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  1. 1. 0078h - I was someone else's girl Every time you look in my eyes All that I felt somehow dies No no no no Can't you see what you're doing to me No no no no (Chorus:) Don't look at me with that smile Don't a
  2. 2. Birds - Sun is shining Birds are singing Flowers are growing Clouds are looming and I am flying
  3. 3. Can't Stop - Can't stop I can't stop, yeah Can't stop I can't stop, yeah (repeat till end)
  4. 4. Car Chase Terror - Mother: Look at my hands, I'm shaking, all my body is shaking. Daughter: It was only a dream, mommy. Mother: He was there... His car was parked there in the same gas station, all dr
  5. 5. Carresses - I am sorry, gentlemen. But it will be best for you to stay here tonight. You can't fight them. ??? Dear Doctor, for one who is not afraid of the dark. You have been pushing your horse pretty fast.
  6. 6. Couleurs - Chasing colors through my fears Chasing colors in my fears I need yourself! Should you find out I need you a new way, need you all day
  7. 7. Dark Moves Of Love - The time is blowing out Dividing you and me Can you see me? Everything is wrecked and grey I'm focusing on your image Can you hear me in the void? I will fight the time and bring yo
  8. 8. Don't Save Us From The Flames - Tina! Tina! Tina! Tina! Out of the flames A piece of brain in my hair The wheels are melting A ghost is screaming your name Tina! Tina! Bleeding all around Liquid metal through my veins
  9. 9. Goodbye/ Farewell - Kiss on the mouth, bliss of a touch Hand in a hand, killing the fiend I'll write my love on more than a thousand weeping willows A walk on your voice So far, so close A whispering child so cold, so m
  10. 10. Graveyard Girl - Death is her boyfriend She spits on summers and smiles to the night She collects crowns made of black roses But her heart is made of bubble gum Graveyard girl Dark rags and red stars
  11. 11. Highway Of Endless Dreams - 7 a.m. dusty road I'm gonna drive until it burns my bones Crossing a dream with my old lost care Its smell brings the dead memories back Crossing a dream.
  12. 12. In the cold I'm standing - Something is coming now Something is coming now Something is coming now...
  13. 13. Kim & Jessie - Kim and Jessie They have a secret world in the twilight Kids outside worlds They are crazy about romance and illusion Somebody lurks in the shadows Somebody whispers Somebody lurks in the shadows Yea
  14. 14. Moon Child - They say I made the moon Everything was in the dark No memories at all Just a tiny freezing wind in my back As I was sitting there Singing a song they had never heard before Suddenly, a v
  15. 15. Safe - Atomic roads, nuclear sunrise They left me all alone Falling stars exploding on the sea God, it's beautiful The land and the roses slowly disappeared Why am I so alone? A wounded angel is
  16. 16. Sister (part 1) - Stay away from me Handcuffed, the memory sounds Stay away from me You look like there's a scary ghost Stay away from me Stay away from me
  17. 17. Skin Of The Night - Like a moth she moves to the red light Her blood warms and boils there She skims the sweat like a new milk As pops the buttons off her wet blouse Oh Queen of the Night! Well she is deep
  18. 18. Teen Angst - How fast we burn How fast we cry The more we learn The more we die The more we learn The more we cry How fast we burn How fast we die I hear the planet crying now I hear the planet
  19. 19. Too Late - I look into your eyes Diving into the ocean I look into your eyes Falling! Like a wall of stars We are ripe to fall And if you are a ghost I'll call your name again And if you a
  20. 20. Until The Night Is Over - I am cold and I'm lost I'm standing in the rain I'm not strong anymore I'm just waiting for the sun I am cold and I'm lost (I am cold) I'm standing in the rain (I'm standing in t
  21. 21. Up! - If I clean my rocket We'll go flying today And we'll hit the pockets Of warm and crispy air Oh you lovely boy you smell so sweet We ride so well And we load our pistols as we perch upo
  22. 22. We Own The Sky - Each shade of blue Is kept in our eyes Keep blowing and lighting Because we own the sky Secrets from the winds Burnt stars crying Soft soft or cruel Can't we change our minds? W
  23. 23. You Appearing - It's your face Where are we? Save me

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