Letras / letra K / Kitty Wells

  1. 1. a Heartache For a Keepsake - A heartache for a keepsake what a tragic souvenir Now I know how it feels when peoples dreams all disappear I'm looking out my window Watching her just walk away A heartache for a keeps
  2. 2. a Wedding Ring Ago - You say that I was all to blame That's untrue because you know I gave my heart and soul to you A million tears ago But you were satisfied At least you told me so-ho-ho That was just a wed
  3. 3. According To My Heart - According to my heart you're the one for me The one love of my life is here when you're with me If someone stole your love my heart would beat no more For you're the only one my heart is longin
  4. 4. Act Naturally - They're gonna put me in the movies they're gonna make a big star out of me We'll make a film about a girl that's sad and lonely And all I got to do is act naturally Well I'll bet you I'm a gonn
  5. 5. After Dark - After dark you come slipping back to me From the one who shares your name but scorns your love While the one who has your name from scandal is free But the whole world my darling looks down on
  6. 6. All For The Love of Sunshine - The darkness of my world was all cleared away The flowers are blooming it's a beautiful day There's a man with a heart as big as the sky he's sunshine and I know why All for the love of sunshin
  7. 7. All His Children - When you're standing alone with the mountains and the sea Where the arms of the world are opened wide Where the truth is as plain as the falling rain and as sure as the time and the tide You kn
  8. 8. All I Ever Give Is In - You give me the devil when my hair's not fixed right And you give your opinion when my clothes fit too tight Still you give me great loving and on that I depend but all I ever give is in I'm al
  9. 9. All The Time - All the time yes darling all the time tenderly constantly I'll love you Every day I'll prove it every day in happiness or loneliness I'll love you Other arms may tempt me don't let it worry you
  10. 10. Am I That Easy To Forget - You say you've found somebody new but that won't stop my loving you I just can't let you walk away forget the love I have for you Yes I could find somebody too but I don't want no one but you
  11. 11. Amazing Grace - Amazing grace, how sweet the sound That saved a wretch like me I once was lost but now I'm found Was blind but now I see T'was grace that taught my heart to fear And grace my fear relieved
  12. 12. Amigo's Guitar - Tonight they're singing in the villas tomorrow you'll be gone so far Hold me close and say you love me while Amigo plays his blue guitar Ay ay ay ay the moon is lonely tomorrow I'll wonder where
  13. 13. As Long As I Live - As long as I live I'll be here beside you to love and to guide you as long as I live In these tender years through life's sweet and bitter tears Challenging all your fears as long as I live Wha
  14. 14. As Usual - The sun comes up and brings the dawn as usual When I awake I'll find you're gone as usual But I can't find a way to let this crazy heart of mine forget I pretend you're still beside me as usual
  15. 15. Ashes of Love - Ashes of love cold as ice you made the debt I'll pay the price Our love is gone there's no doubt ashes of love the flames burned out The love light that gleam in your eyes has gone out to my s
  16. 16. Away In a Manger - Away in a manger no crib for a bed the little Lord Jesus lay down his sweet head The stars in the sky looked down where he lay the little Lord Jesus asleep on the hay The cattle are lowing the ba
  17. 17. B. J. The D. J. - A story bout a friend of mine who worked down near the Georgia Line A DJ in a little country station Everybody loved him dear cause he played what they liked to hear He built himself quite a re
  18. 18. Baby's Back Again - This must be my lucky day baby's back again He said he'd never go away baby's back again Throw my troubles to the wind happiness come right on in cause baby's back again Eyes there will neve
  19. 19. Baby's Coming Home - Tonight baby's coming home Clean the house and dust the chandelier make my face and then comb out my hair And then I'll put this baby's dress on tonight baby's coming home For a while I thought
  20. 20. Back Street Affair - Yes I thought that you were true when I fell in love with you For you told me you always would play square Then I learned you had a home that your wife had done gone wrong And our love was just
  21. 21. Beautiful Brown Eyes - Beautiful beautiful brown eyes beautiful beautiful brown eyes Beautiful beautiful brown eyes I'll never love blue eyes again Willie my darling I love you love you with all my heart Today we mig
  22. 22. Bedtime Story - I've told you almost every bedtime story And you've heard almost every nursery rhyme So tonight before you'll go to sleep and pray the Lord your soul to keep Here's mommy's favorite story one m
  23. 23. Before This Day Ends - They say that my kind of love is blind some even say I must have lost my mind But if I knew I'd never kiss your lips again I'd rather die before this day ends Seeds of gossip always grow till the
  24. 24. Begging To You - I left you this morning couldn't take it anymore You laughed and you dared me to walk out the door You said that I'll come back you knew what I'd do And you know you were right cause I'm back h
  25. 25. Beside You - Beside you forever I'm thankful each day that you picked me for your own Your love and devotion changed my life beside you I couldn't go on Beside you darling life's one happy dream you've brough
  26. 26. Best of All My Heartaches - The best of all my heartaches is you I guess I'm crazy but I feel this way Everyone before you I've forgotten but the heartache you gave me is here to stay You are the best of all my heartaches a
  27. 27. Billy Bayou - Back about eighteen hundred and some a Louisiana couple had a red headed son No name soothe him Jim Jack or Joe they just called him Billy Bayou Billy Billy Bayou watch where you go you're walkin
  28. 28. Bimbo - Bimbo Bimbo where ya gonna go-e-o Bimbo Bimbo whatcha gonna do-e-o Bimbo Bimbo does your mommy know That you're goin' down the road to see a little girl-e-o Bimbo is a little boy who's got a
  29. 29. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain - In the twilight glow I see her blue eyes crying in the rain And when we kissed goodbye and parted I knew we'd never meet again Love is like a dying ember only memories remain Through the ages I
  30. 30. Blues Are Settin' In - Lonely nights and blues are settin' in can't go on not knowin' where I stand While you're here things were so sweet and you made my life complete But now you're gone and blues are settin' in Ki
  31. 31. Bonaparte's Retreat - Met the one I loved in a town way down in Dixie Neath the stars above he was the sweetest man I ever did see So he took his in my arms and told me of my many charms He kissed me while the fiddl
  32. 32. Born To Be With You - By your side satisfied through and through cause I was born to be with you Wonderously love can see so I knew that I was born to be with you [ ac.guitar ] Do I find peace of mind yes I do cause
  33. 33. Born To Lose - Born to lose, I've lived my life in vain Every dream has only brought me pain All my life I've always been so blue Born to lose and now I'm losing you. Born to lose, it seems so hard to bear
  34. 34. Bridge I Just Can't Burn - My lawyer turned and said congratulations I smiled and told something in return The moments here at last oh it sure came awfuly fast And I'm standing on a bridge that I can't burn All I have to
  35. 35. Broken Marriage Vow - [ duet with Ray Crisp ] I've got the letter darling read it o'er and o'er again You say that you are really sorry now After all this time I suffered you asked me to come back Marriage vows th
  36. 36. Burning a Hole In My Mind - Though it happened long ago the hurt just won't let go And it's burning a hole in my mind I see her and I see you and the things we used to do And it's burning a hole in my mind I said I'd fo
  37. 37. Burning Memories - Tonight I'm burning old love letters photographs and memories of you Hoping somehow I'll feel better and when the smoke is gone I won't want you Burning mem'ries teardrops fall while I am Burni
  38. 38. Busted - The bills are all due and the babies need shoes but we're busted Cotton is down to a quarter a pound and we're busted Got a cow that's gone dry and a hen that won't lay A big stack of bills tha
  39. 39. C-h-r-i-s-t-m-a-s - When I was but a youngster Christmas meant one thing That I'd be getting lots of toys that day I learned a whole lot different when mother set me down And taught me to spell Christmas this way
  40. 40. Can The Circle Be Unbroken - [ Johnny Wright ] I was standing by my window on one cold and cloudy day When I saw the hearse come rolling for to carry my mother away Can the circle be unbroken by and by Lord by and by The
  41. 41. Candy Kisses - Candy kisses wrapped in paper mean more to you than any of mine Candy kisses wrapped in paper you'd rather have them any old time You don't mean it when you whisper those sweet love words in my e
  42. 42. Change of Heart - Well I guess you must have had a change of heart You don't treat me like you used at the start You're campaign of love once was a work of art But I guess you must have had a change of heart G
  43. 43. Cheated Out of Love - Cheated out of living cheated out of love My heart was so lonely, lonely for your love You trampled on my heart and turned my love away They say that every heart will have a lucky day Cheated
  44. 44. Cheatin' Is Catchin' - Cheating is catching and you'll get caught every time Every time you steal a kiss your conscience tells you it has the end But you're the cheating kind you'll do it again and again For the thie
  45. 45. Cheating's a Sin - You're in the arms of another where you've no right to be We've made vows together your love isn't free You're making your plans now our love's gone with the wind You're cheating on me dear and
  46. 46. Christmas Ain't Like Christmas Anymore - Holidays are lonely days for me no Christmas ain't like Christmas used to be Since you've gone it's not the same no more no Christmas ain't like Christmas anymore It once made me happy but now it
  47. 47. Church In The Wildwood - There's a church in the valley by the Wildwood no lovelier place in the dale No spot is so dear to my childhood as the little brown church in the vale Oh come come come come Come to the church
  48. 48. Cincinnati Ohio - One more hour and I'll be home close my eyes and rest my bones Can't be more than a mile or so from Cincinnati Ohio Cincinnati Ohio Cincinnati where the river winds cross the Mason and the Dixie
  49. 49. Cold And Lonely - The winds of loneliness blow strong since the one I love is gone And I don't see no change in sight cold and lonely is the forecast tonight The days are short and the nights are long it's been th
  50. 50. Cold Cold Heart - I tried so hard my dear to show that you're my every dream Yet you're afraid each thing I do is just some evil scheme A mem'ry from your lonesome past keeps us so far apart Why can't I free you
  51. 51. Coming On Strong - Coming on strong coming on strong I can feel the heartaches coming on strong I can feel the teardrops the pain and sorrow Ever since you've been gone they've been coming on strong Pain come on
  52. 52. Country Girl - New York is a long way from Texas Vegas is a long way from Abilene I spend lots of my time flying out to LA If you've never been there you don't know how lonesome big towns can be Oh what I'd g
  53. 53. Crying Steel Guitar Waltz - The steel guitar played that I met him and it played the night I lost him Yes you drove him to another with your sweet Hawaiian chimes I know your sorry but it's too late now and I know you meant
  54. 54. Crying Time - Oh it's crying time again you're gonna leave me I can see that faraway look in your eye I can tell by the way you hold me darling that it won't be long before it's crying time Now they say t
  55. 55. D-i-v-o-r-c-e - Our little boy is four years old and quite a little man So we spell out the words we don't want him to understand Like T-O-Y or maybe S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E But the words we're hiding from him now tea
  56. 56. Daddy Sang Bass - I remember poor old dad times were hard and things were bad But there's a silver lining behind every cloud Just poor people that's all we were tryin' to make a livin' out of black land dirt We'
  57. 57. Dancing With a Stranger - While you're dancing with a stranger There where the other cheaters hide Oh, what has happened to us darling For I know my place is by your side. I hate her eyes and laughing red lips Th
  58. 58. Dark Moon - Dark moon a way up high up in the sky Oh tell me why oh tell me why you've lost your splendor Dark moon why is the cause your light withdraws Is it because is it because I lost my love Mortal
  59. 59. Dasher With The Light Upon His - Did you ever wonder how Santa gets his light to see When the moon is in the shadow or hidden behind a tree Now we all heard of Rudolph bout his nose lights up the trail But I bet you never hear
  60. 60. Dear Heart - Dear heart wish you were here to warm this night My dear heart it seems like a year since you went out of my sight A single room a table for one it's a lonesome town alright But soon I'll kiss
  61. 61. Delta Dawn - Delta Dawn what's that flower you have on could it be a faded rose of days gone by And did I hear you say he was meetin' you here today To take you to his mansion in the sky She's forty-one
  62. 62. Did You Let Your Light Shine - [ Johnny ] When you told that man about Jesus and his precious love Did you let your light shine did you let your light shine Oh was it just a matter of a bunch of empty words Did you let yo
  63. 63. Divided By Two - You slipped around you played a game you just couldn't be true This broken heart beat only for one while yours was divided by two I've never known a broken heart or what shame was all about Unt
  64. 64. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man - Take me to heart and I'll always love you And nobody can make me do wrong Take me for granted, leavin' love, I'm sure Makes will power weak, and it makes my temptation stir A woman's only hum
  65. 65. Do You Expect a Reward From God - If through this world of sin you travel the straight and narrow way you do not trod In the end when everything has been unraveled do you expext a reward from God God will give us everything he's
  66. 66. Don't Call Me Your Darling - The sun goes down another night you've left me here alone You still don't know I understand just what's been going on When morning come your conscience make your hand pick up the phone Don't ca
  67. 67. Don't Forget To Say I Love You - You ask me for I stopped caring you wonder where we went wrong So I'm giving you a suggestion or two for the next time love comes along Don't forget to say I love you for she may not know that yo
  68. 68. Don't Hang Around He's Married To Me - Now that I have him you want him too you left that love when he wanted you Now that we're happy just let him be don't hang around he's married to me I know he'll always love you but that's the pr
  69. 69. Don't Let Our Sweet Love Die - I never thought when I've cheated on you That my conscience would hurt so bad I've cried The thought of losing you chills the light blood in my heart Forgive me don't let our sweet love die D
  70. 70. Don't Take All Your Loving - Don't take all your loving your sweet sweet ever loving away from me Don't make me start to begging cause I ain't got no pride at all you see Don't make me start to thinking you're gonna start to
  71. 71. Don't Wait The Last Minute To Pray - A great day is coming, it's not far away Don't wait the last minute my brother to pray If your soul's in danger, if you've lost your way Don't wait the last minute my brother to pray (Cho
  72. 72. Dust On The Bible - Dust on the Bible dust on the holy word The words of all the prophets and the sayings of our Lord Of all the other books you'll find there's none salvation holds Get that dust off the Bible and
  73. 73. Each Day - Each day I cry a little each day I die a little I thank the Lord for letting me go on Each day your love grows colder someday you'll need my shoulder To cry on when you're alone and blue.
  74. 74. Easily Persuaded - Lonely arms don't need temptation when they yearn constantly I don't need much sweet persuasion I'm persuaded easily I'm so easily persuaded when you insist what can I do I'm so easily persuade
  75. 75. Easy Part's Over - The easy part's over now it's time to cry the easiest part of all was saying goodbye The easy part's over now and you are gone now comes the hardest part living alone Time is the only friend that
  76. 76. Every Step of The Way - I just return from loving you again and I know how much I'll have to pay I just got back from losing you again and I cry every step of the way I just return from falling out again while you brush
  77. 77. Everybody Loves Somebody - Everybody loves somebody sometime everybody falls in love somehow Something in your kiss just told me my sometime is now Everybody finds somebody someplace there's no telling where love may appea
  78. 78. Everybody's Reaching Out For Someone - Everybody's reaching out for someone everybody's knocking at some door And long before I ever found you you're the one that I was reaching for Just like the trees along the river bend lift up
  79. 79. Everybody's Somebody's Fool - The tears I've cried for you could fill an ocean But you don't care how many tears I've cried And though you only leave me on and hurt me I couldn't bring myself to say goodbye Cause everybo
  80. 80. Fallen Star - A star fell from heaven right into my arms the brightest star I know I've never seen Then I found out that it was only you with all your charms Who came into my life to fill a dream A fallen st
  81. 81. Family Gathering At Home - The children that this old house once knew have long been gone away from its view But today is the day they've all come home For today there's a family gathering at home We'll have a big Sunday
  82. 82. Fickle Fun - In the mist of all the laughter stop and face yourself See that mirror on the wall oh foolish one Tell the image in the glasstop do you kidding now With your life of sin and shame and fickle fu
  83. 83. Finally - (Finally) Finally yes darling finally you'd stop denying my love for you Oh wonderful yes it's so wondeful to hold you close to me finally For so long I wanted you to be my pretty queen And n
  84. 84. Footsteps of My Lord - Hear the thunder in the night heart that bawls of lightning strike That's just the footsteps of my Lord Hear the tiny infant cry hear the dying say goodbye That's just the footsteps of my Lord
  85. 85. Forever Young - May God bless and keep you always, May your wishes all come true, May you always do for others And let others do for you. May you build a ladder to the stars And climb on every rung, May
  86. 86. Four Walls - Out where the bright lights are glowing you're drawn like a moth to a flame You laugh while the wine's overflowing while I sit and whisper your name Four walls to hear me four walls to see four w
  87. 87. Full Grown Man - Some men grow up to be half child Their mind half grown their soul half wild Running around every day wasting their time away And though their woman still tags along they're gonna do her wrong
  88. 88. Funny Face - Funny face don't leave me funny face believe me My whole world's wrapped up in you When the road I walk seems all up hill and the colors in my rainbow turn blue You kiss the tears away you smil
  89. 89. Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet - Death is an angel sent down from above sent for the buds and the flowers we love Truly 'tis so for in heaven's own way each soul is a flower in the Master's bouquet Gathering flowers for the Mast
  90. 90. Get Your Lie The Way You Want It - Straighten up your tie and comb your hair look as though you spent your time alone Wash away her lipstick from your collar Get your lie the way you want it then come on home Make sure there's n
  91. 91. Gloryland March - (Glory hallujah we are marching on as we sing this song and it won't be long The man of Galilee will set us everyone free so get in the gloryland march) There is an army that is marching onto
  92. 92. God Put a Rainbow In The Cloud - [ Johnny ] When God shut Noah in the grand old ark he put a rainbow in the cloud When thunders rolled and the sky was dark God put a rainbow in the cloud God put a rainbow in the cloud( God put
  93. 93. Going Through The Motions (of Living) - (Going through the motions of living) He seemed to love me so how was I to know I'd be going through the motions of living I've lost so much within I'll never love again I'm going through the motions
  94. 94. Gonna Find Me a Bluebird - Gonna find me a bluebird let him sing me a song Cause my heart's been broken much too long Gonna chase me a rainbow through a heaven of blue Cause I'm all through crying over you There was
  95. 95. Great Speckled Bird - What a beautiful thought I am thinking concerning a great speckled bird Remember her name is recorded on the pages of God's holy word Desiring to lower her standards they watch every move that sh
  96. 96. Guilty - I've been accused convicted and condemned the trial's over and now I face the end Is this your way of telling me we're through when all I'm guilty of is loving you You were the judge the jury all
  97. 97. Guilty Street - Tonight I lost my way and I found Guilty Street I saw faces there I never dreamed I'd see I saw the one I love but he did not see me While the guilty were laughing I was standing there cryin
  98. 98. Gypsy King - His laugh was music to my ears it touched like summer sun But when I looked into his eyes my heart told me to run For there are so a wanderer a veever of dreams A restless carefree bagabum a ro
  99. 99. Half As Much - If you loved me half as much as I love you You wouldn't worry me half as much as you do You're nice to me when there's no one else around You only build me up to let me down If you missed me
  100. 100. Hands You're Holding Now - The hands I'm holding now if you remember Are the very hands that gave me my first rose They're reaching out for one last dying ember In the ashes of a love that's lost its glow But if you do
  101. 101. Hangin' On - It's true you have me twisted around your finger it seems that's where I belong You know how to hold me to thrill me and control me Just enough to keep me a hangin' on just enough to keep me a ha
  102. 102. Happiest Girl In The Whole U.s.a - Shine on me sunshine walk with me world it's a skip-a-dee-doo-dah day I'm the happiest girl in the whole USA Good morning morning hello sunshine wake up sleepy head Why'd we move that beanjungle clock
  103. 103. Happiest Girl In The Whole U.s.a. - Shine on me sunshine walk with me world it's a skip-a-dee-doo-dah day I'm the happiest girl in the whole USA Good morning morning hello sunshine wake up sleepy head Why'd we move that beanjungl
  104. 104. Happiness Means You - Happiness means you dear our life's complete no rivers too wide no hills too steep I'll face life smiling and no room for the blues Cause we both know dear happiness means you Everyone will
  105. 105. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - Have I told you lately that I love you could I tell you once again somehow Have I told with all my heart and soul how I adore you well darling I'm telling you now This hear would break in two if
  106. 106. He Don't Make Me Cry - You love me just enough to hurt me and that always seems to satisfy Your constant need to always keep me hurtin' I guess you like to see me cry Now another handsome face is smilin' and to him my
  107. 107. He Will Set Your Fields On Fire - There's a call that rings for the one who sings to those now gone astray Saying come ye men and your load of sin there at the altar lay You don't seem to heed at the chain of greed your conscienc
  108. 108. Heart Over Mind - I love you so much that I can't leave you even though my mind tells me I should But then you make me think that you still love me And all my thoughts of leaving do no good You've got me hear
  109. 109. Heart To Heart Talk - How foolish can you be to be ruled by jealousy Could you throw away what was planned Why don't you ask your heart ask it if we should part I need to tell my heart exactly where we stand So le
  110. 110. Heartaches By The Number - Heartache number one was when you left me I never knew that I could hurt this way And heartache number two was when you came back again You came back and never meant to stay Now I've got hearta
  111. 111. Heartbreak U.s.a - (Back home in heartbreak USA) The harbor's empty my love has gone With aching heart I face each cold and lonely dawn And till the trade winds bring him home to stay I'll live in heartbreak USA Don't l
  112. 112. Heartbreak U.s.a. - (Back home in heartbreak USA) The harbor's empty my love has gone With aching heart I face each cold and lonely dawn And till the trade winds bring him home to stay I'll live in heartbreak USA
  113. 113. Heartbreak Waltz - Pardon me Mister I see you're alone don't think I'm bold I mean you no harm But I see through the dim lights a tear in your eye could it mean you've lost your love So let's dance dance our troubl
  114. 114. Heaven - [ Johnny Wright ] H-e-a-v-e-n that spells heaven I want to go up there when life on earth is o'er H-e-a-v-e-n that spells heaven I'd love to walk along that golden shore There's a place I've
  115. 115. Heaven Will Be My Home - [ Kitty ] Heaven will be my home some sweet day oh Lord don't let me fall by the way Heaven will be my home some sweet day hold on to my hand oh Lord don't let me stray So many times the way
  116. 116. Heavenly Sunshine - Heavenly sunshine heavenly sunshine you make me happy cause your love is mine I've searched for words of sweet description too best described The thrill it gives me just to have you by my side
  117. 117. Hello No.1 - Hello umber one goodbye lonesome time You never released my heart or treat my mind First I've tried to forget you decided it couldn't be done We're back again where we belong hello number one We left
  118. 118. Hello There Sweet Man - Got my prettiest dress on my hair in the latest style Waitin' for his knock on the door my heart is running wild Only people who are in love can really understand How I feel until I say hello t
  119. 119. Hello Walls - Hello walls how things go for you today Don't you miss him since he upped and walked away And I'll bet you dread to spend another lonely night with me But lonely walls I'll keep you company H
  120. 120. Help Me Make It Through The Night - Take the ribbon from my hair shake it loose and let it fall Lay it soft against your skin like the shadows on the wall Come and lay down by my side till the early morning light All I'm taking i
  121. 121. Here Comes Santa Claus - Here comes Santa Claus here comes Santa Claus right down Santa Claus Lane Vixen and Blitzen and all his reindeer pulling on the reins Bells are ringing children singing all is merry and bright
  122. 122. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands - He got the whole world in his hands the whole world in his hands He got the whole world in his hands he's got the whole world in his hands He's got the wind and rain in his hands he got the wind
  123. 123. Hey Joe - Hey Joe someone stole your pearly girlie walked off with your jolly dolly Maybe now you chanced to dance with me Hey Joe I feel mighty lovey dovey let me be your new for toody I'll be just as s
  124. 124. Holding On To Nothin' - We're holding on with nothin' left to hold on to I'm so tired of holding on to nothin' The years have shown no kindness for the hard times we've been through We've squeezed the life from every
  125. 125. Honky Tonk Waltz - The lights are dim and low in the tavern as I sit all alone with a heart that's lost But the laughing crowd don't know tears are ready to flow As I listen to the Honky Tonk Waltz It's the same
  126. 126. How Great Thou Art - [ Kitty ] Oh Lord my God when I in awesome wonder Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made I see the stars I hear the rolling thunder Thy art throughout the universe displayed Then sings m
  127. 127. Hundred Thousand Times - I know I've said I love you a hundred thousand times They say when you're away from love it makes the love grow stronger But I don't know for sure if I can't stand it any longer I want you more
  128. 128. Hurtin's All Over - A year ago today I felt like dying as unloved and unwanted as a heart could be The time has a way of changing yesterday now the hurtin's all over all over me Yes the hurtin's all over all over my
  129. 129. I Apologize - I apologize for the mis'ry that I've put you through You were happy when I found you I was blue You believed me and you were right I really fell for you I apologize for the hurt that I've cause
  130. 130. I Can Stand It (as Long As He Can) - I can stand it as long as he can cause I just don't need him anymore He's got it in his mind his leavin's hurt me That I sit and cry while he paints the town All this time he's thinking that I need hi
  131. 131. I Can't Help It (if I'm Still Love With You) - Today I passed you on the street and my heart fell at your feet I can't help it if I'm still in love with you Somebody else stood by your side and he looked so satisfied I can't help it if I'm still i
  132. 132. I Can't Help Wondering - I can't help wondering who's holding you tight I went to see a movie to try and lose my blues But I got so lonesome I just couldn't see it through Cause I can't help wondering where you are ton
  133. 133. I Can't Seem To Say Goodbye - Gone is the sunshine we knew once before now we're just living a lie But when it comes time dear to walk out the door well I can't seem to say goodbye I can't say it's all right dear we'll make i
  134. 134. I Can't Stop Loving You - I can't stop loving you so I've made up my mind To live in memory of old lonesome times I can't stop wanting you it's useless to say So I'll just live my life in dreams of yesterday Those
  135. 135. I Can't Tell My Heart That - I can't tell my heart that i can't tell my heart, that you are no good, i'd give this world, if only i could, you cheated and lied, and you left me flat, i know it's true, but i can't tell my heart t
  136. 136. (i Didn't Have To) Break Up Someone's Home - You say you're sorry that it happened but you love him so And you just had to have him for your own Everybody needs someone you needed someone too But did you have to break up someone's home You say y
  137. 137. I Don't Care - I don't care if I'm not the first love you've known just so I'll be the last I don't care if I'm not the first one you've kissed darling I'll never ask Yesterday's gone just love me from now on b
  138. 138. I Don't Care (just As Long As You Love Me) - I don't care if the sun don't shine I don't care if the bells don't chime Just as long as you love me I don't care if the tops don't spin I don't care if the gins won't gin Just as long as you love me
  139. 139. I Don't Claim To Be An Angel - I don't claim to be an angel my life's been full of sin But when I met you darling that all came to an end Never doubt my love dear whatever you may do I don't claim to be an angel but my love
  140. 140. I Don't Love You Anymore - I don't love you anymore not the way I did before And since you've found someone new I think it's best I won't cry and walk the floor I don't love you anymore Trouble is I don't love you any le
  141. 141. I Don't See What I Saw - Not so long ago you were true as the setting sun And for you I had love and admiration But lately you've been doing things I never thought you'd do I don't see what I saw when I seen what I saw
  142. 142. I Don't Wanna Play House - Today I sat alone at the window and I watched our little girl outside at play With the little boy next door like so many times before But something didn't seem quite right today So I went outsi
  143. 143. I Don't Want Your Money (i Want Your Time) - I don't want your money, honey I just want your time A kiss that's bought with gifts and gold Just isn't worth a dime Don't offer me a string of pearls Or a penthouse so sublime I don't want you
  144. 144. I Dreamed I Searched Heaven For You - Vs 1 I dreamed I had gone to that city That city where never comes night And I saw the bright angels in glory I saw the fair mansions of light I gazed for long, long years of rapture On t
  145. 145. I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know - You think you know the smile on his lips the thrill at the touch of his fingertips But I forgot more than you'll ever know about him You think you'll find a heaven of bliss in each caress each te
  146. 146. I Gave My Wedding Dress Away - (sung)Tomorrow was to be my wedding day, but I gave my wedding dress away Another will be holding my bouquet, and I gave my wedding dress away. My baby sister wanted him, and so she took my place
  147. 147. I Guess I'll Go On Dreaming - You tell me you are leaving you don't love me anymore All my pleading then my ever thought in vain Well I guess you found another or you just got tired of me Then I guess I'll go on dreaming ju
  148. 148. I Heard My Saviour Call - I heard my Saviour calling me he save my soul he set me free I know he'll never let me fall praise out I heard my Saviour call I was a sinner traveling on a weary road so far from home But n
  149. 149. I Heard The Jukebox Playing - You said that you'd be happy with a baby on your knees But here I sat with him in my arms and you're slippin' around on me You thought that you were being wise when you called me on the phone A
  150. 150. I Love You More And More Everyday - I love you more and more every day They said our love was just devotion that time would slowly fade away But times just deepen my emotion I love you more and more every day The day you made tho
  151. 151. I Need The Prayers - I need the prayers of those I love while traveling o'er life's rugged way That I may true and faithful be and live for Jesus every day I want my friends to pray for me to bare my tempted soul abo
  152. 152. I Never Once Stopped Loving You - The nights were dark and long I spent a million all alone For I never once stopped loving you My world was cold and still my dreams lay unfulfill But I never once stopped loving you I never o
  153. 153. I Wanna Live - Flowers have blooms the ocean has waves the sky has clouds people have babes I wanna live till I get old I wanna watch all of this grow I wanna live live and let live I want all the love this lif
  154. 154. I Want To Go With You - I wanna go with you to that other world we knew The one your love takes me to I wanna go with you I wish I were glass so you could see through Then you'd know before you ask that I wanna go
  155. 155. I Wish I Had a Mommy Like You - There lives a little boy in the house next door to me and as usual his mommy was gone So he came over this morning and sat down next to me And asked why does mommy leave me alone But he'll find
  156. 156. I Won't Forget You - I know that I won't forget you for I've loved you too much for too long Though you don't want me now I'll still love you till the breath in my body is gone That's how it is with me and you'll always b
  157. 157. If I Had The Right To Do You Wrong - If I had the right to do you wrong I'd do you right and never do wrong If I had the heart to leave you and part I'd give up my heart and stay How could a girl in her right mind treat such a tr
  158. 158. If I Kiss You (will You Go Away) - If I kiss you will you go away like in the game my mother used to play You're so much hurt I wish you wouldn't stay if I kiss you will you go away My mom would come when I get hurt at play she kiss m
  159. 159. If My Heart Had Windows - If my heart had windows you'd see a heart full of love just for you A tear may appear when I hold you near but that's for the sweet things you do If my heart had windows you'd see a heart full of
  160. 160. If Not For You - If anything I am or hope to be if any compliments are paid to me If any praises I recieve for anything that I achieve I know they rightfully belong to you For when I wandered you convence me th
  161. 161. If Teardrops Were Pennies - An acre of diamonds I'd offered to you a solid gold mansion an airplane or two This whole world would be yours to have and to hold If teardrops were pennies and heartaches were gold If teardrop
  162. 162. If You Love Me (let Me Know) - You came when I was happy in your sunshine I grew to love you more each passing day Before too long I built my world around you And I prayed you'd love enough of me to stay If you love me let me know
  163. 163. I'll Always Be Your Fraulein - I'm that old German's daughter far across the deep blue water I still live by the old River Rhine Where you loved me and told me that you love me only You called me your pretty Fraulein If th
  164. 164. I'll Be All Smiles Tonight - I'll deck my brow with roses my loved one may be there And gems that others gave me I'll wear within my hair And even them that know me will say my heart is light Though my heart may break tomorrow I'
  165. 165. I'll Be Your Stepping Stone - I'll be your stepping stone while you keep stepping on from girl to girl I'll try to keep the pace just looking for a place in your heart within You told me once just how my kisses thrilled yo
  166. 166. I'll Get Over You - One thing `bout this heart of mine: All my hurt's gonna mend in time It don't leave no scars behind I'll get over you I'll find me a guy one day Who's not scared to give his heart away When I do it's
  167. 167. I'll Hold You In My Heart - I'll hold you in my heart till I can hold you in my arms Like you've never been held before I'll think of you each day and then I'll dream the night away Till you are in my arms once more The
  168. 168. I'll Love You 'till Country Music(box Set) - Alone here at home while you're free to run and roam There's no use in tryin' to make my dreams come true You have always lied to me, my darlin' I can't see Any reason for my stayin' here alone I neve
  169. 169. I\'ll Love You \'Till Country Music(Box Set) - Alone here at home while you\'re free to run and roam There\'s no use in tryin\' to make my dreams come true You have always lied to me, my darlin\' I can\'t see Any reason for my stayin\' here al
  170. 170. I'll Never Find Another You - There's a new world somewhere they call the Promised Land And I'll be there someday if you will hold my hand I still need you there beside me no matter what I do For I know I'll never find anot
  171. 171. I'll Reap My Harvest In Heaven - The time has come to the part from this world and prove my heavenly word My Maker told me to give all my crops to his children here on earth I'll reap my harvest in heaven on that beautiful shore I'll
  172. 172. I'll Repossess My Heart - I'm walking in to repossess my heart just can't believe you treated me this way You've had it much too long now all our love is gone I'll repossess my heart and love again I still dream of you
  173. 173. I'm Counting On You - All ther words that I let you know still could not say How much I need you so in every way I hope you will guide me as only you can do Hold my hands down beside me I'm counting on you I'm counting on
  174. 174. I'm Down To My Last I Love You - Tonight I'll go and find him one more time and I'll try my best to change his mind I'll tell him that I love him like I've done so much before And he'd better listen well cause I won't say it any
  175. 175. I'm Gonna Change Everything - I'm gonna start with the hall take the pictures off the wall and burn 'em Move the chairs around take the window curtains down and burn 'em Everything I see reminds me you were here Yeah I'm gonna cha
  176. 176. I'm Just Not Smart - So you're gone again out somewhere around me And I can feel that heartache's bout to start If I was smart with you I'd quit this gambling but I guess I'm just not smart I can't help what people
  177. 177. I'm Living In Two Worlds - I'm living in two worlds dividing my time unhappy in your world and lonesome in mine When I'm in your world I just pretend that I'm really happy though I don't fit in Then I drift in my world so cold
  178. 178. I'm Throwing Rice (at The Girl I Love) - I'm throwing rice at the girl that I love after she just said I do I'm throwing rice with a smile on my lips but my heart is breaking in two She was my gal and he was my pal but she loved him better
  179. 179. I'm Tired Of Pretending - I'm tired of pretending that I don't care for you I'm tired of pretending that I found someone new Each lonely night keeps lending an atmosphere that's blue I'm tired of pretending that I'm not in lov
  180. 180. I'm Too Lonely To Smile - All my life I had nothing but trouble I can't find no way to ease my aching heart And I feel as though that I'm forgorotten I'm so lonesome since we've been apart I'm too lonely to smile dear wit
  181. 181. In The Sweet By And By - In the sweet by and by we shall meet on that beautiful shore In the sweet by and by we shall meet on that beautiful shore There's a land that is fairer than day and by faith we can see it apart
  182. 182. Invitation To Your Party - I received my invitation to your party and I hope that you don't think that I'll attend Although I'm not conceding or a smarting I still recall the things that might have been I recall many tim
  183. 183. Is It Really Over - Is it really over is it the end of the line Don't tell me I'm losing the love that was mine If you're really leaving take some part of me So I'll always remember how sweet love used to be I w
  184. 184. It Was Waiting To Happen - It was waiting to happen the love I dreamed would end up gloom It was waiting to happen like a lovely rose that waits to bloom When you held me and kissed me I found the love that was true It w
  185. 185. It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels - As I sit here tonight the jukebox's playing The tune about the wild side of life As I listen to the words you are saying It brings mem'ries when I was a trustin' wife. It was't God who mad
  186. 186. It's All Over (but The Crying) - [ Kitty Wells ] You said you loved me and I gave my heart to you And foolish me I dream of things to come Like wedding ring a home and some children too Then she set out to win you and won It's all ov
  187. 187. It\'s All Over (but The Crying) - [ Kitty Wells ] You said you loved me and I gave my heart to you And foolish me I dream of things to come Like wedding ring a home and some children too Then she set out to win you and won It\'s
  188. 188. It's Gonna Take a Little Bit Longer - It's a gonna take a little bit longer for me to ever get you off of my mind It's a gonna take a little bit longer cause I've been loving you a long long time People try to tell me that it won'
  189. 189. It's Such A Pretty World Today - It's such a pretty world today look at the sunshine And every day's the same since I met you It's such a pretty world today knowing that you're mine And happinsess is being close to you And though the
  190. 190. It's Written All Over Your Face - It's written all over your face If you weren't to chose between the two of us I wouldn't even be in the race You don't have to tell me what she means to you it's written all over your face I'd
  191. 191. I've Been Loving You Too Long (to Stop Now) - I've been loving you too long to stop now There were times.. and you want to be free My love is growing stronger, as you become a haven to me (Ohh) I've been loving you (a tiny bit) too long I don't w
  192. 192. I\'ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) - I’ve been loving you too long to stop now There were times.. and you want to be free My love is growing stronger, as you become a haven to me (Ohh) I’ve been loving you (a tiny bit) too long I don’t
  193. 193. I've Got a New Heartache - You're back in town again spreading talk around That I'm still in love with you though you let me down I hate to admit it but I guess the talk is true Or else you couldn't make my heart ache th
  194. 194. I've Got Him Fooled - I've got him thinking that I'm happy but what he's thinking isn't true For I've been lonely since we parted he thinks I'm happy I've got him fooled He don't know that I still love him for I don't let
  195. 195. I've Got Yesterday - I may not have your warm and tender lips to kiss goodnight I may not have your gentle loving arms to hold me tight But I've got something you and time can never take away I've got yesterday I'v
  196. 196. I've Got You On My Mind Again - I've got you on my mind again you've been there since I don't know when I said that I'd forget that I'd never look back That I'd find somebody else a little further down the track But that same old hu
  197. 197. I've Kissed You My Last Time - Down the road of love I see sign after sign that tells me you're no longer mine But a heart full of love is a heart sad and blind I love you so and it hurts me to know that I've kissed you my las
  198. 198. I've Thought Of Leaving You - I can see what's on your mind I can tell you every time you thought of leavin' Thought that I just wait and see how long you keep deceiving me with all your cheatin' Lots of times you'd almost slip bu
  199. 199. J. J. Sneed - At last I have caught up with you and you're a sight to see Could this really be my outlaw lover JJ Sneed Could a woman with a painted face and pretty sweet disguise Turn your heart against me
  200. 200. Jambalaya (on The Bayou) - Jambalaya and a crawfish pie and fillet gumbo Cause tonight I'm gonna see my ma cher amio Pick guitar fill fruit jar and be gay-o son of a gun we'll have big fun on the bayou Goodbye Joe me gotta go
  201. 201. Jealous Heart - Jealous heart oh jealous heart stop beating can't you see the damage you have done You have driven him away forever jealous heart now I'm the lonely one I was part of everything he planned for an
  202. 202. Jealousy - Jealousy is there no cure your distrust hurts me darling that's for sure Have faith in my love or set me free you are driving me crazy with jealousy Jealousy you must control your suspicious h
  203. 203. Jesus Is Coming Soon - Jesus is coming soon Jesus is coming soon he tells us in his word to watch and pray Jesus is coming soon Jesus is coming soon be ready for he may come today We'll all meet together in the gard
  204. 204. Jesus Loved The Devil Out of Me - Jesus loved the devil out of me yes Jesus loved the devil out of me When he took me by the hand old Satan just gave up and ran Jesus loved the devil out of me Life for me was filled with sin and
  205. 205. Jesus Take a Hold - [ Johnny ] Like the ancient Roman empire this world is doin' to fall And it's much too bigger thing for mortal men Just take a look around and see the writing on the wall Somehow we've got to
  206. 206. Jingle Bells - Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horse open sleigh Jingle bells jingle bells... Dashing through the snow in a one horse open sleigh O'er the
  207. 207. Just a Cheap Affair - Night life and honky tonks that's your kind of fun I don't go that round so I better run At church on Sunday I never see you there You're not looking for true love just a cheap affair Just a
  208. 208. Just a Memory - Here comes the reason I'm lonely I just saw an old mem'ry go by Here comes what looks like a teardop but it's just a memory that blew in my eyes I could say that they're raindrops that are fallin
  209. 209. Just Beyond The Moon - (I'll walk just beyond the moon then I'll stop and wait for you) My mother and my father were in love for fifty years So when dad died we wondered why my mother shed no tears We asked her once
  210. 210. Just Call Me Lonesome - Why must I love the heartless one who'll never know the harm she's done Though love is blind I should have known just call me lonesome from now on I climb the stairs up to my room but no one meet
  211. 211. Just For What I Am - Blue ain't just a word it's a feeling a feeling of loneliness that I can feel right now Love has looked at me but tried to change me I wished that love would take me just for what I am Just for
  212. 212. Just When I Needed You - Just when I needed you you left and went away You made my life so blue both night and day You left me here behind with a troubled worried mind So broken hearted too just when I needed you I c
  213. 213. Kill Him With Kindness - Kill him with kindness spoil him with love Girls if your love life is failing if your man don't do like you should I've got an old fashioned answer believe me it works pretty good When he gets
  214. 214. Kisses On Occasion - Kisses on occasion kind words are very few You don't know I'm living you live just for you I spend every hour each day doing things you want me to Kisses on occasion are all I get from you Yo
  215. 215. Last One To Touch Me - If there ever was an angel then surely you must be one If there ever was a perfect love when I look at you I see one If there's heaven on earth then this must surely be And I want you to be the
  216. 216. Leave All The Heartache To Me - If two other lips are what you long for if our love is melodrame that just can't be Go on out with someone else enjoy living and leave all the heartache to me I'll stay home and count the teardro
  217. 217. Leavin' Town Tonight - Leavin' leavin' on that midnight train I took all that I can take you're driving me insane I tried to please you but nothing turns out right I'll buy a oneway ticket I'm leavin' town tonight Leavin'
  218. 218. Left To Right - I'm taking your ring from my left hand since you've made it plain we must part But I'm placing it on my right hand To show the world that I once possessed your heart From left to right means g
  219. 219. Less Than a Lady - You love me like I'd never known a love beforen you took me in to your very own With protection and tenderness behind your door Then all at once your need for me was gone And there's nothing in
  220. 220. Let's Regain The Garden - (Let's regain the garden the beautiful garden we lost long ago through sin Let's regain the garden the beautiful garden with open arms God will welcome you in) Long ago there was a garden a beautiful
  221. 221. Lies Just Can't Be True - [ Bill Phillips ] My heart is pounding it's beating faster because my heart just heard That you've been cheating on me baby it's lies it's lies that I heard I can never believe the stories beca
  222. 222. Living As Strangers - We can't go on living as strangers knowing we once loved each other so Your lips used to be so warm and tender but lately they are growing cold We're living as strangers strangers in our home T
  223. 223. Lonely Is a Word - Lonely is a word lonely is a word that they made up win Somebody loses their only love and their only friend Lonely is a word lonely is a word that describes a tear That's held inside or that h
  224. 224. Lonely Side of Town - You're uptown tonight where all the bright lights glow Where all the honky tonks with wine and music flow And I've been walking with these blues since then down Looking for you on the lonely si
  225. 225. Lonely Street - I'm looking for that Lonely Street I've got a sad sad tale to tell I need a place to go and weep where's that place called Lonely Street A place where there's just loneliness where dim lights bri
  226. 226. Lonesome Valley - Hark the voice of Jesus calling come and work for him today The fields are white and the harvest falling come and work for him today You've got to walk that lonesome valley you've got to go there
  227. 227. Lord I'm Coming Home - I've wandered far away from God now I'm coming home The path of sin too long I've trod Lord I'm coming home Coming home coming home never more to roam Open wide Thine arms of love Lord I'm comi
  228. 228. Love And Wanted - Loved and wanted everyone wants to be darling I'm so happy you love and want me Without your love my dear what would I do loved and wanted especially by you Some man crave welth while other se
  229. 229. Love Is The Answer - Love love love is the answer love can bring our people back together Love love love is the answer answer everybody's looking for Everybody's talking bout the troubles of the world but no one can
  230. 230. Love Is The Look You're Looking For - Love puts the blush in your smile and love is always in style Love puts the stars in your eyes love is so hard to disguise Love cures hate and bitterness and love gives you courage from distress
  231. 231. Love Makes The World Go Around - Love makes the world go around around around Nothing could take its place has been found Love makes people happy from a king to a clown Oh yes love makes the world go around I know a man n
  232. 232. Love Me To Pieces - Why don't you love me to pieces baby squeeze me till I'm crazy Hold me the way you used to do You know that my love is growing stronger and I can't wait no longer Been saving my love just for y
  233. 233. Love Or Hate - It's no surprise that we are parting Tho' teardrops come to dim my eyes I could say that it makes no difference But I'd only be telling myself a lie (Chorus:) Tonight I'm going away to
  234. 234. Love Takes Care of Me - Cause your love takes good care of me yes your love takes good care of me And when the rain falls and the wind blows and the storm is on the sea I'll be safe your love takes care of me When
  235. 235. Love's Enough For Me - [ Kitty Wells ] You don't have to give to me great riches you don't need to prove a thing to me All I want is love and understanding oh yes darling love's enough for me Love's enough for me and
  236. 236. Loving You Then Losing You - Loving you then losing you is more than I can stand I knew we'd have some problem cause love's a crazy game And loving you then losing you is driving me insane Don't say that I'll forget you sh
  237. 237. Make The World Go Away - Make the world go away get it off of my shoulders Say the things you used to say and make the world go away Remember when you loved me before the world took me astray If you do then forgive
  238. 238. Make Up Your Mind - If you'd make up your mind Quit triflin' all the time If you'd make up your mind, I still love you If you'd quit foolin' around And be the guy I thought I found I'd love you if you'd j
  239. 239. Makin' Heartaches - Makin' heartaches you're that kind of guy you'll keep on makin' heartaches I can tell I should have to wonder where you are tonight You said you'd always be here by my side They gave me warning
  240. 240. Making Believe - (Jimmy Work) Making believe that you still love me It's leaving me alone and so blue But I'll always dream, still I'll never own you Making believe, it's all I can do. Can't hold you close w
  241. 241. Mansion On The Hill - Tonight down here in the valley I'm lonesome and oh how I feel As I sit here alone in my cabin I can see your mansion on the hill. Do you recall when we parted The story to me you reveal
  242. 242. Matthew 24 - I believe the time is coming for the Lord to come again I believe the end is nearing every door I believe the good old Bible from beginning to the end Just compare today with Matthew Twenty-Fou
  243. 243. May You Never Be Alone - Like a bird that's lost its mate in flight I'm alone and oh so blue tonight Like a piece of driftwood on the sea may you never be alone like me I believed the lies you told to me when you whisper
  244. 244. Meanwhile Down At Joe's - I iron and I sew as I watch the late show But something moist keeps getting in my eyes He called and said don't wait he'd be working late and so another lonely night goes by Meanwhile down at J
  245. 245. Memory of a Love - Just a memory of a love I left behind I'm a fool, seems I lose every time But the future that I once held in my heart Is fading fast now the lonliness will come Just a memory of a love tha
  246. 246. Midnight Till Dawn - I work everyday in a trucker's cafe and at night I serve drinks in a bar I've nothing to say to the men who drop by so that none of them get very far You may think that it's money but that's not
  247. 247. Mommy For a Day - I go to see my little girl each Sunday afternoon And how I dread the words I know she'll say She'll ask me when I'm coming home I'll answer pretty soon But I know I'm just her mommy for a day
  248. 248. Moody River - Moody River more deadly than the natalest night Moody River your muddy water took my baby's life Last Saturday evening I came to the old oak tree That stands beside the river where you were
  249. 249. Most of All - Lots of things in life have never mattered I never cared if winter followed fall But the dreams I hoped for now have shattered Cause it was you that I wanted most of all Most of all I've wanted
  250. 250. Mother of Your Child - I tried very hard to keep the tears from rolling down my face I tried hard to keep remembering my rightful place I can't look sad I must act cheerful though you're running wild I'm not your wom
  251. 251. My Bible - [ Kitty ] There's a book a whole more precious than anything on earth No wealth of gold or jewels are equal to its worth I go to it in trouble when my heart is sick and sore I always find a c
  252. 252. My Big Truck Drivin' Man - I'm just a waitress at this truck stop I keep the jukebox playing and the coffee hot Temptation's everywhere but I must stand I'm in love with my big truck drivin' man I keep lookin' out the wind
  253. 253. My Cold Cold Heart Is Melted Now - My cold, cold heart is melted now I seek for peace but don't know how I go to bed but only weep My cold, cold heart won't let me sleep Your lonesome voice that seems to say Your cold, cold
  254. 254. My Elusive Dreams - I followed you to Texas you followed you to Utah We didn't find it there so we moved on I followed you to Alabam things looked good in Birmingham We didn't find it there so we moved on I know
  255. 255. My Hang-up Is You - Everybody's got one baby my hang up is you Everybody's got one the hang up of some kind Call it habit or call it weakness thank goodness I've got mine The wanting the craving the needing keeps
  256. 256. My Happiness - (My happiness) Evening shadows make me blue when each weary day is through How I long to be with you my happiness Everyday I reminisce dreaming of your tender kiss Always thinking how I miss
  257. 257. My Heart Echoes - (My heart echoes it back to me) There's an emptiness tonight there's a longing in my heart For your tender loving smile and sweet caress Oh if you could only see what you're leaving did to me
  258. 258. My Loved Ones Are Waiting For Me - When I shall cross over the dark rolling tide oh what a glad meeting there'll be For close by the beautiful pearly white gate my loved ones are waiting for me Waiting for me they're waiting for m
  259. 259. My Used To Be Darling - I'm almost ashamed now for people to know that you are the one I once worshipped so For they didn't know you as you were then My used to be darling I can't trust you again My used to be darling
  260. 260. My Wall Came Tumblin' Down - We built a little wall around the two of us the two of us the two of us We built a little wall around the two of us but the wall came tumblin' down I built foundation with love and trust love
  261. 261. Need You - I need you oh how I need you the nights are lonely since we're apart I miss you oh how I miss you come back my darling and mend my heart I'm sorry dear I made you cry please forgive and forget th
  262. 262. No One But You - Now when I'm by myself dear who do I want near Who no one but you Now when I want some loving some old fashioned hugging It's you no one but you You've got me talking my sleep sometimes even
  263. 263. Nobody But A Fool (would Love You) - Nobody but a fool would love you after the way you done me Broke every vow you made me broke every rule Who'd lie awake all night cry till you were out of sight Loving you with all of her might nobody
  264. 264. Oh Lonesome Me - Everybody's going out and having fun I'm just a fool for staying home and having none I can't get over how he set set me free oh lonesome me A bad mistake I'm making by just hanging round I k
  265. 265. Oh So Many Years - All these many years I've loved you No one has ever known No one has ever known but you a lone I've kept it locked inside my heart And smile thru all my tears My darling I have loved you oh so man
  266. 266. Old Country Church - [ Johnny Wright ] How I long once more to be with my friends at the old country church There's a place dear to me where I'm longing to be With my friends at the old country church Where with
  267. 267. Old Records - Old records bring back mem'ries pictures bring back tears Do you ever think of me after all these years I found a stack of old records that we used to listen to And there beside the records
  268. 268. Once - I was foolish once and I let my once get away I was happy once you'd never believe it today Eyes got careless once all that was you got away Life has beauty once it's not worth living today I
  269. 269. One By One - One by one we've broke each vow we made It was you who lied it was me who paid As sure as there's a heaven beyond the sun we'll pay for our lies one by one My plans and hopes have tumbled do
  270. 270. One Day At a Time - I'm only human I'm just a woman Help me believe and all i can be and all that i am Show me the stairway I have to climb and Lord for my sake please teach me to take one day at a time One day
  271. 271. One Hundred Children - One hundred children brave boys and girls they came from nations all over the world One hundred children marching along one hundred children singing their song Don't blow up the world don't ki
  272. 272. One Minute Past Eternity - When will my arms grow cold when will your kiss grow old When will I want to be free exactly one minute past eternity When will I make you blue she can run around on you Throw away the love you
  273. 273. One Way Ticket To The Sky - I've got my one way ticket to the sky happy oh happy am I Walk with Jesus in the Holy Land shake my my dad and mother's hand I've got my one way ticket to the sky When we hear ol' Gabriel's tru
  274. 274. One Week Later - One week later oh how I cried Just one week later I wish I could die You were so sure you could forget me You didn't want me by your side When someone new came and took you I thought I
  275. 275. Only Me And My Hairdresser Know - Everybody says I always look so happy they always tell me you're so good for me They never seem to worry but I try to hide Cause I keep it covered up so they can't see It's funny what a little
  276. 276. Only One I Ever Loved I Lost - When I lost your love dear I lost my everything The sunshine from my life has disappeared The night we said our last goodbye I wished you happiness Then I walked away so darkness would hide my
  277. 277. Only The Lonely (know The Way I Feel) - Only the lonely know the way I feel tonight only the lonely know this feeling ain't right There goes my baby there goes my heart they've gone forever so far apart And only the lonely know why I cry on
  278. 278. Open Up Your Heart (and Let The Sunshine In) - My mother told me something that everyone should know It's all about the devil and I learned to hate him so She said he causes trouble when you let him in the room He will never ever leave you if your
  279. 279. Other Cheek - I've done everything I can to make you love me Though we're still no more than only friends And you tell me I can never make you happy I won't turn the other cheek again You placed your fun and
  280. 280. Pace That Kills - Too many parties and too much drinking Too many sweethearts too little thinking I love you darling I always will But honey you're devoted to the pace that kills. What kind of future is the
  281. 281. Paper Mansions - Don't build for me no paper mansions that only stand until you've gone You paint the nastiest futures of anyone I know You always leave me holding on to pretty words that glow You've built a th
  282. 282. Paper Roses - I realize the way your eyes deceived me With tender looks that I mistook for love So take away the flowers that you gave me And send the kind that you remind me of Paper roses paper roses Oh how r
  283. 283. Pass Me By (if You're Only Passing Through) - Would you look at what came down the road today Wanting me to be one more mistake to make A bridge to burn to get to someone knew Pass me by if you're only passing through You sure look like the trave
  284. 284. Password - Password please use the password it opens the door to my heart Password love is the password just say the words of love and come on in This game of love we're playing is a game that's played b
  285. 285. Paul's Ministry - The Lord said stand up Paul and dry up your tears You must preach my gospel for many long years Go to DAMASCUS the way that is straight You'll MEET ANANIAS and there you must wait I counted o
  286. 286. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down - You were mine for just a while now you're puttin' on the style And you've never once looked back at your home across the track You're the gossip of the town but my heart can still be found Wher
  287. 287. Pledging My Love - Forever my darling my love will be true always and forever I'll love just you Just promise me darling your love in return Make this fire in my soul dear forever burn My heart's at your command
  288. 288. Precious Memories - [ Johnny Wright ] Precious mem'ries unseen angels sent from somewhere to my soul How they linger ever near me as the sacred past unfolds Precious mem'ries how they linger how they ever flood my
  289. 289. Queen of Honky Tonk Street - The lights are low and the jukebox is loud As we make the rounds among the wild unruly crowd One honky tonk to another where old friends meet Got me this name Queen of Honky Tonk Street Queen
  290. 290. Rank Strangers - I wandered again to my home in the mountains Where in youth's early dawn I was happy and free I looked for my friends but I never could find them I found they were all rank strangers to me (E
  291. 291. Release Me - Please release me, let me go I don't love you anymore To live together is a sin Release and let me love again. I have found a new love dear And I'll always want him near His lips are w
  292. 292. Reno Airport Nashville Plane - Sittin' in the Reno airport waitin' for the 3-0-2 All the hungry men they watch me don't know I'm coming home to you They think I'm just a Reno woman another week I would have been But I'm sitt
  293. 293. Repenting - Repenting yes I'm repenting those few careless hours that never should have been I'm begging you to let me make command Repenting yes I'm repenting I promise never do you wrong again On my knee
  294. 294. Right Or Wrong - Right or wring I dreamed about you all through the night I was in love with you the moment that you came into sight I hesitate to tell that I held you in my arms oh so long But in my mind I mad
  295. 295. Ring of Fire - Love is a burning thing and it makes a fiery ring Bound by wild desire I fell into a ring of fire I fell into a burning ring of fire I went down down down and the flames went higher And it bu
  296. 296. Rise And Shine - Little children do not worry cause you still got lots of times There's no need in walking backwards turn around and rise and shine If your load always seems heavy and you're always left behind
  297. 297. Rocky Top - Wish that I was on old Rocky Top down in the Tennessee hills Ain't no smoggy smoke on Rocky Top ain't no telephone bills Once I had a man on Rocky Top part bear the other part cat Wild as a min
  298. 298. Rose Garden - I beg you pardon I never promised you a rose garden Along with the sunshine there's got to be a little rain sometimes When you take you got to give so live and let live or let go I beg you pard
  299. 299. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Rudolph the red nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose And if you ever saw him you would even say it glows All of the other reindeers used to laugh and call him names They'd never let poor Rudolp
  300. 300. Santa's On His Way - Snowflakes're falling Santa's on his way with a lotta jingle bells jingin' on his place Boys and girls are waitin' clapping out with glee Cause they know he'll put lots of toys around the Christm
  301. 301. Searching For a Soldier's Grave - Somewhere here among these many soldiers of Americans who all died true and brave That's where I know I'll find him resting so I'm here I'm searching for his grave You ask me stranger why I ma
  302. 302. Searching (for Someone Just Like You) - Searching I've spent a lifetime darling searching looking for someone like you Dreaming in all my dreams I dream that someday I'd find someone like you Other loves have come my way but they were not f
  303. 303. Seasons of My Heart - The seasons come the seasons go we get a little sunshine rain and snow Just the way that it was planned to be But there's no seasons in my heart while you play the leading part But the flowers
  304. 304. Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On - Send me the pillow that you dream on don't you know that I still care for you Send me the pillow that you dream on so darling I can dream on it too At night while I'm sleeping oh so lonely I'll
  305. 305. Seven Lonely Days - Seven lonely days make one lonely week seven lonely nights make one lonely me Ever since the time you told me we were through Seven lonely days I cried and cried for you Oh my darling you're cr
  306. 306. Shake My Mother's Hand For Me - [ Johnny Wright ] When you reach that golden city friends and love you will see When the saints come out to meet you oh shake my mother's hand for me Shake my mother's hand and tell her happine
  307. 307. Shape Up Or Get Out - Playboy Charlie where you stayed last night Came home this morning sun was shining bright Blood shot eyes and mouth full of lies I'm fed up with your alibis You know and I know you don't treat
  308. 308. She'll Have To Go - Put your sweet lips a little closer to the phone Let's pretend that we're together all alone I'll tell the man to turn the jukebox way down low And you can tell your friend there with you she'l
  309. 309. She's No Angel - You see her there at the bar cross the room She looks like an angel with her paint and perfume You'd like to meet her your conscience says no Obey your conscience turn around boy and go She's
  310. 310. Silent Night - Silent night holy night all is calm all is bright Round young virgin mother and child holy infant so tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace sleep in heavenly peace (Silent night holy night she
  311. 311. Sincerely - Sincerely oh yes sincerely cause I love you so dearly please say you'll be mine Sincerely oh you know how I love you I'll do anything for you please say you'll be mine Oh Lord won't you tell me
  312. 312. Singing Country Music Loud And Strong - [ Bobby Wright ] Well I wanna be a big star and wear the finest clothes Rhinestone suits and cowbow boots and tall tips on the toast And wail a lotta good hillbilly songs sing that country musi
  313. 313. Singing His Praise - [ Kitty ] Since my soul has been redeemed since from sin I may get gleamed I'm singing his praise along the way From my sins he sets me free when I'm sad he comforts me I'm singing his praise
  314. 314. Singing On Sunday - A quiet little town with happy go people gatherin' after church with a little steeple Singing on a Sunday singing on a Sunday The week is over and the work is through going to church like the goo
  315. 315. Sinner Kneel Down And Pray - If from the past you have gone astray and at times you cannot see the way Can't you hear the Lord he's calling you today oh sinner kneel down and pray Oh sinner just kneel and pray the Lord will
  316. 316. Six Lonely Hours - When the clock strikes one I stare at the door By the time it reaches two I'm walking the floor When the hands oh so gently drop down on the three I'm alone in a world where love used to be T
  317. 317. Slowly - Slowly I'm falling more in love with you slowly you're winning a heart that can be true Now I can't hide my feelings for it's so plain and true Slowly I'm falling more in love with you More
  318. 318. Slowly Dying - Slowly dying, slowly dying, our love can't live for very long You keep lying, alibiing, ev'ryone can see there's something wrong (Chorus:) Used to be we were together ev'rywhere we went
  319. 319. Someday You'll Call My Name - Someday you'll call my name and I won't answer Someday you'll reach for me I won't be there For you've grown tired of all the love I gave you But someday you'll wish that I still care All thr
  320. 320. Stand Beside Me - Stand beside me stand beside me you're the only one who ever made me care I can't stand to think that I might be alone Not alone again not the way it was back then Before you walked into my hea
  321. 321. Stand By Your Man - Sometimes it's hard to be a woman giving all your love to just one man You'll have bad times and he'll have good times doin' things that you don't understand But if you love him you'll forgive hi
  322. 322. Standing Room Only - In your heart there's just standing room only you had so many lovers before But please pity your life that's been lonely and let me come in your heart's door In your heart there's just standing r
  323. 323. Step Aside - Angray words were spoken and you turned and left me in a cloud of gloom I knew when you took the car you'd drive around till you found a saloon Grip some pretty woman there makes over you and sta
  324. 324. Stubborn Heart - Everything that I say seems to upset you When I try to tell you of my love Open your eyes don't tear us apart Honey you're already wrong as your stubborn heart Stubborn heart you could be hap
  325. 325. Sugar In The Ground - [ intro by Johnny Wright ] (Now everybody welcome to the Kitty Wells Road Show with an all star cast featuring Decca Rocording artists Bill Phillips yours truly Johnny Wright with all the Tenne
  326. 326. Sugartime - Sugar in the morning sugar in the evening sugar at suppertime Be my little sugar and love me all the time Honey in the morning honey in the evening honey at suppertime Be my little honey and lo
  327. 327. Sweeter Than The Flowers - Yes as far as I can remember she'll remain the rose of my heart Mom took sick along in December February brought us broken heart The reason we've not called the family reunion we knew that she wo
  328. 328. Take These Chains From My Heart - Take these chains from my heart and set me free You've grown cold and no longer care for me All my faith in you is gone but the heartaches linger on Take these chains from my heart and set me f
  329. 329. Talk Back Trembling Lips - Talk back trembling lips shaky legs don't just stand there Don't let him know he's gettin' through to you Talk back trembling lips burning eyes don't start crying Heart don't let him know that
  330. 330. Tennessee Waltz - I was waltzing with my darling to the Tennessee Waltz When an old friend I happened to see Introduced her to my loved one and while they were waltzing My friend stole my sweetheart from me I
  331. 331. Thank God For a Mother Like Mine - My dear precious mother means so much to me she has always been so true and kind My best friend on earth she has proved unto be thank God for a mother like mine Thank God for a mother like mine f
  332. 332. Thank You For Loving Me - There's never been a woman more fortuned than I To have the love of a man like you and have you by my side For all the time I haven't hold you darling let me say so oh thank you for loving me A
  333. 333. That Ain't a Woman's Way - I sat alone at home all weekend waitin' for you to call But the phone didn't ring and the door didn't knock and I sat there talkin' to the wall Then today when you did come around it didn't mean
  334. 334. That Glory Bound Train - Come and listen won't you brother have you heard or don't you know There's a train that's bound for Glory will you ride it when it goes Have you made all preparations reservations are complete
  335. 335. That's a No No - You had quite a good thing goin' with the girls you used to knowin' You went up and down your list just like a yo-yo And though it may be hard to stop it I'm afraid you'll have to drop it Cause
  336. 336. That's Me Without You - A night with no moonlight a day with no sun A plain with no palace a watch that won't run A tree with no branches a rose without dew A song with no music that's me without you A train with no
  337. 337. The Pale Horse And His Rider - Listen poor sinner; you're driftin' away From the Dear Saviour; who's pleading today What will you do; when the Saviour ain't nigh When the Pale Horse and his rider goes by? The time now
  338. 338. The Teddy Bear Song - I wish I had button eyes and red fat nose A shaggy cotton skin and just one set of clothes Sittin' on the shelf in the local department store With no dreams to dream and nothin' to be sorry for
  339. 339. The Third Man - Last night I dreamed I took a walk up Calvary's lonely hill The things I saw with my own eyes could not have been more real I saw upon three crosses three men in agony Two cried out for mercy a
  340. 340. There Must Be Another Way To Live - The streets of the city is your kingdom The crowded honky tonks you're living room And from this way of life you'll find no freedom Just loneliness and ever ending gloom I can't lose this mem
  341. 341. There's No Greater Time Than Now - If you're tired of the life that you're living then why don't you change it now For no one knows what tomorrow holds there's no greater time than now There's no greater time than now there's no g
  342. 342. There's Poison In Your Heart - Once I loved you darling and it thrilled me through and through I must admit I wanted only you Your kisses left me restless when you said we'd never part Your lips are sweet as honey but there'
  343. 343. These Boots Are Made For Walkin' - (Here's a little song bout boots and a darlin' named Nancy) You keep a sayin' you got something for me something you call love but confess You've been a messin' where you shouldn't been a mess
  344. 344. They Can't Take Your Love - They may try to plan my life as people often do But they can't change the way I feel for you They say a rich young love could better play the part But they can't take your love from my heart
  345. 345. They're Stepping All Over My Heart - I may look old for my years and these wrinkles on my face They were put there by my kids I love so dear They won't listen to what I say and it's turning my hair gray The kids grow older and hur
  346. 346. Thing Called Sadness - It's been here since you've been gone it's been hanging round too long A thing called sadness not much of a friend when you walked out it walked in In every chair where I sit down it follows me a
  347. 347. Things I Might Have Been - I might have been a helpless soul with nothing much in store I might have been without a gold just dream and nothing more I might have known life alone but that's where you came in Your loving
  348. 348. This Divorce - This divorce you're asking me to give you I don't want to see it go through This divorce will make you free and happy but it will leave me lonely and blue I believe what God has brought together
  349. 349. This Is It - Well this is it that day is here That day I knew would come when you would leave me dear Well here I sit while teardrops fall And wonder why I care when you don't care at all But I'm a fool t
  350. 350. This Old Heart - Now this old heart has been around it's been up and it's been down It's been walked on till it's had shot but it's still the only heart that I've got Now you're the last one to come along so trea
  351. 351. This White Circle - This white circle on my finger means we're through A reminder of my wasted years with you I took off my rings and placed them out of sight But that won't keep me from missing you tonight This
  352. 352. This World Holds Nothing (since You're Gone) - I don't like the sunshine I don't see the stars I just hate the moonbeams that's shining where you are I don't like the places where we walked arm in arm This world holds nothing since you're gone I
  353. 353. Three Ways (to Love You) - There are three ways three ways three ways to love you it's true One is the wrong way one is the right way but the best is the way I love you One is the wrong way like some people do They're kissin'
  354. 354. Today I Started Loving You Again - Today I started loving you again I'm right back where I've really always been I got over you just long enough to let my heartaches mend Then today I started loving you again What a fool I wa
  355. 355. Together Again - Together again my tears have stopped falling the long lonely nights are now at an end The key to my heart you hold in your hand And nothing else matters we're together again [ steel ] Togethe
  356. 356. Tomorrow Never Comes - Oh you tell me that you love me yes you tell me that you care That tomorrow we'll be married but tomorrow's never there No tomorrow never comes no tomorrow never comes Now you tell me that you
  357. 357. Too Far From God - Do you live from day to day with no God up above In your sin you had rather stay never thinking of his love Too far from God to ever hear him call deep in sin you have drifted too far Won't you
  358. 358. Too Many Rivers - I wish I could come back to you dear I know that you want me to But too much waters run under that old bridge There's too many rivers between me and you There's too many rivers to cross dear and t
  359. 359. Touch And Go Heart - Touch and go that's how your love is first you're mine and then we're apart Even though I know what your game is I still cling to your touch and go heart You only want my company when you are fee
  360. 360. Touch My Heart - Touch my heart feel the hurt it's destroying me I've tried but can't seem to shake his memory Touch my heart feel the hurt the pain and misery And tell me again what love can do for me If
  361. 361. Truck Driver's Sweetheart - Here at the truck stop earning my pay waiting on truck drivers both night and day I can't complain they treat me fine Meet them by the thousands the pleasure's all mine Truck driver's sweethear
  362. 362. True And Lasting Kind - I walk the line because he make me want to Because he's mine there's a lot of things that I don't do And it makes me proud to tell someone he's mine For our love is the true and lasting kind
  363. 363. Try a Little Kindness - If you see your brother standing by the road With a heavy load from the seeds he sowed If you see your sister falling by the way Just stop and say you're goin' the wrong way You've got to try
  364. 364. Unloved Unwanted - Unloved unwanted I've never been so blue I know that I should leave but I don't want to Unloved unwanted is the life I live with you I know that I should leave but I don't want to I have your
  365. 365. Wait a Little Longer Please Jesus - Wait a little longer please Jesus there are so many still wandering out in sin Just a little longer please Jesus a few more days to get our loved ones in Here the labor is so hard and the work
  366. 366. Wait For The Light To Shine - [ Johnny ] (Wait for the light to shine wait for the light to shine) Pull yourself together and keep waiting for the sign wait for the light to shine When the road is rocky and you're carryi
  367. 367. Walk Softly On The Bridges - Don't be careless with you darling if you love him don't let him down If you're faithful he won't leave you lost and wasted the way I am Walk softly on the bridges that you're crossing Don't br
  368. 368. Walk Through This World With Me - Walk through this world with me go where I go Share all my dreams with me I need you so In life we search and some of us find I've looked for you a long long time And now that I found you new h
  369. 369. Waltz of The Angels - The waltz of the angels the moonlight and you The waltz of the angels I hear each time I hold you tightly in these arms of mine It's surely from heaven this music I hear When your lips say I lo
  370. 370. Wasting My Time - Wasting my time acting happy and carefree the one hurting most that's got to be me I should win an Oscar my acting was first class You were just a bad memory from out of my past Dancing and lau
  371. 371. Watch It Heart Don't Fall - Come here heart and let me talk to you before you up and fall for someone new It's alright to go on out and have yourself a ball but watch it heart don't fall It's a long way for one to drop it's
  372. 372. Ways To Love a Man - There are so many ways to love a man and so many things to understand And if there ever comes a time you decide to change your mind I'll need a way to hold you and I can cause I'll know all the w
  373. 373. We Buried Her Beneath The Willow - One day an angel came down from heaven an envoy of our God above From this great world to choose a token that all his throng in heaven would love We buried her beneath the willow with heads bowed
  374. 374. We Could - If anyone could find the joy that true love brings a girl and boy We could we could you and I If anyone could ever say that their true love was here to stay We could we could you and I When y
  375. 375. We Made a Mistake - We made a mistake dear bout playing a cheating game It's all my fault she's wearing your name He's taking my place where I should be today We made a mistake dear and now we have to pay We
  376. 376. We Missed You - We missed you and we're glad you'll come home The hours were never so lonely my eyes were never so strange From watching and waiting and crying for you and hoping you'd come back again Me and m
  377. 377. We Must Have Been Out of Our Minds - We said our goodbyes long ago never thinking we'd miss each other so All the memories we can't leave behind oh we must have been out of our minds I thought I loved another not you how foolish I t
  378. 378. We Need One More Chance - We drifted far apart from each other but your love it didn't die within my heart You're asking me once more to forgive you I'll give you one more chance and pray that we will never part We need
  379. 379. We Owe Good For Everything - [ Johnny ] God creates the flowers and trees the little birds that we hear sing The mountains high and the mighty seas we owe God for evertything God walks these beutiful hills with me he's
  380. 380. Welcome To My World - Welcome to my world won't you come on in miracles I guess still happen now and then Step into my heart leave your cares behind welcome to my world built with you in mind Knock and the door will o
  381. 381. We'll Stick Together - Cause we stuck together through the lean lean years The lean and hungry years were filled with strife Now we're still together in the green green years And we'll still together for the rest of
  382. 382. What About You - The days have been long and I have been lonesome Recalling those dreams that never came true The nights have been lonely but now that's all over I've payed my debt for trusting in you Every d
  383. 383. What Am I Living For - What am I living for if not for you what am I living for if not for you What am I living for if not for you oh nobody else nobody else will do What am I longing for each lonely night to feel your
  384. 384. What I Believe Dear (is All Up To You) - What I believe, dear, is all up to you Those things they are saying Don't have to be true I'll tell my heart they lied All gossip can't be true For what I believe, dear, is all up to you I'll pu
  385. 385. What Locks The Door - You can't relive your past with the dream that's gone You can't find love that will last in your world alone A hurt so tall has built the wall where fate begins What locks the door to the world
  386. 386. When The Grass Grows Over Me - When you left I thought that I would soon get over you Even told myself that I would find somebody too Time and tears have come and gone but not your memory But I'll be over you when the grass
  387. 387. When The Moon Comes Over The Mountain - When the moon comes over the mountain Every beam brings a dream dear of you Once again we stroll neath the mountain Through that rose covered valley we knew Each day is grey and dreary But
  388. 388. When Your Little High Horse Runs Down - You've got on a little high horse and you said that this was end You jumped right up and said goodbye and out the door you went Well your --- now but you'll soon pull down I know that you'll be co
  389. 389. Where Is My Castle - More than once I've cried because impatience let me down I could see the gold before the gold was found Everytime I've trusted love to lead me by the hand It circled back and left me where I st
  390. 390. Where The Soul Never Dies - [ Johnny Wright ] To Canaan's land I'm on my way where the soul of men never dies My darkest night will turn today where the soul of men never dies No sad farewell no tea dimmed eyes where all
  391. 391. White Christmas - I'm dreaming of a white Christmas just like the ones I used to know Where the treetops glisten and children listen to hear sleigh bells in the snow I'm dreaming of a white Christmas with every Ch
  392. 392. Whose Shoulder Will You Cry On - Once you were my life and breath and you rode your free horse to death Oh you trifled around too much then you lost your loving touch Now whose shoulder will you cry on You didn't love me all a
  393. 393. Will Your Lawyer Talk To God - Your lawyer called today, and said he had the papers all prepared. and to sign my name was all I had to do. He seen the Judge now he seen me,there's only one thing left Will your lawyer talk to
  394. 394. Window Up Above - I've been living a new way of life that I love so But I can see the clouds are gathering and the storm will wreck our home For last night she held you tightly and you didn't even shove This is
  395. 395. Wings of a Dove - On the wings of a snow white dove he sends his pure sweet love A sign from above on the wings of a dove When troubles surround us when evils come the body grows weak the spirit grows numb Wh
  396. 396. Winner of Your Heart - If you could read my mind you wouldn't be so blind Can't you see that I'm in love with you My lips would make no sound my head just spins around My tongue get tired and I can't make a sound I
  397. 397. Woman Half My Age - You say I've lost you to a woman half my age A lovely young acquantance that you've made You say your love for me you've laid aside And she's rekindled flames you thought had died But if your
  398. 398. Woman Never Forgets - Tie a string around your finger leave a note upon your desk Don't forget little things that happened to bring you happiness It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor just remember the one you ador
  399. 399. Wonder Could I Live There Anymore - Have you ever been awaken by the crowing of a rooster While the night's dew is still heavy on the ground And the voice of Uncle Ben seems to break the morning silence Bringing lights to windows
  400. 400. Wooden Heart - Can't you see I love you please don't break my heart in two That's not hard to do cause I don't have a wooden heart And if you say goodbye then I know that I would cry Maybe I would die cause I
  401. 401. Wreck of Number Two - As you leave to meet the girl who's now your number one Look at me I'm the wreck of number two That someone else is that you've made this morning When you told me what you plan to do Someone
  402. 402. Yesterday's Promise - Yesterday's promise got you everything I had You took all the best of me and now you call me bad You made me careless with the pretty things you'd say Now yesterday's promise makes me crying to
  403. 403. You And Me - You and me together life's a pleasure but without your love life's not complete And I feel the same about you darling we belong together you and me We'll share love's joy and life's sorrow you
  404. 404. You Can't Conceal a Broken Heart - You can't conceal a heart that's broken no matter what you say or do I still recall words that were spoken the night you said that we were through My darling I still want you near me you know I l
  405. 405. You Don't Hear - Lately you spent a lot of time at parties Your head held high in a world of make believe You don't hear a word that I tell you and I can see you no longer care for me You don't hear a word that
  406. 406. You Don't Love Me (but You're Afraid Somebody Will) - You always have your way with me each time you left my heart felt the chill But I've only been a past time to you No you don't love me but you're afraid somebody will You're afraid someone else will c
  407. 407. You Lay So Easy On My Mind - My mind oh so easy on my mind Whenever i need you all i have to do is close my eyes You lay so easy on my mind yes so easy on my mind Wrap me in your warmness and let me feel your body touchin'
  408. 408. You Left Your Mark On Me - [ Kitty Wells ] You left your mark on me beggin' on my heart to stay Time by no one will erase it away In public I wear a smile hold my head up high inside I'm so lonesome alone in a crowd Fr
  409. 409. You Want Her Not Me - Your touch tells me al I need to know I lost you it hurts to see you go Yes I'm unhappy but at least my heart's free I'm no fool you want her not me You want her not me the truth I know though yo
  410. 410. You'll Never Be Mine Again - You'll never be mine again guess I've known it since don't know when I've just been pretending I know I can't win Let me hold you just one more time and pretend that your world is mine We'll wh
  411. 411. Your Cheatin' Heart - Your cheatin' heart will make you weep you'll cry and cry and try to sleep But sleep won't come the whole night through your cheatin' heart will tell on you When tears come down like falling rain
  412. 412. Your Love Is The Way - Your love is the way I always thought love should be Your love is the kind of love that makes me happy No tears and sorrow and no misery your love is the way I always thought love should be
  413. 413. Your Old Love Letters - Today I burned your old love letters I burned them slowly one by one Before I'd light the flame I read them to try and find the wrongs I've done The first you wrote me was the sweetest the last o
  414. 414. Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down - You don't care what kind of life you live you don't care for love I give You honky tonk all over town and your wild life's gonna get you down I beg you time and time again not to treat me like yo
  415. 415. You're Driving Me Out of My Mind - You drove me to the church on Sunday to our home on Monday And I've been here the rest of the time I know she's somewhere out there by your side while I'm takin' for a ride You're driving me ou
  416. 416. You're No Angel Yourself - Your jealous heart I can't understand you get mad if I look at another man No fate in your love no respect for mine making things up in your selfrighteous mind You're no angel yourself why preten
  417. 417. You're Not Easy To Forget - I make all the honky tonks and taverns just to see who's hanging round And there I try to drown my sorrow just because you let me down I can't get someone to kiss me I can't get someone to care
  418. 418. You're The Only World I Know - You're the only world I know you're the one I can't let go You're my laughter and my tears and I love you all my years You're the beating of my heart you're my thoughts when we're apart You're

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