Letras / letra N / N.M.E.

  1. 1. Acid Reign - Hell on earth and above Fire from the skies to the earth Death to the body of our god Hate between those of one kind Putrid death from the devil's rain Nuclear (angels of) warfare from t
  2. 2. Chains of Command - I see the way you smirk and grin Hints of the world you live in the "educated" hell they seed The lies that you're forced to feed You think it's too deep to get back out Taught it's wron
  3. 3. Dead Years: The Politics of Paranoia - Insane prophets praise our gun Six thousand daze alone we see Somewhere beyond the last dawn Lies immortality Mute counsel shows us their way Tomorrow hid things to come Forced march t
  4. 4. Evil Dead - Walking on this earth stopping for no one Searching for flesh stopping when they've won Beware they're near ripping limbs from flesh You've nothing to fear beyond the realms of death Bewar
  5. 5. Lethal Dose - Dark force (from) minds filled with hate Conjures evil changing men's fate Dark lord lucifer Worship (lord) jesus and pray Masters of sadistic deaths Martyrs breathe their last breaths
  6. 6. The Floor of The Sky - I won't pretend if you don't shut down Hear what i say and look around See what they've done? they took it all away My fault or not this ain't no way Don't care anything about this place
  7. 7. Torture Me Slow, Brother (the Return Of Unspeakable) - Dark ages a time of atrocity Initiated by the church upon the innocents Holy men prey upon people savagely The pain never ends there are no repents Slaughtering thousands for vanity Massacred by
  8. 8. Worm - Ia ia Shudde mell Father worm My blood buys The red sign Ia ia

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