Letras / letra I / I Blame Coco

  1. 1. 2B, 2D or not 2B - It's another one of Coco's songs yes, and we're 'bout to get down We're the artists in the world right now Just touched down in kentish town Like a balloon, she'll fly A weightless character Up,
  2. 2. Bohemian Love - Oh, how the birds awake before me? They beat me every morning rise. And now I'm lucky if I get a wink in, Because there's something on my mind. I miss your face. I miss the places that I
  3. 3. Caesar - I want to annoy And I’m going to enjoy it Merely cause we’re bored Merely because we’re bored Cause all you do is hope You’re all fucking hopeless And it’s the Lord of the Flies all over again
  4. 4. Control - I've lost control I've lost my soul My heart's turned to coal 'Cause I've lost control Is that why you think I'm cool Because I get fucked up on you I've lost control And I've lost my soul Is
  5. 5. I Blame Coco - Well how did all these people get in my room I don’t know Who spilled the talcum on the table I think it’s time for you to go It’s time to go I blame, I blame Coco Well how did all these peop
  6. 6. In Spirit Golden - Fall into flames and you won't do it again You've learned a lesson that you've never been taught so Crawl into blame that you will never reclaim It is a blessing that you'll never get caught oh B
  7. 7. It's About To Get Worse - There's a darkside living in my bloodline And there's a shark line fishing by the poolside Sometimes I disguise discomfort with a white lie But you figure me out, you figured me out I want this a
  8. 8. Look The Other Way - I'll start my weekend On Thursday night And if you're keepin' up Then I'll keep up time But don't be sleepin' Well, I won't mind Seeing as there's more for me to get high But no peeking Becau
  9. 9. No Smile - Have you ever got a smile That you know you'd always love it See, even if it vomits bile You'd only miss it It turns upside down and cries And you just want to kiss it I get the feeling from yo
  10. 10. Noah's Ark - My clothes are on inside out I walk to the ceiling looking down I turn to the left when the train turn right Why do we have to love not fight? Your words to me are like darts on the wall They st
  11. 11. Only Love Can Break Your Heart (Neil Young cover) - When you were young and on your own How did it feel to be alone? I was always thinking of games that I was playing. Trying to make the best of my time. But only love can break your heart Tr
  12. 12. Party Bag - Who mixed up the blood with the red wine tonight Who put the sugar in the salt shaker And when the nerves kick in it's the punchline Well you're speaking to tongues, but you're having too much fun
  13. 13. Playwright Fate - You may point with the crooked cane You conspire on my broken brain And playwright fate will have his way We're all actors in this play We're all passengers on his train And playwright fate don'
  14. 14. Please Rewind - From the beat of the silent thinker To the feet of the stompin' crowd Just another early drinker Who knows that thinkin' makes the world go round From the bottom of the third drumwell (I'm stuck
  15. 15. Quicker - I am a waste And you shall be waiting here You are the place And you can place me anywhere We're on our way We're on our way away from here But if we don't stop now Instead of living in this o
  16. 16. Selfmachine - I saw the mirror starin? back at me And it told me I?m a self machine I saw the mirror starin? back at me And it told me I?m a self machine It said I gave you these scars And I gave you these wo
  17. 17. Summer Rain - So tell me, have I lost it all Have I lost the pain Punch through a red brick wall And feel the same But to you, it's all the same Just like a hunter only knows What's its prey Whatever's mine
  18. 18. The Constant - Escaped, I hide by myself To take, to form something else The ghost, a force A bad school report, a shadow of remorse An invisible force that is constantly forcing This is the constant, the cons

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