Letras / letra I / I Nation

  1. 1. 655 Walk on Water - Dream Dream of things to come Infinity by one Please Please don't ever change Promise me you'll stay Always stay this way I'll watch over you Will you watch over me 655 You don't have to wa
  2. 2. Awaken - Wasting away Wasting the day Where is the dreamer That I used to be Is he lost Is he sleeping I wait for the moment To wish it away What does it matter And what can you say You feel lost L
  3. 3. Be Something - Running away Running to the sound I need some distance From all this resistance I'll tell you the difference Between me and you I, I will be something I will be someone I will more more than
  4. 4. Cycle Repeat - This could be anywhere And I could be anyone Not that it matters now Cause it's already done Cycle, repeat We aren't about to leave We aren't about to... Don't try and follow this I don't thi
  5. 5. Full Tilt (Till The End) - Everything that you leave behind Will be washed away by the hands of time Until the memory feels more like a dream Of a distant shore you could never reach Let it burn, let it be Let it burn, th
  6. 6. Grey Skies PT.1 - Innocence curled up on the floor You reach a point, you cannot take anymore The world is waiting that's all you need to know The world is waiting get on your feet and go I promise you'll see blue
  7. 7. I Nation - Imagine nation, we are the future Together we stand So alone, when we fall Wanting to give my everything To someone who wants it all Someone prepared to hear me Someone prepared to open their e
  8. 8. In this Moment - You could journey far Just to lose yourself You could stay right here And become someone else You're all you've got to show For where you've been And this emptiness Seems to never end So re-i
  9. 9. Nova Satori - Do you think about your garden? Are you planting something new? Is there somewhere else you'd rather be? Are you planning to see this through? You just wanted to be part of something... Are you
  10. 10. Run Eternal - I am the world I see I see the world in me Swimming endlessly In possibility Just let go and see What will be will be Run away with me We'll run eternally I just want to be I just want to be
  11. 11. The Deepest Blue - Sinking Swimming Fucking Dreaming It's all the same I want to feel something new Breathing Walking Sleeping Talking It's all the same I want to feel something new Lost, for lack of a bett
  12. 12. This is Me - And if this is all, all that I can be Please remember me for this Please remember me Here I am, in front of you For what I've done How far I've come And what this means to me Falling we're all
  13. 13. Time - Time keeps ticking Can't stop this ship from sinking Your dreams take you far Before they tear you apart Time heals nothing the heart just grows colder It learns to let go as the distance betwee

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