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  1. 1. All The Way Down - You have broken me, all the way down Down upon my knees (and) You have broken me, all the way now You'll be the last, you'll see (and) Some fight you gave When I pushed you away From me (and)
  2. 2. Alone Apart - How many times have I been here How many times was I lost And how many times I'd be lost in the sea If you weren't there to rescue me We're sailing, sailing every night We're drifting, d
  3. 3. Back Broke - Back broke and dancing Cause you're here Beside me Cause you're here Cause you're here Here with me Back broke and happy Cause you're near Cause you're near Nearer to me I came on your command Don't
  4. 4. Broken Hearted Hoover Fixer Sucker Guy - Ten years ago I fell in love with an Irish girl She took my heart But she went and screwed some guy she knew And now I'm in Dublin with a broken heart Oh broken hearted Hoover fixer sucker guy
  5. 5. Drown Out - Drown out, the voice that breaks the silence And talks the joy out of everything You were found out and had to walk in darkness without the only thing you care about And we drive away and
  6. 6. Everytime - Notice me Take my hand Why are we Strangers when Our love is strong Why carry on without me? -chorus- Everytime i try to fly I fall without my wings I feel so small I guess i n
  7. 7. Fallen From the Sky - You must've fallen from the sky You must've shattered on the runway you've brought so many to the light And now you're by yourself There comes a point in every fight When giving up seems like th
  8. 8. Falling Slowly - I don't know you But I want you All the more for that Words fall through me And always fool me And I can't react And games that never amount To more than they're meant Will play thems
  9. 9. Fantasy Man - This diamond's growing in the mountains beneath the pressure of all time that glow in hope and expectation waiting for your hands to find 'cause only you could reach inside me and figure out the worth
  10. 10. Feeling The Pull - Well I'm heading back to pack a bag To head out on the road To take away what I know is mine And I'm running down and past the yellow house With Joe into the breeze where no one seems to care And I'm
  11. 11. Fitzcarraldo - Here, back, down a long and straight track I have chose the long road - That leads me to god knows So I can't stop right now Even the good stars can fall from grace and falter Lose their faith and sl
  12. 12. Gold - And I love her so I wouldn't trade her for gold I'm walking on moonbeams I was born with a silve spoon Hell, I'm gonna be me I'm gonna be free I'm walking on moonbemas And staring out to sea And if
  13. 13. High Horses - There's a light inside us all It only shines as bright as we are And you're falling down so low And we're worried for you And we worry... But even on our worst days We were never quite like this We'v
  14. 14. I Have Loved You Wrong - Forgive me, lover, for I have sinned For I have done you wrong. For I have hurt beyond repair, And when tears occurred no I didn't care. Forgive me, Lover, for I have sinned For I have loved you wron
  15. 15. If You Want Me - Are you really here or am I dreaming I can't tell dreams from truth for it's been so long since I have seen you I can hardly remember your face anymore When I get really lonely and the distance
  16. 16. In These Arms - Use the truth as a weapon To beat up all your friends Every chink in the armor An excuse to cause offense And the boys from the hallways Calling out your name And true love will find them in the end
  17. 17. Lay Me Down - I will write you letters that Explain the way I'm thinking now I will return to you What I have taken long before I will return again When it gets dark and day is done And lay me down In the hallowed
  18. 18. Leave - I can't wait forever is all that you said Before you stood up And you won't disappoint me I can do that myself But I'm glad that you've come Now if you don't mind Leave, leave, And f
  19. 19. Lies - I think it's time, we give it up And figure out what's stopping us From breathing easy, and talking straight The way is clear if you're ready now The volunteer is slowing down And taking ti
  20. 20. Love That Conquers - In a time when your word was true, You gave your heart to the ones you knew. And at the dawn of every day, There was a light that you gave to me. You gave yourself to a love that conquered. Give ever
  21. 21. Low Rising - I wanna sit you down and talk I wanna pull back the veils And find out what it is I've done wrong I wanna tear these curtains down I want you to meet me somewhere Tonight in this old tourist town And
  22. 22. Once - Part of me Has Died And won't return And part of me Wants to hide The part that's burned Once, once Knew how to talk to you Once, once But not anymore Hear the sirens call me home Hear the sirens ca
  23. 23. Paper Cup - Paper cup You've got no worries, got no Got no dog in this fight Paper plane Take this note straight to her If her heart's still in the fight Maybe time will decide The restless spirit can't survive
  24. 24. Say It To Me - I'm scratching at the surface now And I'm trying hard to work it out So much has gone misunderstood This mystery only leads to doubt And I didn't understand When you reached out to take my
  25. 25. Say It To Me Now - I'm scratching at the surface now And I'm trying hard to work it out So much has gone misunderstood This mystery only leads to doubt And I didn't understand When you reached out to take my hand And if
  26. 26. Sleeping? - Are you sleeping? Still dreaming? Still drifting off alone... I'm not leaving with this feeling So you'd better best be told And how in the world did you come To be such a lazy love?
  27. 27. The Hill - Walking up the hill tonight and you have closed your eyes I wish I didn't have to make all those mistakes and be wise Please try to be patient and know that I'm still learning I'm sorry that you have
  28. 28. The Moon - Cut the bonds with the moon And let the dogs gather Burn the gauze in the spoon And suck the poison up And bleed Shut the door to the moon And let the birds gather Play no more with
  29. 29. The Rain - Just before the rain came down The sun came out at last And as for all assumptions made, And questions never asked I know we're not where I promised you we'd be by now But maybe it's a question of who
  30. 30. The Verb - What's the verb to Cut it off to Take a knife and hack away at it You keep saying Well that's the last time You'll pretend to Stand aside no matter what we did I'm not playing All in all they're Just
  31. 31. This Low - We made a plan that was subject to change So whatever was it works out we both get the blame In the arms of this low And you took the wind right out of my sails By sweating me out on all the
  32. 32. Trying to pull myself away - Breaking up in the station, a final train I don't even know if I'll ever see you again Is it a choice that we even have? Bang bang down on the piano 'til I smash the keys Leaving alone with the m
  33. 33. Two Tongues - What you give, or give out, Is the only thing that really counts. Will you stay...here? Stay around, And we'll both start working this out. But it's not just this its everything It's so hard to reac
  34. 34. When Your Mind's Made Up - So, if you want something And you call, call Then'll come running To fight, and I'll be at your door When there's something worth running for When your mind's made up When your mind's

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