listen - Well I and I say these be the words of his magesty Emperor Hailie Selassie I I and I hail the royal emperor of Ethiopia And bun ah guy Jah Bless, Well Read... [CHORUS:] Babylon ah
  10. 10. Babylon a Use Dem Brain - [Sizzla:] Ah more time you done know say Holy mount Zion that's where the foundation build Well traditionally you know say everything got to full before it spill Selasie I... Oh Lord
  11. 11. Babylon Homework - Intro: Me just wanna say hail to Haile Selassie His own devine majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I the first... Babylon you see, when those youths come about You know it's just redder fire Y
  12. 12. Bad Company - Intro: Listen up, words up, be not so ignorant Block arrogance to priest and praise Selassie I Chorus: Too much sufferation mi caan bare no more Brutalization dem dont love di poor So
  13. 13. Bare War (War War) - Sizzla and Capleton Intro: (Capleton) Revv it Yow, Kalonji, da one yah gallantly put it pon di board Yow, Yow! Jook vampire with di sword yow, a who dem? (Kalonji) Yow, ah mi mon Sizzl
  14. 14. Be Strong - INTRO You got to get going No time to sit and doubt Some people not knowing life is a cycle You got to know how to get around CHORUS Yes you got to be strong And be all the best you can The world is
  15. 15. Be Strong (Drop Leaf Riddim) - Intro: Whoa oh! Whoa whoa yeah! Whoa ay! Whoa hey! Yeah, you got to get goin, no time for sitting down Some people not knowing life is a cycle You gotta know how to get around, Wooh! Ha! Ch
  16. 16. Beautiful - However Israel shall return, out of a land of Egypt From a land of strength's people Israel shall rejoice and Jacob shall be glad [CHORUS:] Show us love for Jah is love and there's only
  17. 17. Best Over All - Intro: Dat's all she need Yah!!! A di sittin weh mi have a please har!!! Yo!!! Dat's all she need ah ha!!!! A di sittin weh mi have a please har!!! Boom!!! Chorus: Proudly present I'm di best ov
  18. 18. Black Woman & Child - Intro: Who what, The Black nation I love It Ohh woh woh, oh woh woh From di day mi born mi did dun know sey My color a di first, I nuh last So how yuh expect I fi duh certain things Ohh woh woh
  19. 19. Blackness - [Intro:] Why is it to stand and deny the work of his Imperial Majesty Emperor Selassie I? Why is it to rebel against each other when we work to establish our own nobility? [Chorus A:
  20. 20. Bless The Youth - Yea man all praises Holy I Selassie I Yea man I say the Conquerin Lion of the Tribe of Judah you know I say bring down all evil conception and all false and fake government in this Island
  21. 21. Bless Up - Intro: Great is Rastafari and great will be praised I thank the days, Kalonji keep the hotta fire blaze Yuh hear mi now! Ever livin ever faithful ever sure Praise Rastafari more and more
  22. 22. Blessings From Jah - Intro: Ummm hmm uh huh, HA!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really and truly, we each pon in Jah side no one nuh betta than no one We Jah children we nah collide Really and truly, we each pon in Jah side no one nuh
  23. 23. Break Down Babylon - Intro: Now heed dat well it is to di place of di most high shall I And shadow of di almighty I! Yo! Emperor Selassie I!!! Fire bun!!! Chorus: Bingie Man a break down Babylon Congo Man a chant an
  24. 24. Break Free - Intro: Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Well a lot to be said Age be protected The sick to be cared for The hungry must be fed Well, tiers of Government men like spawns And Babylon me holla o
  25. 25. Burn Dem Turf - Intro: And now the one that's rised so high as the most high Emperor Selassie I Say one love Well red Chorus: Show we them a fi go burn dem turf No take no bribe from no friends fi s
  26. 26. Clean Up Your Heart - Yeah man. Bless thy people and seek thine inheritance. Feed them and lift them up also,forevermore... Nah now-ow! Oh how! Oh child:from the drugs,stop the abuse My friend:you going not Ja
  27. 27. Come Fly With Me - Lyrics: [Intro]: Foxy Brown Murder (Murder) na na na murder (murder) na na na Murder dem, murder dem mi nuh competition I gwaan, murder dem [Sizzla] (*Foxy Brown): Sexiness you need some of mine
  28. 28. Come Fly With Me (Raw Version) - Foxy Brown & Sizzla Intro]: Foxy Brown Murder (Murder) Nana, Murder (Murder) Nana Murder dem, murder dem mi nuh competition I gwaan, murder dem [Sizzla] (*Foxy Brown): Sexiness you need some
  29. 29. Cowboy - [Intro:] Honourable Marcus Garvey Oyyyy!... So much love That's all I come to give Emperor Selassie I show dem love And yet still dem nah wah live [Chorus:] So Babylon give d
  30. 30. Damn Rude - Intro: Hey girl, I got somethin you want I think you should work towards it, ha ha, suit har right Chorus: She too damn rude to see desire So wah mi push di long wood in har fire So wah she too
  31. 31. Dem a Go Suffer - Yeah man we seh holy Emmanuel I Selassie I. Jah Ah. Dem righteousness and salvation for the Black african nation. Yes Black man and Black woman be strong. Trod Along. Now is the time to go
  32. 32. Dem a Wonder - And there is no time and no place for you ism Junk is what your thoughts they manifest activities of your thinking Anyway thank you for being a part of mi life [CHORUS:] Dem ah wonde
  33. 33. Dem Ah Try Ah Ting - [Intro:] Well ah dis dis one go bless to mih see mih From the lowest of depths...ey! To the highest of heights Some ah dem ah crumble from dem hear Rasta voice--same way so we go [Ch
  34. 34. Dem Ah Wonder - (Intro) And there is no time and no place for your isms junk is what your thoughts they manifests activities of your thinking anyway thank you for being a part of mi life (Chorus) Dem
  35. 35. Diamond & Pearl - As you know yea yea Bless dem now Kalonji We say hail to the high one of iration Emperor Hailie Sellasie I you know The black king of Etiopia... Black nation rise... ey If it's diamond and pear
  36. 36. Did You Ever - Intro: Who, Mi nuh like how dem a treat di ghetto youth dem inno Chuh! Woi woi, woi woi woi woi woi Chuh! (Ghetto youths dem a bawl, long eyewater a fall) Chorus Tell mi if yuh ever walk
  37. 37. Do Some Good - [Intro:] Some ah dem jus nah wah,dem nah wah do nutten Well listen... Better be on yuh Ps and Qs If not for l,my friend,then yuh zooze This one ah go lick yuh like news Can't fit,get
  38. 38. Do You Ever - Intro: Mi nuh like how dem a treat di ghetto yute dem enuh cho Ghetto yute dem a bawl,long eye watah a fall Chorus: Tell mi if yuh eva walk di streets of the ghettos dem before Fi si who is unsa
  39. 39. Don't Trouble Us - [Intro:] Oy! let it go! Yeah man,is music Hmm ha ha ha ha ! Yeah man Fire we ah use,bu'n up dem judge (That's right,that's right!) Yah! Yuh got to be lyrical,yuh see me ah sjow
  40. 40. Dry Cry - [Verse 1] Dry cry even tears Even if my heart cry But who cares Who's fault No one but myself Things do happen words can't explain The only human feeling mix with pain People would spend ti
  41. 41. Eastern Mountain - Chorus: It's getting red now Oh mamma yeh, oh mamma yeh It's getting dread now Home and away, home and away It's getting red now Oh mamma yeh, oh mamma yeh It's getting dread now Home
  42. 42. Enemies Are Confounded - Ah mi say ever livin life and prosperity King Rastafari ah we culture and black heritage woy Ever livin life and prosperity Rastafari ah we culture and black heritage And even for my s
  43. 43. Every Move That I Make - Rastafari-I is the Almighty-I Ya man - Rasta the rise of the sun Thousands and thousands of hundreds is gonna fall to the ground. We haffi bun fire fuh bun out corruption The solution for
  44. 44. Explain To Almighty - Yo, my mama didn't lie nah bad nah hospital an' give birth unto Sizzla the crucial for me to take the like of my brother Yuh mad? How more could a man scandal Chorus: Killing is not a pa
  45. 45. Explain To The Almighty - Intro: Yo, my mama didn't lie nah bad nah hospital an' give birth unto Sizzla the crucial for me to take the like of my brother Yuh mad? How more could a man scandal Chorus: Killing i
  46. 46. For You - [Verse 1:] (Umpt) I told you Jah gon bless us and make us strong I'll trust that we'll be there some day to come I'd never doubt it, I'll keep the faith all along Good friend, I'm a servant,
  47. 47. Free - Intro: Yea! Rastafari! Haha Ethiopia, Africa Yes We doing it jus right, we getting it perfect (Special request for you and yours) Haha. Now here comes the music Verse 1: With all the problems
  48. 48. Freedom Cry - Glory be on to the Father and to the Son Ruler of creation, Honorable Oh Israel, Isikiel, Them yah rebel warrrior, them ah go rebel and I won't fail, much less to compel You have th
  49. 49. Gangsta Nuh Leff Dem Gun - Chorus: Gangsta nuh leff dem gun so me run it Any boy diss di pattan me guh bun it None a my girls dem nuh bow down fi money Nah par wid no boy from dem funny Gangsta nuh leff dem gun so me run
  50. 50. Get Dem Out - Intro: Lion Of Judah!!! Nah mean, Jah Burn dem!!! Burn dem!!! Burn dem!!! Hear mi now, righteousness black people, come on Chorus: Get dem out even if we can bun dem And, tek dem out dem fight
  51. 51. Get To The Point - Intro: An mi a say a redda fiyah A judgement yawd a say dat enuh i yah King SELASSIE I di almighty I Hear mi nuh man,just lively up yuhself enuh -yo Chorus 1: Get to di point Caan dis di Rast
  52. 52. Girls Dem Cute - Chorus Luv how d girls dem cute, hear mi nuh yute A dem mi haffi sex a d truth Luv how d girls dem clean, a dem run d scene Woman open up una mouth and scream Luv how d girls dem cute, hear
  53. 53. Give Dem Ah Ride - Well then Words of righteousness do us so much Nuff have dem wealth but yet no purpose Well the Binghi fire bun all poor and rich Them neva know say it woulda come down to this [CHO
  54. 54. Give Me a Try - Where do you go dont you need my love baby Why cant you come on and let us play When are you going to come my way Aah Aah Aah What sort of things they be telling you I got to stop them
  55. 55. Give Thanks - Behold Behold, here I come Emperor Sellasie I son hey I've heard the words of my mom She's calling... [CHORUS:] Give thanks and praise (give thanks and praise) Mom you are so love
  56. 56. Good Ways - Intro: Just organize and centralize ma people, Because babylon have instill malicious and grudge upon ma people enuh. Yuh see di dutty life style,di rastaman a bun it. Verse 1: There's nothing i
  57. 57. Got It Going On - Yeah! Having a good time, ain't it? Red, gold and green – Kolonji don't bite it! Oh yes we got it going on, that's all right Yeah we got it going on, that's all right Oh yes we got it
  58. 58. Got It Right Here - Ahhh Officer doh trouble him Ah jus ah one draw yuh know officer Yea ah, yea ah, hear yah [CHORUS:] We got it right here we smokin marijuana like we jus don't care We got it right
  59. 59. Got To Live - Intro: Damn!!!! Yush!!!! Di conquerin lion Yo! Its so strong yo! We saw yuh live in love love preserve di odda days in yuh life Now yuh nah grudge, yeah, yuh neva gon make it wid war and strife
  60. 60. Greedy Joe - Wo yea-e ha-ah-ah yea-ha-ah hammh mmh mmh Yea-yea-e aye-ya-ah oh-oh-oh Give it up Greedy Joe-o-o. See yu taking and yu bound fi fall, mi come fi mek yu know. So speedily yu tun mi foe-
  61. 61. Greedy (Take Myself Away) - Verse 1: Whoo! You're still taking what's not yours greedy though you got more switching on me now snitching on me now picking up dirty attitudes what's yuh future? Then I'm not sure now yo
  62. 62. Guide Over Us - Intro: Tell you about Black Man supremacy. Ises Rastafari! Woi yoi Salassie I will tek I home. Hotter fire, hotter fire. (Aye hay hay!) These are the trumpets of the living man making the sou
  63. 63. Haffi Get It (Mi Nah Rape) - !!!EXPLICIT LYRICS!!! Intro: To all a di real big man dem Tek big woman pan tour To all sexy girls Report to the dance floor Unnuh wah hear more? Chorus: Haffi get di pussy but Mi nah rape
  64. 64. Hail Selassie - Congo just hear da tune, Rise inna the palace inna Ethiopia you there, you know Well I say woe onto those who are wise in there own eyes and yet they prudent in them own sight Re
  65. 65. Hard Grounds - Intro: Let he be sanctified Check how di vibes all a flow How di ghetto yutes dem a grow So much love. Chorus: (x2) Hard grounds no sound from di suffering Who collect di pounds to keep dem bo
  66. 66. Have Got To - (Chorus) Now, I have got to Smoke up di herbs I have got to Make love to my girl I have go to Place Selassie the first Rightful ruler of the earth Ive got to love Selassie I have got
  67. 67. Have You - And I've Got The Girlfriend And She Loves My So Much Treats My So Fine Oh Shes So In Touch And When We're Togther Everything Is Up Never Leave Me For Noone Oh She Please Me Enough
  68. 68. Holding Firm - Oh whoaoooo Hail Jah Always hailing him I've been here all day of my life, Works good and queer I behold with my sight. Some will share, others do as they like Some, yuh flesh dem waah
  69. 69. Homeless - Intro: Mi nuh have nutten a hide Who i ,i just come fi liberate the captivity Heal the broken hearted and Look from when i parents dem did all a show i certain tings I use to laugh still But y
  70. 70. Hot Like Fire - Intro: Love yuh! Biggin up di girls!!! Were liftin up di girls!!! Biggin up di girls!!! Let dem know there di mothers of di earth Chorus: Hot, hot, like fire, hot, hot burnin desire Hot, hot, l
  71. 71. How Dem Flex - Yoo Jah Jah ride up on the wind Facing all the earthly things Hail the King of Kings look at the tidings he brings uno see it [CHORUS:] To how dem ah flex Rastaman afi rebel as
  72. 72. I Don't Like - Intro: Whaa!!! Kno yuhself get a whole of urself I guess yuh gon ah pay de price Dis is Kalonji courtesy of D-Ice Wooh!!! Chorus: I dont like people like dogs Play around and take tings for a
  73. 73. I Myself Know - When people say they dont love, they never see progress Wouldnt right to let them be alone Whenever they say things, never you be upset Just be kindhearted, Rastafari welcomes all at home
  74. 74. I Want To Be Free - Intro: Yeah! Rastafari, (ha) Ethiopia, Africa Yes! We doing it just right, we getting it perfect Special request for you and yours ha ha Now here come the music Verse 1 With all the problems in
  75. 75. I Want You - Love is what i got to give you girl Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Chorus: i want you baby, i need you lady, and nothing in this world gonna stop me no way, I want you baby, i need you lady, and no
  76. 76. I Was Born - I was born in a system that doesn't give a fuck About you nor me nor the life...of our kids Keep my guns load, you never know, Just in case things get frig That's just the way I live, yeah!
  77. 77. I Wonder (I'm Not Sure) - Intro: Oh mi lord be ma shield i ask of thee I know they still have some evil purpose in mind,wanna hurt mi-oh yes -cho Chorus: I'm not sure if i will live to see tomorrow Living in dis world of
  78. 78. I'll Never Let You Go - Oh my lady...ahh I'm your perfect lover Chorus: Love is the way, all things take time When you thought I wasnt there I'll always be right by your side..ooh baby My love is soo kind When you th
  79. 79. I'm With The Girls - I'm with the girls, thats how it goes, thats with the girls they love me so, i am smoking the herbs, i was keeping the flow, no where i'm going there are no wars I'm with the girls, thats how it go
  80. 80. In This Time - Luciano: Oh oh, wake up. Wake up, wake up and live. You got to, I got to, oh no We got to yeah In this troubled world With so much on our minds In this troubling time Wake up and live
  81. 81. In This Time (feat. Luciano) - Luciano: Oh oh, wake up. Wake up, wake up and live. You got to, I got to, oh no We got to yeah In this troubled world With so much on our minds In this troubling time Wake up and live mankind In this
  82. 82. It's Amazing - Right 4000 years, yet no one cares Now it's time for you to participate ey So Solomon sacred yah, I love that creator ow Yea hey ey From Africa they take us away, yes I yes I In the
  83. 83. It's Burning - Intro: Di sun ball, inna di sky And mi caan stop from shine Fire fire, fire, blazing, fire Chorus: It's burnin so high and they can't put it out Don't be ashamed don't be shy to sing a
  84. 84. It's Just You And I - All I need baby All I need baby baby All I need it's you [Verse 1:] Girl first time I seeing you I appreciated Girl I got to let you know your look really nice Girl you're so sexy love
  85. 85. I've Got To - Uh-huh uh-uhh..... Dont let them fool yu Thanks and praise onto the conquering lion Of the tribe of judah Chorus Now I've got to, smoke up the herbs I've got to, make love to my girl I've got
  86. 86. Jah Blessing - [Sizzla:] Yea if you know not love and practice not love then you know We gonna do to extension so this one is from the Black Royal Nation Blessed [Luciano:] Do I n I sing with
  87. 87. Jah Is Love - Everyone with that smiling face People living in shining grace Love and inity flood the place In mount Zion I spend all my days The children how happily they play Rastaman so solemnly
  88. 88. Jah Knows Best - Jah knows best Nevertheless Jah knows best Little children you blessed People you blessed People you blessed Do as you should, go and try Jah will bless you, give you the b
  89. 89. Just One Of Those Days - Dry cry... even tears Even my heart cry, but who cares Who's fault? No one but myself Things do happen... words can't explain The only human reasoning, joy mixed with pain People would spen
  90. 90. Juvenile - [Intro:] Yeah man! well I say...blessed are those who trust in him Emperor Haile Selassie is the almighty,no? Den again-him tell mih,nah low Nyabinghi chanting all,one,two...ey! see Kolanj
  91. 91. Karate - Intro: Martial art, mi nuh partial yah, a martial art (Ha, ha, ha) Mi nuh partial yah, a rot mi a rot........ Mi fire bun di whole a dem, uh huh Mi nah beg nuh friend from none a dem mi fire
  92. 92. kings of the earth - Intro No name sweet as Emmanuel Selassie I shall take us from Egypt hell ((cleanse you and yuh friends)) No name sweet as Emmanuel ((yeah general)) You no stumble,and yet still unu fell--yo! Cho
  93. 93. Like Mountain - Babylon it afi fall Wicked people them ah bawl Babylon it afi fall Wicked people them ah bawl CHORUS Like mountains round about Jerusalem So is Emperor Selassie I around I and I, I and I, high
  94. 94. Love Amongst My Brethren - Love Love Love (Mmhh Yeah) Unu seet (Chu) Love Love Love (Mmhh) Chorus: To see love amongst my friends to Sizzla that is heaven None of us can run from the truth Oh yes To war with w
  95. 95. Love & Affection - Intro: Yo! We just get in studio make music (Damn!) Thats the way of life Ha!!!! Lets hear if for dem girls We got it goin on yeah Ha!!!! Chorus: Good love and affection thats what gir
  96. 96. Love Is Divine - Whoa oh oh oh aye I and I so strong I ah Ethiopian, Ethiopian This comin' from ah distance [CHORUS:] Take these words of divine to the princess right away Tell her to be fine
  97. 97. Lovely Morning - [Intro:] Red! [Drum beats] Go and wake the town,here comes the sound To give the people freedom and put away yuh frown Babylon,yuh get no turn The 'Binghi Youth see yuh plantation ge
  98. 98. Made of - Yea we say to all government this is repatriation yea Step down it's true Babylon yea I and I govern the youth yuh know Hand over yuh know, repatriation nah bother play like yuh deaf now
  99. 99. Mash Dem Down - Ah, Just like in the older days chop off the pagan head and let it roll away Listen to what I got to say Praise the King every day [CHORUS:] Come mek we go mash dem down nah lose
  100. 100. Mental Chains - Intro: Blessed Emperor Seassie I surely have done About the welfare and prosperity of I and I people But know yourself black people Judgement Verse 1: Don't do on pretending to be so
  101. 101. Mine And Only - Ah Ah, eya quality Yea my girl let me take you by your hands Let me love you the way you want me to Ey woman you treat me good matter not what they do we never separate Woman you gi
  102. 102. More Guidance - Ya mon I just a nyabingi, ya know Blow t'under pon dem Red ah zonal well, I'n I say give unto the King, Holy, Mighty give unto Emperor Selassie I glory and strength see it ya know woy, wa
  103. 103. Move Up - Going up, going up, you know how - the good deeds, good love, showing up...! Move up, the youths dem prospering and so what Jah's got a lot for dem that don't move up The youths dem pr
  104. 104. My Time Your Time - This is how we make music for them It's a judgement, then gonna take it to them Them no wanna name no bad man, no red eye No get so vicious, some my time, some your time You better leave
  105. 105. Nah Apologize - Intro: ? Yo dada, dada, dada (Yo who dat?) Mi mon Breadba, yuh see dem put inna di paper Dem talk bout seh apologize fi battybwoy, apologize fi wah Dem apologize to JAH!!!! Gunshot dem fi get Sizzla:
  106. 106. No Other Like Jah - Ey, The one in the throne ah him rule In their heart I say they have not Jah Yuh done know say ah dem they are the fool Hey [CHORUS:] Their is no other like Jah be wise and ah Jah
  107. 107. No Pain - Yeah man Yuh no hear me say the whole ah who inna Jamaica Ethiopian To help with tails of government... remember dat! Everyone has the right to liberty (I-man,I-man) The right to life and se
  108. 108. Oh Children - Well, I say bless the man that reveal all the truth you know Unto this generation Those with them eye and has never over-stand Oh children, Babylon build them cities And break their own la
  109. 109. Oh, What a Joy - Yesterday was a war, yeah Today we throw dung we arms Yesterday lots of sorrows Today we want joy Ye who are still cryin' I beg you dry your weeping eyes 'Cause tomorrow we don't want no
  110. 110. One Away - Intro: Rastafari and I and I love di yutes dem Repartriation, woi children of man 1. Positively clear The people inna di world Keep forgetting them past So dem gone astray So mi bu
  111. 111. Only Takes Love - Intro: Computer Intro Sizzla on Red Alert (Female speaking Spanish) Hola, ya escuche la cancion me encanto las palabras son hermosas te extraño, regresa pronto Sizzla: Yeah
  112. 112. Praise Ye Jah - I did behold Until the proud was casted down yah 'Ave di ancient of days is King Haile Selassie I Jah! You know With his garments as white as snow His hair as pure as wool Praise ye
  113. 113. Princess Black - How magnificent ey eh ey bounce yea oh ey Well here it comes now Earthquake, Black man ah beat the drum and oh oh shake dem shake naga ney naga ney ey Well tell me how you feel a
  114. 114. Pump Up - Intro: And mi seh bless di woman a di earth!!! And a mi nuh same high make up di blame high Sizzla Kalonji di woman true mi name high, cho! And mi seh step up inna frontli-iiine, phat sexy ga
  115. 115. Rastafari Teach I Everything - Children read and educate yourself Learn to behave yourself Famous for you character and intelligence Go ahead don't you destroy yourself Conquer the place enjoy yourself It's all yours
  116. 116. Real - Reeeeeeeal... dem ya ghetto youths real Babylon yu a di unreal Heeeeeeeal... di black nation get heal King rastafari buss the seven seal Deeeeeeeal... nuff dey inna wrong deal who cyan hear
  117. 117. Real People - Most High Jah, Rastafari! We love Jah so… ! Yeah! Hear me now… Real people do real things We don't go around killing others and steal things Clean people do clean things Love is
  118. 118. Rejoice - Ah me say things get bitter in the west we affi head to the east Ah you done know Sizzla Kalongi ever bless You see it, you see it Selassie I ah prince of peace [CHORUS:] Tell you
  119. 119. Ripe Leaf - Intro: Yah Blessed Yah man black people African people just one love and one joy you know Blessed Them is the black man and black woman kingdom you know Check it So we go Chorus:
  120. 120. Rise Them Nature - Hey girl, you are an African Queen Black girl, you are the best I'd ever seen Boom! Me ah go rise up me nature, that's all I know See me ah feature and me must star the show Rise up
  121. 121. Rise To The Occasion - Rise to the occasion,look at yourself then say your strong no one can stop u (oh Yea) Rise to the occasion go ahead u know your strong no one can stop u Its for you to make the best in lif
  122. 122. Run Out Pon Dem - [Intro:] Ire! I jsut smoke, and just gone test it 1, 2, 3 Motha fuckas dem so intersted in some fucking gun spree Boom law!! [Chorus:] Ah some big long gun ah run out pon dem Extra loa
  123. 123. Saturated - [CHORUS:] Saturated with the system, which way they go Don't you be frustrated Selassie love you little boys and girls now Things they have created is not for you little ears Rasta now
  124. 124. She's Like The Roses - Hear Mi Now Hear Mi Now... Mama say, a clean woman always, Keepeth a clean house Need no service from mickey nor mouse Listen Up ey... Ah never put you in the fortune or fame
  125. 125. She's Loving - Intro: She's in love and that's no secret, no Givin me love and a that you keep it, yah She writes so many love letters I read them, yeah She said her arm is so soft as pedal And, I'm gonna
  126. 126. Shout It Out Loud - Intro: Wooh! Here it come (I know you don't like it) Uh huh, yeah you know (We don't care) You got some people, that don't wanna be good They just wanna do evil Verse 1: They just don'
  127. 127. Show Us The Way - [Intro:] Well ah Emperor Selassie l What would the old-timer say? Yow! Nyahbinghi,come We teach them how fi pray Ay-ay-hay-hey,hey [Chorus:] Show us the way,let us be sanctified
  128. 128. Simplicity - Simplicity Black people keep your hands up. Emperor Selasie bless dem. Burning Fire never ???? Simplicity we use to survive, many find it difficult but them ignorant and I. Simplicity we us
  129. 129. Solid As A Rock - Intro: Oh ah oh ah yay! Oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh, yeah ay yeah ay! Verse 1: They can't keep a good man down Always keep a smile when they want me to frown Keep the vibes and they stood
  130. 130. Somehow - [Intro:] Wah recoil! Testing,testing,1 2 3 4 5 Seal ah sever Love anointing Ten commandment Whoa yah! Sizzla Kalonji with de bigger judgement uh-nuh! Wide worldwide! Ah-hah!
  131. 131. Somewhere Oh Oh - [Intro: Instruments] [Verse 1:] Going somewhere with my empress,most delighted She take good care of me,and that is how I like it Going to Africa with black people,ah most delighted
  132. 132. Speak Of Jah - Most high Hey hey Rastafari he knows Oh yeah Jah knows Hey [Verse 1] Life is so hard at times Believe me youth, yes Put your trust in Jah Hell see you through Like the stars above That sh
  133. 133. Strength & Hope - Haile I, ever live in love, blessed my lord & empress, Ethiopia Hear the right O Jah Rastafari, attend unto I and I cry and give ears unto I and I words that going not of favourites Let basentess c
  134. 134. Subterranean Homesick Blues - (As for those) in the basement (Marijuanas) the medicine (And those) on the pavement (Burning down the false) government The man in the trench coat Badge out, laid off Says hes got
  135. 135. Taking Over - [Intro:] seh wah, mi juss seh bun Babylon but mi nuh care I ain't giving up, keep on living up, I'm indigenous Holy Emmanuel I King Selassie Jah Rastafari Him live and reign in di heart of
  136. 136. Teach The Little Children - (can't make out 1st line maybe Swahili or Amharic) And let King Selassie I rise and all His enemies be scatter Whoa oh oh oh burn dem burn dem burn dem [CHORUS:] All you need is love to
  137. 137. Tell The Children - Yea man go way from here so Babylon You cyar take the black people fi fool Wha you ah deal with man You nah see we have hands and feet, eyes and nose you don't see we have mouth Yea ma
  138. 138. Thank U Mamma - Thank you mamma for the nine months you carry me through All those pain & suffering No one know the pressure you bared, juss only you Give you all my love oh yeah Thank you mamma for the nine
  139. 139. That's Why - Soul mate! soul mate Most High had blessed us Oh! girl child, you're so precious, you're so precious Oh why do I love you so much? Because I can't do without your touch I-love-my
  140. 140. The One - Ah mi ah say holy Emanuel I King Selassie I Jah... Rastafari (splendid) Ah mi ah say big up all African empress (awesome) The greatest gyal I ever see Remember the good times tha
  141. 141. The World - Rastafari is the almighty I Ever livin ever faithful ever sure And he shall make foward the lamb and the lamb shall overcome them because he is King of kings, Lord of lords the Conquer
  142. 142. These Are The Days - Ha!!!!!! Got you!!!!!! No escape, yeah you know We got it goin on yeah All day all night long yeah Yo, so we see you yuh Chorus: These are da days We shot out yuh brains we nuh play
  143. 143. Things Will Be Better - Rastafari lives and reign, I say heathen people will stay blame, Mek the quarell everyday They've got a problem with themself whoa oh Seek Rastafari for your health yea ah So many poor
  144. 144. Till It Some More - [Intro:] [Instruments] Well I say let the almighty Father we praise And yes black people I love you always [instruments continue] [Chorus:] Farmerman till it some more,till the soil s
  145. 145. Too Much To Bear - Well dem done know say Emperor for ganja meaning ganja and Emperor dey Emperor alive yuh know, Jah Emperor Hailie Selassie I, who sit up in the north to fight you up and look to the
  146. 146. Touch Me - [Intro: Sizzla (Rochelle)] (Oooh oooh oooh) Hey! You girl! you deserve my love! (Uh huh) Oh oh! [Chorus: Rochelle] All I want to do is make you love me like this, all I want to do is mak
  147. 147. Trod Mount Zion - Intro: Lead my cause Jah Rastafari Strive our strive mi tell yuh fight against those Who fight against I Tek a bashin and battle to stand for thy name Oh, well then Verse 1: They act
  148. 148. True Hearts - Intro: Well I say bless thy people Save thine inheritance you know Feed them and lift them up also Well as it go you check the flow No slow Chorus: True heart will show love True h
  149. 149. Trust & Love - Jah I read it from the ancient scroll our fruits worth more than fine gold, ey Now we have dem inna control, yeaaah [CHORUS:] Who to be trust and loved, if you cannot be trust you ca
  150. 150. What Does It Worth - Intro: A just this you know Just get up and go I and I have to rise to the fullness His own devine majesty Emperor Haile Salassie So long we a burn them fire Some a them waan bring down
  151. 151. Whether Or Not - Yea burn away the anger and the fury, oy Hail king Selassie I, his praise and glory [CHORUS:] Whether or not, yo from them dis king Selassie I Babylon goin' collapse Whether or not,
  152. 152. Why Should I? - Intro: Yeah, know yuself, more life, strength, uh huh Yeah mon music is a natural ting, fo di king of kings Original ting, a di rastaman a sing, oh oh oh!!! Chorus: Why should I wanna hu
  153. 153. Woman I Need You - Ah ah!!! Cutie, absolutely Just the way she carries herself that's the beauty Chorus: (Background singers) Woman I need you (I need you) like never before (Like never before) African woman
  154. 154. You Deserve It - Haven't I told you Jah gone bless us, and make us strong I trust that We'll be there Some day to come I never doubted I keep my faith all along Good friend, I'm a servant That
  155. 155. You World Leaders - Dem a snort and snort dem nastiness, dem haffe stop it A new government making an instrument of politick Uunu haffe keep dem out of your pocket - watch it! World leaders, deceivers, makin
  156. 156. You're Better Off - And I belong making this song for those young and grown up children out there I express my undying love for you all Keep rising so, anticipating to let you know All Jah love, is all for y
  157. 157. You're Gonna Need My Love - Yow! A boom tune! Oh yeah! Sizzla Kolonji shout... Girl you gonna need my love Girl you gonna need my joy A lot of love I've got inside my heart Can't be destroyed I know you

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