Letras / letra I / Inga Liljestrom

  1. 1. 29 Poisons - If you don't come Rescue me soon If you don't come Take me away soon Twenty-nine poisons Try to keep my mind from you But only your sweet love Finds in me the cure You ??? For
  2. 2. All of This - All of this Is yours You can lose yourself here You're name burst inside my mouth I will never be the same I will never be the same For your love it leaves a stain in me I am stun
  3. 3. Bullet - Your love A foreign Landscape Your mouth The colour Of Rubis Your words They cut Right through me I wouldn't have it Any other way Just stay Sometimes You feel so f
  4. 4. Deer - Hunters seeking clues Tracks are fresh Swift to the kill Deep into it You'll lose all sense He goes by touch Deciphering Broken codes in me I don't know how to move This state I'
  5. 5. Diamond Horseshoe - You shine with coals inside Like diamond horseshoe Dying for you now Dying for you now And when you move You remind me of all things Chaos and anarchy Come warm me now With your ho
  6. 6. Dream - Restless moves Lost in a crowd Slow motion State I'm in Bite your lie Awkward like a boy Can't read your Heart, yet But I'm drunk With it Na empty space For you To All...
  7. 7. Film Noir - Monkey shines Snow capped strangers Blind folded we hold hands Going nowhere and far A signpost empty I forget who I am No road is forever dear friend So dangerous This place insid
  8. 8. Glow - Unfold myself Eyes wide and liquid Awaken by falling While you sleep I pour myself into you Speak with angels They know you Can hardly speak Can hardly make sense of All that has
  9. 9. Knotted - Dirt road Row edges of you Last sun has cought you And framed you love Lite waking up I imagine my escape with you A mountain peak cracked open I don't know how to move My hands st
  10. 10. Lira - Distant Mountains Cause his heart to race Race Your wings In flight Dark and sharp Asphalt road Headed for a head on Collision with love I could sense it I could taste it
  11. 11. Phoenix - Loss of your heart You fall into danger A hawksept boy Two moons around him I watch him break the dawn this morning He's all I needed He's all I've wanted For a new day will rise
  12. 12. Stardust - I'm the girl with sad eyes You're the boy with warm hands It all makes sense doesn't it I hear a ricochet did Almost touch the radar Underneath you dress me Undress me tonight Sta
  13. 13. Stolen - Tundra, fjords and ice A small silent man The lines on his hands change I'll unravel him You're stolen me with love I'd have given it anyway A mountain top No need for air Keep

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