Letras / letra M / M.O.P.

  1. 1. 1/2 And 1/2 - (feat. GangStarr) [Lil Fame] Here comes the revolutionist, executionist Flip a triple six into three nines, cause a crucifix Each man holdin, no man foldin Coast is clear and Premier's i
  2. 2. 4 Alarm Blaze - [Lil' Fame] Seventy-five Raised on a strip called here brotha hill Where guns pop and cops get killed This is the place where paranoya Destroyin' niggas cash cases mo' try to flash they lawyers We'
  3. 3. Ante Up - Huh (huh) huh (huh) huh (huh) huh (huh) Yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) Lil Fame: Take minks off! Take things off! Take chains off! Take rings off! Bracelets is yapped, Fame came off!
  4. 4. Ante Up (Remix) - [Busta Ryhmes] Attention please, attention please!! This shit here feels like a whole entire WORLD collapsed! Motherfuckerrrrrrrrrr! Yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah) yeah! Yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah) yeah (yeah)
  5. 5. Anticipation - HOOK: [KRS sample, MCs Act Like They Don't Know] "This is what you waited all year for, the hardcore" Firing Squad, firing hard "This is what you waited all year for, the hardcore"
  6. 6. Background Nigga - [Chorus 2X: Lil' Fame (Billy Danze) It's them Background Niggaz, back down niggas Murda-ma-murda nigga (kill 'em, nigga, kill 'em) Leave them slumped back, feel 'em, young cats peel 'em Murda
  7. 7. Background Niggaz - [Chorus 2X: Lil' Fame (Billy Danze) It's them Background Niggaz, back down niggas Murda-ma-murda nigga (kill 'em, nigga, kill 'em) Leave them slumped back, feel 'em, young cats peel 'em Murda-ma-murda
  8. 8. Blood Sweat and Tears - Yo Yo c'mon son Yo they killin em out there son They dyin out there son, word up Yo they killin us son, I'm tellin you Y'all niggas c'mon that's my word Y'all better c'mon Yo wake up son They dyin son
  9. 9. Blue Steel - [ Li'l Fame ] Say what, say what, say what? [ both ] I'm packin blue steel (3x) [ VERSE 1: Li'l Fame ] Plow! I'm shootin muthafuckas in the belly Spread em like jelly, play em like skelly I'm repres
  10. 10. Born 2 Kill - Chorus: repeat 2X Represent, show niggaz the deal I'm packing my blue steel, keeping it real Cause niggaz were born to kill [Lil Fame] Here comes the Brownsville slugger, motherfucker I bust off sho
  11. 11. Breakin' the Rules - [Billy Danze] Yeah, check it out y'all. Firing Squad, nigga. (First Family) Yeah, Firing Squad, nigga. Check it out. (First Family) The name's Bill (What up Bill?) I'ma semi-automatic addict for
  12. 12. Brooklyn/Jersey Get Wild - Chorus: Treach Till death do us, can't move us We can rat-tat-a-tat-tat-a or build, it don't matter Holler if you hear this, realness Thugs gon' feel this, Brooklyn banger Jersey jackin steal shit [B
  13. 13. Brownsville - Brownsville's the place where crews seem the livest Cops get knocked down body counts' only rising Them streets look - Full to ya! Villains look - Poor to ya! Them niggas'll - Slaughter ya! For your g
  14. 14. Calm Down - 7-1-8 Brownsville what the fuck you want niggaz? New York you ready for this shit? I don't think so motherfucker Yeah!! M., O., P.!! For life!! Radio.. niggaz never play us!! (FiYAHHHH!!!) [Billy D
  15. 15. Cold As Ice - "Colllld.. asss.. iiiiice; you know that you are Colllld.. asss.. iiiiice; you're cold as ice for me! Colllld.. asss.. iiiiice.." Yeah, hahaahaha, OHHHH SHIT! {"You're as pussy as ice"} YEAH!! {"You'
  16. 16. Cold World - "(Damn! Rapid Firing Squad) Back at your ass again nigga (First Family) World's Famous. (Firing Squad) Look here." Chorus: Lil' Fame (Billy Danze) Its a (cold world) show nuf
  17. 17. Dead & Gone (Battle Version) - Intro: Firing Squad...To the Death Hook: When I'm dead and gone, you won't be alone When I'm dead and gone Verse 1: O.G. Boom Bang (that's my nigga), that's right I told you knuckle build with
  18. 18. Down 4 Whateva - Brooklyn! Uh, yeah! Now, check this shit out Verse one: O.C. Now check this motherfucking capo right here Mash Out Posse SLASH O.C. come together like a glock and a clip We gon' jam when its time to
  19. 19. Downtown Swinga 96 - Billy Danze: a yo what up sport, guess who back on the scene The human being cannon with the infrared beam before the song move on i'm lettin you know i'm still in the ville and i'm still lettin it go
  20. 20. Downtown Swinga '98 - [M.O.P. scratches] C'mon! Yeah! International! Downtown Swinga! [Billy Danze] Ayo what up cobra, it's me (prime time!) PD, I get better with time like a fine wine You see, ever since I was a youth I
  21. 21. Drama Lord - Drama lord [ VERSE 1: Billy Danzini ] Billy Danzini is known to the world as a drama lord Beat more bodies than Mr. Gotti, so I'm not a fraud If you're clever, then you can put 2 and 2 together Real
  22. 22. Everyday - [Product G&B] Oh yeah.. (G&B) Ohhhh.. oooh yeah (M.O.P.) Oh-ohhhh, ooooh (yeah) Oh-ohhhh (Primo bring it back, uh-huh, yo) Oooooh-ohhh, ohh-ohhh ohh-ohhh ohh-ohhh Yeahhh, yeahhhh When you're
  23. 23. Face Off - [Billy Danze] Yo a lot of people depend on me (strongly) I no longer wanna press them situations wrongly They say that a man's life, gon' be what it's gon' be So I switched the game around, and now it
  24. 24. Facing Off - Come on, come on Rap dudes, let's rap Rap dudes Yeah, (laughing) Yeah, come on motherfucka Yea I gave ya a hour nigga But now I want my shit back Bring it to ya ass Fizzy Wo Mack, L.A. I'm a continue
  25. 25. F.A.G. (Fake Ass Gangstas) - [Lil' Fame and Billy Danzini] You fake rappers get the boot Sprayed like brew, I'm shootin f.a.g.'s at they video shoot I bump your ass off quick, so yo, muthafuck karate, boy Don't fuck around and ma
  26. 26. Firing Squad - CHORUS 2X: Firing Squad Aint no tellin what they might do Firing Squad Yo them niggas will invite you Firing Squad To the battlefields so they can wipe you Firing Squad That's them niggas that don't
  27. 27. Follow Instructions - {*Premier* "Look nigga, you know the name.."} {"Where we from nigga? 718"} {"Brooklyn!" - "M plus O plus P!"} C'mon c'mon, c-c-c'mon! {"M plus O plus P!
  28. 28. Foundation - Uh... Uh... C'MON! UH! Firing Squad nigga! Yeah! You see it... First Family... First Family, c'mon... [Billy Danze] Every night I sit and bask in the memories of Frank and Sayin to myself what the
  29. 29. G Building - Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh [Lil Fame] I'm back and I'm stuck up in this bitch [who dat?] Me bitch [who dat?] The Brooklyn thug, what the fuck you see bitch? I'm known for regulatin this game, fuck a
  30. 30. Ground Zero - [Intro] Ten years nigga Care to say thank you bitch? Say thank you nigga Oh! Oh! OH! OH!!! OHH!! OHH!!! Fuh, die, huh, yuh.. [Lil' Fame] Funky beats and my dope beat rhymin make it so simple W
  31. 31. Guns N Roses - [Chorus] Guns N Roses, hit 'em hit 'em up kid! Guns N Roses, hit 'em hit 'em up kid! Guns N Roses, hit 'em hit 'em up kid! Guns N Roses, hit 'em hit 'em up! [Lil' Fame] Whenever a nigga bleed, it lea
  32. 32. Handle UR Bizness - Check, check, check Chorus: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Billy Danze: Handle your business Can't get your grip M.O.P: Can I get a witness?! Lil' Fame: Ghetto people, your dreams have now been fulfilled
  33. 33. Heistmasters - [F] Uhh! [D] Heistmaster [F] Get paid nigga! [D] Heistmaster [F] Let's get paid nigga! [D] Heistmaster [F] Get paid nigga! [D] Heistmaster [F] Let's get paid! [F] Everybody hit the floor, you know w
  34. 34. Home Sweet Home - [Lil' Fame] Yo, home skillet Get back 'fore I push your shit back Yo, we're here to put it down with the Lord (I'm wit dat!!) Blaze him (yo, yo) Blaze him wit a 4 (4) Cash blow loco I bring the heat t
  35. 35. How About Some Hardcore - [ Billy Danzenie ] How about some hardcore? (Yeah, we like it raw!) (4x) How about some hardcore? [ VERSE 1: Billy Danzenie ] (Yeah, we like it raw in the streets) For the fellas on the corner poste
  36. 36. I Luv - Aaaaaaaaah! Chorus: Freddie Foxxx What's mine's I love, and I fight, push to shove ?Hand to hand?, but you can't stop the love You push to impress, and I leave you with less It's real love for the m
  37. 37. Illside of Town - HOOK 4X: In the Illside of Town where they... Murder niggas Get down for your crown Murder, murder motherfuckers [Billy Danze] Ayo, Handle UR Bizness now [you might not get the chance later] Some kin
  38. 38. Lifestyles of a Ghetto Child - [scratches by Jaz] "Lifesyles of a Ghetto Child" "Life-, li-, life-, lifestyles, lifestyles of a ghetto, "Lifestyles of a Ghetto Child" "Life-, li-, life-, lifestyles, li
  39. 39. Move Something - "Aaaaaaaah... I told you motherfuckers. Now what the fuck is going on? You done started a war here now it's on here." Lil Fame speaks: All for this bowl. (Uh) You know what I mean.
  40. 40. My Kinda Nigga Part II - [Heather B] Holler the fuck out. Henny up. Yo, Fox, you know how it goes, with hydro. Uh, uh, uh... Some niggas done betrayed me in the worst way, what the fuck? I pray for their day, no luck The
  41. 41. My Nigga Hillfigga - "I'm gonna let these motherfuckers know something." Chorus: Lil' Fame (Billy Danze) We happen to be, them LIVE NIGGAZ (Don't try) NIGGAZ Do or DIE NIGGAZ Fizzy Womack, y'all, true HILLFIGG
  42. 42. New Jack City - CHORUS: M.O.P. This is, ghetto warfare, heavy metal warfare Prepare, get on your post and stand clear If you start it, defend it, start it, we'll end it We're highly recommended, listen, this is Ghet
  43. 43. New York Salute - Chorus: Lil' Fame Primetime (New York, New York) That's the place where the soldiers die (New York, New York) That's the ghetto nigga's feelings (New York, New York) That's the niggas that multiply (
  44. 44. Nig-Gotiate - {*whispered*} Come on! [Chorus: M.O.P.] Can't stop, WON'T STOP! Can't stop, WON'T STOP! Can't stop, WON'T STOP! Can't stop, DON'T STOP! [B.D.] Once againnnnnnn.. [L.F.] You won't believe it! [B.D.]
  45. 45. Nothing 2 Lose - HOOK: Every day is test so all we do is smoke weed and crack brews Kid I aint got Nothing 2 Lose There comes a time in your life that get trife And you're forced to pay dues Kid I aint got Nothing 2 L
  46. 46. O.c.m.o.p. - featuring O.C. Brooklyn! Uh yeah! Now check this shit out Verse one: O.C. Now check this motherfucking capo right here Mash Out Posse SLASH O.C. come together like a glock a
  47. 47. Old Timerz - [Chorus: Billy Danze] This is for the old school niggas from back in the day When bubblegum soul was legit wit waves Slick Money was a popular phrase And we learned to let the pistol spark, bark and b
  48. 48. On the Front Line - Aight motherfucker.. Primo, a-heh a-hah, a-hey! Sssssss.. [Billy Danze] Yo, I was raised where, cats blaze automatic weapons and half-steppers don't half-step, without protection The rules of the gam
  49. 49. Operation Lockdown - OKAYYY! (YEAHHH!) AIYAHH! Hahahahah.. yeah! "Groups came and went as fast as day and night." Word up, word up, word up, word up, c'mon "Among them.." Heheheh.. WHAT? UHH! &quot
  50. 50. Pounds Up - Ooh.. yeah.. Come on! Ooh.. Yeah.. yeah.. Yeah.. [ Lil' Fame ] Why y'all niggas is sis' to fuck with Lil' Fame I analyze the streets, spit real game I'll blast on you as you pass on through Catch you
  51. 51. Power - [Chorus: Lil' Fame, Billy Danze] Power (power) power (M dot O dot P devour) our (Loyalty is royalty boss We roll through wit tremendous force and bring) (Power) power (power) M dot O dot P devour (ou
  52. 52. Ride - Intro: Yeah, Firing Squad nigga. Teflon. Salute Hook: I got a ride You got a ride We got a ride, that hit up from both sides (X 1.5) Yo, it's the way of the world, right And can't nobody change, the
  53. 53. Ride With Us - Firing Squad nigga Firing Squad! Uh, First Family Top notch nigga BD, uh [Billy Danze] I used to have so much confidence in myself But now my game is changed and my pain's been felt My hand's been de
  54. 54. Ring Ding - {*CHORUS*} [D] Ring ding [F] Ring ding [D] Ring ding [F] Ring ding [D] Ring ding [F] Ring king motherfuckers [D] Ring ding [F] Ring ding [D] Ring ding [F] Ring ding [D] Ring ding [F] Ring king motherf
  55. 55. Roll Call - [Intro] In the year 2000... {M-O-P} still bangin {Firing Squad!} {The last generation...} Hey, hey, hey, hey All right let me brake it down one for time for you You motherfuckers Yo Primo hold me d
  56. 56. Rugged Neva Smooth - (4x) It's the Mash Out Posse Rugged neva smooth M fuckin O fuckin P on the move [ Lil' Fame ] The M.O.P.'s about to run this you couldn't shun this I'm leavin rappers with the dumbness Because I got
  57. 57. Salute - Uhh, uhh... Uhh, uhh... M.O.P. in the house kid BLAU! You knowhatimsayin, check this out Lil Fame's a trigga nigga Billy Danze a trigga nigga Aight? Keepin it real Brownsville still nigga [Lil Fame]
  58. 58. Salute Part II - "Yeah, they talkin about rap." "We don't rap, its not about rap we livin it what they talkin about. It's not about college or what you read in a newspaper or magazine. Its hear i
  59. 59. Stick To Ya Gunz - Intro (sampled): Calling the police, calling the G men Calling all americans to war on the underworld All I need is money, and I'm getting that money tonight Verse One: Lil' Fame Let's take a slid
  60. 60. Stick To Ya Gunz (Feat. Kool G Rap) - Intro: (sampled) Calling the Police Calling the G-men Calling all americans to war on the underworld All I need is money, and I'm getting that money tonight Lil' Fame: Let's take a slide throug
  61. 61. Stompdashitoutu - C.N.N. Feat. M.O.P. [Noreaga] Thugged Out Millitainment "Def Jam Vendetta" We comin at y'all, straight to the STREEE-EEEETS! Yeah, we have the M.O.P. shit - the M.O.P. shit Just thug ni
  62. 62. To the Death - [ Billy Danzenie ] Ah! check it out, y'all M.O.P. up in this motherfucker You niggaz hear? [ Bill ] M.O.P to the motherfuckin death [ Fame ] Straight from the streets gettin cash [ Bill ] Young black
  63. 63. Top of the Line - [F] Mash 'em out [D] No doubt [F] Mash 'em out [D] No doubt [F] Mash 'em out [D] No doubt [F] Mash 'em out [D] No doubt [F] Top of the line, for your mind [D] Niggaz hit the floor [F] Move it out, mo
  64. 64. Warriorz - [Lil Fame] YEAH!! (Ooh shit!) YOU KNOW WHO THE FUCK THIS IS? IT'S THE HARDEST, SPITTIN'... M.O.P. [Chorus: Billy Danze] Warrior! Come out and play nigga! I'm callin' ya! What you say nigga? All of ya
  65. 65. Way of The World - * There are a lot of background and underlying vocals in this song. It's impossible to get them all but I got the main ones. Aaaah. Fuck it *echoes* Fuck you *echoes* Come on! Ah
  66. 66. Welcome to Brownsville - [Intro] Ah here we go, here we go I gotta go (ahahahaha) Ehh, you motherf***ers (arhd) Ehh, I just gotta dig on Play my track Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr [Teflon] Aha City A
  67. 67. What the Future Holds - A big city baby Time to bend on some shit Yall people dont understand That shit is real out here Im a tell yall a story Now this story didnt happen too long ago And it wasnt that far away Its about so
  68. 68. When Death Becomes You - Intro Hahahahahaaa Yeah Nigga The Smoke of New York Get up Come On Ah 50 Cent Chorus There's nowhere to run to when death becomes you some say your soul may burn in the flame.. So front if you want t
  69. 69. World Famous - "World... world... world... world..." Whattup? Aight? Whattup whattup whattup niggy? It's the world's famous (M.O.P.) Firing Squad (Is Home Team in the motherfuckin house?) NO QUESTION! *repeat 2X

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