Letras / letra L / Luise Carver

  1. 1. Empty Fantasy Lyrics - Thought how good it would feel To be under your spell Well the conversations dried up And I'm left shaking I've got things I must do Never waste a day when the sun is shining But I can't fight
  2. 2. Harder Than I Thought - My mother told me be independent It's worth more than gold And my mother told me don't you ever Wait for them boys I'm sorry mum I let you down See I'm stuck in the middle, my inner battle My f
  3. 3. Hold My Hand - If there are rules for happiness Show me I will follow them all If there's a measure for success Tell me I will measure myself If there's a road that leads to no loneliness Take me, I will leave
  4. 4. Impossible Love - Caught up in a distant conversation Like meeting a stranger for a night I ask you why you look so different You just turn away, you just turn away and Maybe if I stood in front of you naked You

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