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  1. 1. After Winter - See this place after winter while wind is blowing softly and another night has gone with no sleep and neither noise. "Sisters" are burning in Hell, "brothers" maybe are doing it too. Wrapped in
  2. 2. Along The Avenues Of Hell - Snow stops falling so it'd like to get dirty at the street corners under the dreary March sun. I'd give my own self for this dreadful winter so it doesn't come to an end In Death... within Death.
  3. 3. Anti-Light - Home, silent 'n crying home how many years in your womb... how many years in your womb... Home, silent and crying home. Stars have passed through your shore distant like little flames... Home,
  4. 4. Ascension - Along these gardens the breeze of May is drifting in the light And all the pictures are holy and lost are burning in the sky. We're on the border, on the wet edge the sparkling of the cross and
  5. 5. At Any Moment Now - I have spent too much time with naughty children. I have given all I could asking no questions. Can't keep quiet any longer while you're forcing yourself to find out a reason for hating me. Ch
  6. 6. Atmosphere - Walk in silence Don't walk away in silence See the danger Always danger Endless talking Life rebuilding Don't walk away Walk in silence Don't turn away in silence Your confusion My illusion
  7. 7. Before The Day Comes - Too many stars fall on our eyes Useless words get wasted every moment to protect lazy religions I feel my heart getting inflamed with blood while the sand-glass slowly turns to stupid pawns prog
  8. 8. Berlin Viii - Schornsteine stehn in großem Zwischenraum Im Wintertag, und tragen seine Last, Des schwarzen Himmels dunkelnden Palast. Wie goldne Stufe brennt sein niedrer Saum. Fern zwischen kahlen Bäumen, man
  9. 9. Black Harbour / Helma Nah' Shmarr - Ana'n maia nen sa'n Helma nah' shmarr. Ana's maia nen sa'n Helma nah' shmarr. Szeh deh kaen va leh'va Enah kunda mada Shena sikra mirah Hiun ja x'en. Szeh deh kaen va leh'va Enah kunda mada

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