Letras / letra M / MARAS

  1. 1. Bloodstone Warrior - He bestows the black elements of Sun To the Decadents, creators of his thunder heart As pleasure of behavior, sufficient for us Embodiment of those, sinners of thy kingdom come The empty intr
  2. 2. Descends Damask Winter - Erstwhile the realm of erratic storms The passing fragile timeless years Clad within silence along the pale sky The biting sorrow tolls in my mind Fury of darkness ends in the mist To the m
  3. 3. Follow The Maras - Awake from your cold, cold home When the full moon rises above to see The final day is chanting so loud Dragons will cover Mater Zemlya above I whisper on tongues so foreign for me To the s
  4. 4. Syen, Behold The Skies of Huma - Syen, behold the skies of Huma, As they bleed above the Kozhuf mountains The Two Ears summoned to the greatest sorrow In the regions of my primordial fathers Syen, regret for me and my soil

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