Letras / letra L / Lewd Acts

  1. 1. Apple Eyes - you said that we'd meet half way but at this pace we'll never be in the same place i am running out of limbs i'm down to the last leg of this race so, if you pass me by again please
  2. 2. Drifter's Sole - cross my heart i meant every lie that i told now, cross your legs i need a photo before i go these nights are hot, but the days are so cold be it sand, or be it snow the footsteps i follo
  3. 3. Enterlewd/self-esteem Roller - 1, 2, GET LEWD! i've got a sprained shoulder and a disheveled interior from throwing haymakers at a stranger in the mirror there's no way he could be me, his spine is crooked no way i would be th
  4. 4. Fun In Funeral - making arrangements the starch the bleach no roses grow on the grave where we celebrate i'm going to wear white to your funeral needles pushing under skin it breaks it bleeds
  5. 5. Holy Hands - oh this hymn sings no praise of the lost days when youth's brains were sun-bathed on sundays and thesepews going to give our backsides slivers when this reckless perspective is d
  6. 6. I Scream - mediocrity is the majority and it's these same old words that are boring me how can you be so content with everything already said? what the fuck are you fighting? where's your revo
  7. 7. Pallbearer Blues - heart's been running on empty ever since that day you fucking left me how could things turn out this way? no good-bye's you're gone and that's it i'm just a flower on your casket an
  8. 8. San Diego Transmitted Disease - GO! this longing for belonging is making you sick revolver to your head you're pulling the trigger just to be the part of the clique it's suicidal to think that way it's suicidal
  9. 9. That Time of The Month - things fade so fast this happiness won't last the sun goes down the bird goes up white flags at half-mast no need to stop the bleeding open-mouthed cannon fodder red-tide trouble
  10. 10. The Bridge - He had some words but few worked out His suicide read "goodbye for now" And in his mind there's no doubt That this is the right thing On the tallest bridge in his city The waves, the rocks,
  11. 11. Thirteen - thirteen walking and i'm walking and i'm stomping the street trying to penetrate the asphalt with my feet oh, know getting so old when you're living in a town where all the st
  12. 12. Womanipulation - i am a man who is rotten and forgotten living with handfuls and landfills of regrets while she stand there stabbing me in the chest with each subtle suck of her cigarette and i confess th
  13. 13. You Ain't No Patron Saint - how could this be true? i looked up to you with a kinked neck and dreams wrecked ambition's beat black and blue i've been knocked down before yeah, i've been let down but neve

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