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Rock N Roll Nightmare
Rich Kids on LSD

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When it all began you said you couldn't understand what they were screaming
Can't call it singing!
But with a second chance, you said, you swore it wouldn't last but just a fad
But when you felt us rock... from halfway down the block
Always feared but never thought
Rock n roll could last so long... these days!
So turn the volume up on your TV
So you can hide the pounding beat
Coming from outside your house
Minimize the sound intake and just admit you can't relate
to what's happening now!
Reformed hippies on MTV
Soothe your mind so you can sleep
When all along you always knew
The explosion of rock n roll grew... so strong!
Open your mind and you'll hear what it sounds like to really be free
Bands that are touring you will actually see
a whole lot of fresh air to put your mind at ease
Maybe someday we'll be old
Hope these open thoughts I hold
all your youth already sold!
It's your rock n roll nightmare pretending
it's not there
Rock N Roll Nightmare
Rock N Roll Nightmare
We're your Rock N Roll Nightmare!
'Cause we're your Rock N Roll Nightmare
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