Letras / letra I / Infested

  1. 1. Congestion - Free country, I hear you say. Well I ain't satisfied, I want it my way. Banning everything under the sun, Life's just fuckin boring, You've killed all the fun. Tax the fuck out of cigarettes,
  2. 2. Cops On Strike - Innocent people, gettin' beat, Whilst the police are catchin' speeders with their chip and pin, There moaning that they don't get enough respect, Nut didn't you join the force to enforce peace and
  3. 3. Crawling On My Back - Do you even care or does it not bother you? Identification cards, what does it mean to you They'll be keeping track of your every move Your every purchase, now does it bother you? Ya credit cards
  4. 4. Discipline - Discipline the youths. Send them to prison. Teach them a lesson. They'll never break again. So you get outta prison and you're looking for a job. But you got this fuckin record. No one will take y
  5. 5. Evolution Through Violence - Evolution through violence, only the violent survive? All those living in peace don't mean a thing in our history Sooner or later they will pay With their wives, with their lives Is there no
  6. 6. Friends/Mistakes - I've been friends with this guy for years, got on great, no blood, no tears. Just beer and music and life on the road, one of my brothers so far from home. We were a unit, but now I've ruined it,
  7. 7. Grain of Sand - Grain Of Sand An inhuman in our eyes, a failure The mistake in the working clockwork, fullfilling our thoughts Isolated from the decaying outside, he's the one who is inside His consciousn
  8. 8. Guiding Line - Guiding Line Here he stands, one of a million in a forest full of his kind Captured by a voice talking to them again and again Cutting through the skull into their brains Lifeless eyes loo
  9. 9. Impulse - Impulse The death of thousands or one by the hand of men Countless lives ending at the same time Leads to a reaction, like a wave, a tremor through the whole Taking the way to somewhere el
  10. 10. Inseparable Symbiosis - Inseparable Symbiosis The seeds of heritage lying cremated Through the hand of a single man and his lust Feeling relive by his work on flesh Just like flies addicted to light He loans fo
  11. 11. Keep Droppin' - I've fallen in love with a special kinda friend, A small lovey, little one with lots of love to spread, I love the anxiety, the tension, excitement, Is it in my head? Is it in my head? You take t
  12. 12. Misleading The Masses - Misleading The Masses Look out that window, the intensity of live in this filth we call humanity Religion, belief, war, blindness The impulse for the delusion? The fanatics are feeding you
  13. 13. Myths, Lies & Hypocrites - When I was a kid things were so different, Everyone's a friend, everyone's innocent, I remember singing prayers in school assembly, This almighty god exists, you don't think no different. Fairyta
  14. 14. Never Stop - Start with a beer, 2, 3 or 4, Then were downing the absinthe, yet still we want more, Skin up a doob and pass that shit round, Phone up tha taxi, get me in to town, Rack up the cocaine, smoke som
  15. 15. Part of Existence - Part Of Existence Am I content? yes I am, am I content? no, that's not my true self I was imagening it, can we only live like this? You can't handle the loss of your soul, so anybody is just
  16. 16. Raping For More - Raping For More All we see are desolate similarities Try to find the final ending of this Never be able to look behind the wall of your hidden face Only a puppet with a knife, ready to des
  17. 17. Smell The Irony - Crying child, confused and hurt, cos his homies been buried by rubble and dirt, wanders around to find his Dad, who's been blown to bits by an air strike, it's mad. These people he thought were h
  18. 18. The Right To Die - Life is sacred, so be it yea? I couldn't give a shit coz you made me sick. Nobody can refuse you the right, to give up your life, just fuckin end it! Pressured into suicide by the fucked up laws,
  19. 19. Think You're A Hero - You say you're a feminist, what a fuckin joke. Dividing the genders with reverse sexism, what are you trying to prove? You're just as bad as the next sexist pig, but you think you're a hero above

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