Letras / letra L / L''Roneous Da''Versifier

  1. 1. a Place Called This - * DJ scratches "the lesson of the day" while L'Ron talks over intro * [L'Ron] Damn.. I had this dream.. It was.. I don't know man it was out there.. .. but it was right here.. I
  2. 2. Castaway The Stowaways - Hello out there! We're about ready to begin our program [L'Ron] Yeah.. This is dedicated to those who view hip hop as a voyage And on those voyagers we take you there * the
  3. 3. Imaginarium - Ladies and gentlemen Fairytale Theater proudly presents L'Roneous; with the short entitled Imaginarium Give him a round of applause [L'Ron] Thank you.. I'm travelling thr
  4. 4. L'chemy - Class open your textbooks Hmm.. to the next school Volume One: I put the formula in the bottle system registers volume But now all the mixes fixate and create the perfect limerick

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