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  1. 1. 20-20 Vision - My life was right in front of me but now she's gone Now it's easy to see I was the one who was wrong How could I be that close and yet so far of the track Well I've got 20-20 vision but only lo
  2. 2. a Legend In My Time - If heartaches brought fame In love's crazy game I'd be a legend in my time If they gave gold statuettes For tears and regrets Id be a legend in my time But they dont give awards And the
  3. 3. A Woman In Love - No matter what you do or say She's always got to have her way She'll bring you down just to cheer you up You never know with a woman in love. The minute you start holding on You'll turn around and s
  4. 4. (After Sweet Memories) Play Born To Lose Again - Pardon me I'm just another lonely fool And I know the band is tired it's half past two But would you play one last request for an old friend After Sweet Memories play Born To Lose again After Sweet Me
  5. 5. All Is Fair In Love And War - Now the first is that there ain't no rules Some you win and some you lose Just when you think that love is true Somebody makes a fool out of you Like it or not one thing for sure All is fair in love a
  6. 6. All My Roads Lead Back To You - I walked down some dusty highways I've loved more than just a few No one's ever matched the feeling that I've known in loving you In the winds I've heard you whisper it has sparkled in the dew I final
  7. 7. Almost Like a Song - Once in every life, someone comes along. And you came to me, it was almost like a song. You were in my arms, right where you belong. And we were so in love, it was almost like a song. Janu
  8. 8. Altogether Now Let's Fall Apart - Lips are you ready to tremble hands are you ready to shake Eyes get ready to cry heart get ready to break Here she comes now she's gettin' closer is everyone ready to start Altogether now le
  9. 9. Am I Losing You - Am I losing you Are my fears coming true How I wish I knew Am I losing you Is your love really true Is there somebody new Tell me what to do Am I losing you Am I too blind to see What's then happ'ni
  10. 10. Amazing Love - When she wakes up this morning and turns to kiss me She'll find I let her sleep because we loved so late last night She'll know I kissed her face gently till my returning And when she finds the rose o
  11. 11. Any Day Now - Any Day Now (My Wild Beautiful Bird) Artist: Chuck Jackson (peak Billboard position # 23 in 1962) also a # 14 hit for Ronnie Milsap in 1982 Words and Music by Bob Hilliard and Burt Bacharach
  12. 12. Any Day Now (my Wild Beautiful Bird) - Any day now I will hear you say "Good-bye, my love" And you'll be on your way Then my wild beautiful bird You will have flown Any day now I'll be all alone Any day now When your restless eyes meet som
  13. 13. Back On My Mind - 1. I took some time to clear my mind, Give myself a change of atmosphere. I had some fun lyin' in the sun. Daytona's nice this time of year. I saw lovers hand in hand Building castles
  14. 14. Back On My Mind Again - I took some time To clear my mind To give my mind a change of atmosphere I had some fun Lying in the sun Daytone is nice this time of year I saw lovers hand in hand Building castles in
  15. 15. Behind Closed Doors - My baby makes me proud Lord don't she make me proud She never makes a scene By hangin' all over me in a crowd. 'Cause people like to talk Lord don't they love to talk But when they turn out the ligh
  16. 16. Blue Ridge Mountains Turnin' Green - Blue Ridge Mountains turnin' green I wanna go home again to see my mountain friends Springtime opens up my heart Makes me want to share that good ole mountain air Life's so young and free for all For
  17. 17. Borrowed Angel - Her fingers feel so gentle with her hand in mine Her hair feels like silk on my arm Her lips tell me so tenderly she's mine alone Until we part tonight and she goes home Borrowed angel belong
  18. 18. Button Of My Shirt - I heard the word goin' 'round town They say that you're makin' a fool out of me Baby it took me some time to come around To realise you were not what you seemed Each day's passin', the clock's been my
  19. 19. Carolina Dreams - I can smell the pines sweet Carolina's on my mind I still feel that mountain breeze whisperin' through the trees Tears fell from her eyes I held her as we said goodbye She knew I didn't want to
  20. 20. Christmas In Dixie Feat Alabama - By now in New York City There's snow on the ground And out in California The sunshines' falling down And maybe down in Memphis, Graceland's all in lights And in Atlanta, Georgia, there's peace on eart
  21. 21. Cry - If your sweetheart sends a letter of goodbye It's no secret you feel better if you cry When waking from a bad dream don't you sometimes think it's real But it's only false emotion that you f
  22. 22. Daydreams About Night Things - I'm having day dreams bout night things In the middle of the after-noon And while my hands make a living my mind's home loving you I'm having day dreams about night things In the middle of th
  23. 23. Earthquake - Mmm, mmm-mmm-mmm Now hit me! Ooh-yeah! Hooh! Ooh-ee baby, don't you know you set my soul on fi-ire You're like a double scoop o' ice cream Sittin' on top of a cherry pie-ie Ooh-ee baby, don't you kno
  24. 24. Every Time We Say Goodbye - Every time we say goodbye, I die a little Every time we say goodbye, I wonder why a little Why the gods above me, who must be in the know Think so little of me that they allow you go W
  25. 25. Everywhere I Turn (there's Your Memory) - I turn on the radio and hear your favorite song And all day long I hum the melody When I see that special look Between two people so in love I remember how it was with you and me. Chorus: Everywhere
  26. 26. Four Walls - Out where the bright lights are glowing You're drawn like a moth to a flame You laugh while the wine's overflowing While I sit and whisper your name Four walls to hear me Four walls to see
  27. 27. Hate The Lies Love The Liar - If a star fell from the sky for every time you told a lie There wouldn't be a star left in the blue Ain't no river long enough or wide enough or deep enough To hold all of the tears I've cried
  28. 28. He Got You - He got the sunshine I got the rain He got your loving I got the pain He got a lifetime of love to see him through I got the mem'ries he got you He got your good times I got the bad He go
  29. 29. How Do I Turn You On - I'd like to be a fly on your wall, When you think you all alone, Learn your secrets once and for all, Never tell no one. I can't read your mind, It's secret telling time. Tell me, how do I turn you o
  30. 30. I Got Home Just In Time To Say Goodbye - I woke up a thousand miles from home this morning Sweaten from a bad dream that I had I rode all night to get back home to you I can't remember when I needed you this bad And I got home ju
  31. 31. I Hate You - I hate you Oh how I try-y to hate you I get bitter Every time you run through my mi-ind Betwee-een love and hate There's a little-le thin li-ine And I'm try-ying to hate you Right out of my mi-ind
  32. 32. I Love New Orleans Music - Well I've never been to New Orleans I don't even know what Creole means But oh I love the way they play and sing down in the land of the voodoo queen Oh I love New Orleans music Dixieland Sweet J
  33. 33. I Wouldnt Have Missed It For The World - I Wouldn't Have Missed It For The WorldRonnie MilsapKey of G G CIntro solo: play 2x |--------------- |-------0-----3- |-0-0-2-
  34. 34. (I'd Be) A Legend In My Time - If heartaches brought fame In love's crazy game I'd be a legend in my time If they gave gold statuettes For tears and regrets Id be a legend in my time But they dont give awards And theres no praise
  35. 35. I'll Be There (if You Ever Want Me) - Love me ain't you ever gonna love me Well there ain't no chains strong enough to hold me There ain't no breeze big enough to slow me I never have seen a river that's too wide There ain't no jail tigh
  36. 36. I'll Leave This World Loving You - Walk away, leave with my blessing Once in a while let me hear from you If we never meet again before my life is over I'll leave this world loving you You can take everything but my memories
  37. 37. I'll Take Care Of You - I'll take care of you Don't be sad, don't be blue I'll never break your heart in two I'll take care of you I'll kiss your tears away I'll end your lonely days All that i'm tryin' to say Is I'll take
  38. 38. (I'm A) Stand By My Woman Man - At five oclock she knows I'll soon be home. She don't worry ‘bout me runnin' 'round, 'cause all of my good times are wating right there for me and she knows where I'll be when the sun goes down. I'm
  39. 39. (I'm A) Stand By My Woman Man) - At five o'clock she knows I'll soon be home She don't worry bout me running round Cause all of my good times are waitin' right there for me And she knows where I'll be when the sun goes down I'm
  40. 40. I'm No Good At Goodbyes - You don't have to tell me that it's over For lately I can see it in your eyes And I'll be gone when you wake up this morning Cause darling I'm no good at goodbyes I know we had the good th
  41. 41. In No Time At All - The moment that you smile is when it all began And in no time at all we were best of friends The moment that we kissed the feeling grew and grew And in no time at all I was loving you In no t
  42. 42. Inside - She tries for the honesty but the truth gets in the way Cause I know inside what she can't bring herself to say There's something dying deep in her heart I feel it when I touch her hand So I te
  43. 43. It Happens Every Time I Think of You - Just let me say I'm over you Next thing I know my heart breaks in two It happens every time I think of you Just let me smile and soon as I do Here come the tears right out of the blue It
  44. 44. It's Almost Like a Song - Once in every life someone comes along And you came to me, it was almost like a song You were in my arms right where you belonged And we were so in love, it was almost like a song January
  45. 45. It's Christmas - The snow is on the ground. The family's all in town, it's Christmas. The children want to know Why we hung the mistletoe, it's Christmas. Then silently the night turns on a magic light And it's Chris
  46. 46. It's Just a Room - It's just a room like any other four walls a window and a door It's just a bed like any other it's just that you don't sleep here anymore It's just a dream like any other that shatters when love
  47. 47. It's Written All Over Your Face - Is there a tear in that gleam in your eyes Is there a reason for me to ask why Don't say a word....cause you never could lie Don't be afraid of what you can't hide Bridge: It's written all over your f
  48. 48. Just For a Thrill - Just for a thrill You changed the sunshine to rain Just for a thrill You filled my heart with pain To me you were my pride and joy But to you, I was merely a toy A plaything, that you could toss arou
  49. 49. Just In Case - It's over I know you're going If you can't stay I don't want you too I won't miss you no I don't care where you go But where you goin' just in case I do I'm glad you've got friend there in
  50. 50. Let's Take The Long Way Around The World - In the daily rush of things If we stop to think it seems We never have time alone Doing things we have to do Not much time for me and you Before me know it, it will all be gone Let'
  51. 51. Looking Out My Window Through The Pain - I watched from the window as she slipped from the house Once again she's leaving but Lord she's not to blame This morning a mem'ry phoned her and he's a habit she can't break So till she ret
  52. 52. Lost In The Fifties (in The Still Of The Night) - Close your eyes baby, follow my heart Call on the memories here in the dark We'll let the magic take us away Back to the feeling we shared when they'd play Chorus: In the still of the night, hold me
  53. 53. Lost In The Fifties Tonight - LOST IN THE FIFTIES TONIGHT (In the Still Of the Night) Ronnie Milsap - #1 in 1985 in country charts - Part of the song is exactly like the "In the Still Of the Night" done by The Five Satins
  54. 54. Love Takes a Long Time To Die - It's not over when you stop crying and it's the end when you say goodbye And it's not finally done when you just walk away from someone Cause love takes a long time it takes such a long time to d
  55. 55. Love The Second Time Around - This time I won't be dressed up in a coat and tie And you won't be wearing a wedding gown There won't be a big reception at your folks house But it's love we know it's real love the second time around
  56. 56. Lovers Friends And Strangers - Looking back into the world we knew When love was such a sweet surprise Was it beautiful how strangers came to lovers Like magic right before our eyes Strangers become friends and friends become
  57. 57. Lovesick Blues - I got a feelin' called the blues oh Lord since my baby's said goodbye Oh I don't know what I'll do all I do is sit and cry oh Lord That last long day she said goodbye oh Lord I thought I'd cry
  58. 58. (lying Here With) Linda On My Mind - Now I'm lying here with Linda on my mind And next to me my soon to be the one I left behind And Lord it's killing me to see her cryin' She know I'm lying here beside her with Linda on my mind Yes I kn
  59. 59. Make Believe - The game of "just supposing" is the sweetest game I know, Our dreams are more romantic than the world we see. And if the things we dream about don't happen to be so, That's just an unimportant techni
  60. 60. My Funny Valentine - Behold the way our fine feathered friend, His virtue doth parade Thou knowest not, my dim-witted friend The picture thou hast made Thy vacant brow, and thy tousled hair Conceal thy good intent Thou n
  61. 61. My Love - I'll take a long vacation I need a change of scenery I'll see the sights; go out at night There'll be no time for your memory I'll get a new apartment Make friends that don't know who yo
  62. 62. My Love Is Deep My Love Is Wide - My love is deep my love is wide And you can't see across to the other side My love is deep my love is wide I got too much love for you for me to try to hide People say I'm not the man not they used t
  63. 63. Nobody Likes Sad Songs - You've seen the way I entertain a crowd. I use to pack ‘em in for miles around. And I play the happy songs that made ‘em smile. Why'd she want to go and change my style? Nobody like sad so
  64. 64. Not That I Care - So you saw her last night with her new love Yes they tell me they make quite a pair And that they both look happy together I just wonder not that I care Tell me did she look lovely as ever
  65. 65. Only One Love In My Life - So many times these few dreams of mine seem hidden behind a mountain too high to climb but you were the one who said, 'go on, follow your star' when the song in my heart was just a v
  66. 66. Only One Night of The Year - There's a magic light in the stars tonight It shines with a wondrous glow There's a whisper of love in the silence of Gently falling snow There's cookies and milk on the table Ribbons on bright candy
  67. 67. Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends - This could be our last goodnight together We may never pass this way again Just let me enjoy 'till its over or forever Please don't tell me how the story ends. See the way our shadows come
  68. 68. Pure Love - Pure love, baby it's pure love Milk and honey and Captain Krunch and you in the morning Pure love baby it's pure love Ninety-nine and forty-four one hundreds percent pure love Pure love You'r
  69. 69. Put a Quarter In The Juke Box - Barry She said she'd always love me She said she'd never leave me Then I wake up this morning She's gone without a warning Ronnie I know what you've been through, pal My woman left me, too,
  70. 70. Put A Quarter In The Jukebox - Barry She said she'd always love me She said she'd never leave me Then I wake up this morning She's gone without a warning Ronnie I know what you've been through, pal My woman left me, too, pal I'm d
  71. 71. Remember To Remind Me (I'm Leaving) - You seem to know all the ways to hurt me ou drag me down as only you can I've choked on my pride till I filled up inside And once again I've taken all I can stand Remember to remind me I'm leaving it
  72. 72. She Keeps The Home Fires Burning - Crack of dawn I hit the road, set my shoulders for the heavy load Coffee leaking through the paper sack The foreman says I'm late again, he can't stand it when I only grin He's got me eight hou
  73. 73. Show Her - You can tell her That you love her A hundred different ways But it won't mean as much As just the right touch At just the right time of day You've got to show her a little each day R
  74. 74. Silent Night (after The Fight) - Hear the rain on the window; I never noticed it so loud And the ticking of the clock is making wall-shaking sounds Was that noise just the icebox or you turning on the light? 3 AM as a fool tries to t
  75. 75. Smokey Mountain Rain - I found my way from LA back to Knoxville I found out those bright lights aint where I belong From a phone booth in the rain I called to tell her I've had a change of dreams I'm comin' home Bu
  76. 76. Smoky Mountain Rain - Smoky Mountain Rain Ronnie Milsap I thumbed my way from LA back to Knoxville I found those bright lights aint where I belonged From a phone booth in the rain I called to tell her I've had a
  77. 77. Snap Your Fingers - Snap your finger-ers I'll come runnin' Back to you-ou-ou-ou-ou On bended knee-ee-ee-ee Snap your finger-ers I-I-I'll come runnin' I-I'll be true-ue-ue-ue Take a chance on me-ee Let
  78. 78. Stand By My Woman Man - At five oclock she knows I'll soon be home. She don't worry ‘bout me runnin' 'round, 'cause all of my good times are wating right there for me and she knows where I'll be when the sun goes down
  79. 79. Still Losing You - It came to me again tonight Here in this smoky place Suddenly a fleeting memory in the image of your face so I paid for my check, buttoned my coat stepped into an evening rain made my way
  80. 80. Stranger In My House - Stranger In My HouseRonnie MilsapWritten by: Mike ReidAlbum: Greatest Hits Vol 2IntroDm C G-------------------------------------------------------3--3--1--3---1--1--0---1-----
  81. 81. Stranger Things Have Happened - I keep talking to your picture But a smile is all you say. It's a lonely conversation, But missing you is easier this way. Last night a shadow filled the doorway, And I heard footsteps o
  82. 82. Streets Of Gold - I'm a western North Carolinean made of stone and red clay soil Got Cherokee blood deep within me when I was born it began to boil I left my home across the mountains to see what kind of life I'd find
  83. 83. The Freeze - Don't Tempt me with your eyes Or fill my heart with lies If u don't really want me to And say, say what's on your mind Just give me some kind of sign To let me know what I'm supposed to
  84. 84. Too Late To Worry (too Blue To Cry) - I broke your heart dear I was untrue And now I've lost you What can I do? I hope you're happy baby For I'll get by Too late to worry (too late to worry) Too blue to cry (too blue to cry) Our love has
  85. 85. What a Difference You've Made In My Life - What a difference you've made in my life, What a difference you've made in my life You're my sunshine day and night. Oh, what a difference you've made In my life. [Orchestral Interlude]
  86. 86. What Goes On When The Sun Goes Down - Sometimes love can sure get lost in the daytime And working eight long hours you're only a picture in my mind But when we're finally alone in each other's arms our love is found And only lov
  87. 87. When You Wish Upon a Star - When you wish upon a star Makes no difference Who you are Anything your heart desires Will come to you If your hearts Is in your dream No request is too extreme When you wish upon a star L
  88. 88. Where Do The Nights Go? - Without you in my life every night seemed like a lifetime. The clock on the wall never seemed to move at all Or was it just my mind. Now with you here in my arms, I wanna make it last But the t
  89. 89. Who'll Turn Out The Lights In Your World Tonight - I wonder who'll turn out the lights in your world tonight I wonder who'll turn out the lights in your world tonight Whose shoulder will your head be resting on Will your hungry arms be reaching
  90. 90. Who's Counting - I guess you wonder what's become of me well I'm doing fine I've just got so much to do I lose track of time I come home and go to sleep I get up and go to work And before I know it I've marked
  91. 91. Wrong End of The Rainbow - I know this feeling from somewhere I know I've been here before The one I love forever doesn't love me anymore So here I am heartache my only friend wrong end of the rainbow again I was look
  92. 92. You Snap Your Fingers (and I'm Back In Your Hands) - I cried a river washing your mem'ry away And I finally made it least till you phoned me today And I nearly hung up but teardrops destroyed my plan You snap your fingers and just like that I'm back in
  93. 93. You Took Her Off My Hands - You took her off my hands when you've stepped in You changed everything we're not even friends Don't leave the job half done leave nothing behind You took her off my hands now please take her o
  94. 94. You're Drivin' Me Out of Your Mind - The eyes I'm lookin' in ain't lookin' back at me The lips I'm kissin' on ain't kissin' back at me And it ain't very hard to seek your love for me is dyin' And you're drivin' me out of your mind
  95. 95. You're Stronger Than Me - If you are sincere when you say you don't care That our love is just a memory If the love that we knew won't bother you Darling you're stronger than me For if still loving you means I'm we
  96. 96. You've Still Got a Place In My Heart - If the one you'd think is true ever turns his back on you You've still got a place in my heart If every road you take proves you've made a big mistake You've still got a place in my heart

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