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  1. 1. After Every Party I Die - You're living but you've got no soul You captivate but you hold no weight at all So watch as I start to smile Your dumber than you think you're deep You aggravate but you always stop to sp
  2. 2. An I For An I - You owe it to the willing souls, To the white light. Double bluff and figure: An Eye for an Eye. We go into the TV, To the motherland smile, Apocalypse and rapture psyche in: An Eye
  3. 3. Bring Me Back a Dog - From a fall I hold the word conviction And the thrill to the swell is in your golden touch But the flesh is weak and without reason So I (slave to your beat and sought-?) for all time God
  4. 4. Heatwave - She moves the street way, A hitched up skirt, a symptom of the heatwave. She lets go lowgrade We can stay close till 4am the next day. If its for 5 years I get a fantasy breeding babies
  5. 5. I Am Terrified - You look good in leather….In bars Breaking things, breaking hearts. You look good in pleasure…. In hotels Loneliness is the key to break that spell. I am terrified I think too much
  6. 6. I Like Pretending - Your silver skin that crawls in rhythm, sweats like spring, returns me to the deathwish. And all my epiphonies that branded me and broke my knees Confirms me into the deathwish. Misfits
  7. 7. I-polaroids - I get up and i only wanna go to sleep I wake up to keep tricks (living days) on me She says my confusion shows as the holes in me I say I'm too thirsty I think, need a drink Cause I lost my s
  8. 8. Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction - Do you remember? You’re burning down Forced to take sides Your taunted chum and your broken smile Touched me, unexpectedly. So long, so long you waited in line Desire is a gift i
  9. 9. Kiss And Swallow - Do you pay for your crimes Does the punishment fit or drag your style to zero You're nothing till the weekend. If you think that you're the thrill Take a look at your life, you kneel before y
  10. 10. Lolita - She was soft She was unbroken Dressed in the pink That she wore as a token To the summer To the summer Always clean Always precautious She was the devil And she danced with the r
  11. 11. Lulled By Numbers - Who put the mess in your head? Filtering the sense of all your could have said I stole the words from your mouth So twisted in contagion, and reaching out If this is the lullaby, then Wh
  12. 12. Mercy - Mercy - when I melt in the kiss by the words and the whispers you sing me Mercy - I'm frail in the kill by submission and will that you bring me Mercy - when I'm nothing but ego you slap me to le
  13. 13. Missile - So you came like a missile, Falling on my head with the black sky, Think you're giving but you're taking my life away Then you came with your breeze blocks, Smashing up my face like a bus
  14. 14. My Secret Friend - My secret friend Oh take me to the river My secret friend So we can swim forever You have loved You were not alone You have braved the weather When the storm cut you to the bone Th
  15. 15. Naked But Safe - The least wishes are orders, Born raised and corned, was kept fed and watered, They tied me to the radiator kicked around and locked down Left in the cold to self harm This is all that I
  16. 16. Nature Of Inviting - The surrender to the power, makes me born again. The fixation on every sign, I cannot explain. I worship intoxication, at your open play. The appetite that you find, that you throw a
  17. 17. Nightlife - I want to know how to survive in the nightlife The truth and dare of the drug for the first time Click my heels and we'll dance with the heat rise I want to know how to survive in the nightlife
  18. 18. President - They pull our strings The animals They blind, they breed the hate Under their wing We're (scientist-?) We swallow what they think For all you lonely boys I will be president In all
  19. 19. Running - You sing for me my friend, Brave and confident, And there is comfort between your breaths, And I use sense to help. But when the days beneath me, Scream into my present, I must always
  20. 20. Sailor - In our cell you ask me do i wanna be a sailor In our cell you ask me do i wanna be a sailor I think dirt A suicide jump to run a self check Oh my girl do you only like the younger or the b
  21. 21. S.h.e - You have been left alone A creature of innocence You lie for what you (worse-?) And struggle with you confidence And when your devil complains And tears you up to start again And when
  22. 22. Simple Girl - The perfect taste that leaves your mouth The vodka tongue that spits it out Violate me, january victim All my life i've wasted for this Violate me, show me your religion All my time i've
  23. 23. Sink Vision - I'll kill myself today If we choose devotion over a low life I'll kill myself today If you put direction into a world with no daylight Violent roleplay, Codeine champagne, The brainwas
  24. 24. Song of Imaginary Beings - Her mother said that she couldn't love The physical way a woman should Then where else could she go? Where the sisters and the fathers can't save her soul Send them in, see them on She c
  25. 25. Spit It Out - And if you're hurting I will replace the noise with silence instead (flushing/crushing-?) out your head If you like it violent We can play rough and tumble, fall into bed (and i won't wait
  26. 26. Tear Garden - I saw bright open common sense, I do evil things and evil things return, And I'm praying on, I'm praying for me. You can't hide, I remove from you every Tiny strength in everything you do.
  27. 27. The Alternative - Lay back for me You were just exactly what i need In this cold town Lay back for me The three of us in circus and in liberty It's been too long So throw your guilt religion To the
  28. 28. The Great Shipwreck Of Life - We can make you understand, We can make you understand, Play with me, You can make the love and I'll make the money, Stay with me, Shut out the world, live underneath the city. Rele
  29. 29. The Negative Sex - They know ascension to obedience (their/butt-?) kicks and wishes fix and forgot to form my self-defence We all want to fuck ourselves and rape the world So the arts of the cult prevail If any
  30. 30. The Stupid The Proud - God is dead, We get to sleep tonight, Walk with me into the truth, Out of your lies. Man equals woman. I'm just the messenger don't shoot me down. The army, so faithful, The kille
  31. 31. Think Of England - In the grip of a winter came, love and greed Insane with faith, I took the driving front seat In the lowlight comfort of Berlin streets The calm from emptiness duetted with my body heat I
  32. 32. This Will Make You Love Again - When the joys of living just leave you cold Frozen from the failing mess you've made your own And if you want an ending to your screenplay life Well here's the consolation That will change yo
  33. 33. White Suburb Impressionism - You might keep me alive But i could let you down anytime that i like Shoot down your absolute form in the primitive I can't see the point in the sense you were born with Everybody's someon
  34. 34. You Can Be Happy - (Verse I) You walked into the world, as a super human boy and girl (ooh) In the blinking of your eyes i was born and sold, by your manifesto (spoken by Women) It's cruel world for
  35. 35. You Stick It In Me - You stick it in me, then you go to her You stick it in me, then you go to her You stick it in me, then you go to her Then you touch me, life question [2x] You touch me, my voice breaks C
  36. 36. Your Joy Is My Low - He takes your face and positions it to take your mouth You bite, you bite to excite yourself He wants the colour of you to wear and feel alive And you bite and i'm awake and i'm the slave tonig

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