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  1. 1. 1,000 Miles - Runway Four, Flight 209 Teardrop Falls, We Start to Climb This Window Seat Proved a Poor Choice It Shows the Dream That's Been Destroyed A Little Baby Starts to Cry Hey, I Would Too, If
  2. 2. a Long Way Home - Don't Look Inside. no Don't Look There 'cause You Might Find Yourself Somewhere Walkin' Round Lost and Alone Without One Clue That It's a Long Way Home Years and Years Is a Lot of Time T
  3. 3. a Thousand Miles From Nowhere - I'm a Thousand Miles From Nowhere Time Don't Matter to Me 'cause I'm a Thousand Miles From Nowhere And There's no Place I Want to Be I Got Heartaches in My Pocket I Got Echoes in My Head
  4. 4. Ain't That Lonely Yet - You Keep Calling Me On the Telephone You Say You're All Alone Well, That's Too Bad You Keep Leavin' Notes Stuck On My Door Guess You're Hungry For Some More Girl That's Too Bad
  5. 5. Always Late With Your Kisses - Chorus: Always Late With Your Kisses Won't You Come to My Arms Sweet Darlin' and Stay You're Always Late With Your Kisses Why, Oh Why Do You Want to Do Me This Way How Long Do You Think
  6. 6. Angels Crossing - Knowing it isn't safe but I can't walk I'm just waiting for me I'm watching but I can’t see this world and life how it’s lived My inmost feelings fusing in me and without a shell they’re running
  7. 7. Away In a Manger - Away in a Manger no Crib For His Bed The Little Lord Jesus Lay Down His Wee Head The Stars in the Sky Looked Down Where He Lay The Little Lord Jesus Asleep On the Hay The Cattle Are Lowing
  8. 8. Baby Don't Go - She Never Had a Mother, She Hardly Knew Her Dad She's Been in Town For 18 Years, And I'm the Only Boy She's Had Chorus: Oh Baby Don't Go Pretty Baby Please Don't Go I Love You So
  9. 9. Baby Why Not - Oh Baby Why Not Just Take One More Chance And Risk All We Got On This Luckless Romance If Someone Asks Why We'll Say We Forgot And Went Kinda Crazy Oh Baby Why Not If Love Needs a
  10. 10. Blue Play - Oh, lay lay yourself down here Away away from your highway It’s true you’ve been changing So soon you’re on your way again I couldn’t see your soul was broken when I couldn’t hear the words unsp
  11. 11. Bury Me - Chorus: Bury Me Along the Big Sandy Down in the Blue Gray Mountains Rest My Soul in Those Hills of Coal Until This Old Earth Does Tremble Now Don't You Mourn For Me When My Soul Is Free
  12. 12. Claudette - I Got a Brand New Baby And I Feel So Good She Loves Me Even Better Than I Thought She Could I'm On My Way to Her House And I'm Plumb Out of Breath When I See Her Tonight I'm Gonna Squee
  13. 13. Close To Life - I keep on running every day seeing resting flowers frost in the dark dark Close to life each day the spirit’s near She’s close to life each day It’s getting closer I feel the air Something’
  14. 14. Come On Christmas - Come On Christmas Please Take Me Away Keep Me Hidden Safe 'til January's Second Day Come On Christmas Come On Noel I'll Wrap Myself Up in the Cheer That's So Abundant This Time o
  15. 15. Crazy Little Thing Called Love - This Thing Called Love I Just Can't Handle It This Thing Called Love I Must Get 'round to It I Ain't Ready Crazy Little Thing Called Love This Thing (This Thing) Called Love (Called Lo
  16. 16. Dangerous Man - Chorus: He's a Dangerous Man He's Got Blood in His Plans Better Watch Out Where You Stand 'cause He's a Dangerous Man He'll Make You Believe That He's Your Friend But Don't Forget It's Ju
  17. 17. Doin' What I Did - Hey, When C.c. Rider Was Just a Snot-nosed Kid I Was Already Known For Doin' What I Did The Women All Screamed As I Walked By My Daddy Would Curse Me And My Momma'd Start to Cry 'cause I
  18. 18. Don't Be Sad - Chorus: Don't Be Sad 'cause You Got What You Wanted You Should Be Glad to Know That I'm Finally Gone Don't Feel Bad Or Be Disappointed 'cause You Got What You Wanted All Along Wasn't It
  19. 19. Falling - When the day’s wrapped in a sheet and perfection has been reached she is nearly inside of me Stealing the place I made complete she is sneaking into me to be what I can't see I'm falling I'm fa
  20. 20. Fast As You - Maybe Someday I'll Be Strong Maybe It Won't Be Long I'll Be the One Who's Tough You'll Be the One Who's Got It Rough It Won't Be Long And Maybe I'll Be Real Strong Maybe I'll Do Things
  21. 21. Floyd County - Chorus: It's a Sad Day in Floyd County, Mr. Jones Yeah, the Grief Is Strong For the Man That's Gone And At the Grave His Woman Cries and She Moans 'cause It's a Sad Day in Floyd County, Mr. J
  22. 22. Flying - I was an open-minded child flying so high with wings so light a fairy in the meadow So suddenly the clouds appeared The old man grabbed my little wings with a deranged desire So I will never be
  23. 23. Gone - Chorus: That'll Be Me You'll See Walking Away That'll Be Me You'll See For the Last Time Today That'll Be Me You'll See For Not Very Long 'cause That'll Be Me You'll See That'll Be
  24. 24. Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues - Everybody's Gone Away, Said They're Movin' to L.a. There's Not a Soul I Know Around, Everybody's Leavin' Town Some Caught a Freight, Some Caught a Plane Said Find the Sunshine Leave the
  25. 25. Guitars, Cadillacs - Girl You Taught Me How to Hurt Real Bad and Cry Myself to Sleep You Showed Me How This Town Can Shatter Dreams Another Lesson About a Naive Fool That Came to Babylon And Found Out That the Pie
  26. 26. Heart of Stone - Chorus: This Heart of Stone Sure Is Missing You Sure Is Wishing You Were Back Where Love Belongs This Heart of Stone Has Not Forgotten You But Broke While Trying to Pretend That It Was Strong
  27. 27. Heartaches By The Number - Heartache Number One Was When You Left Me I Never Knew That I Could Hurt This Way Heartache Number Two Was When You Came Back Again You Came Back and Never Meant to Stay Chorus: Now I've
  28. 28. Here Comes Santa Claus - Here Comes Santa Claus Here Comes Santa Claus Right Down Santa Claus Lane Vixen and Blitzen and All His Reindeer Pulling On the Rein Bells Are Ringing and Children Singing All Is Merry an
  29. 29. Here Comes The Night - I Can See Her Right Out My Window Walkin' On the Street, My Girl With Another Guy His Arms Around Her Like It Used to Be With Me Hey Man, It Makes Me Want to Die Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Here
  30. 30. Hold On To God - Written and Performed For My Mother, Ruth Ann, Without Whose Love and Support I Would Not Have Survived At Three Months Or Thirty Years of Age. Your Hands Will Always Guide My Heart. Chorus: H
  31. 31. Home For Sale - Home For Sale That's Much Too Large Too Many Rooms Big Ole Empty Yard Far More Space Than the Owner Needs Price Includes All the Memories Home For Sale Restored Like New Just a
  32. 32. Home of The Blues - Just Around the Corner There's a Heartache Down the Road All Losers Use If You Can Wade in Through the Teardrops My Friend I'll Meet You At the Home of the Blues I Walk and I Cry As My Hea
  33. 33. Honky Tonk Man - Chorus: Well I'm a Honky Tonk Man and I Can't Seem to Stop I Love to Give the Girls a Whirl to the Music of An Old Juke Box But When My Money's All Gone, I'm On the Telephone Singing Hey, Hey
  34. 34. I Ain't That Lonely Yet - "You Keep Calling Me On the Telephone You Say You're All Alone Well That's Real Sad And You Keep Leavin' Notes Stuck On My Door Guess You're Hungry For Some More Girl That's Too Bad
  35. 35. I Don't Need It Done - Honey You Sure Do It Well But I Don't Need It Done I Know If I Did It With You It'd Be a Whole Lot of Fun I'll Send My Regrets But I Won't Hedge My Bets I Found a Real True Love Now I D
  36. 36. I Got You - I've Had to Buy Back Damn Near Everything I Own From a Little Man Who's Name Is Saul And Has a Lot of Money to Loan I Drive a Beat Up '67 Chevrolet With a Torn Up Seat That Pokes a Brand Ne
  37. 37. I Hear You Knockin' - Chorus: I Hear You Knockin' I Hear You Callin' I Hear You Every Time You Say My Name But It's Too Late, Baby Your Calling's All in Vain I Hear You Cryin' You Done the Lyin' You Tri
  38. 38. I Sang Dixie - Chorus: I Sang Dixie As He Died The People Just Walked On By As I Cried The Bottle Had Robbed Him of All His Rebel Pride So I Sang Dixie As He Died He Said Way Down Yonder in the Land of
  39. 39. I Wouldn't Put It Past Me - I Wouldn't Put It Past Me I Wouldn't Press My Luck If I Were You I Don't Believe I'd Take That Chance With Love Chorus: A Big Chance You'll Be Taking The Wrong Odds Is What You're Stak
  40. 40. If There Was a Way - I Was Just Standing Alone in This Room Surrounded By Memories We Stopped Making Too Soon I Was Just Standing I Was Just Standing Alone in This Room Alone in This Room I Was Just Th
  41. 41. I'll Be Gone - I Watch As You Take Off Your Clothes and Slip Under the Sheets Then I Turn and Kick the Boots Off My Feet I Pull You Close Without a Word 'cause There's no Need to Speak Girl, Beauty Like Yours
  42. 42. I'll Be Home For Christmas - I'll Be Home For Christmas Just You Wait and See There'll Be Snow and Mistletoe And Presents 'neath the Tree Christmas Eve Will Find Me Where the Love Light Gleams I'll Be Home For Chr
  43. 43. I'll Go Back To Her - Chorus: I'll Go Back to Her Where I'm Wanted Maybe I Can Make Up For the Wrong In Spite of All I've Done She Still Wants Me So I'll Go Back to Here Where I Belong Walking Out On Her Wasn
  44. 44. I'll Just Take These - I Think That I Will Just Take a Memory A Small One That I Know Real Well, Then Go What I'll Take Is All the Happy Thoughts I Can Recall But I Know There Won't Be Much That I Can Bear to Touc
  45. 45. Inside The Pocket of a Clown - Inside the Pocket of a Clown, Is a Sad Place to Hang Around, Just Watching Smiles Turn Into Frowns, Inside the Pocket of a Clown. Inside the Heartache of a Fool, You Learn Things They Don't Te
  46. 46. It Only Hurts Me When I Cry - Chorus: The Only Time I Feel the Pain Is in the Sunshine and the Rain And I Don't Feel no Hurt At All Unless You Count When Teardrops Fall I Tell the Truth 'cept When I Lie It Only Hurts
  47. 47. It Won't Hurt - Chorus: It Won't Hurt When I Fall Down From This Bar Stool And It Won't Hurt When I Stumble in the Street It Won't Hurt 'cause This Whiskey Eases Misery But Even Whiskey Cannot Ease Your Hurt
  48. 48. Jambalaya - Good Bye Joe, He Gotta Go, Me Oh My Oh He Gotta Go Pole the Pirogue Down the Bayou His Yvonne the Sweetest One, Me Oh My Oh Son of a Gun, We'll Have Big Fun On the Bayou Thibodaux, Fontain
  49. 49. Johnson's Love - She Had Left Him Lost and Broken Like no Other Had Before And Now His Heart Was Just a Token of the Pain It Had Endured And His Memories Were Clouded With All the Hurtful Things She'd Said Yes,
  50. 50. King of Fools - As You Look Into My Eyes And Tell Those Empty Lies I'll Pretend They're True 'cause That's What I Do As You Sit and Hold My Hand And Smile At Other Men I'll Pretend I'm Blind 'cause
  51. 51. Let's Work Together - Together We Stand Divided We Fall Come On Now People Let's Get On the Ball Let's Work Together Come On, Come One, Let's Work Together Make Someone Happy Make Someone Smile Let's All
  52. 52. Listen - Listen in the Places You Hide Woah, Oh, Oh, Listen Through the Stillness Inside Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Listen to the Words That Are Near And Try to Hear Listen Take One Less Step Away Please L
  53. 53. Little Sister - Chorus: Little Sister Don't You, Little Sister Don't You Little Sister Don't You Kiss Me Once Or Twice Tell Me That It's Nice and Then You Run Yeah, Yeah, Little Sister Don't Do What Your Big
  54. 54. Little Ways - Chorus: You've Got Your Little Ways to Hurt Me You Know Just How to Tear Me Up And Leave Me in Small Pieces On the Ground You've Got Your Little Ways to Hurt Me They're Not Too Big But They
  55. 55. Lonesome Roads - Where Did I Go Wrong You Know I've Never Had a Clue I Must Have Just Been Born no Good 'cause Bad's the Best That I Can Do Was It Just My Fate in Life To End Up Here This Way Lost and
  56. 56. Long White Cadillac - Night Wolves Moan Winter Hills Are Black I'm All Alone Sitting in the Back Of a Long White Cadillac Train Whistle Cries Lost On Its Own Track I Close My Eyes Sitting in the Back
  57. 57. Miner's Prayer - Miner's Prayer Is Dedicated to the Memory of Luther Tibbs. A Kentucky Coal Miner For 40 Years, and My Grandpa. When the Whistle Blows Each Morning And I Walk Down in That Cold, Dark Mine I
  58. 58. My Bucket's Got a Hole - Yea! My Bucket's Got a Hole in It Yea! My Bucket's Got a Hole in It Yea! My Bucket's Got a Hole in It I Can't Buy no Beer. Well I'm Standin' On a Corner - With a Bucket in My Hand I'm Wa
  59. 59. Near You - Everywhere You Go Each Day I Will Be Near You Oh and Dear You Don't Even Have to Say Much For Me to Hear You Because It's Clear You Have a Very Simple Way To Keep Me Near You Oh Ye
  60. 60. Never Hold You - I've Seen 'em Watch You And Make Plans What They'll Do When Someday You Are no Longer Mine I've Heard 'em Carry On About How When I'm Finally Gone They're Gonna Treat You Oh So Fine
  61. 61. North To Alaska - North to Alaska Go North, the Rush Is On Big Sam Left Seattle in the Year of Ninety Two With George Pratt, His Partner and Brother Billy, Too They Crossed the Yukon River and Found the Bon
  62. 62. Nothing - I Couldn't Change Your Heart I Couldn't Change Your Mind So I Just Had to Learn to Live With This Empty Life You Left Behind You Didn't Try to Hear You Didn't Try to See No You Just St
  63. 63. Nothing's Changed Here - I Hear You Walking Across the Floor I Think That I'm Dreaming 'til I Hear You Shut the Door I Wake Up Crying and Calling Your Name Nothing's Changed Here Without You I Start Every Day the S
  64. 64. One More Name - My Friends Tried to Tell Me You Were Steppin' Around But I Wouldn't Hear It, I Shut Them All Down But Now I'm a Thinkin' You've Made a Fool Out of Me 'cause the Words That Are Slippin' Spell Gr
  65. 65. One More Night - One More Night and I Know That I'll Be Over You One More Night and I Know Ah, That the Worst Is Through And If I Can Make This Heart Just Believe It Too Then One More Night and I Know T
  66. 66. Only Want You More - Hey Girl, Hey Girl, You Warned Me to Go But Girl, But Girl, Little Did I Know All the Things You Told Me About What Lay in Store Would Only Make Me Want You More Chorus: No Not a Word
  67. 67. Playboy - They Call Me a Playboy As I'm Making My Rounds Chasing the Bright Light Of Each Night Spot in Town Thought I Never Show It, My Heart's Breaking in Two They Call Me a Playboy But I'm
  68. 68. Please, Please Baby - Chorus: Please, Please Baby, Baby Come Back Home 'cause It's So Cold and Dark Here All Alone If You Come Back I Promise I'll Be Good If You Come Home, Baby, I'll Act Like I Should I Laug
  69. 69. Prisoner - Who's the one living with us? Who's standing between us? Whose world we're living in? Whose rules we're following? That one is me and you see I'm unable to see it clearly Words that I
  70. 70. Ring of Fire - Love Is a Burning Thing And It Makes a Fiery Ring Bound By a Wild Desire I Fell Into a Ring of Fire Chorus: I Fell Into a Burning Ring of Fire I Went Down, Down, Down and the Flames Cl
  71. 71. Run, Run, Rudolph - Hey, Listen to Me Rudolph, You Know You're the Mastermind Run, Run Rudolph, Randolph Ain't So Far Behind Chorus: Run, Run Rudolph, Santa's Gotta Make It to Town Yeah, You Gotta Make Him Hu
  72. 72. Sad - I want you to know to let me go The chains in my veins keep on stealing the life from the inside I'm taking this life to be all mine I’m breaking these chains here to see the love inside Stil
  73. 73. Sad, Sad Music - There Should Be Music Sad, Sad Music But This Silence That You Left Is All I Have I Must Have Missed a Couple Days Or Just Forgotten What Went Wrong Or Where It All Fell Apart And
  74. 74. Same Fool - I'm Just the Same Fool, the Old Fool The One Fool, That You Won't Fool no More 'least Not the Way That You Fooled The Last Fool You Fooled Before So Let the Next Fool, the New Fool Be
  75. 75. Santa Can't Stay - Cold Tears Fall From His Eyes As He Turns Into the Night and Walks Away Lucille Runs Outside Just to See If There Might Be a Sleigh Little Bobby Stares Down At the Plate Where Cookies Still
  76. 76. Santa Claus Is Back In Town - Christmas Christmas Christmas Well It's Christmas Time Pretty Baby And the Snow Is On the Ground It's Christmas Time Pretty Baby And the Snow Is On the Ground I Said You Better Be Go
  77. 77. Send a Message To My Heart - Chorus: Send a Message to My Heart On the Wings of the Wind Let Me Hear Your Sweet Voice Sayin' You Love Me Again Even Though We're Apart I Hold to Your Memory Send a Message to My Hear
  78. 78. Send Me The Pillow - Chorus: Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On Don't You Know That I Still Care For You Send Me the Pillow That You Dream On So, Darlin', I Can Dream On It, Too Each Night While I"m Sleepi
  79. 79. Silent Night - Silent Night, Holy Night All Is Calm, All Is Bright Round Yon Virgin Mother and Child Holy Infant So Tender and Mild Sleep in Heavenly Peace Sleep in Heavenly Peace Silent Night, Holy
  80. 80. Silver Bells - City Sidewalks Busy Sidewalks Dressed in Holiday Style In the Air There's a Feeling of Christmas Children Laughing People Passing Meeting Smile After Smile And On Every Street Corner
  81. 81. Since I Started Drinking Again - Chorus: Since I Started Drinkin' Again Since I Started Drinkin' Again I Ain't Shed One Lousy Tear Over You Since I Started Drinkin' Again I Know That the Neighbors Are All A-talkin' Th
  82. 82. Smoke Along The Track - One Day the Train Was Passing, I Caught It Comin' By To Look This Old World Over, Under God's Blue Sky My Darlin' Stood There Weepin' As I Was Lookin' Back I Kissed My Baby Cryin' in the Smoke
  83. 83. Sorry You Asked - Chorus: You'll Be Sorry You Asked Me the Reason That She's Not Here With Me Tonight And I Know You Were Probably Just Acting Polite But You'll Be Sorry You Ever Asked Why We Started Havi
  84. 84. South of Cincinnatti - Chorus: F You Ever Get South of Cincinnati Down Where the Dogwood Trees Grow If You Ever Get South of the Mason Dixon to the Home You Left So Long Ago If You Ever Get South of the Ohio River Do
  85. 85. Streets of Bakersfield - I Came Here Looking For Something I Couldn't Find Anywhere Else Hey, I'm Not Trying to Be Nobody Just Want a Chance to Be Myself I've Done a Thousand Miles of Thumbin' I've Worn Blisters
  86. 86. Sunny Day - I never gave anything just took it all from you You never said anything though you were feeling blue And though you made me stronger I kept on pushing you away (On a) Sunny day you're on your
  87. 87. Surrender - Another night, another fight, I’m always right, don’t you know just do as I tell you so everything’s fine The spirit is gone The feeling of love I don’t remember How about shutting up, slowing do
  88. 88. Suspicious Minds - Caught in a Trap Can't Get Out Because I Love You Too Much Baby Why Can't You See What You're Doin' to Me When You Don't Believe a Word I Say We Can't Go On Together With Suspicious
  89. 89. T For Texas - I Said T For Texas T For Tennessee Oh, Yeah, I Said T For Texas T For Tennessee Said, T For Old Thelma The Gal Who Made a Wreck Out of Me Well, If You Don't Want Me Momma You Sure Do
  90. 90. Takes a Lot To Rock You - Chorus: Takes a Lot to Rock You Baby It Takes a Lot to Make You Smile It Takes a Lot to Rock You Baby You Make Me Crawl the Extra Mile So Much For Wishful Thinkin' So Much For Beginner
  91. 91. That's Okay - That's Okay. It's Alright No Really, Everything Is Cool This Is Just the Way I Look When I'm Feeling Like a Fool Teardrops Falling Jealous Drowning in Them's Just As Well As Drifting O
  92. 92. The Back of Your Hand - When You Give It Up For Gone But Your Still Digging in the Mind And Your Staring Out the Window Saying Everything Wil Be Just Fine Keepin With Whole Affair Every Word Seems Out of Line
  93. 93. The Christmas Song - Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire Jack Frost Nippin' At Your Nose Yuletide Carols Being Sung By a Choir And Folks Dressed Up Like Eskimos Everybody Knows a Turkey and Some Mistletoe Hel
  94. 94. The Curse - Don't You Sleep. Don't You Have a Single Moment's Peace Just Walk Through the Darkness With Fears That Are Deep And Don't You Even Sleep Don't You Smile. Don't You Have Happy Thoughts Fo
  95. 95. The Distance Between You And Me - Take a Rock, Tie a Rope Throw It Down in the Sea Let If Fall to the Bottom Nobody Knows How Deep Stare Real Hard Through the Water And You Might Just Perceive The Distance Between You and
  96. 96. The Heart That You Own - I Pay Rent On a Run-down Place There Ain't no View But There's Lots of Space In My Heart The Heart That You Own I Pay the Rent Pay It Right On Time Baby I Pay You Every Single Dime For
  97. 97. The Last Time - Well, I Told You Once and I Told You Twice But You Never Listened to My Advice You Don't Try Very Hard to Please Me With What You Know It Should Come Easy Chorus: Well This Could Be t
  98. 98. The Pocket of a Clown - Inside the Pocket of a Clown Is a Sad Place to Hang Around Just Watching Smiles Turn Into Frowns Inside the Pocket of a Clown Inside the Heartache of a Fool You'll Learn Things They Don'
  99. 99. The Queen - The Queen is sweeping living is denied Subjects dreaming between the lines And you think you’re through You’re losing you but you cannot make your move And every night (She is waking) she wake
  100. 100. The Swallow - I’m waiting for the swallow He’s turning to me I take him to my prison I’m keeping the key But in his prison he’s lonely singing his sweetest song to me I listen to him singing He belongs to m
  101. 101. These Arms - These Arms That Hang Here By My Side These Arms That Ache to Open Wide Useless Arms With Nothing Left to Do Since These Arms Stopped Holding You These Arms Are Worthless Now to Me They L
  102. 102. Things Change - She Said, Baby Things Change. I Said, But I Feel the Same. She Said, Well Let Me Explain, Baby, How Things Can Change I Said, But That Doesn't Show How a Love That Could Grow Would Become So
  103. 103. Things We Said Today - You Say You Will Love Me If I Have to Go You'll Be Thinking of Me Somehow I Will Know Someday When I'm Lonely Wishing You Weren't So Far Away Then I Will Remember Things We Said Toda
  104. 104. Thinking About Leaving - I Used to Think Love Was The Soft Rope Meant to Tie Me Down And All That Could Ever Own Me Was a Guitar and Another Town Ten Years Can Disappear Real Fast When Every Morning Just Leaves Som
  105. 105. This Drinkin' Will Kill Me - They Say This Drinkin' Will Kill Me I Don't Know, Oh Lord, It Might Be True If I Stop I'll Just Die From Your Leavin' So Either Way That I Go, It's 'cause of You Chorus: Death Can Come F
  106. 106. This Much I Know - This Much I Know She'll Never Come Back to Me This Much I Know She Meant What She Said his Much I Know It's Taught Me All About Misery I Just Learn Kinds Slow This Much I Know This
  107. 107. This Time - This Time Is the Last Time That I'll Ever Call Her Name This Time Is the Last Time That I'll Ever Play Her Game And This Time Is the Last Time That I'll Endure This Pain 'cause This
  108. 108. Thousand Miles From Nowhere - I'm a Thousand Miles From Nowhere Time Don't Matter to Me Cause I'm a Thousand Miles From Nowhere And There's no Place I Wanna Be I Got Heartaches in My Pocket I Got Echoes in My Head And
  109. 109. Throughout All Time - Chorus: I'll Still See You Walking Silently Through the Shadows in My Mind A Vision of Your Sweet Blue Eyes Creeps Into My Dreamful Sleep At Night You Still Haunt the Deepness of My Memorie
  110. 110. Tired of Waiting For You - Chorus: I'm So Tired, Tired of Waiting Tired of Waiting For You I'm So Tired, Tired of Waiting Tired of Waiting For You I Was a Lonely Soul I Had Nobody Till I Met You But You Keep a
  111. 111. Train In Vain - They Say You Stand By Your Man Tell Me Something I Don't Understand You Said You Love Me and That's a Fact And Then You Left Me, Said You Felt Trapped Well Some Things You Can't Explain Away
  112. 112. Traveler's Lantern - If Deep in the Night You Hear a Voice Calling Lost and Alone Barely Able to Speak With Each Weary Step Through Cold Shadow They Stumble Blindly Along Frail, Hopeless and Weak Ch
  113. 113. Truckin' - Truckin' - Got My Chips Cashed In Keep Truckin' - Like the Doodah Man Together - More Or Less in Line Just Keep Truckin' On Arrows of Neon and Flashing Marquees Out On Main Street Chicag
  114. 114. Try Not To Look So Pretty - Try Not to Look So Pretty The Next Time That We Meet Please Don't Look So Pretty And I Won't Act So Weak Please Don't Look So Pretty You're Lovely But It's Just Cruel Try Not to Look S
  115. 115. Turn It On, Turn It Up, Turn Me Loose - Well I'm Back Again For Another Night Of Trying to Break Free From the Sadness I Can't Lay to Rest This Old Honky-tonk Sure Does Feel Like Home And the Music and the Laughter Seem to Soothe My
  116. 116. Twenty Years - Hey Look Yonder, Henry, Comes the Sheriff And He's Carrying a Warrant in His Hand Don't You Run, Poor Old Henry, For He'll Shoot You Not Long Will You Be a Free Man Chorus: Now Twenty Ye
  117. 117. Two Doors Down - Two Doors Down There's a Jukebox That Plays All Night Long Real Sad Songs All About Me and You Two Doors Down Thee's a Barmaid That Serves 'em Real Strong Here Lately That's How I Make
  118. 118. What I Don't Know - Chorus: What I Don't Know Might Not Hurt Me If I Stay Dumb and no One Tells But If I Find Out That You've Been Cheatin' What I Don't Know Might Get You Killed Death Row in Prison Don't L
  119. 119. Wild Ride - I Walked In There Sat Slim Cleaning Up His Memory With Some Sapphire Gin Mr. Paine Grabbed My Arm Pulled Me Aside And Said, Kid Are You Ready For the Wild Ride I Looked Up There Sh
  120. 120. Yet To Succeed - Please Don't Start Me Cryin' 'cause I'll Go On For Days If Don't Take a Lot But Once This Starts, It Stays Talking Used to Help Here Lately Though, That Just Brings It On Chorus:
  121. 121. You're The One - Chorus: You're the One You're the One That Made Me Cry You're the One That Laughed At Me Then Said Goodbye You're the One You're the One That Made Me Blue So How's It Feel Now T

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