Letras / letra P / Pascale Picard

  1. 1. A While - How do I feel? Alone and lousy And I may seem selfish, but I need A little break on my own, can't you see I'm just tired of being phony So for a while stop calling me, my friend I've spe
  2. 2. Annoying - I hate you as many as you are! Enthroned on the highest chair, a little Tiny peek at me and then back to your world Playing for the staff that couldn't care less Singing as low as possible
  3. 3. Gate 22 - I won't try to argue now Anyway I feel there's nothing I could say To ease your mind Maybe there's nothing exciting outside But ‘round here I'm just wasting my time Spinning ‘round on nothi
  4. 4. Half Asleep - The world's not gonna end I made this promise to me Repeating to myself 12 times a day Nobody loves no one, anyway But someone is still crying In a corner of my head & if you believe me w
  5. 5. Let´s Have a Drink - Let's have a drink At least find a place to sit How I enjoy these times My mind locked on your lips I'm still listening I'm just a little out of it Who's that man? Why did he turn the n
  6. 6. Smillin'!! - I am not gonna make it I can see the crowd around me Is getting bigger, & as it is I'm trying to figure out Why I feel so isolated I have my friends But don't have much time for them I
  7. 7. Sorry - Am I that scary or are you only indifferent Are you ashamed to show me? Sometimes I know I can be different Are you proud of me? Those nights when I sing at the restaurant? Or would you pre
  8. 8. That Is The Matter - Watching my favorite reality show Waiting for the commercial to get another Diet Pepsi I got 5 minutes between two programs, so I'm already wearing my coat The musical theme starts and I'm running
  9. 9. Thinking Of It - Feel the way I feel A taste of what's real You'd wish you could fly away It always seems to ease The sweet ol' kiss of nicotine Sunday I'll quit smoking Another promise up high on my list
  10. 10. Unconscious Liars - Let's rent a car and get out of this place Make them shut up, I really need a few minutes grace They'll say we're stupid if we leave And they'll call us chicken shit if we stay What would you
  11. 11. Useless - I thought for a long time That it began the day you left Saying goodbye on mama's porch Forsaking this troubled woman ‘Cause you thought you did your best And couldn't give more You never
  12. 12. When At The End Of The World - No matter where you start No matter if your story is worse than mine Everybody suffered, we all have a background And the choice to leave it behind There's a time when it's sane to leave our

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