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Me And Your Momma
Paul Wright

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I spent a lot of time thinkin where I'm going from here I've packed my bags I paid the rent I got all my gear I know you don't love me anymore you won't agree to give me the key and you‘ve locked all the doors we got two sons on the inside yea you and me but how's it gonna be sugar when they need their daddy? you say I'm never around but I've been puttin it down I got responsiblitiy but we're speakin different languages cuz you definitely don't hear me sayin / it didn't work out between me and your momma / I spent some time all alone in between my mothers home been sleepin in my van on the side of the road and it's so hard so I pray to God so I will understand what went wrong and how foolish I've been what ever happened till death do us part what ever happened to these feelings in our hearts whatever happened to I do I do love protect and cherish you whatever happened to the goodbye sighs the really long nights when I looked into your eyes whatever happened to whatever we had what happens when our sons ask what happened to their dad? / chorus
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