Letras / letra J / Justin Townes Earle

  1. 1. Can't Hardly Wait - Write you a letter tomorrow Tonight I can't hold a pen Someone's got a stamp I can borrow I promise not to blow the address again Lights that flash in the evening Through a hole in the
  2. 2. Harlem River Blues - Lord, I'm goin' uptown to the Harlem River to drown Dirty water gonna cover me over and I'm not gonna make a sound I'm on a roll, mama, I gotta go, gotta get there while I still can Troubled days
  3. 3. Lonesome & You - If you don't want me like I want you Well, come on honey why don't you Give me some kind of due as to what I should do Well, you keep acting like you love me But all I want is for you to s
  4. 4. Mama's Eyes - I am my father's son I've never known when to shut up I ain't fooling no one I am my father's son we don't see eye to eye and ill be the first to admit Ive never tried it sure hurts me, i
  5. 5. Someday I'll Be Forgiven For This - She comes to me in the night when loneliness Is too much to bear and she holds me close And she helps me forget You go steppin' out as she comes steppin' in Someday I'll be forgiven for this
  6. 6. Turn Out My Lights - Same old blues cornin' 'round again Every night about this time And it's calhn' me like a long lost friend When I turn out my lights I can see you in my dreams Every time I dose my eyes

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