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  1. 1. American Society - Don't wanna drown Don't wanna be found This is not my destiny Oh yeah No twentieth century casualty Oh yeah I don't wanna watch television I don't wanna listen to the radio I don't
  2. 2. Andres - Down in North Hollywood There's a guy with long hair He's really, really nice But we had a problem Andres I'm sorry The key is stuck in the lock And we need some AC It's burning
  3. 3. Bad Things - I suppose I should say a few words here Let it all out Try to let it all out I like the sign with the blinking light I like the sign it makes me feel alright I like the lights yeah they¡
  4. 4. Baggage - I'm lookin' old today In a very sort of jaded way Very cynical and hard Weeds all over my yard I can't remember the summer It's all a blur, yeah It's been pilin' high It's been pilin' u
  5. 5. Baggs - Every dog and every cat and every people has Louis Vuitton Rich people and poor people genuine spurious Louis Vuitton A kindergarden pupil has it with her mom is Louis Vuitton A college student
  6. 6. Bite The Wax Tadpole - Bite the wax, bite the wax tadpole Bite the wax, bite the wax tadpole Bite it - tadpole Bite it - tadpole He has (hides?) a....(?).....to webs.. Hide the hole Hide the hole in your
  7. 7. Bitter Wine - I¡¯ll drink bitter wine I¡¯ll eat humble pie I¡¯ll do all this For some peace I'll do all this for peace of mind Can we trust each other I'm not your keeper No farewell sister Try
  8. 8. Bloodstains - They can make things worse for me Sometimes I'd rather die They can tell me lots of things But I can't see eye to eye Well, I know they know the way I think I know they always will But so
  9. 9. Broomstick - I've got my broomstick, baby I've got my paperback novel I'm gonna lay right here And i ain't gonna grovel What's the use of lying I won't believe you What's the use of crying It won
  10. 10. Can I Run - Are these sensible shoes on my feet I wear my shades so our eyes don't meet I'm scared every fuckin' day I wear my headphones so i can't hear what you say Can i run Switch to paranoid
  11. 11. Can't Fuck With The South - [Verse One: Trick Daddy] Anybody wanna motherfucking die, come see I Who me? T-double D nigga That's right that's motherfucking me nigga (huh) And got damn it if I said it, I motherfuckin mea
  12. 12. Cat O Nine Tails - Cat-o-nine-tails Cat-o-nine lives Little pussy purrs, hold her tight and she's yours Think I'm allergic and I don't know why Think I'm allergic and it makes me cry You're scratchin' m
  13. 13. Cherry Bomb - Can't stay at home, can't stay at school Old folks say, ya poor little fool Down the street I'm the girl next door I'm the fox you've been waiting for Hello Daddy, hello Mom I'm your ch ch ch ch
  14. 14. Cool Out - Are you gonna join? Are you the half that's gonna swallow the gun? Exactly where do you stand You seem to have trouble being human You've got a habit of starting a fight You wanna punch
  15. 15. Crackpot Baby - Crackpot baby at a quarter to three Remind me, advise me to, Remind me to, ignore you Crackpot baby, with the resume on Crackpot baby, quarter to three God no, another theory Gakked out-s
  16. 16. Cucurrucucu Paloma - Dicen que por las noches no más se le iba en puro llorar; dicen que no comía, no más se le iba en puro tomar. Juran que el mismo cielo se estremecía al oír su llanto, cómo sufrió por e
  17. 17. Da Man - [Chorus: TQ] All I ever wanted to do was be da man Get out the ghetto and feed my whole fam But the dirty streets in the city won't let me go (let me go, let me go) All I ever wanted to do
  18. 18. Deathwish - She wakes up wet in a shower stall Sewn together, bangs her head on a wall She goes hitchhiking at 3 a.m. Bruised and bloody, does it over again She's got a deathwish In a self-destructi
  19. 19. Diet Pill - My diet pill is wearing off My diet pill is wearing off Cos Victor's in the bed Sewn in the sheets with thread The twins are in the car The frying pan is red Calgon can't take me aw
  20. 20. Drama - Wah wah one and one is two We got a drama I¡¯m watching TV and I don¡¯t need you Bring on the drama I¡¯ll tell you something and you know it¡¯s true You¡¯re full of drama My piss is yello
  21. 21. Everglade - Glade told her ma, "Home scene's lame" "I gotta go head into town, blow some steam at the rock show" Sneak through the back door and head for the pit Then some drunk, stupid loser started givin
  22. 22. Fast And Frightening - Her glance hits me like lightning I heard that girl is fast and frightening Dirty hair and a laugh that's mean Her neighbors call her an evil machine She's fast, she's lean She's frighte
  23. 23. Freak Magnet - Liars, losers, coming at me What i need is sanctuary Minding my own business Getting in my face Violating my personal space Freak magnet Jerk appeal Something about you Is so no
  24. 24. Freeway - Parked on the freeway, sippin' from a can Parked on the freeway, fuck it man Parked on the freeway, sippin' from a can Parked on the freeway, he's our man Yeah, he's our man Don't burn the
  25. 25. Freezer Burn - Freezer burn watch you thaw Suck it in, big guffaw Freezer burn, shut your mouth I know what your braying about Freezer burn All my life, once bit twice Freezer burn watch you pose Roll
  26. 26. Fuel My Fire - I've got a word of thanks Thanks that i'd like to say For the rage that i feel For the rage that i feel today Gotta stack gotta stack Stack of chips on my shoulder In everything i do Ca
  27. 27. Gas Chamber - Blindfold me and hang me hight Lethal injection, watch me fry I won't flinch and I won't break a sweat When I taste the cyanide gas, gas, gas Only way you're gonna shut me up Only way you're gon
  28. 28. Hanging On The Telephone - I'm in the phone booth, it's the one across the hall. If you don't answer, I'll just ring it off the wall. I know he's there, but I just had to call. Don't leave me hanging on the telephone.
  29. 29. Human - We don't share the same rung with you First glance, organic material not true It appears to be human But its not Your shell's a canister with nothing inside Third rate substance you cleverl
  30. 30. I Drink - I drink, i get drunk and fall on my face All my friends tell me i'm a basket case I drink, i get drunk and fall on my face I got so drunk I don't remember what happened But everybody sai
  31. 31. I Need - Be honest with me Really you could be frank Come on and lay it on me Come on and validate me, me I need Enough talk about me Let's talk about you What do you think of me? What do y
  32. 32. It's Not You - Suck this It's not you It ain't you He's the one who can take out my trash He's the one who can scratch on my back He's the one who don't give you flack About what I do, and it's not y
  33. 33. Just Like Me - Taime is a rock star Just like me Everyone loves him Just like me They all think he's punk Just like me Smack how he picks it up So where's your dignity? faster, faster, faster....
  34. 34. Lackey - Got a lot that I want to do I've got the feet, but I don't have the shoes Yeah, yes yes ma'am Wash it down with how great I am I want a lackey Looks like you Won't fuss and wine I want
  35. 35. Let's Lynch The Landlord - The Landlord's here to visit They're blasting disco down below Sez, "I'm doubling up the rent Cos the building's condemned You're gonna help me buy City Hall" But we can, you know we can But w
  36. 36. Let's Rock Tonight - Let's rock tonight Let your hair down Don't be so uptight Come on let's rock and roll You rocked my body Now you're rocking my soul Let's rock Come on let's rock Well are you re
  37. 37. Lion's Share - All he sees are death masked stars The lion's world is cold and sharp All he wants is much too far So he stalks the roads of token cars He snarls at winds that mean no harm And takes the th
  38. 38. Little One - I know your scared and little uptight Things just have not been right Be alright, It'll be alright We're gonna have fun tonight, yeah My little one A lot of shit is on your mind Blow it o
  39. 39. Livin' Large - We're livin' large in our own little way We're livin large and we don't get paid We're livin' large in our own little way Got some lemons, make some kickass lemonade We're livin' large, and w
  40. 40. Long Green - When the long green comes in Have a party for all of my friends Yeah, baby, yeah Go for the neck Yeah, baby, yeah Oh yeah you bet Razor blades, draw me a bath Basta, Basta, Basta Yeah
  41. 41. Lorenza, Giada, Alessandra - Lorenza, Giada, Alessandra I love you, I love you, I love you Lorenza, Giada, Alessandra Lorenza, Nicola, Alessandra Lorenza, Giada Alessandra I love you, I love you, I love you Lor
  42. 42. Mantra Down - Got my mantra down, hey Ultra violet light, such a violent life Ultra violent life
  43. 43. Me, Myself, And I - Me myself and I Will never be lonely As long as I Stick together Like glue Without you I lie here on the couch Thinking about potatoes and me And I realize Destined to be French
  44. 44. Metal Stampede - It's a metal stampede Metal stampede Yeee Hawww... Old MacDonald had a farm E-i-e-i-fuckin-o Put your pedal to the metal Metal stampede Brrreeeeahaha.......... Yeeeeeehaaa
  45. 45. Monster - Come on over It's getting late It's time to fish No time to cut bait Ghoulish passion you inspire With your kind of trouble I'll never tire Monster (monster in me) Bring out the
  46. 46. Moonshine - I took a walk in the park It was scary and dark I looked up at the moon And I wasn't afraid I wasn't afraid She's so bright tonight Shining through the trees She's glowing on you T
  47. 47. Mr. Integrity - stranded in the streets of san francisco a rust car pulled along side of me i looked behind the wheel and i started to squeal an idol's face was staring at me don't preach to me Mr. in
  48. 48. Ms. 45 - She's got a gun Just make her day Don't fuck with her She'll blow you away She walks the streets at night And they think she is a whore She's gotta deal with you She's gonna even out
  49. 49. Must Have More - Her mouth is calling you His hands are empty My brain is drying out It was so hungry Must have more Love for you My eyes are cold and cracked She cried a river He pulls his hair
  50. 50. Non-existent Patricia - Non-existent Patricia Room 426 Non-existent Patricia Does not exist Non-existent Patricia Melts into the walls Was she at the party? No one can recall Non-existent Patricia
  51. 51. Off The Wagon - Been dry long enough My brain and body need some abuse Rake me over the coals And I¡¯ll try to think of an excuse I set a goal and it won¡¯t be hard Hit every bar on the boulevard Bad
  52. 52. On My Rockin' Machine - Place my bet on my rockin' machine Put it down, put it down, make it clean On my rockin' machine Faster, faster Slower, slower
  53. 53. One More Thing - I've just 'bout had enough I'm drowning from too much stuff I get scared when the telephone rings Someone complaining about one more thing One more thing Yeah it's one more thing One m
  54. 54. Packin' a Rod - I'm all fucked up and i'm mad as hell Violate your daughter And your son as well I don't give a shit about your crummy lie As long as I'm god, i'm packin a rod Yeah I'm packin' a rod
  55. 55. Pretend We're Dead - What's up with what's going down In every city, in every town Cramping styles is the plan They've got us in the palm of every hand When we pretend that we're dead When we pretend that we
  56. 56. Questioning My Sanity - I'm saving my piss in a jar This depression has gone too far I'm lying here in bed Am i alive or am i dead I'm questioning my sanity The paint chips are kicking in Desperation bubbl
  57. 57. Riding With a Movie Star - .Riding with a movie star...
  58. 58. (Right On) Thru - Well I hate the rain when I drive Right on thru Cause the windows are broken on my 455 Right on thru It don't rain much but when it do That dirty old rain comes right on thru Right on thru Thr
  59. 59. Right On) Thru - Well I hate the rain when I drive Right on thru Cause the windows are broken on my 455 Right on thru It don't rain much but when it do That dirty old rain comes right on thru Right on
  60. 60. Runnin' From The Law - Playing rock and roll On a Friday night A noise complaint Turned into a fight The neighbors were loud It disturbed our crowd We played some more And they stormed the door We didn't
  61. 61. Scrap - I met a skinhead named Scrap He lived in my friend's garage Everyday he's shaking that spray paint can And comes out seeing stars Grab a paper bag like an oxygen mask Until your mind sta
  62. 62. She Has Eyes - I am sick of her attacks Can't help but i've fallen back I believe in what she says I rent space in her head She has eyes made for crying When she can't lie to get approved Lost tim
  63. 63. Shirley - Welcome the first lady to try and qualify in an NHRA-dragster competition ~ Shirley Muldowney! Feels so real Crushing the steering wheel How many times Must we toe this line Halting me
  64. 64. Shitlist - When i get mad And i get pissed I grab my pen And i write out a list Of all the people That won't be missed You've made my shitlist For all the ones Who bum me out Shitlist For
  65. 65. Shove - Bill collector called today Shove IRS is on my case Shove My boss says i should comb my hair Shove My father thinks that i'm nowhere Get out of my way or i might shove Get out of m
  66. 66. Slide - I put your stuff out on the porch - lettin' you slide You pissed in your pants and put out the torch - lettin' you slide You splattered the bathroom with your hair dye - lettin' you slide I'm a
  67. 67. Snake Handler - Snake handler Slither in Slither out Ooh.. Are you snake? Are you a man? Snake handler Slither in Slither out Rooaarrr.... Mr. Snake.. Man.. Ooooh oh oh... Snak
  68. 68. Stick To The Plan - Stick to the plan Stick to the plan, man Grasping at straws Now I'm grasping at straws You've got me grasping at straws He's a motivator He's got a wire inside A chronic masturbator W
  69. 69. Stuck Here Again - I'm good at feeling bad I'm even better at feeling worse Some would say life is a charm I'm convinced it is a curse Yeah yeah i'm stuck here again I've learned to make Bad situations m
  70. 70. Suzy Is a Headbanger - Ooo-whee, do it one more time for me! Can't stop stop that girl There she goes again I really really love to watch her Watch her headbangin' Suzy is a headbanger Her mother is a gee
  71. 71. Talk Box - Last night i had a dream It scared the shit out of me 'Cause you were dying Yeah you were dying And everyone was around And you were on the ground And everyone was around Dying, y
  72. 72. The Bomb - Plastic people with their plastic lives Plastic lips tell plastic lies Plastic drivers in plastic cars Plastic food from plastic jars Frustration is the fuse The flame is hate Tick tic
  73. 73. The Masses Are Asses - I still get angry I still get sad And the losers still drive me mad And I wonder If I have anything to say anymore Oh yeah I wonder if i have anything to say Except the masses are asses
  74. 74. This Ain't Pleasure - No raving beauty She's got a good heart He's got escaping Down to an art This ain't pleasure Don't ask why This ain't pleasure And monkeys can't fly She's an infection A stain
  75. 75. This Ain't The Summer of Love - Feeling easy on the outside But not so funny on the inside Feel the sound, pray for rain For this is the night we ride This ain't the garden of Eden There ain't no angels above And things
  76. 76. Three Days - Three days that I dread to see arrive Three days that I hate to be alive Three days filled with tears and sorrow Yesterday, today, and tomorrow There are three days I know I will be blue
  77. 77. 'til The Wheels Fall Off - You and me 'till the wheels fall off You and me, we just fit I'm addicted and i can't quit You and me 'till the wheels fall off You're enough to make me hot What we got can't be bo
  78. 78. Uncle Bob - Uncle Bob, you're a drunken slob Daddy brought home a real winner Yeah Wake the guest, drink the tea For his holiday dinner Uncle Bob walked through the door He was built He was fucking
  79. 79. Used To Love Her - I used to love her, but i had to kill her I used to love her, but i had to kill her I had to put her, six feet under and I can still hear her complain I used to love her, (whoa yeah) but I had
  80. 80. War With You - Hope her hands are soft You're so easily bruised Not too terribly bright And she likes to be used My skins growing tough, so tough No, no, no, no My skins growing tough, so tough I'm at
  81. 81. Wargams - Orgasmo Orgasmo um , dois , três. Amarrar uma fita amarela em torno do amputado. Masturbação aquele relógio sobre a televisão. Choro fingido para o refugiado. Orgasmo Orgasmo um , dois , três
  82. 82. Wargasm - Wargasm, wargasm one, two, three Tie a yellow ribbon around the amputee Masturbate watch it on TV Crocodile tears for the refugee Wargasm, wargasm one, two, three Smutty, bloody pictures, e
  83. 83. Yummy Yummy - Yummy, Yummy, Yummy. I got love in my tummy, And I feel like a-lovin you: Love, you're such a sweet thing, Good enough to eat thing And that's just a-what I'm gonna do. Ooh love, to hold

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