Letras / letra N / N.E.R.D

  1. 1. Am I High - La la la la Listen La la la Hey Didn't you know I can help or hurt you So there's no reason to lie I bet you let those other niggas jerk you Convince you that they are fly I never said I was a
  2. 2. Anti Matter - Tilt your head back and close your eyes [Chorus] You so anti don't I matter (what!) You so you so anti don't I matter (You punk b*tch!) You so anti don't I matter (what!) You so you so anti don't I m
  3. 3. Baby Doll - Girl you don't know what you are to me You are my baby doll You are my compass star You drive me up the wall Girl you don't know what you mean to me You are my everything You are my alien From
  4. 4. Blaze Of Glory - [Pharrell] Nigga, put down ya beer and - snatch up ya chair 'n A lot of clak up, clak up, street clearin' First the firing then the siren you'll be hearin' Your man gotta few heartbeat left they feari
  5. 5. Bobby James - Hi I'm 17 and my name is Bobby James Everyday in school all my classmates call me names And so this pusher introduced me to this thing He said it makes you forget pain but makes you sing I got pu
  6. 6. Brain - Brain - N.E.R.D What do you think baby I know I want you And you know you want me But can you promise please You'll say yes to me I love how you think You think oh so deep And share your thoughts wit
  7. 7. Breakout - It just happend So what? But they're all laughing What's up? [Hook] Why the tears have no fear We are here for you But I know how you feel, I know how you feel When no-one cares [Chorus] I
  8. 8. Don't Look Back - "Yo, what's up Pharrell? How you feelin?" "Good." "Hey Shay, wake up man." "I'm here." "There's no turning back now." "I know man, I'm ready to go." "You ready?" "Hell yeah." "Yeah, lets go." We're t
  9. 9. Don't Worry About It - [Intro - Pharrell] It's her dark skin.. It's your juicy lips girl, ah-ahhh [Chorus] She's bad bad, bad ass (uh) She's bad bad, bad ass She's bad bad, bad ass (you're so dark girl) She's bad bad, bad
  10. 10. Drill Sergeant - "Drill Sergeant" [Clapping hands] [Chorus] Drill sergeant, I don't work for you I'm not going to war (I'm not going to war) I'mma cash in beautiful books I work at the Barnes and Nobles store (B
  11. 11. Everyone Nose - [Intro - Shae]: All the girls standing in the line for the Bathroom! All the girls standing in the line for the Bathroom! All the girls standing in the, All the girls standing in the, All the girls st
  12. 12. Everyone Nose (Remix Ft. Kanye West & Lupe Fiasco & Pusha-T) - Everyone Nose (Remix) (Kanye) Hey, Do you have any black inside you/ Would you like some, like some?/ You know you got a right to/ do whatever you like to/ don c, we got the right one, the right one/
  13. 13. Fly Or Die - Mummy, Daddy, I know, You love me, Bad grades, Playstation, Restriction, You took it from me, Well God forbid, Something goes wrong, You call, The police, Well guess what, I found, In th
  15. 15. Fuck N' Spend - I see fields of blank and staring eyes Of three ways in the skies On asphalt-petrol highs Their souls need not for rice P-A-C will suffice I see tans and muscles on the guys The girls have thunder th
  16. 16. Good Girl - You just left a good girl (good girl, good girl) A good girl you lost today From such a good thing (good girl, good girl) From such a good thing you walked away Thought I was your guiding light your
  17. 17. Grindin' - [Pharrell] Yo... I go by the name... (I'm yo' pusha) of Pharrell from the Neptunes... And I just wanna let y'all know... (I'm yo' pusha) The world is about to feel... Something... (I'm yo' pusha), th
  18. 18. Happy - The summer's gone too soon The winters coming now And lives are falling and I'm just brawling You had me going out of my head And I look stupid The game was grusome We'll be for a while And then it'd
  19. 19. Hey Mister - it makes me think of bread buns and loaves, his bum, it's sexy! he got an ass that the other guys loathe, it's cheeks, it's sexy! move, it wants to move, but she's holding it, she's squeezing it, move
  20. 20. I'm Da Shit - See sometimes you gotta realize where you are in your life In order to feel good And I feel good baby Listen to me Verse 1 Walk in the club with a bunch of thugs Modify your brains So they call me
  21. 21. It Blows My Mind - [Intro] You should smokes with me [Chorus] The chronic's blowing The chronic's blowing The chronic's blowing The chronic's blowing (It blows my mind) [Verse 1 - Snoop Dogg] Blowing chronic to me, it
  22. 22. It Wasn't Us - Ludacris: Wooo! Ah! Disturbing tha peace in this mu`fucka,man. Just gettin started.Ludacris,I-20,with the Neptunes. It goes a little somethin` like this (Chorus X1) They wanna know why I hit like that
  23. 23. It's Almost Over Now - fuckin posers- yo yo yeah(4x) uh yeah Fuckin' posers It's almost over now It's almost over now for ya fuckin posers yeah its almost over now almost over now You think the way you lives okay You
  25. 25. Kill Joy - [Intro] Ah, hah, ha-ha ha-UHH-ah [repeat 4X] Everybody let's go! [Verse 1] Little, Red, Riding, Hood, went riding on her bike She got just a little distracted cause she see something she liked Just b
  26. 26. Lap Dance - Dirty Dog I'm, I'm a dirty dog I'm a dirty dog I'm, I'm a dirty dog Dirty Dog I'm a dirty dog Dirty Dog I'm an outlaw (I'm an outlaw) Quick on the draw (Quick on the draw) Somethin' you've n
  27. 27. Lapdance - 8x I'm a dirty dog 1st Verse I'm an outlaw Quick on the draw Something you never seen before And I dare a motherfucker to come in my face I got something chrome And I got it from home And it ain't a
  28. 28. Laugh About It - Girls on the floor You made me take a look at me At all the flaws and what could be And all the things that you would reap Was hidden in me I didnt wanna see that was troublin me Am I your sledge ha
  29. 29. Locked Away - [Verse: Pharrell Williams] Changed your mind I made you live a lover's life Changed your mind about all guys No kiss at the end of the night But if you will with me When I'm sure that you can see So w
  30. 30. Loser - You gotta win (x3) You gotta win cos I'm a win You gotta win (x3) See I'm a win, I'm a win We will not be the losers We won't leave till our job is done We will not be the losers Sorry but we're n
  31. 31. Love Bomb - Verse 1: Sitting here in this white, padded room Imagining I'm a meteor flying out through the distant space How this tiny speckle Earth destroyed tomorrow So capable of so many things Why make life t
  32. 32. Maybe - Composição: Desconhecido Love was the egg See and it was born in a cloud with silver lining But it broke, I mean it hatched on the ground So time flew right by me and while I... [Chorus] I know
  33. 33. Provider - Provider | TOP Woke up I had the same clothes on I had on last night Damn I must have passed out And cash is just like the clothes I worn yesterday We are broke Damn I gotta get my ass out I went
  34. 34. Put 'em Up - [N.O.R.E.] Star Track (Star Track) Star Track (Star Track) Millitainment!! Millitainment (Man) My nigga David Banner in the buildin' (Man...man) Bounce bounce (Man) Bounce bounce (Man) Bounce bounce
  35. 35. Rock N Roll - [Verse 1: Fam-Lay] Hmmm...yes sirrrrrr Rock and roll, man roll and rock I got tens, got twentys, got fifty blocks I got smoke to buy, coke for sale Sold much coke, got coke in jail In the white Rolls
  36. 36. Rock Star - 2x Fuckin' posers It's almost over now It's almost over now Yeah You think the way you live is okay You think posin' Will save your the day You think we don't see That you're running Better call yo
  37. 37. Run To The Sun - Thinking about the time we share And how I wasn't there It hurt me These people overwork me Then I heard maybe soon you'll leave Excuse me lord if you have tricks up your sleeve I'm not ready to
  38. 38. She Wants To Move - (Woof Woof Woof) Shake it up ma. Shake it up girl. Shake it up. Base. Hey. Shake it up. Shake it up. She makes me think of lightining skies. (Her name... She's sexy!) How else is God supposed to wr
  39. 39. Sooner Or Later - Sooner or later it all comes crashing down (crashing down), crashing down (crashing down) when everyone's around I bet you would've paid up or you'll cash down (you'll cash down) and not make a sound
  40. 40. Spaz - [Verse 1: Pharrell] Hey... I'm a little teapot short and stout Theres some shake-up'in around me know it's talk, and no doubt I pop the lid the lid, its gon be me I wanna know Nothing'll happen if I
  41. 41. Stay Together - Hey we need to stay together girl Think about it There was something about me and you girl Look here When God created human beings I bet he didn't think of bombs and things I bet he wonders why Jus
  42. 42. Tape You - Babe For what I'm about to ask Don't be ashamed I just love you girl Babe As time will surely pass Love shows it flame In my fuck you world Relax girl Sip some of my slurpee You don't have to lie to
  43. 43. The Anthem - yeah, here we go It's a new day but it all feels old It's a good life that's what i'm told But everything it all just feels the same And my high school it felt more to me, like a jail cell A penetenti
  44. 44. The Don Of Dons - Well hear Dis ! Original Dan die hearted dog heart Haffi put de old iron pon dem Me cyaan live inna no peace ca de whole a dem Informer dem an dem a cause problem Chop It! Koo mama koo mama ma koo sa
  45. 45. The Way She Dances - Unzip your skirt Take off your blouse I hope your toes are painted 'Cause you're gone dance in your undies all over your house When your eyes are closed I hope I'm the man you see (the man you see) 'C
  46. 46. Things Are Getting Better - Check it out bitch See sometimes You gotta realize Where you are in your life In order to feel good and I feel good baby Listen to me Walk in the club wit a bunch of thugs Modify ya brains so
  47. 47. Thrasher - [Intro] HO! HO! HO! HO! HO! HO! HO! HO! [Verse 1 - Pharrell] Every once in a while there is some asshole Giving you shit, cause something in his life won't fold Angely, I'd walk away The "peace/piece
  48. 48. Time For Some Action - You kno when I was a kid growing up, we used to love playing outside, riding bikes, it was the 80's, record heat waves, I mean people were like dying on the side of the road getting heat stokes, on
  49. 49. Truth Or Dare - Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm on the dance floor burnin' up Music turn it up Baby I'm Real hot so is it my turn to touch you Look like you're buzzin on Ex with 3D effects Baby you Look like you have no clue
  50. 50. Waiting For You - [Hidden track] So she tells her man "lets go fishin" Well go tommorow morning when the sun rise.. And then she says she wants to take her kids and (baby cries) Thats her boy thats 12 and her daughter
  51. 51. What's Wrong With Me - [pharrell] Yo (love Hurts, Hurts) Yo...yo (love Hurts, Hurts) I Don't Know How To Understand You (love Hurts, Hurts, Hurts) You Won't Give Me A Chance (love Hurts, Hurts) (c'mon) (love Hurts, Hu
  52. 52. Windows - Verse 1 Every single night I'm starring in her window.. Win-do-do-do-do-do-dow She's fresh in her towel & the lights are dimmed low Win-do-do-do-do-do-dow If you've seen what I've seen, she's a Ten Y
  53. 53. Wonderful Place - [Verse] Damn, it's setting in now (so high) Cuz cartoons are turning into real life Lemons and limes are fighting Fighting over straws Like they were oil filled pipes And why's the sun writing
  54. 54. World Be Free - Intro: Announcer: Can I have your attention please? Keith: On my way to JFK Announcer: Final boarding for flight 655 at Gate 14 Keith: I don't want of ya I'm on my way to LaGaurdia I'm on my way home
  55. 55. Yeah You - [Verse 1] I was at show backstage untying my shoes There was your friend from wireimage standing beside her was you And Nigo told me don't do it my nice image would go up in fumes The head without the
  56. 56. You Know What - At first it started with the eyes, I'm like uh-uh, no way yo sister cant know And so the tension slowly build, you got them slanted eye, ya kills, all systems go then you kiss my cheek, my knees get

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