Letras / letra S / Silje Nergaard

  1. 1. Be Still My Heart - My heart's not lonely or broken Is not of ice or of gold Nor has my heart ever spoken To me when a love has grown cold I felt not the faintest flutter When you brushed my cheek as you pa
  2. 2. Borrowing Moons - Now that you have found her Just put your arms around her Talk then of love and that soon You'll reach out and give her the moon We move from cold to colder So draw her near and hold her
  3. 3. Dance Me Love - Your weak afterglow Can't warm a heart in sorrow The spark that is left behind Can't light a troubled mind Your fire I know Can warm those bleak tomorrows The dark must not enter in
  4. 4. How Am I Supposed To See The Stars? - I won't disown Those things my heart has own The blame is mine alone I made this fickle heart my own But how am i supposed to see the stars How am i supposed to see that far I see the cost Of all thi
  5. 5. I Don't Want To See You Cry - There is no tender way to say it's the end And so win or lose I am forced to choose Between a lover and a loving friend Let me hear you say How you curse the day You opened up your heart
  6. 6. Let There Be Love - Let there be you, let there be me. Let there be oysters, under the sea. Let there be wind, and acationel rain. chilli concarnie, sparkling champagne. Let there be birds, that
  7. 7. Lullaby To Erle - Mothers have woven a black velvet ocean And spread it between the night and day shores So that children might sleep, gently rockes by the motion Of waves beneath boats built by fathers like you
  8. 8. Now And Then - Now and then behind the rows Of pearly teeth and fashion clothes She sees them in the mirror-tiles Trying on their latest smiles Light and warmth from spotlight beams Convincing them their
  9. 9. On And On - June - What are you crying for? Soon you'll have to end this war The days are turning darker now But hang an to that dream somehow June - Where are you going to? True, the game got rough
  10. 10. Once I Held A Moon - Once i held a moon a lover's gift If memory serves me right Once i owned a sky where moons could drift And bathe my world in light I held on to that moon as long as He was there just holding me But it
  11. 11. So Sorry For Your Love - It's as plain as the nose on your face Nobody can deny That sorrow must find its rightful place But why am I so sorry for your love I could write a book on regret None of it would apply
  12. 12. Take a Long, Long Walk - Take a long, long walk Off a short, short pier When you're wading ashore See if I'm waiting here Take a long, long walk In the pouring rain You know a soaking or two Works a treat on
  13. 13. There's Always a First Time - Never been much for devil-may-care Painting the town or letting down hair Oh so wary of building on dreams Afraid to discover all's not what it seems There's always a first time How do I
  14. 14. Unbreakable Heart - Unbreakable heart play your part In the scheming I have done Not to fall for anyone Or let love start Unbreakable heart it's an art You will master by and by 'Til then just be my Unb
  15. 15. You Send Me Flowers - Listen boy you've met your match I've closed my heart Secured the latch I'll keep it locked should you decide It's time To help me swallow foolish pride And to take me for Yet another ride Onto that c

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