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  1. 1. Apathy is Golden - Here at least ya know, it's always gonna be a gray sky Least I know with you it's always gonna be a bad time You and me we play at games We're never gonna get right Least I know with you it's alw
  2. 2. Broken - Broken, I'm broken I can't fix it up I can't be repaired Well, I'm Broken, I'm broken I'm all busted up My life's in despair The rain's falling down on my face So my tears won't give me away
  3. 3. Detonator - I'm so low, I hope you feel as low as I do Now I'm down and I hope you're feeling just as down and out And I'm so bored but not as bored as you are boring I'm a bitch But you've always known how
  4. 4. DragonFly - Come over, do what ya do to me Pretend we just want to watch TV You're over most every night and day But you never really feel the same Yeah, 'cuz you're my dragonfly Yeah, well you're my dragon
  5. 5. Hide - Hide your bones Hide your skin Hide your money Hide your sin Hide your heart Hide your soul Shut your mouth Say you don't know Hide your face Hide your name Hide your past Hide your pain
  6. 6. Kiss My Wheels - I was born in tangles I was born all alone Before I turned twenty-two I lived by this golden rule Said I belong to no one I belong to none...hey Well, I woke up in shambles I woke up all alone
  7. 7. Pretty Suicide - She was such a pretty suicide Oh, what a beautiful mess She was such a pretty suicide Right now she looks her best Over 50 story fall to stardom She found her fame top of a car 50 stories she c
  8. 8. Rip Me Up - Rip Me Up There's shelter in misery Everyone feels just like me It's too heavy to lift myself So put me up back on the shelf Your eyes are wild tonight Three in the morning new york city t
  9. 9. Song for Margot - Rains all day Rains all year Here on Mars It tastes like tears She told them all When she was young That her world turned And her star burned for everyone You're gonna feel it You're gonna s
  10. 10. Spit - When I first heard this sound I couldn't put it down It made my life complete Aint it neat And when I went to bed It went clawing at my head It made me feel so dirty Made me feel so clean I w
  11. 11. Sunday Morning - Sunday morning brings the dawning It's just a restless feelin' by my side Early dawning Sunday morning It's just a wasted year so close behind Watch out The world's behind you There's always s
  12. 12. Trash The Given Chance - Down in the Village Shades of gray are dull I find a way to generate the day Life seems like some hand me down The threads are showin' thru Just wanna go home and sit around But it doesn't phas

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