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  1. 1. Anti-matter - Hey You With the Hand-me-downs Ripped Up Shoes and the Buster Browns No Tattoos, You Don't Stand Out It's All About the Lincolns in Your Bank Account What Does It Matter? What Does It Matter?
  2. 2. Cd Repo Man - . . . "Mr. Humphries?" "Yes, Yes I'm Mr. Humphries . . .aahh!!" . . . . Cd Repo Man He Can Go Where I Can't Go Cd Repo Man He'll Infiltrate Your Stereo Cd Repo Man He'll Sneak Up Around the Ba
  3. 3. Controller - Thank You Kids! Hi Fi Professor! Word! Hello Grandma and Grandpa! This Next Song Is Deticated to Orange County And the Beautiful Fruit It Provides For All of Us to Survive. Let's He
  4. 4. Idiot Box! - Now Now Now I'm Just a Boy I Watch Too Much Tv Nobody Knows, Nobody Knows Casper the Ghost Is So Friendly Nobody Knows, Nobody Knows Sitting in My Living Room With Nothing Left to Do I Think
  5. 5. Knowledge - Kids, It's Time to Sing That Song That We Learned to Day (Sellout) No Not That Song, the Other One You Remember? Yeah Oh Yeah Great Are You All Ready Now? Yeah. Today Was Fun Wasnt It?
  6. 6. Pool Party - (Spoken) Bro-whats Up? Dude, Just Watching the Dating Game Right On, Hey Dude, Guess What Tonite What Pool Party-my House-eight o Clock Yeah! You Dont Even Know Dude, Theres Gonna Be Food and
  7. 7. Punk Rock Girl - One Saturday I Took a Walk to Zipperhead I Met a Girl There and She Almost Knocked Me Dead Punk Rock Girl Please Look At Me Punk Rock Girl What do You See? Let's Travel Round the World
  8. 8. Sex Machine - Come to me Play with me Can't you see I'm just the sex machine Come Sex Play Sex Can't Sex Sex machine Aaaaaaahhhh Aaaahhhh Oooohhhh Aaaahhhh Ohhhh yesssss Ohhhh
  9. 9. Tarantula - Marianne Was a Good Girl The Daughter of Professor Jones One Fateful Day During a Walk Through the Jungle She Fell Into the Catacombes Now It's Dark and Damp And She's Without a Lamp Will the P
  10. 10. The Baker - I Am the Baker I Bake the Cake Make no Mistake, I Like to Bake Once I Discover My Innate Behavior To Mix, to Make, to Bake! Up in the Morning To Start My Work I Cannot Help Wanting to Bake
  11. 11. Theme Song - We Came From An Island In the Sand and the Sun Hidden Away From the World Is That Home of Fun We Surfed All Day And Ate Food All Night When There Was no More Food Eating Sand Was Alright Bu

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