Letras / letra K / Kill The Romance

  1. 1. Breath - Go 'coz i can see your motherfucking face, ain't fine with me Throw away those bloody freaking cries for good, it's time to begin Now bring it on It's about the fucking time Stop dreaming
  2. 2. Countdown To Domination - I won't define my state of mind It's all too straight for this blind sight I am just here to take what's mine No there's no reason to hold on Whatever comes too near i will pass it by So fa
  3. 3. Dark Filth Water - From the sweet shelter to the unknown A thousand times the curtain hides Once fed the lions of attention and Joined to the romantic association Ten ton stone, my friend i'm alone On this ro
  4. 4. Demons In Me - You see i've been waiting too long Blowing my world in this atmosphere Today i am breaking the habit I'm ready to kill you but i'm killing me Have you seen me breaking under your eyes Ha
  5. 5. Friend - Little man, little man don't you know where to stand, we will run you over You can run, you can hide, you can even try to die, but those things you do in vain Nothing sacred nothing lasts, the th
  6. 6. Ghost White Coma - I will let it all flow and never let it go It's always the same i'll show you how I, pain, the rain, just to see how we all go Reaching the light out of this world The storm is calming sti
  7. 7. Inner Cell - Never been so real thing Never been so scared I look ahead but i don't see a thing Inside my head there's something from the past My inner cell you wanna see me dead Everything is so unr
  8. 8. Killers of Romance - I was born to a band of troubles I have a ticket to train of hell So far wounded and hostile We don't need anyone else but you So let the panic flow As we begin our show now Feelings a
  9. 9. My Savior - Hey why me i'm stuck inside this dream Dwell inside delusion i will dwell Face down don't co-operate You condemn you make me run away Plague it's like plague kills and leaves to decay Wa
  10. 10. My Sweetest Enemy - I can hear the whisper still shouting at me Despite all the promises it won't ever vanish Tormentor killing my soul, eating me alive Instead of ignorance, should i kill 'em all Another wor
  11. 11. New World Man - Discoloration in mind's re-creation A man who submit to manipulation See the world trough enemies' eyes Circumlocution for the defamation Rail from hell to the salvation Time to measure man
  12. 12. Prey - For those who deliver their souls to the devil May their death become as clear as your heaven Who will judge you, who'll deceive you The prise is repent so fucking consent Fight fight for you
  13. 13. Pulse of Negative - For the god's sake I'm slipping all the way Dishonest is the word throughout the day Public grace don't save from own disgrace It's always equal Inordinate demand within the day Drives ap

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