Letras / letra P / Philip Claypool

  1. 1. Circus Leaving Town - Before you draw the final curtain before the big top crashes down Before you pack away my trunkcase I'd like to take a final bow One last chance to hear the laughter and to see your face there in
  2. 2. Feel Like Makin' Love - Baby when I think about you I think about love Darling I don't live without you and your love If I had those golden dreams of my yesterdays I would wrap you in the heaven feel it dying on the w
  3. 3. Give Me Time - I need fifteen minutes to work up my nerve Fifteen more to think of what to say to her I ain't tryin' to win a fight I don't have to be right I need one thing tonight give me time I need one
  4. 4. Meaning of Life - I hear your heart beat the sound of you breathing I'm touching your skin amazed at the feeling I've worn out my body and soul trying to figure things out Funny how simple it all seems now A m
  5. 5. Mile Out of Memphis - When she told me she was leaving I told her I'd be fine I guess I never thought she'd make it to that city limit sign Lord I waited twenty minutes thinking she'd come running back But this fool
  6. 6. She Kicked My Dog - Well opeartor operator help me please We get a war goin' on we can't get no peace We're either screamin' on the telephone yellin' in the yard About a whole lotta nothin' and it's gone too far
  7. 7. Southern Style - You're like the night life of New York City you keep me up so late Seeing you sittin' next to me is like a drive across the Golden Gate Your hair is like fields in autumn neath the brightenin' we
  8. 8. Strength of a Woman - Mama still loves me and daddy don't care Mama always held me and he was never there Growin' up a lonely I never had a hand Or someone to show me how to be a man But mama loved me tender put t
  9. 9. Swingin' On My Baby's Chain - I remember the phone every evening ringing till it fell off the wall Seemd like every single guy in town was looking for a buddy to call It was a honky tonk convention sprucing up to get on down
  10. 10. Wall - Feels cold to the touch it reaches to the sky And it's one too many heartaches wide No cracks no doors no windows at all I couldn't knock it over with a demolition ball Yeah I've tried so har
  11. 11. Yellow Rose - I take such pride my thoughts are sweet When I think of you and what you do for me But deep down inside my soul grows weak For our lives seem divided incomplete I'm running full on affecti

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