Letras / letra J / JJ Appleton

  1. 1. 90 Miles An Hour - When I'm holding out too long Feeling sorry for myself and carrying on Like a truck, you come along 90 miles an hour, when you hit me I just fall Every time for you No one can ignite me
  2. 2. Always In My Dreams - Hey, did I come on too strong? I blinked and you were gone Movin' on This one was supposed to last But it was over way too fast Just burned and crashed I guess that's how it always goe
  3. 3. Figured Out - I am in awe of you I hold you like a charm I'll go the extra mile Though I've never been that far Why am I sensitive? Why do I even care? Words, they jump out of my mouth And fly right
  4. 4. Flying - I was thinking about Sunday And how I woke up in a dream We were walking down a runway And it was such a crazy scene You pulled me and we started running And my heart began to pound An
  5. 5. Forgive - I've got a lesson to learn About some bridges I've burned I spent some time in Hell I guess I know it too well I never want to return [Chorus] Why can't I just forgive? Why can't I l
  6. 6. Gravity - I know I said I never needed anybody And all the trouble they could bring to me I built walls so high all around me But love can make a man do the strangest things And as long as I'm breat
  7. 7. Never Let You Down - People say Our souls should be free Between you and me It ain't that easy And the haters will run Away with all that they need But I'll never leave You hanging on a string [Chor
  8. 8. Please Do - Got a million questions that I don't ask Five hundred moments that always pass But I like you, baby Cuz you move fast Ten thousand reasons we should say "no" But a thousand more to give
  9. 9. Poetry In Motion - It used to be hard for me to feel at ease I need my freedom To come and go as I please With you I opened up quicker than a shopping mall Now I'm in your hands, and that is all All these
  10. 10. Walk Into The Room - Standing in the spotlight, like an angel with a halo When I thought I'd never see your face again I swore this was the end It doesn't matter what you did or didn't do I can't pretend that I'm

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