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  1. 1. All You Can Buy - You can buy sex You can buy people You can't buy freedom You can't buy me You can buy big toys and drugs To fullfill your empty stupid life Can you buy air? Polution! Can you buy water? It's
  2. 2. Alone in the Crowd - Don't be afraid of loneliness It can be your friend Nobody's gonna look after you Don't be afraid of loneliness It's your choice Don't think too much Show your energy You can get it Show your
  3. 3. Bleeding Soul - I cannot deny the time is short Even the moon can't arise Time has stop it's flow for you to go The chain of happenings is broken The sun has fallen from above And all demons are rising from ins
  4. 4. Cleaning the Congress - I'm a different murderer I'll kill those motherfuckers I won't steal or rape inocents But stop that mafia I'll explode the congress With all those thieves Pieces of them rolling on the ground
  5. 5. Darkness - Thinking, in dark, no end I don't wanna awake, I have fear. Reality, distorcion, pure illusion Fight, don't stop, to look Don't turn on the light, please!!!!! Is so much bright Without
  6. 6. Home War Drug Rules - Wake up a world divided But wich side will you choose? Smoke up, it's just a joint And you sponsor crime and death You say that you don't care What is all about? Razor, dust, burning weed and s
  7. 7. Human Hunt - Living like animals No cure, like the pest Greed and selfish are the rules I'm the best, fuck-off the last Atrocity and lies War in the streets There's no light Who deserve to die Money is th
  8. 8. I Have More Anger Inside Me - Every gone day, i have more anger inside me, Thinking in everything around me, that rounding me, Can't see solution, for this lost world, I can't reflect, have no daring to accept In every
  9. 9. Insane Society - Insanity is the purest truth Death, fury and hate Some people have the brutal soul Hurts, pain, you're dying The violence is an expression form Chaos, fear and blood Making justice with their h
  10. 10. Mortal Dance - I wanna kill very day I wanna walk and say Life and death in my world I don't write beautiful words My life is over Nobody pray for me But God will say You shall not get older No rest for the
  11. 11. Prisioner of the Past - All my life destroyed All my glory forgotten All my time was lost All this things Nobody will remember All the time That I'm fighting Many things Mean nothing What happens now Survival will
  12. 12. Terrorism - A new millennium begins The war was begun Many died, Paying whit its own lives. For more stupid war, Without winner, The ultimate was given, Being totally challenged The unexpected h
  13. 13. The Final Ditactor - We are in hell There is no solution We are a sign of the times We are poor and invisible Now cocaine rules the world It's the very late It's time for a social conscience We always see it for d
  14. 14. The Life After Death - The life after death, I see the light In the end of the great dark tunnel We don't know what's right or wrong There's so many things that we don't know I don't believe there is an objectiv

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