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Will You Be Mine
Ruff Endz

  • Autor: Nate Clemons , Michael Clemons , David Chance , Dante Jordan
  • Álbum: Greatest Hits
  • Estilo:
  • Gravadora: SONY
  • Selo: Epic
  • Ano: 2003
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Ruff Endz
Will You Be Mine

Baby Love, I think its time now
to share with you these feelings that im feeling now
its been three years since ive known you
nothing but happiness since ive found you
its been a long time coming still going strong
through good and bad weve been holding on
within my soul its been overdue
cause my hearts been longing to ask you

will you be mine on this day
will you be the sun shining may
will you be the stars and my nights
will you be the joy, the joy in my life
will you be my everything
will you be the happy every song i sing
will you be the love i cant deny
will you be the love, the love of all time
will you be mine

when i think about how it all began
i was looking for fun but somehow we became
Good friends
We couldnt see this fate that lied ahead
or that we would ever bond like we did

i praise the day my fate was revealed
now i know that destiny is real
is it a sin for love to feel this good
i dont think but im asking you


im down on my knees to vow to you
my everlasting love because its overdue
for all the times we shared and those to come
is ever still coming
this ring is a token of my love with you

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